Best CBD Oils for Anxiety [2020]

Cannabidiol (CBD), a well-known antidepressant and anxiolytic agent, is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Contrary to popular beliefs, CBD is, in fact, found in very high levels – even higher than THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – in several strains of hemp. 

It is for this reason that CBD oils have gained much popularity in several countries worldwide. 

With hemp plantation being legalized in the US, and its use thereafter, this CBD-rich plant is now being generally accepted by the federal government. 

Several state-owned authorities have also accepted it as a safe substance for use by sports personnel, aged people, and youngsters alike. It is even being used by many pet owners to alleviate pain, inflammation, and anxiety issues in their furry companions. 

Cannabidiol isn’t just safe to use or consume, but it also has been scientifically proven to have many therapeutic effects.

The world had finally come to see this chemical compound as a safe alternative to conventional medication for the treatment of different kinds of conditions and diseases, including some common mental issues, like anxiety and depression, which often disrupt the family lives (and professional ones as well) of many Americans these days. 

The 7 Best CBD Oil Brands For Anxiety – 2020

FabCBD [Rated 5/5] – Editor’s Choice – Best Quality, Flavors, Potencies, Prices, and Policies 

  • Premium-Quality Product
  • Five Vibrant Flavors
  • No Additives or Addictive Agents 

Joy Organics [Rated 4.9/5] Best Quality

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Blend
  • Good Quality Product
  • No Addictive Agents

CBDistillery [Rated 4.7/5] Best Prices & Variety

  • High-Quality Product
  • Most Affordable Prices
  • Variety of Potencies & Extract Types

cbdMD [Rated 4.5/5] Best Value & Highest Potency

  • CO2 Extraction Method
  • High Potency Variants – 7500mg
  • No Addictive Agent

NuLeaf Naturals [Rated 4.2/5] Most Potent

  • CO2 Extraction
  • 100% Organic
  • No Addictive Agents

CBDPure [Rated 4/5] Best Organic Extract

  • 90-day Money-Back Guarantee 
  • High-Quality Product
  • 100% Organic

Hemp Bombs [Rated 4/5] Best THC-Free CBD Oil

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Blend
  • Vibrant Flavors 
  • Wide Range of Variants


The Best CBD Oils For Anxiety: How We Made Our List

With so many brands flooding the market, making such a list was no easy task. But we kept the welfare of our readers, and all users in general, in mind while judging each brand of CBD oil for its various aspects. 

While we, at GreenTheVoteOK, never claim that our lists are all-inclusive, containing all and only THE VERY BEST products out there in the market, we can still stand by it.

Why? Well, we can say for certain that over 5,000 users of our direct subscribers have vouched for these products through our online survey, as being the best quality, the most effective, as well as among the most affordable options in the market for managing anxiety issues. 

To create the list of “Best CBD Oils for Anxiety”, we had sorted through around 50 brands of products and sought the opinion of over 9,000 email subscribers. We had also pored over user reviews posted on different product websites and blogs. 

What’s more, our team of testers had tested all these 50 individual brands of best CBD oils to make sure we recommend only the best products to our readers. We also took into consideration the value users would get for their money when buying each of these products. 

In order to put all these brands through the litmus test, we looked at an array of factors. 

Factors we looked at to judge each product:

  • Potency: It’s a no brainer that higher the potency, faster will be the effects of a CBD product. However, anxiety issues and depression don’t require a very high potency, just consistency. We have tried to find the CBD potencies that are best-suited for anxiety issues. 
  • Product Ingredients: Ingredients are an important factor. 
  • The CBD should ideally be derived from natural sources
  • Better still, if they’re non-GMO hemp
  • Apart from the CBD, the other ingredients, like carrier oils, terpenes, flavorings, amino acids, fatty acids, etc., should also be naturally sourced. If they are organically grown, it’s even better. 
  • All ingredients, apart from the CBD extract should complement the effects of CBD and enhance its benefits, not counteract. 
  • No contaminants or harmful chemicals (that includes high levels of THC) should be present. 
  • Flavor: This is a plus for many users who do not like the natural, earthy flavor of hemp. Fruity flavors add to the experience, especially among people suffering from depression and anxiety. 
  • Hemp source: One should trust only those brands that source their hemp from regulated farmlands, like those in the US or some parts of the European Union. 
  • Extract Type: While the choice of extract type for CBD oil is totally up to the user, one should know the differences. Plainly speaking, it is best for people with depression to avoid any product with THC in them. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain all the natural components of hemp plants in their original proportions, including THC. However, its content in industrial hemp is only 0.3% (by weight). But this may show up on a drug test if a high amount of CBD oil is consumed just before the drug test. Other options in CBD extracts are isolates, which contain nothing but CBD) and broad-spectrum CBD blends, which contain the same components as a full-spectrum CBD oil, sans THC). 
  • Lab tests: Third-party or independent labs can vouch for the authenticity, potency, efficiency, and safety of CBD products. Most reputed brands make sure to run their products through their testing services and make the Certificates of Analysis public. The idea is to inculcate trust among users. For the users, it is an assurance that these products not only work but are also safe to consume. 
  • Guarantees: It is human nature to opt for brands that trust their products and have the confidence to offer a money-back guarantee. 
  • Price: High-quality CBD products are expensive. That does not, however, mean that all expensive ones are good. Some brands also offer quality products at comparatively affordable prices. 
  • Brand reputation: Reputation and image, though not always a measure of quality, does influence a user’s trust in the brand. No reputed brand would want to damage its reputation by shelling out low-grade products. Moreover, brands that have been in the market for long have already developed their proprietary formulation after years of experience and experimentation. After all, that’s why they manage to stay on in the market. 
  • Personal experience: Our testers play an active role in deciding which products give the best effects by trying them out on themselves. 
  • Shipping time: Who wants products that take forever to be delivered? Our list includes brands that are punctual and committed to serving the customers better! 
  • Coupon Codes: TCR always tries to bring you the best deals on CBD oils sold online. 

The 7 Best CBD Oil For Anxiety

#1 FabCBD – Editor’s Choice

As a comparatively small company, FabCBD has succeeded in carving out its niche in this competitive industry with its wide range of moderately priced, potent, effective, safe, and high-quality CBD oils.

Sourced from organically grown hemp, cultivated locally in Colorado, they ensure all their ingredients are GMO-free, vegan-friendly and suitable for use by people with all kinds of health conditions. 

FabCBD’s CBD Oil Drops: Highlights 


300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg 


  • Organically grown hemp extract, full-spectrum CBD blend
  • Flavoring from natural sources, terpenes 
  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil 

The product may contain trace amounts of hemp-derived THC (<0.3%). 


  • Natural
  • Mint
  • Berry
  • Citrus 
  • Vanilla

Hemp Source

Colorado, US

Extract Type

Full-spectrum blend

Lab test

  • Third-party lab ProVerde Laboratories conducts regular tests on FabCBD’s products. 
  • The link to their products’ Lab Reports is available on their website’s footer. 


30-day full refund (minus shipping) guarantee, if dissatisfied with the purchase 

Shipping Time:  

  • Standard shipping within the US takes 5 – 7 business days. 
  • International shipping may be delayed due to customs by up to 4 weeks from placing order.


$39 – $99 i.e. $0.08/mg – $0.13/mg

Coupon Code:


For a full review of the brand, read our Fab CBD Review

Our Experience: One of our testers, Bob, who has anxiety issues volunteered for this test. In fact, he was very keen on it as well. He had tried a few other CBD oils, but not this (at least not until this test). He was one of the 10 testers who volunteered to test out around 50 brands of CBD oils for this review. 

Bob: When I tried FabCBD’s CBD oil formulation for the first time, I was glad I had signed up for this test. After a single-use, I felt really good within less than an hour. Within a couple of days, my improvement was visible to my co-workers and family members. I was overall happy and social – something that I had stopped being a long time ago. I had tried out the mint-flavored 1200mg variant, as I felt my condition had gone far enough to disrupt my normal life activities. Amazingly, this product helped me regain confidence in myself and look at life with a fresh zeal. I spent more quality time with my friends and family and performed much better at work. 

#2 Joy Organics – High-Quality CBD Oil 

For THC-free options, Joy Organics’ broad-spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are the best in quality. What’s more, they are also pretty affordable. They are safe, effective, gluten-free, and available in 4 healthy potencies. These CBD tinctures are sold in 4 flavors, derived from natural terpenes and essential oils. 

Joy Organics’ THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures: Highlights 


250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg 


  • Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract (CBD)
  • Organic extra-virgin olive oil/ Organic MCT (carrier oils)
  • Organic essential oils, Humulene, Myrcene, and β‑Caryophyllene (for flavored options)


  • Mint
  • Orange
  • Lemon 
  • Natural

Hemp source

USA (exact location unknown)

Extract type

Broad-spectrum CBD 

Lab test

  • Joy Organics CBD oils are tested by different third-party labs, like PIXIS Labs, Cloud Labs, Phytatech Metrics & Solutions. 
  • Links to these tests are available on each product page. 
  • The Lab Result Page is also available under the Tab Learn at the top of their website. 

However, one must purchase a CBD oil tincture and use the Lot Number (printed on the product label) to fetch the detailed report by clicking on the right Lot Number on the Lab Results page. 


30-day full money-back guarantee on all products 

Shipping Time:

  • Both USPS First-Class Mail and USPS Priority 
  • Expect the product to ship by 1 – 4 business days


$29.95 – $99.95 i.e. $0.07/mg – $0.12/mg 

Coupon Code:


Read our Full Joy Organics Review for more information on the brand. 

Our Experience: Our tester, Samantha, used the mint-flavored 1500mg variant for this review. Given Joy Organics’ popularity, we were confident about its effectiveness. 

Samantha: I expected a fast reaction. However, the effects weren’t quite as immediate as expected. At first, the effects were subtle. After a few days, I was starting to feel the difference. And trust me when I say it was remarkable! I felt so peaceful and calm. I was not anxious about impending stressful situations. No amount of workload or upcoming packing could get me ruffled up anymore. 

I was also glad about the fact that there were absolutely no side effects. In fact, given that this was my first experience with CBD products, I was surprised how well my body reacted to it. 

Within a week, I felt so good that my performance at work had improved. I had even found myself to be more social, without any fear of encountering stressful situations when interacting with people. My relationship with my relatives gradually improved too! My family members said I was more sociable and easy to get along with than I was before. 

Overall, Joy Organics’ CBD oil tincture was a great product. I can confidently recommend it to others. 

#3 CBDistillery – Best CBD Isolate Oil 

For those who prefer CBD Isolate Oils, then this is the right choice for you. Although CBDistillery offers a wide range of both full-spectrum and CBD isolate oils at affordable prices in a variety of potencies, ranging from 250mg to 2500mg, this is a good option for those who have to regularly undergo drug tests. 

All their products are organically sourced, highly potent, lab-tested, and of good quality. 

CBDistillery’s THC-Free Pure CBD Oil Tinctures: Highlights 


250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg 


  • Fractionated coconut oil (MCTs) 
  • Hemp-derived CBD (extracted from only the aerial parts of the plant) 

The CBD oil contains an abundance of fatty acid Omega 3, B complex vitamins, and 20 essential amino acids. 



Hemp source

Colorado, US 

Extract type

CBD Isolate 

Lab test

  • The brand’s CBD isolate oils are lab tested by third-party lab Botanacor Services.
  • The lab report for each individual product is posted on the respective product page. You can see the cannabinoid profiles here. 
  • For the detailed CoA, you must purchase a product. 


  • No money-back guarantee on opened/used products
  • A 7-day time limit to request a return and refund on SEALED products, in case: 
      • a wrong product has been delivered 
      • a product is damaged or not completely filled 
      • for other delivery issues, like delivered to the wrong address, etc. 

Shipping Time

  • Standard shipping in the US takes 3 – 5 business days. 
  • With USPS priority shipping it will take 2 – 3 business days.

Price: $19 – $210, i.e. $0.04/mg – $0.08/mg

Coupon Code:


For more information on the brand, read our complete CBDistillery Review

Our Experience:

Our tester, Sam, tried out the 2500mg variant (83mg/1ml serving), as this variant seemed to fare better in user reviews. Usually, a much less strength of CBD suffices for anxiety issues and depression. However, our choice was driven by the popular reaction to this brand. 

[Note: We believe the 250mg and 500mg variants may be good enough for youngsters displaying milder symptoms, like pre-exam panic attacks.] 

Sam: I used this brand of THC-free CBD isolate oil for about a week before experiencing any remarkable improvement. While the effects were there from the beginning, it was mild, at best. I still had to struggle with my panic attacks and bouts of depression. I took two doses a day – one in the morning and another later in the evening. 

At first, I felt a bit disappointed, given the reputation of this brand. However, it may be a one-off thing, or maybe I needed a higher concentration of CBD oil (like 5000mg). It is also possible that CBD isolates don’t work for me. Whatever may be the case, the effects were gradual. 

After over a week, the effects became more prominent. I started feeling more fresh – physically and mentally, more calm and composed, and alert (in a good way!), in fact, I was quite impressed. I could sense a change in my attitude towards situations and people around me. I felt good taking on heavier workload and even had the mental stamina to go out for a drink with my co-workers afterward and not feel dull or tired. 

Once the effects grew stronger, it was consistent and quite visible. People even reacted to my greetings better, as if they could see a twinkle in my eye! (I bet it was there!)

I only wish there was a nice flavor to this CBD oil. That would have certainly enhanced my experience. 

#4 cbdMD – Highest Potency, Best Value For Money

A transparent brand with ample information on CBD and its use, as well as its products available on their blog, cbdMD provides high quality, potent CBD products at affordable prices. 

Although their products are lab-tested, it seems they only provide a report for their raw extract, as there is only one CoA across the entire website. Their customer service is usually quite responsive, but we’re not sure about the exact timings of their availability. 

cbdMD’s CBD Oil: Highlights


  • 30ml bottles of 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, 5000mg, and 7500mg CBD concentrations 
  • 60ml bottles of 1000mg and 1500mg CBD strengths 
  • PM CBD is a 30 ml bottle of 500mg strength


  • Hemp-derived CBD extract
  • MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil) 


  • Natural
  • Berry
  • Orange 
  • Mint

Hemp source

Kentucky, US 

Extract type

Hybrid Broad-Spectrum CBD oil (Isolated CBD mixed with other cannabinoids and terpenes)

Lab test

The brand does provide third-party lab test reports. However, they are not as obviously seen on their homepage as other CBD brand websites. 

The link to the independent lab tests is embedded deep in the website under the “Our Process” Page that one can view only after clicking on the drop-down menu under “About” Tab on the website header. 

About 🡪Our Process 🡪CBD Oil Testing 🡪View Our Third-Party Lab Results

Their products have been tested by a third-party laboratory, SCLabs. 


30-day money-back guarantee 

Shipping Time:

  • Free shipping in the US; shipping time is 5 – 10 business days
  • International shipping, affected by customs policies, differs from country to country


  • 30ml bottles: $29.99 – $339.99, i.e. $0.05/mg – $0.10/mg
  • 60ml bottles: $74.99 – $99.99, i.e., $0.07/mg
  • PM CBD: $44.99, i.e. $0.09/mg

Coupon Code:


Read the full cbdMD review as well before placing your order with them.


Our tester, Mia, chose to test out the sleep aid (500mg), along with the mint-flavored 3000mg variant of the regular 30ml bottle of CBD oil. This ensured a regular dose of 100mg during the day and 16.67mg at night (half an hour before bedtime).

Mia: I have never felt so much at ease as I did after using cbdMD’s CBD oils. My anxiety subsided, I was no longer depressed throughout the day, and my performance at work improved drastically. I even slept like a baby each night, woke up refresh and rejuvenated each morning

Although there were more potent options, I felt 3000mg was perfect for my condition. My friends, co-workers, and my husband noticed the change and embraced it. They were glad that I was myself again – something that had changed after I lost my baby about a year ago. 

#5 NuLeaf Naturals – Potent & Pure

As one of the most reliable and popular American hemp companies, NuLeaf Naturals produces safe, pure, and high-quality CBD oils. Its products contain only all-natural, organic, lab-tested CBD extracts.

They only sell full-spectrum CBD oils, packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other plant nutrients, extracted from organically grown with the help of CO2 and other advanced engineering processes. 

NuLeaf Naturals’ Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, High-Grade Hemp Extract: Highlights  


240mg, 725mg, 1450mg, 2425mmg, and 4850mg in 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml & 200ml size bottle respectively, giving all of them approximately the same 48.3 – 48.5 mg/ml strength


  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract 
  • USDA-certified 100% organic cold-pressed hemp oil



Hemp Source

Colorado, US 

Extract type

Full-spectrum CBD  

Lab test

Reports of lab tests conducted by independent laboratory ProVerde Laboratories are available on each product page, as well as on their FAQ page. 


  • 30-day full money-back guarantee on only new, unused, and unopened products
  • The customer is required to pay return shipping charges. 
  • In the case of an incorrect or defective product, the company pays the return shipping as well. 

Shipping Time:  

All products are shipped through USPS Priority Mail 

Takes 2-3 business days for delivery


$38.50 – $439.00 i.e. $0.09/mg – $0.16/mg  

Coupon Code:


Read the complete Nuleaf Naturals Review to make an informed decision 

Our Experience

We selected a bottle of 1450mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil (30ml) for our test. It delivers approximately 48mg of CBD per serving. It’s an ideal bottle size, containing an ideal CBD potency, and is more or less on the affordable end ($179 i.e. $0.12/mg). 

Here’s what our tester, Olivia, had to say about her experience with this brand of CBD oil…

Olivia: NuLeaf’s potency is actually perfect for managing depression and anxiety issues – at least that’s what I felt. However, the effects were a little slow on the uptake. It took over an hour for the effects to set in and lasted a little shorter than most other brands. Nonetheless, as long as the effects lasted, I felt fresh, energized, and calm. I did not get the aggressive urges that usually accompany my anxiety issues. I went about my daily duties, and even handled the usual anxiety triggers quite well! 

After about 4 – 5 days of taking 3 drops twice a day, the effects seemed to stay on for a longer period and with regular and consistent use, this brand of CBD oil seemed to work wonders for me. I was a whole new version of myself. 

However, I must add that I needed a higher dose before bedtime for the effects to last the night. With a dosage of 2 – 3 drops, the dosage did not seem to be enough to give me a good night’s sleep. I often woke up with a cold sweat, worrying about something or the other. So I increased it to 5 drops before bedtime, while 3 drops sufficed for getting through the day. 

#6 CBDPure – Best Organic CBD Oil With Fantastic Guarantee

A family-owned brand, with offices in both the US and England, CBDPure runs its business under the company name Nutra Pure LLC. Its products, which are sourced from non-GMO hemp, grown in Colorado, are free of any kind of contaminant or additive. Its full-spectrum CBD blends are extracted with the help of CO2 and cold-press methods. The most unique characteristic of this brand is its 90-day money-back policy – something that no other brand provides. 

CBDPure’s CBD Hemp Oil: Highlights


100mg, 300mg, and 600mg (all contained in 60ml bottles)

We used the highest strength (10mg/ml) for our review, as it is the most potent option offered by the brand. 


  • Organic hemp-derived CBD
  • Other cannabinoids (including <0.3% THC)
  • Organic hemp oil


A natural, earthy flavor

Hemp cultivation

Colorado, US 

Extract type


Lab test

Third-party lab tests conducted by Trace Analytics are available on the website footer. 


90-day money-back if not satisfied with results

Shipping Time:

  • The brand offers both USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority
  • The shipping time takes between 3 – 14 days


$29.99 – $79.99 i.e. $0.13/mg – $0.30/mg

Coupon Code:


Read our full CBDPure review before buying

Our Experience

Positive: Great guarantees, organic, no side effects. 

Negative: Least potent CBD oils

This is what we gathered from our tester, Henry’s experience with this brand. 

Henry: It took me almost a week before the effects were noticeable. Although I had started to gradually feel better from Day 2, the effects weren’t so obvious. With consistent use, this brand managed to hit the right spot. I was feeling calm and was anxiety-free from Day 6. I also had to increase my dosage from Day 3 to make sure the CBD can have a better effect on my body and mind. Although not the most potent, the product definitely works. I suppose that is why the brand indirectly asks its customers to try it out for more than two months before one can decide if it’s effective enough. 

#7 HempBombs – Best THC-Free Option in CBD Oils 

With a wide range of products and variants, Hemp Bombs’ CBD oils are available in many as 5 flavors and 6 different strengths. They offer free shipping across the US for orders above $75 and are also big on their distributor and affiliate programs as well as jazzy packaging. 

HempBombs’ CBD oil: Highlights


125mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg. 


  • Hemp extracts (CBD)
  • MCT Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • Both Natural & Artificial Flavoring 


  • Acai Berry 
  • Watermelon
  • Peppermint
  • Orange Creamsicle 
  • Unflavored

Hemp cultivation


Extract type

Broad-spectrum CBD formulation

Lab test

  • All of the brand’s CBD oils are tested by third-party lab ACS Laboratory.
  • The Third-Party Lab Test results can be found on the drop-down menu under the Tab LEARN on the header of the brand website. 
  • The individual lab reports are available on product pages as well. 


The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if purchased directly from the brand website ( 

Shipping Time:

  • 5 – 10 business days to ship the product within the US
  • For urgent deliveries, the brand offers overnight and 2-day shipping facility
  • For international orders, shipping time can vary between 15 and 20 days.


$24.99 – $299.99 i.e. $0.07/mg – $0.20/mg

Coupon Code:


For more information on the brand and its products, read our full Hemp Bombs Review before you decide. 

Our Experience

Although this brand of CBD oil takes a little longer than some brands to have any remarkable effect on people with anxiety issues, this is one of the safest, most effective, and potent CBD oils in the market. Our tester tried out the 2000mg variant, as it offers a healthy dose of 66.7mg/ml.

Let’s hear what our tester, Kimberly, had to say about this product. 

Kimberly: The effects, though mild, were felt from the very first day. However, it did not help in completely managing anxiety issues. I felt less depressed, though. It failed to fight the triggers for the first days. I realized I may need higher doses of it to overcome some of the more stressful situations, like deadlines, family issues, etc. 

So from Day 3 onwards, I increased my dosage a bit to curb my aggression and anxiety pangs. By Day 5, I was much at ease with myself, my temper was under control, and my bouts of depression were gone. I was performing better at work and my relationship with my family improved substantially. 

I only wish the flavors weren’t as strong as it was. With the increase in my dosage, the taste of peppermint – the flavor I had thought to be a safe bet – was always in my mouth. It dulled the taste of everything I ate or drank. I would prefer the unflavored variant instead. 

Since very little information is available about the brand’s extraction process, business practices, their core team, and their brand’s background in general, we have placed this brand at the bottom of our list. Besides, the strong, artificial flavors used in these oils are a negative aspect according to us. 

However, this doesn’t mean that this brand of CBD oil is any less effective than the other brands in this list

Parting Thoughts

While all the brands mentioned in our list are effective, safe, potent, and are among the most affordable, our testers have agreed that FabCBD is the best among all CBD oils tested so far. 

The reason for that is that within a short period of time, this brand of CBD products has managed to produce some of the best quality CBD oils that are safe, pure, clean, potent, and effective. 

And that’s not all! The products are sourced from organically cultivated homegrown hemp and are also quite affordable. No other brand has got all of these aspects covered at the same time. That’s why this is our Editor’s Choice! 

The other brands that were most popular among the rest include Joy Organics and CBDistillery. 


Author Details
Senior Editor & Researcher , Greenthevoteok
Matt Hansel is a Medical Practitioner, who has been writing and researching about cannabis since 2014.  His popular quotes which we like are: \"Don\'t use CBD oil for a cure, use it as a precaution\"  \"CBD should be considered as any other vitamin supplement and your body needs it!\"