What are CBD Vape Cartridges? Everything You Should Know!

Vaping is one of the most convenient ways to inhale any substance, and it’s likely that vaping is far better for your throat and lungs than smoking.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the vaping phenomenon has made its way into the hemp industry, and vaping CBD is now on the same level of popularity as smoking CBD-rich hemp flower.

In this guide, we’ll explain what CBD vape cartridges are in detail, we’ll cover some of the top benefits of vaping CBD, and we’ll introduce you to the best CBD vape cartridges currently available on the market.

What are CBD Vape Cartridges?

A CBD vape cartridge is a cylindrical container full of hemp flower extract that attaches to a vape battery. There are a variety of different types of CBD vape carts, but most of these cartridges screw onto standard vape batteries.

Once a CBD vape cartridge is attached to a compatible battery and the battery is activated, a coil inside of the cartridge heats up and causes a small amount of the hemp flower extract it contains to vaporize. Then, this vapor is inhaled from the mouthpiece attached to the end of the cartridge.

CBD cartridges vary in capacity. It’s common to find CBD cartridges that contain anywhere from 500-1500mg of CBD-rich hemp flower extract. The potency of CBD vape carts also varies with most carts containing between 50-80% CBD.

The potency of CBD vape cartridges can be increased by using CBD isolate but at the cost of quality. CBD isolate does not contain the terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids that make vaping CBD so effective and tasty, and isolated CBD powder also tends to recrystallize, which makes vape cartridges hard to use.

CBD vape cartridges contain full-spectrum live resin extract, which contains the most minor cannabinoids and terpenes of any type of CBD extract. CBD vape cartridges shouldn’t be cut or adulterated, but it’s perfectly acceptable to add extra cannabis terpenes to CBD vape carts.

Like all other types of CBD products, it’s incredibly important to subject CBD vape cartridges to thorough, independent lab testing that verifies their potency and purity.

Benefits of CBD Vape Cartridges

Using CBD vape cartridges is undeniably one of the most convenient ways to ingest CBD. It’s easy to slip a vape pen in your pocket and forget about it as you go about your day, and whenever you want to indulge in the benefits of CBD, you can simply pull out your pen and inhale. CBD vape cartridges aren’t messy like hemp tinctures, and they eliminate the annoyance of swallowing CBD capsules.

CBD vape cartridges also offer the fastest and most potent effects of any type of CBD product. Inhaling CBD allows this cannabinoid to bypass your liver and enter your bloodstream, and there’s a major artery that leads directly from your lungs to your brain. In most cases, you can feel the effects of vaping CBD within less than a minute, and the effects of vaporized CBD are far more potent than those offered by ingesting CBD orally or applying this cannabinoid topically.

Vaping CBD may also be better for your lungs than smoking it. While well-grown CBD-rich hemp flower doesn’t contain any added chemicals or contaminants, inhaling incinerated plant matter of any kind isn’t the best way to take care of your lungs. Vaping doesn’t involve any incineration, and high-quality CBD vape cartridges contain all of the same beneficial substances that make smoking CBD flower such a unique and rewarding experience.

3 CBD Vape Cartridges You Should Know About!

Some CBD vape cartridges are better than others. Certain manufacturers of CBD vape cartridges simply take CBD isolate, combine it with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and call it good. Even worse, some CBD vape cartridges contain coconut oil, which can cause lipoid pneumonia, or vitamin E acetate, which can cause fatal pulmonary conditions.

The CBD vape cartridges contain full-spectrum CBD extract, added terpenes, and nothing else. Secret Nature is one of the world’s best growers of connoisseur hemp flower, so it’s no surprise that this brand also produces excellent live-resin CBD vape cartridges. Here are a few examples of CBD cartridges offered in the Secret Nature catalog:

Secret Nature Gelato Vape Cartridge

The CO2-extracted hemp flower extract in this vape cartridge is from an indica/sativa hybrid strain, so it offers smooth, balanced, and fully non-intoxicating effects. Terpenes have been added to this cartridge to make it taste just like Gelato, one of the most famous Cannabis sativa strains. This CBD cartridge is available in 700mg and 1200mg sizes.

Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge

This sativa-dominant vape cartridge tastes just like strawberries and peach rings, which makes it reminiscent of a Bellini cocktail. Like other Secret Nature cartridges, this Bellini CBD cart has been boosted with extra terpenes, and it has been lab-tested for potency and purity.

Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape Cartridge

If you’re in the mood for a pure, piney indica vape cart that won’t get you high, this Secret Nature White Fire OG CBD vape cartridge will do the trick. This cartridge contains CBD-rich extract derived from organically grown hemp, and like all Secret Nature carts, you can buy your White FIre OG vape cartridge with or without a battery.

Why Should You Try CBD vape cartridges?

There’s no way to experience CBD that’s quite as potent and delicious as inhaling the vapor produced by an organic, live-resin CBD vape cartridge. Veteran CBD users will love the extra-powerful effects that CBD vape carts provide, and people who are new to the CBD experience will appreciate how convenient it is to puff on a CBD vape cartridge whenever the mood strikes. Out of all the CBD vape cart manufacturers on the market, none pay quite as much attention to potency and quality as Secret Nature, so give this brand a try as you discover everything that CBD vape cartridges have to offer.


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