CBD Oil Benefits: 20 Experts share what they use CBD Oil for

1.Caleb Backe




She’s a Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant non-psychotropic component in marijuana that is taking the healthcare industry by storm. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you high or affect your behavior and perception, making it a promising alternative to traditional medical marijuana. 

In fact, researchers have found that CBD has proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, and neuroprotective properties. As a result, more and more people are turning to the organic compound for treating a wide variety of ailments, including inflammation, anxiety, pain, nausea, and 
even neurological disorders. 

Oddly enough, CBD is slowly but surely being adopted by spas across the country thanks to its high adaptogen content. Adaptogens are natural substances which aid the body’s ability to adapt to stress, maintain a 
healthy balance, and achieve complete relaxation. 

In addition to CBD massages, many people are turning to the oil for aromatherapy. Because CBD oil is so versatile, you can put it in essential oil diffusers or even infuse it into lotions and creams. Similarly, some 
spas are gradually turning to the popular cannabinoid for its many skincare qualities, including protection from environmental aggressors, pain relief, and moisturizing benefits. 


2.Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA 


Twitter: @WendieTrubowMD 

Bio -Wendie is all about amazing health, prevention of disease, and being vital, healthy, and vibrant until 100 years of age! After completing her OBGYN residency in 2004, she transitioned to Functional Medicine in 2009 and has been focused on identifying and treating the root cause of disease ever since.


We love CBD oil and use it *all the time* in our practice! The top 5 benefits include: 

-*Management of joint pain and body aches*: many of our lyme, fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients are using CBD oil for this purpose. Tincture delivery is best. 

-*Headaches*: CBD oil is great for headaches. Tincture delivery is best. 

-*Anxiety/PTSD*: CBD oil is of significant benefit for our patients with anxiety, PTSD, difficulty settling down. Vape or tincture delivery is best. 

-*Inflammation:* CBD oil works great for inflammatory conditions and can help reduce inflammation throughout the body. Tincture or edible is best. 

-*Gut Health*: CBD oil is wonderful for the gut and can improve conditions such as IBS and Crohn’s. It’s best used as an edible for gut improvement since the CBD gets delivered directly to the gut. 


3. Dr.Sumiya Sulthana


Bio –  Dr.Sumiya Sulthana., an online Dietician from icliniq.com


Canabid oil is used in many ways it can be taken in Alan oral spray may contain 2.7 mg of THC & 2.5 mg of CBD at doses of 2.5 mg- 120 mg for up to eight weeks. 

There are improvements shown in cases of patient suffering from 

.Has Antipsychotic effects 
.Reduce Anxiety 
.Helps to fight cancer 
.Relieves Nausea 
.May be helpful in treating Seizures and other Neurological disorders. 
.Lowers incidences of Diabetes 
.Promotes Cardiovascular health 
. Relieves pain and inflammation. 

Side effects. 
.Dry mouth 
.Increased tremor in Parkinson’s patients 
.Low blood pressure 
.Light headedness 

4. Boris Shcharansky


Bio – He served as Executive Director of Iowa NORML and introduced legislation to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp 
and the expansion of Iowa’s medical cannabis law. As COO of Papa & Barkley, Boris is responsible for scaling the business and the power of the plant.


Boris Shcharansky’s exploration of the wellness potential of cannabis began with extreme pain and inflammation, a consequence of a Psoriatic Arthritis condition, diagnosed in 2011. After trying several different prescription medications with various negative side effects, his search for natural remedies began. In 2012, Boris was introduced to the Cannatonic strain in California. The positive effects from the cannabis treatments allowed Boris to recognize the enormous potential of hemp and healing power of cannabis. He immediately immersed himself in cannabis history, research and regulation, which led him to an opportunity in the CBD market. Since 2012, Boris has been working toward his mission of bringing the healing powers of cannabis to the masses. His accomplishments include the founding of the Iowa Hemp Association and Heartland Hemp Company in Iowa, where he worked with families with children with epilepsy in order to source quality CBD products.


5. Lindsay Engle


Twitter – @LindsayMEngle

Bio – I’m the editor and Marketing Specialist for a senior healthcare learning resource center. We specialist in Medicare and all areas of senior healthcare.


CBD oil helps slow down the progression of Alzheimers. It’s also beneficial for parkinsons and multiple sclerosis due to being an anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.


6. Max Simon



Twitter: @*greenflwrmedia


Bio – CEO & founder of green-flower.


7 Ways Cannabis Is The Best Preventative Medicine* 

From the experts at Green Flower: 

Every day more people are turning to cannabis as a treatment for a wide 
variety of ailments and conditions .
Its effectiveness and versatility makes it a valuable medicine. 

However, cannabis can also be used to PREVENT a number of potentially 
debilitating medical problems down the road. 

Here are seven of the ways cannabis can function as a useful preventative 
health measure. 

1. Brain Function and Health 

2. Cancer Prevention 

3. Fights Age-Related Degenerative Issues 

4. Prevents Bone Decay 

5. Fights Inflammation 

6. Promotes Skin Health 

7. Reduces risks of Diabetes and Obesity 

More research is being done every day on the best ways to include cannabis 
in your wellness maintenance routine. In the meantime, you can rest easy 
knowing your favorite herbal activity will pay off future dividends for 
your health when used responsibly. 

For specific details:…. 



7. Cole Cantrell




My name is Cole Cantrell. I am an entrepreneur that has succeed in multiple 
fields. Currently, I am in the vapor business. 



We sell a lot of cbd products at our vape shop in Houston. The most common 
reasons people buy cbd is for pain and anxiety relief. People suffering 
from back pain and pain associated with cancer spend the most. They would 
tell you that the way it improves your health is by providing an 
alternative to opiates. 


8. Shawn Hermanson


Bio –

CMO of Player Complete, inc 


CBD oil can help with anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation and chronic pain to name just a few. The active cannabinoids in the oil interact with the human endocannabinoid system with perfect harmony. 


9. Dr. Barry Sears



Dr. Barry Sears has dedicated the last 30 years of his research career to studying the links between diet, hormones, and health and is dedicated to restoring a state of health which can be controlled by reducing inflammation in your body


CBD oil can bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the brain without inducing psychoactive effects. There is a potential calming influence of such binding of the compounds of CBD oil to these receptors. 

It tends to decrease fear learning that might be beneficial for anxiety. The drugs used to treat anxiety such as Valium can be addictive. The natural neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety is GABA and much of that neurotransmitter is made by microbes in the gut.


10. Dr. Francis





Bio –

Dr. Francis has been practicing natural medicine for more than thirty 
years. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and 
Licensed Massage therapist. Dr. Francis currently practices in New York 



Dr. Francis highly recommends CBD Oil for a variety of things. One thing 
Dr. Francis stresses is to make sure the CBD oil supplements you are taking 
are organic! “It is essential to use only CBD Hemp supplements derived from 
Organic Non-GMO Hemp. The CBD is an oil and the oils of plants are 
storage centers for toxins and chemicals. Whenever supplementing with any 
oils, it is essential to only use products from plants grown with organic 
and Non- GMO methods”. 

“Decades of research indicate that cannabinoids like CBD interact with the 
body’s Endocannabinoid System, a complex system that contributes to a 
variety of biological processes like inflammation responses, relaxation, 
sleeping, and appetite. By linking with the two main types of cannabinoid 
receptors, CB1 and CB2, which are found on cells throughout the 
body, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, helping it in the 
regulation of homeostasis — the body’s natural state of balance”. 

“ Cannabidiol, CBD, is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified 
in Cannabis. It is one of the major phytocannabinoids, accounting for up 
to 40% of the plant’s extract. CBD and the other Cannabinoids interact 
with a system known as the Endocannboid system”. 

“The Endocannaboid system is a biological system found in the nervous 
systems of all mammals. It is made up of endocannabinoids, which are fat 
based neurotransmitters, cannabinoid receptors, and receptor proteins. 
The ECS helps to regulate many functions in the human body including”: 

• Motor function 

• Appetite 

• Sleep 

• Mood and Wellbeing 

• Hormones 

• Metabolism 

• Immune function 

• Memory and Cognition 

• Fertility 

• Pain sensation 

“The Human body produces cannabinoids and has receptors for them throughout 
the whole body. There are 2 main types of Cannabinoid receptors in the 
Nervous system. The CBD1 receptors are in the central nervous system 
composed of the brain and spinal cord. The CB2 receptors are in the 
peripheral nervous system and organs”. 

“THC reacts with the CB1 receptors and that is what gives Marijuana is 
psychoactive affects. Hemp, which has predominantly non-THC cannabinoids 
such as CBD, CBN and other phytochemicals has a nutritive effect on the ECS 
and helps to regulate function of mood, inflammation, immunity, sleep, 
hormones, metabolism, nervous system and appetite”. 

“The FDA does not allow the suggestion of CBD oils as a treatment for any 
diseases. I encourage you to do your own research on CBD for conditions 
that you are interested in. However, I feel that CBD Hemp supplementation 
should be looked as a food supplement that supports our ECS and promotes 
well-being and balance”. 

“The exciting research on CBD has opened up a new window into the ECS and 
its interaction with our Immune systems, nervous systems, and endocrine 
systems. This is only the beginning of a new field of research and 
discovery on healing”. 


11 Nicolas Ruiz



Bio –

Nicolas Ruiz is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Office of Cloudponics, the 
fully automated hydroponic grow system that can produce high-quality and 
high-volume yields at home. He is responsible for guiding the company’s 
product and technology development and broader product vision. 



On the health benefits of CBD, I believe that one of the biggest reasons 
that we’re seeing a push towards acceptance of cannabis is the medicinal 
impact that we’re seeing, primarily driven through CBD oil. This oil is a 
great remedy for a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, epilepsy, 
anxiety, depression, and more. We’re just now discovering the existence of 
the endocannabinoid system in the body as well as the role CBD plays. My 
prediction is that we’ll soon discover even more benefits to this amazing 


12. Dr. Bao Le




Bio – Dr.Bao is a seasoned executive and dedicated entrepreneur with a twenty-year 
history of consistently creating successful startups. His business acumen 
and accomplishments demonstrate superior skills for identifying and 
developing untapped market niches in numerous, diverse industries. 




*As a natural painkiller* – there are several studies that show that 
cannabinoids (CBD) act as a neuromodulator for the neurons responsible for 
the pain sensation. Furthermore, they stimulate the same area as do opioids. 
– *As a deterrent to Epileptic Seizures* – This is the most well known 
singular benefit of CBD and is well-supported by science. It has shown to 
be quite effective in treating children with rare, genetic seizure 
– *As an anti-nausea treatment* – CBD has a known potential to relieve 
nausea. When taken in low doses, CBD oil can decrease nausea that patients 
often experience when going through traditional treatments for cancer and 
other illnesses. 
– *To increase appetite* – Low doses of CBD oil can bind to the body’s 
cannabinoid receptors, thereby increasing appetite. This is incredibly 
helpful for patients struggling with eating disorders or those receiving 
treatments that cause decrease in appetite. 
– To improve the health of your skin – There is a recent study that has 
shown that CBD oil can be beneficial, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory, 
not only as an acne treatment, but in ceasing the production of sebum and 
sebocytes and exerting antiproliferative effects. 


13. Ryan Scotson


Bio –

Ryan Scotson is co-founder of CannaMD, one of Florida’s fastest growing 
medical marijuana clinics. With locations in Orlando, Tampa, and Mount 
Dora, CannaMD is proud to promote evidence-based discussion and application 
of medicinal cannabis research.


Our patients see incredible results with cannabis-derived CBD oil for a 
variety of conditions, ranging from PTSD and chronic pain to cancer. 

In addition to its anxiolytic properties – and recent studies, acknowledged 
by the National Cancer Institute, suggesting that CBD may actually kill 
cancer cells – the cannabis compound possesses neuroprotective benefits, 
meaning it can be used to treat conditions like multiple sclerosis and 

Our clinics operate in Florida, where state law currently allows 
cannabis-derived CBD treatment of: ALS, cancer, Chron’s disease, epilepsy, 
glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and PTSD. 

As a final note: There is a difference between hemp-derived CBD oil and 
cannabis-derived CBD oil. Research supports the responsible use of the 
cannabis alternative, as hemp-derived CBD oil doesn’t face the same 
stringent regulations (meaning products may be contaminated with 
pesticides, etc.). The THC level of the hemp-derived product is also 
limited to a maximum of 0.3%. Many patients see increased benefits 
(depending on condition) with higher THC concentrations. 



14 William J Rapp Jr.



Bio -CEO at Bill Rapp Real Estate PLLC


CBD Oil has Impacted My Life for the Better!: I was unfortunate enough to have been sideswiped by a snowboarder on full 
tilt at the base of a mountain while in Brekenridge, CO. I was soon 
thereafter discovered I had two cracked ribs and a massive hematoma. I went to the ER and had a cat scan and MRI done to 
discover I had two cracked ribs as well. Within a mater of two weeks after 
the incident with regular application of CBD oil my bruising and pain had 
subsided. Traditional medicine soon thereafter billed me to the tune of 
$35,000 and I have top of the line insurance coverage. They would not 
refill pain medicine for me either. The CBD oil cost me $100, and was way 
more effective that modern medicine and much more cost effective. 

On a side not I also have a CBD face cream I use after shaving. Not only it 
is the most pleasant spell but my skin is no longer irritated and looks 
amazing. This is a topic that certainly deserves more exploration and I 
certainly applaud you for taking on such a worthy cause! 


15. Brandon Nolte





Bio – Brandon Nolte, Owner of Healthy Hemp Oil and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD Hemp Oil. 



CBD has continued to gain popularity, and for good reason. CBD<https://healthyhempoil.com/best-cbd-oil/> is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that offers numerous benefits. It works by attaching CBD chemicals to receptors found around the body to help reduce nausea, improve sleep, reduce joint pain, and relieve chronic and acute pain. 

Moreover, CBD can be used in various ways. You can opt for CBD tinctures<https://healthyhempoil.com/product-tag/cbd-tinctures/> to ingest or topical CBD products with balms or patches. Depending on what health concern you’d like to address, you’ll want to do some research into the types of CBD products available. 

For those experiencing joint pain or inflammation, CBD can help by delivery cannabinoids into your body. One option is to use an ingestible CBD product, which will attach itself to the CB2 receptor, a receptor that plays a significant role as a regulator of inflammation. Another potential option is to try a topical CBD product, which is a great option to those suffering from localized pain. 

Stress relief and mood improvement<https://healthyhempoil.com/product-tag/stress-and-mood/> are other CBD benefits that top the list for many CBD fans out there. CBD can combat symptoms associated with stress like insomnia and anxiety, helping to improve overall quality of life. 

For those newer to CBD, it’s important to do a fair amount of research. Remember that if you’ve never used CBD products before, your tolerance will be lower. As a rule of thumb, we recommend starting with a small dose and building it up over time. 


16. RJ Falcioni Jr, J.D. 




Bio – RJ Falcioni Jr, J.D. is principal director of www.outcannabis.com as well as the creator of boxofjane.com 


Answer-  I will first touch 
on hemp-derived CBD which exists in the grey area in the USA, despite CBD 
being removed from the world doping agency lists of banned substances and 
the legality and encouragement of the industry in nearly every country but 
the u.s. before touching on Cannabis derived or full spectrum CBD and other 
compounds.First and foremost, the dosing schedule and the amount of the 
dose used with Hemp-derived CBD tends to dictate what alignments are 
affected or what benefits are felt. 5 mg is an acceptable starting dose 
which will produce noticeable improvements to the users energy levels, 
while beginning to show signs of benefit to injuries and alignments. This 
energy sensation is quickly replaced by relaxation and calmness when the 
user exceeds 20-25mgs of CBD. Individuals with high stress, anxiety, etc 
will see those symptoms subsided with their first 25 mg dose, and, over 
time, might see overall life improvement, allowing for a reduction in 
dosing. That’s one of the great things about cbd and cannabis in general, 
it’s safe to reduce dosing at anytime – sure your pains and anxiety will be 
there, but unlike big pharma drugs, you don’t run the risk of liver damage, 
withdrawal or death when you decided to reduce or get off the 
medication.Higher than 25mg doses are recommended for those suffering 
mental distress and those dealing with defined medical conditions. I have 
heard about the affects on autism with doses around 100mg of hemp-derived 
cbd, in combination with other cannabinoids; apparently the affect is 
severe and quick, the results moving to say the least. * 

*one such story i know of, saw an autistic 13 year old male make such rapid 
improvements that teachers at this child’s school called his parents 3 
times within 2 weeks and demanded to know what the parents had been doing 
differently as the changes were that massive. That child was non-verbal at 
the beginning of the CBD useage and within 2 weeks was not only using a 
computer to type full and complete thoughts, but, was placed in a math 
class with children his own age not suffering from such extreme challenges 
as the boy. * 

*This boys father begin using the cbd as well to help with his stress 
levels, and provided it to his aging father for help with joint pains and 
general discomfort associated with life at 85 years old, all 3 of whom 
found great relief from the hemp-derived cbd and in various dosing amounts.* 

*Beyond hemp derived cbd, full spectrum, cannabis-derived cbd brings even 
more power. The major difference between the hemp cbd and the cannabis cbd 
is what is known as the entourage effect. the belief is that human body 
needs the totality of the compounds found in the cannabis plant, far beyond 
thc and cbd, to properly process and make the most out of the cbd 
introduced. * 

*Currently GW Pharma has a drug moving through the fda that uses cannabis 
derived cbd to treat autistic children and all signs point to approval and 
sale coming through traditional pharmacies.* 

*The boy in the story above was also using full spectrum cbd in lower 
dosing, beginning with 10 mgs in the 2nd week of the routine, increasing to 
60 mgs in week 8. The biggest improvements were seen when the full 
spectrum was introduced.* 

*Beyond CBD, compounds like cbn, cbg, thc-a, thc-v and others may aid in 
the processing and life improvement felt through use of cbd and thc. Thc-a 
has shown to help with sleep in the autistic boy discussed herein, seeming 
to calm him enough to let him sleep through the night. before the thc-a 
the boy was hard to put to sleep in the evenings and would fuss for hours 
before falling asleep.* 

*In terms of your question regarding consumption methods, the boy uses 
pills and tinctures, which both contain the same coconut oil-based cbd 
extract, as well as full spectrum mints and water soluble thc-a. smoking 
cannabis or cbd degrades the medicinal quality through the process of 
combustion. vaping seems to be a good middle ground, keeping the 
combustion out but allowing the user to enjoy the smoking element of the 
medicine. items like transdermal patches and iv delivery systems exist and 
are used my many patients, though the benefit has not been overwhelmingly 
different than that of the oral consumption method generally used for cbd.


17. Ron Roberts




Bio – Ron Roberts is the managing partner of the CBD review site CBDtop10.com. An 
engineer by training, he became involved in the CBD arena when personal 
health issues led him to an awareness of CBD products and their potential 
for imnproving health. He has become a well-versed advocate for CBD and 
shares his knowledge through his online reviews and blog posts.


Answer-  CBD in several forms has shown great promise for addressing a wide variety 
of health issues. Although more research is needed, several studies and a 
mountain of anecdotal evidence indicate that CBD can be useful in treating 
conditions and illnesses ranging from anxiety to cancer. Great success has 
been reported from epileptic patients, and significant reports indicate 
that CBD helps with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, arthritis, opioid 
addiction, anxiety and more. CBD does its work by interacting with the 
receptors in the endocannabinoid system that is present in all of us, 
regulating that system to help bring the body into balance. New data is 
showing up every day, and the promise of improved health through a CBD 
regimen is becoming reality. 


18. Stephanie Agakian


Twitter: @BodhiBodyCO

Bio – Stephanie  is the owner of Bodhi Body Studios


Answer- My work with CBD has been in the topical capacity. We use CBD infused lotions during massage sessions, to help our clients with pain and inflammation. The response has been wonderful, with many clients seeing huge results. 


19. Krisztina Streaman 



Bio – Krisztina is Chief Communications Officer.


Answer- I have suffered with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and it’s symptom 
such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, since I was eleven years old. For 
years I was prescribed medication after medication with negative side 
effects. You listen to these commercials and ads and talk to the doctor 
about the medication regarding the long list of side effects which a 
majority of the time include suicidal thoughts or actions or even death. 
At the age of fifteen I was taking eight different types of medication to 
treat my PTSD, eight. Nothing seemed to work for me. I didn’t sleep because 
to night terrors, I was unmotivated due to my depression, and struggled in 
my day to day life with my anxiety. Feeling hopeless I turned to the 
unimaginable, I attempted suicide. I took 24 pills of my anti-anxiety 
medication, my parents found me and I was rushed to the hospital for 
treatment. That feeling of nothingness is incredibly powerful, it takes a 
hold of your life, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. 

In my 20’s I started to experiment recreationally with cannabis, something 
that previously I was strongly against. I would consume at parties or 
nights out with my friends. One night I woke up from a night terror with my 
heart racing, I couldn’t speak, I was struggling to catch my breath, so I 
went outside and consumed, shortly after I relaxed and went back to bed. 
That night is the night I realized I could use this plant as my medication. 

I continued to experiment and was open and honest with all my doctors. In 
2016 I received my medical marijuana card from the state of Connecticut. 
Although I was using cannabis nightly to treat my night terrors I was still 
struggling with anxiety and depression throughout my days, enter CBD oil. I 
started using vape pens and edibles, then progressed to tinctures and CBD 
pills. Unlike other medications I was able to function in my day to day 
life. I felt an immediate difference from the first hit of the vape pen. 
CBD allows me to control my depression and anxiety in a way I never have 
been able to on any prescription medication. Due to CBD being 
non-psychoactive I am able to use it as often as necessary and still 
maintain my responsibilities. The best part is that there are no side 
effects and it is impossible to overdose. 

I have been forthcoming with my use of cannabis as a treatment, both using 
THC and CBD, on social media. I knew there would be backlash but I wanted 
to provide a resource and show people that this plant has undeniable 
medical benefits. To this day, even writing this response, I use CBD as a 
medication. I credit CBD to not only improving my quality of life, but 
saving it. 


20. Brianna 




Bio –
I work with EuroPharma, maker of theTerry Naturally® line of supplements.



  • Hemp Oil: derived from plants that have been specifically cultivated and carefully selected to support the body’s endocannabinoid system*, providing a vast range of general health benefits.
  • Hemp Oil + Curcumin: combines the benefits of hemp oil extract with those of the clinically studied, enhanced absorption of curcumin (the anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric) to deliver powerful support for overall health.