Endoca Review: A Trusted Company

CBD is booming!

The industry is expanding at such a rapid speed that it has become almost impossible to forecast what the future holds.

However, this also means that quality has gone for a run.

You see, getting business from first-timers in a booming market is super easy. You can serve up anything in a plate, and they’d lap it up.

Endoca has a great following throughout the globe and boasts of being considered a standard in the industry, but are they like those companies that prey on the ignorant?

Hey, I’m Matt, and I must confess that CBD helped me overcome chronic shoulder pain, anxiety, and depression. All of which were a result of a baseball injury I suffered back in high school.

And in this Endoca review, I’m going to talk about my experience with their products to find out if they can help you deal with your troubles too.

Endoca as a brand

This is a family-owned brand that has been catering to customers internationally for a long while. They believe in delivering high-quality CBD that is always excellent.

They’re also one of the only CBD brands that have the GMP certification to prove that their manufacturing is up to standards.


Endoca gets all their CBD from the homeland of Europe, and they make sure that every one of the CBD extract provided to you is the full-spectrum with added terpenes and phytocannabinoids.

The full-spectrum oils are great for your system. They make your body feel more energized with the “entourage” effect, which is when all the chemicals work together to make your body work better.

Drug Test

Endoca products contain untraceable of THC, and regular cannabis drug tests will probably not detect anything.

That being said, Endoca’s stance of drug tests is unclear as they’ve not explicitly mentioned if you’ll be in the clear. I’d advise caution if you’re aware a drug test is coming.


Endoca ships internationally to USA, Europe, Australia, and other places. The delays that happen are due to the customs process in some of the countries. However, you’ll receive your products in two weeks.

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My Experience with Endoca products:

RAW Hemp Oil Drops

How to consume?

Measure out the exact amount of oil you need in the graduated dropper and put it under your tongue. Under your tongue is the best place for it to absorb CBD.

My Experience

Always try to take full-spectrum whenever possible, I’ll explain why. The RAW Hemp oil drops from Endoca are a bit of a special offering considering everything.

This completely cold-pressed, CO2 extracted oil is made in such a way that they can be considered raw. Plus they offer it in concentrations of 300 mg and 1500 mg.

For this review, I took home the 1500 mg variant.

A bit of backstory: I was one of the brightest kids around when I was in school. Sure, I didn’t score the highest marks in Maths or anything, but I knew my way around the syllabus.

However, after the accident, I couldn’t go back to school with confidence anymore. I was in a position that made me feel like I was stuck.

Now, I have a job, and I still struggle with the blow I suffered back in the day. Believe me; you can’t work through problems when you’re anxious and the shoulder is hurting.

I spent such a huge part of my life in making my body feel alright that I feel trapped whenever I have to invest time and energy in solving a problem.

The first time I tried out this product, I felt like my body become better in a couple of hours. My shoulder pain became manageable, and I could work through the problems with a clear mind.

I could finally work through some of the shifts that I dreaded for their odd tasks. It felt like my mind was ready for any challenge.

Another benefit of full-spectrum oils is that I felt energized through the weeks I used this product. I could tackle long hours and still manage to take time out to play with my dog, Jenny.

Price per Mg

At 0.086 for 1 mg of CBD, this is one of the cheapest full-spectrum oils I’ve found. Add this to the fact that your oil would make you feel energized and you’re set with a great deal.


Start by taking your weight in pounds, and then halve it. This is the amount of CBD you should be taking for a day.

However, weight is not the only thing that CBD consumption is based on. The need for CBD differs from person to person depending on the severity of the ailments they have.

I recommend starting out with a small amount, say 20 mg, and then increasing your dose by 5 mg until you reach a point in which you are completely comfortable.

Capsules Hemp Oil Total

How to consume?

These capsules are the easiest way to consume CBD. Just take the capsules in your mouth and gulp it down. In some hours you’ll likely find the CBD working its magic.

My Experience

They offer their products in two categories one where the extract is heated and is termed as Total, and the other where the extract doesn’t go through heating processes and is termed Raw.

Both ranges of products come in 300 mg and 1500 mg variants. I took home the 1500 mg variant of the Total Hemp Oil to give all of their products a fair chance.

When I got into the accident and woke up with a chronic pain problem, I got into painkillers quickly. Over time, I only consumed these harmful medications because they were a release.

It was a rabbit hole that I’m not proud of. I was having 30 pills a day and making myself feel worse every single day. It made me feel like I was stuck.

This makes me take even CBD capsules very cautiously. Thankfully, with 50 mg per capsule, I could be in the clear in 2 capsules a day.

In about three hours, I was in a proper space to deal with the things happening around me. I could get back to work with new energy.

Over the next few weeks, I could go out on several dates with my girlfriend, and I could be at peace with myself throughout the whole thing.

I felt like I was in the space of renewed vigor. However, at least once or twice, I could feel that the capsules took 4-5 hours to start their effects fully. It’s not a detractor but, easy-to-use medicines shouldn’t take this much time to work.

Price per Mg

At €0.086 for 1 mg of CBD, this is one full-spectrum CBD you should go for if you want to get the best for a small price. The capsules are a delight to use, which works in their favor.


With 50 mg per capsule, it’s better to start off small with only one capsule a day and then increasing the dosage as you see fit. As usual, I tried my work with two capsules per day, and it made me feel wonderful.

RAW Hemp Oil (CBD Extract)

How to consume?

Just like your regular CBD oil, you can take the required amount in the dropper and put it under your tongue. Under your tongue, it will be absorbed maximally, and you’ll get the most out of the CBD oil.

My Experience

When I got to know that Endoca sells a thicker version of CBD oil with the plant waxes still in there, I was ready to give it a whirl immediately. This is full-spectrum like it was intended to be.

You see, I got to know of full-spectrum oils late, and I felt like I had been kept out of an exclusive club. Full-spectrum oils are not only enjoyable, they work better than most direct isolates you’d find.

One of the things that I wish I had when I was growing up was a support system. It was in my teenage years that my girlfriend being there made me feel like I belonged somewhere.

However, now, living with chronic pain, and in a constant state of anxiety and depression makes me feel like I’m somehow betraying her.

More often than not, I had to cancel on our dates to attend physiotherapist appointments.. However, with a regular dose of 2000 mg of oil, I was ready to battle with any problems that came.

Over the few weeks when I used this oil, my body became accustomed to the calming effect of CBD. Hey, I could take out my girlfriend on dates.

I even sneaked a day out of work and cooked a whole lunch and dinner for the two of us at home. After all, nothing makes lovers happier than being together.

CBD saved me, but without my girlfriend by my side, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Price per Mg

At €0.095 I felt like this was a pretty good price at which we could give a unique product a try. It also contains much more molecules than usual plant extracts have. So, this is a definite win.


Since this is a more potent version of the regular oil, I recommend that you start by consuming 15 mg a day and increase the dosage accordingly.

CBD Chewing Gum

How to consume?

Just like any other chewing gum, you can take one and chew your way to the CBD fix. These are supposed to be normal edibles and thus, are super easy to use.

My Experience

One of those experiences that you would have if you start playing baseball from an early age is that you barely ever have sweets when you’re growing up. So, CBD edibles are a big deal for me now.

Mostly, because even after growing a pot belly, even after losing a lot of confidence, my diet has been a big part of my life.

So, I can only justify eating sweets if they’re good for me. And CBD is, well, good for me. So, these are the only treats I allow myself at the end of the day.

The sugar used in these gums is a variety of alcohol sugar named as xylitol, which is not only good for your health but, also for your dental cavities and other aspects.

The first time, I had these gums, my thought was how fast they evaporated. The mint taste was natural so, I didn’t have to battle the terrible bitterness for very long.

Over time, it became a part of my daily routine, and I found that popping one of these after a long workout session does help me in keeping myself afloat and hitting all the right buttons.

The energy boost you get is something that I have rarely noticed with edibles, but I often came out of late evening workouts feeling like I could pull off another shift at work.

Another thing, I did notice that it was a pleasant smell that did not hinder anything for me, and overall, my girlfriend also complimented me on the nice perfume that I gave off.

Price per Mg

At a price of €0.08 per mg of CBD, it’s as good a deal as any. Given that these edibles are also filled with extra natural goodness, adds to their appeal


With 15 mg for one CBD chewing gum, you’d be in the clear with two gums a day. However, increase or decrease the dosage as you feel like it.

Remember, personal medicine is designed to cater to your needs, and that means the dosage you need might be completely different from anyone else.

FAQs about Endoca

Are the products third-party tested?
All of Endoca products are third-party tested so that you get the exact amount of CBD they advertise and do not get THC in your products.

Remember, they’re certified by the EU and USA both, so you can expect the highest quality products.

  1. Where is the hemp grown?
    In the mountains of Barcelona, where you get some of the best hemp grown in the world, is also the place where Endoca has their 5-hectare property. You can be assured of the quality.
  2. Can you get high on CBD?
    CBD is non-psychoactive. It suppresses the psychoactive properties of its brother cannabinoid, THC. THC is also what the people search for when they go for drug tests.

How trustworthy is Endoca?

We’re talking about a company that has been in business since 2006, and have stuck through the highs and lows. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Endoca to both new CBD buyers and veteran users.


Endoca have been in the business since forever, and they know their market share well. Though they may not have the most expansive repertoire in comparison to many other top brands, they tick all the quality assurance boxes with ease.

Since they’ve held onto their standards for so long, I also try to keep up with their products that just seems to be getting better with time. I think I love the RAW oil paste enough to keep it with me at all times.

I suggest you give it a whirl as well. 

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Matt Hansel is a Medical Practitioner, who has been writing and researching about cannabis since 2014.  His popular quotes which we like are: \"Don\'t use CBD oil for a cure, use it as a precaution\"  \"CBD should be considered as any other vitamin supplement and your body needs it!\"