Kat’s Naturals Review

I had read a lot of positive reviews about Kat’s Naturals brand.

But, it was never enough to get me to test their products. Some other CBD company would always get in the way.

However, when one of my childhood friends suggested I give the brand a try, I didn’t hesitate for one moment.

Hey everyone, it’s Matt here. Ever since my horrible shoulder injury during my high school years, I have been living a life of anxiety, fear, and depression. No amount of therapy, holistic treatment, pills could get me back to my normal self.

Thankfully, CBD turned my life around. And ever since then, I’ve been devoted to helping people overcome their problems with the help of CBD.

Now, it’s time to find out whether Kat’s Naturals is among the best CBD brands I’ve tested? Or is the hype totally unjustified?

Naked CBD Hemp Oil

How to Consume?

The best way to consume CBD hemp oil is sublingually. All you need to do is hold the required amount of oil underneath your tongue and wait for it to get absorbed. The process usually takes 2 to 3 minutes.

If the sublingual method of consumption doesn’t suit you, you can also mix the CBD oil with your food or drink. However, bear in mind that it will take about 45 minutes before you feel the effects.

My Experience

While the company may not have a lot of options when it comes to concentration, they offer up to 6 different varieties of their CBD hemp oil.

Now, I knew that the ‘Metabolize,’ ‘Relax,’ and ‘Balance’ variants were not for me. The Metabolize CBD oil helps in regulating metabolism, energy, blood sugar levels and assists in improving overall cut health. The Relax oil, on the other hand, improves your sleep and lowers your stress levels.

And finally, the ‘Balance’ variant is a full spectrum product, which comes in a maximum concentration of 750 mg. However, it’s quite costly compared to the other CBD oils from the brand.

Since the aforementioned products had a low concentration of CBD, I had to choose between the ‘Heal’ and ‘Naked’ Hemp Oil variants. Both these oils are available in 1500 mg 30 ml bottles. And the only noticeable difference is the choice of carrier oil. The ‘Heal’ uses peppermint oil as the base, while the ‘Naked’ uses Hemp Seed oil.

Anyhow, I went for the 1500 mg concentration of the Naked CBD oil after a simple coin toss. Yes, I really didn’t have a better way to decide between the two!

As usual, I took a two-week break from my existing CBD medications. Around this point, my shoulder pain and anxiety problems escalated to unbearable levels. Needless to say, I couldn’t go to work, couldn’t sleep, and I even had to stay cooped up in my house all the while.

After taking a standard dose of the CBD oil, I felt significantly better. My shoulder pain eased down quite a bit, and my fitness band recorded over five hours of sleep!

As for my anxiety, it still kept me from going to work the next day. But, I could at least work from home.

The second dose further improved things. In fact, there were no traces of my shoulder pain, and I also had a great night’s sleep. My anxiety issues became significantly lower, and I was able to pull through a full day at the office without much of a problem.

Finally, the third dose of the oil got me back to my best. And there were no traces of my problems.

Honestly, my overall experience with this oil was quite positive. However, I believe that the company should offer more choices of concentrations for their CBD hemp oils. I would absolutely love a 4000 – 5000 mg variant of their Naked CBD oil.

Price Per Mg

The price ratio of the Naked CBD Hemp Oil varies from 0.14 dollar per mg for the 5 ml bottle, to 0.11 dollar per mg for the 30 ml bottle. The ‘Heal’ variant has an identical price ratio to the Naked oil. The other variants are priced higher than the aforementioned products.


Since my conditions are quite serious, I follow a simple formula for determining my CBD dosage. For the daily intake amount in mg, just divide your weight in lbs by 2. In other words, if you weigh 180 lbs, your minimum dosage amount should be 90 mg.

If your conditions are not as serious, you can start off with a 20 mg dose. In case it’s not effective, I suggest increasing it by increments of 5 mg till you reach the ‘sweet spot.’

Deep Pain Relief Cream

How to Consume?

Just take a small amount of cream and rub it over the pain area. The cream needs to be absorbed to take effect.

My Experience

Kat’s Naturals offers three different types of topicals – Capsaicin Cream, Deep Pain Relief Cream, and the Skin Serum, which helps in tackling a variety of skin issues.

Unlike the case of my CBD hemp oil review where I was torn between the ‘Heal’ and ‘Naked’ variants, the choice was much simpler in this case.

As you might remember, I suffer from terrible chronic shoulder pain and the Deep Pain Relief Cream seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Now, since a topical doesn’t have any effect on my anxiety issues, I didn’t go overboard like last time. For this review, I took a seven-day break.

Sure, my conditions didn’t escalate to unbearable levels, but, my shoulder pain kept me conscious of my surroundings at all times.

In fact, I just couldn’t sleep on my right side. And that had a terrible effect on my sleep schedule. According to my fitness tracker, I got less than three hours of sleep on the night before I applied the cream.

And speaking of the Deep Pain Relief Cream, after applying just a tiny dab over my shoulder, my pain reduced significantly. It didn’t vanish into thin air, but, I felt it was far more effective than the CBD hemp oil I tried out earlier.

Needless to say, after the second application of the cream, my pain was completely gone. However, I clocked just a little under five hours of sleep on my fitness tracker. But, I blame that on my anxiety issues.

In my opinion, Kat’s Naturals Deep Pain Relief Cream is surely among the best topicals I’ve ever tested. In fact, I believe this will be my go-to product from now on. It’s that good.

Price Per Mg

The Deep Pain Relief Cream is available in two concentrations – 350 mg (1 oz bottle) and 1400 mg (4 oz bottle). The smaller of the two offers a price ratio of 0.13 dollars per mg, while the other offers a slightly better price ratio of 0.114 dollars per mg.

Kat Natural’s may not offer the best price ratio for their topicals, but, it is surely among the finest I’ve reviewed.


It’s hard to determine a dosage amount for topicals. And I don’t have any formula, unlike in the case of oral CBD products.

In my opinion, it is best to start off by applying a small dab of the cream over the pain area and wait for it to get absorbed. If it’s not effective after 15 minutes, then apply some more cream.

CBD Vape Liquid

How to Consume?

For consuming this vape liquid, all you need to do is load it up in your vaporizer and start vaping. Now bear in mind, this product is only meant to be used with a vaporizer rated at 40 W or less.

Vaping is surely one of the fastest methods of consumption, and you can feel the effects within minutes. However, it doesn’t last quite as long as other oral methods of consumption.

My Experience

From Palm Personal Vape Kits, Pre-filled Disposable Vape Pens to E-Liquids and CBD Vape Pen Inhaler Kits, Kat’s Naturals surely has a lot to offer in the vaping department.

Despite their plethora of choices, I didn’t have any problem with deciding the product I wanted to buy. You see, I own a high-quality vaporizer, and the best fit for it was the CBD Vape Liquid.

Nowadays, I can’t spend a single day at work without using my vaporizer. However, that wasn’t always the case. I come from a family of chain smokers and needless to say, smoking tore up my family.

It took me almost a year to warm up to vaping after I started using CBD on a regular basis. And ever since then, I’ve tested countless vaping products. So, naturally, I was quite excited about testing Kat’s Naturals’ Vape Liquid.

Once again, I took a two-week break from my existing CBD medications to test out this product. After my chronic shoulder pain and anxiety problems became unbearable, I took the first dose of the vape oil.

The effect was almost instantaneous, and I felt much better. In fact, compared to my experience with the CBD hemp oil, I would say this was more effective, albeit slightly.

The second dose turned out to be even better for me. In fact, I was almost fully healed by then. Only traces of my anxiety remained. And needless to say, the third vaping session got me back to my best.

Overall, I was highly satisfied with my experience. However, I just wish Kat’s Naturals launches a higher concentration variant of their vape liquid in the near future.

Price Per Mg

The CBD Vape Liquid is available in two bottles – 15 ml and 30 ml. The smaller of the two offers a price ratio of 0.22 dollars per mg, while the other has a price ratio of 0.19 dollars per mg.


As you might already know, vaping is far more efficient than other forms of CBD consumption. In fact, while vaping, almost 4 times as much CBD can enter your bloodstream for maximum bioavailability.

So, my previous formula can’t be applied here. I would suggest starting with 20 mg of vape liquid for a single vaping session. And if it isn’t effective, you can slowly increase it by increments of 5 mg.

Activated Hemp Flower

How to Consume?

Just take a teaspoon of the product and mix it with any food item you desire. You can add it to smoothies, granola or even any baked goods. This product is a good alternative to those who have trouble consuming CBD hemp oil sublingually.

My Experience

I’ll be honest with you; I wasn’t really looking forward to this review. Why, you ask?

Well, when I think of CBD edibles, I always associate it with something tasty like a gummy or a candy. However, Kat’s Naturals’ edible is far from that. In fact, you can only consume it after mixing it with your food. And that’s a bummer if you ask me.

Anyhow, I still decided to give it a try. And just like before, I followed my usual protocol and took a two-week break from my existing CBD medications.

After my painful conditions became unbearable, I consumed the required amount of the Activated Hemp Flower after mixing it with my chocolate shake.

The results were very similar to that of the CBD hemp oil; the only difference being the extra amount of time taken to feel the effects. In fact, it took me three doses to get back to my usual self, just like in the case of the CBD oil tincture.

Now, don’t get me wrong; the Activated Hemp Flower is quite an effective product. However, it just doesn’t make much sense to purchase this over the CBD hemp oil. Not only are you getting a higher concentration product in the case of the tincture, but also a better price ratio.

I hope Kat’s Naturals releases an edible product which is far more accessible to beginners who are trying out CBD for the first time.

Price Per Mg

The price ratio varies from 0.2 dollars per mg to 0.19 dollars per mg depending on the concentration you get.


I suggest following the same formula I mentioned in the case of the CBD hemp oil. Just divide your weight by 2, and that should be your minimum dosage amount in mg.

Now, this works fine for me as I suffer from serious conditions. However, if your problems are not as severe as mine, I suggest starting with a small dose of 20 mg. If that doesn’t turn out to be effective, you can increase it by increments of five mg.

Opinion of Kat’s Naturals as a Brand

The company was started by Kat Merryfield, who is an educated herbalist and nutritionist. She crafted out high-quality natural, organic products right from the comfort of her backyard in the Tennessee countryside. And in 2015, she started making CBD oil using hemp harvested in the south-eastern American farms.

After thoroughly reviewing their products, I can safely say that the quality of the CBD ranks very high on my list. In fact, it is surely one of the best I’ve tested.

Their Ingredients

Kat’s Naturals uses American grown organic hemp, which is cultivated by three multigenerational south-eastern farms. They thoroughly examine the soils and plants to ensure that they are free of any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

The CBD is 99.9% pure as they use the critical CO2 extraction method. Moreover, their CBD oils are triple distilled. That helps in removing earthy undertones and maximizes the concentration of CBD in each dose

Drug Test

Some of Kat’s Naturals products contain 0.3% THC, and those may not be safe for a drug test. However, the Naked CBD Hemp Oil and the Deep Pain Relief Cream I reviewed earlier are free of THC and are marked safe for drug tests.

Shipping and Distribution

The company only ships their products to all 50 states of the US. They do not ship worldwide.

Phone and Email: +1-888-499-7880 (9 AM – 5 PM CST); info@katsnaturals.com

FAQs about Kat’s Naturals

  1. Are Kat’s Naturals products third-party tested?

Yes, they are. Kat’s Naturals’ CBD products are tested by a company named Eurofins BioDiagnostics. Moreover, all the products come with a third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA), and you can find the detailed report in their respective web pages.

  1. What’s the source of hemp?

Kat’s Naturals’ CBD is sourced from organic hemp grown in three multigenerational south-eastern farms of the US. The company ensures that their hemp plants are free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

  1. Will Kat’s Naturals CBD oils get me high?

No, they won’t. Even though some of Kat’s Naturals’ products contain trace amounts of THC (0.3%), it’s not nearly enough to get you high. Moreover, CBD suppresses the psychotic effects of THC.


I must say, Kat’s Naturals really surprised me with the quality of their products. In fact, their CBD is surely among the best I’ve tested. I believe I’ll be regularly using the Deep Pain Relief Cream and their excellent Vape Liquid.

However, not everything is great with the brand. I would like to see higher concentrations of their CBD oil tinctures and a more accessible version of the CBD edible. If they can do that, I’m sure they’ll put a serious dent in the market.

That’s all for today folks. And if you had any experience with Kat’s Naturals’ products, do share it with me in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you

This is Matt’s signing off. Until next time.

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