Ananda Hemp Review

With hemp cultivation becoming legal across the US, several CBD oil brands that source their extracts from industrially grown hemp are making hay. 

Ananda Hemp is one such brand that has made the best of it. The brand’s quality checks through the entire supply chain and proprietary genetics of their hemp seeds have contributed to making it one of the leading premium brands in the CBD industry in the country.

‘Ananda Hemp’ as a Brand

Working with the 8th generation local farmers of Kentucky and hand-in-hand with the State’s Department of Agriculture, Ananda Hemp ensures quality maintenance from seed to bottle. 

This means that their hemp is grown only on contracted farms under the strict supervision of the State’s DoA – giving this brand the much-desired seal of trust that most consumers hope for. 

The brand has imported its superior quality of proprietary genetics of their hemp seeds from its parent company – Australia-based Ecofibre Ltd. 

Besides, they are committed to third-party lab testing, offering complete transparency to its consumers. The CoA Lookup Tool on their website provides you with a specific view of their lab test results for the particular batch of product you have bought or want to buy. 

Ananda is known for its full-spectrum hemp oil that is produced from the cannabis flowers alone. These flowers and buds are cold-pressed for the production of high-quality hemp oil, with a healthy cannabinoid-terpene profile. 

About its quality, the brand boasts on its website that its products undergo three layers of testing for potency, contaminant, and quality before reaching the stores. 

Admittedly, Ananda’s products are a tad bit costlier than most other brands of CBD oils, but its quality definitely justifies the price tag.  

Not only are its customer feedbacks excellent, but I can also personally vouch for its products. I would hope that it keeps up the quality checks, which its parent company, Ecofibre Ltd, has for the past 18 years. 


Ananda pays close attention to sourcing its high-quality natural ingredients. Not only are the hemp plants organically grown from the best seeds brought in from all over the world, but the additives used by the brand are also of extremely high quality indeed! Yes, they too are also organically grown! 

For instance, its full-spectrum topical salve “Spectrum Salve 125” contains high-quality, organically grown natural ingredients, like: 

  • Coconut oil, 
  • Shea butter, 
  • Cocoa butter, 
  • Beeswax, 
  • Organic menthol crystals, 
  • Organic cayenne, 
  • Calendula flowers, 
  • Organic ginger, 
  • Boswellia extract powder, 
  • White willow bark extract, 
  • Organic arnica oil, 
  • Organic capsicum oil, 
  • Sunflower oil, and,
  • Essential oils, including wintergreen, organic eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and ginger. 

They also use MCT oil and botanical terpene blend in most of their tinctures and gelatin in its soft gel capsules. The products also clearly mention the amount (in weight) of active cannabinoids in each serving. 

Since most of their products are made from full-spectrum CBD oil, the products contain all the valuable extracts – cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, etc. – making them powerful agents of physical and mental well-being. 

However, this also means that trace amounts of THC may be found in these products. 

Drug Test

For its CBD oil, Ananda Hemp employs the cold-press extraction method and, that too, using only the flowers of the plant. This ensures a highly-bioavailable and potent full-spectrum product. 

But it also means that you may test positive on a drug test for THC, even though its levels are always within the permissible limit.  

The brand also has a ‘zero-THC’ variant of full-spectrum CBD oil. Even then, the company warns its consumers against a false positive on a drug test if used in high doses. This, they say, occurs due to the high content of other cannabinoids in the extracted oil. 

This particular product clearly warns consumers: 

“Use caution if subject to drug screening. This product contains zero THC. However, it does contain a broad spectrum of other cannabinoids. Due to the nature of drug screening, this product may still cause a failed drug test…”

So, if you are required to undergo drug test regularly, you may want to stay away from CBD altogether. Most reputed brands of high-quality CBD oil either contain small traces of THC that can be detected on a drug test or contain high volumes of other cannabinoids that can give you a false positive. 

Official Company Name

Ananda Hemp is owned by Ecofibre Ltd., an Australian plant genetics development company. 

The company claims to own the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank, comprising over 300 cultivars (plants cultivated by selective breeding) and accessions (plant material of a single species collected from a specific area at one time) accumulated from all over the world.

The cultivars utilized in advanced breeding procedures are certified by OECD under the UN Singles Convention.

Coupon Codes 

You can get up to 15% off on Ananda Hemp products. Click on the Ananda Hemp Coupon page for all discount-related information. 

Shipping Policy

Ananda Hemp provides prompt and free shipping across the United States of America. It also delivers all over the world (currently unavailable in Canada). 

Return Policy

Ananda Hemp maintains a 100% refund policy in case you are not satisfied with any of their products. They boldly declare on their refund page: “If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied”. 

However, the refund policy is applicable for return within 30 days of the purchase. All you need to do is to send the product back with your order number to Ananda Hemp Returns, PO Box 648, Cynthiana, KY 41031.

Refunds take around 7 – 10 working days owing to shipping time and processing. However, the return shipping costs must be borne by the customer. 

Phone & E-mail

For all queries and complaints, customers can reach Ananda Hemp via email at Alternatively, you can also call their customer support number 833-791-2511. 

Their online chat support is also an easy way to voice your feedback or find more details about their products or your orders. 

Experience with Ananda Hemp Products

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures (Full-spectrum & full-spectrum zero-THC)

Ways of Consumption

Like most CBD tinctures, Ananda Hemp CBD oil drops must be used orally under the tongue. 

Ananda Hemp has two varieties of hemp oil:

  • One is its full-spectrum CBD oil drops, available in 300 mg, 600mg, and 2000mg bottles. 
  • The other is the ‘Full-Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil’ drops, which may be described more accurately as ‘broad-spectrum’ oils, sold in 600 mg bottles.

They all come in 30 ml bottles, except for the 2000mg bottle that comes in a 50-ml bottle. 

You can find all the information regarding their dosage written clearly on their labels as well as on the product web pages.

All these tincture variants are made from “premium hemp extract” and botanical terpenes, must be used sublingually, i.e., held under the tongue where the sublingual glands are present. 

This process of using CBD is the most efficient method of administration. It also ensures that the substance reaches the bloodstream superfast. This method also increases the CBD’s bioavailability

The terpenes in CBD oil drops play a very important role. They not only enhance the taste of the tincture, but they also increase the efficacy of the CBD oil and offer some very unique therapeutic benefits. 

While the broad-spectrum oils have no THC (based on manufacturer testing), they still caution users that may get a false positive on their drug tests due to the presence of high volumes of other cannabinoids.

My Experience

While the flavor of the product is typically hempy, the efficiency of the oils was truly remarkable. To be on the safe side, I went for the low-concentration variety of 300mg.  

I started using this tincture only after a week of not using any other CBD product. I had been using another product for my back and neck pain. I was afraid that the short gap will cost me; sure enough, it did. 

I started suffering from excruciating pain. But if I didn’t, I would not be able to properly gauge its effects. 

Of all the products that I had used so far, I must say, Ananda Hemp’s full-spectrum CBD oil drops is certainly one of the best and most effective. 

While the first dose numbed my pain to quite an extent, the second dose almost wiped it out altogether. However, the irritation and constant depression that I fell back in due to the pain took a while longer to fade. The third dose did the trick and I was back to my old self again. 

I experienced no side effects and I felt quite good after the three doses. 

Made from only the flowers, this hemp extract is certainly one of the most potent in the market. 

Given that they are organically grown, i.e., without the use of pesticides or herbicides, in Kentucky, it is also quite safe. Its extraction process also makes it a safer option over other CBD tincture brands. 


The least concentration variant has a per mg price of $0.17, while the mid-variant, the 600mg bottle (both the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum) comes at a $0.15 per mg price. The highest concentration oil comes at a $0.11 per mg cost. With the discount coupon, the costs reduce quite a bit. 


Always start with a small dose. While you can always calculate your most appropriate dosage, you can start with half a dropper for the 300mg and 600mg variants, as I did with the 300mg variant. 

If you have purchased the high concentration variant for quick reaction, you may want to start with 1/3 of a dropper. 

Place the dropper carefully under your tongue and gently squeeze out its contents. Hold the oil under your tongue for around a minute and then gulp it down with water or a smoothie. 

Take it after dinner, but not right before bedtime. If you feel you need more, take another 1/3 dropper after breakfast, but not both doses together. Try this for a couple of days. You should be able to feel the difference by then. 

If you don’t experience any improvement in your symptoms even after a week, you may want to increase the dosage until you find the right amount.

Full-Spectrum Softgel Capsules

Ways of Consumption

Like any other capsule, these too must be swallowed with water and is absorbed through the digestive system like any other edible form of CBD. 

Each of Ananda Hemp’s full-spectrum soft gel capsules contains 15mg of CBD. The product is available in two different sized containers, 30 caps, and 60 caps, with the latter being a tad bit cheaper.  

Like most such soft gel caps, you would not experience its therapeutics benefits until 40 minutes have passed. However, it will remain effective for around 4 – 6 hours. 

Although this product is made from full-spectrum flower extract, the route of administration delays its effects. 

My Experience

While soft gels aren’t quite that effective, I still gave it a try, as I don’t have to taste the hempy flavor with this option. 

However, if you are a vegan, this may not be a good option, given that gelatin is used in the capsule covers. 

If I were to compare the effectiveness of Ananda Hemp soft gels with other brands of CBD softgels, I would say it is much better than most. However, its effects took more time to show any real benefit than its tincture counterpart. 

So, when you have to choose between the two – capsules or tincture – you will have to choose based on two factors:

  • Bioavailability or effectiveness: Tinctures act faster and more effectively
  • Taste: You swallow the softgels with water and hence, don’t get any taste

If you don’t mind the taste, go for the tinctures. They are far more effective and act more quickly. But, if you want to avoid the taste and can bear the pain a little longer, you can settle for the softgels that take longer to act and have a little lower effectiveness.


The softgel capsules come in two sized bottles – 30 caps and 60 caps. But both contain capsules that have 15 mg of active cannabinoids. The bottles with 30 caps are priced at $0.14/mg. The ones with 60 caps will cost you $0.13/mg, which is marginally lesser than the smaller bottles.


Ananda Hemp recommends taking one softgel capsule twice daily with water. My experiences are based on this dosage.

Full-Spectrum Topical Salve

Ways of Consumption

This product comes in a 25gm canister, containing 125mg of active cannabinoids. 

This product has to be applied topically on the surface of the skin where the symptoms are exhibited. This is particularly good for muscle spasms and aches, even chronic ones, like mine.

My Experience

Owing to its high-quality natural ingredients, (like organic coconut oil, organic Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, white willow bark extract, organic cayenne, calendula flowers, ginger, arnica oil, besides essential oils, such as wintergreen, organic eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender) it smells wonderful and feels soft and smooth to the touch.

This is probably one of the fastest-working topical CBD products that I have tried. I felt the pain disappear from the very first use. I completely forgot about the pain when I sat down to work. 

It is a bit more expensive than the other forms of products by Ananda Hemp, but it is certainly very effective. Now, I use it every day before sitting down to work or going out for a walk, as these are times when my back hurts most. 


Its cost per mg of active cannabinoid is $0.19, like I said, a tad bit costlier than the other CBD products from this brand. 


I applied it just before any physical exertion or muscle strain. You can also use it before bedtime for a relaxed, comfortable and ache-free sleep. 

Other products by Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp also has a product for pets, called ‘ANANDA PETS FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL’, which I haven’t tried as I don’t have a pet. But I’ve heard it also works quite well on most animals for issues relating to neurology and cognitive functions, immune system and allergies, as well as hip and joint mobility. This product is made from premium-quality hemp flower extract, mixed in MCT oil and vegetarian-certified bacon flavoring. This 30ml bottle contains 300mg of full-spectrum active cannabinoids and costs $59.95 (per mg cost is $0.19). 

Their last product, ANANDA TOUCH BLISS, is a CBD-infused intimate oil, meant to enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse. Its online reviews were also pretty good. It is a full-spectrum 2oz bottle, containing 250 mg of active cannabinoids, besides essential oils like organic Theobroma, coconut oil & L-arginine. It is priced at $60 a bottle, i.e., $0.24 per mg of active cannabinoid. 

FAQs About Ananda Hemp

Q: Are Ananda Hemp’s products third-party tested?

A: All of Ananda Hemp’s products are tested by a third-party laboratory. Its certificates are available on their website’s CoA Lookup Tool, as well as on each product page. 

Q: Can I use the CBD tinctures for vaping?

A: No, they are only meant to be used sublingually, i.e. dropped under the tongue. 

Q: Will Ananda Hemp’s products get me high?

Taken in very high doses, its full-spectrum products that DO contain permissible levels of THC may make you high, but the probabilities are low. Meanwhile, the zero-THC (broad-spectrum) variant will, under no circumstances, have that effect on you. 

However, it is wise to start with a smaller dose to find your CBD sweet spot. 

Q: What’s the source of hemp?

Ananda Hemp products are sourced from the highest quality hemp seeds from across the world and organically grown on farms in Kentucky under the strict supervision of the State Department of Agriculture. Only the flowers are used to extract the best and the most potent full-spectrum cannabinoid oil. The additives used are also of high quality, organically grown by local farmers. 

Q: How long does it usually take to receive my shipment?

It usually takes around 3 to 5 working days for your shipment to reach customers. 

Parting Thoughts

Ananda Hemp is one of the best brands of CBD oil tinctures I have tried so far. Its topical balm is also quite good. The only downside of their products is the price. 

Quality: Excellent

Effectiveness: Excellent

Side Effects: Nil

Smell: Delightful

Taste: Tolerable, can be good for those who like the hempy flavor 

Variants: A large number of variants with different strengths and for all purposes

Price: Bit on the expensive side 

Overall rating: Excellent range of products


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