Hemptouch CBD Review

Hemptouch is a Slovenian CBD brand that sells premium-quality hemp products, with its focus on skincare and beauty products. They aim to offer you what’s best in Nature and allow your body to use them to nurture itself. 

A recently launched brand, Hemptouch’s full-spectrum CBD products are made in the EU, i.e. to say, the brand meets EU legislations.

Winner and Editor’s Choice of the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards (for their CBD Oil Amber 500mg and CBD Spray Chocolate 300mg respectively), Hemptouch offers skin balms, face creams, cleansers, CBD tincture oils and sprays for all kinds of skin issues, such as dry & dehydrated skin, acne-prone or oily skin, irritated atopic skin, and hypoallergenic skin types. 

Besides, they also offer a special kind of shampoo, packed with hemp hydrolate (cleansed hemp water), Omega fats, clary sage, chamomile, and bergamot, to gently cleanse and soothe an irritated scalp. Their tinctures and sprays are full-spectrum hemp extracts, grown under strict EU regulation. 

While all their products are sourced from non-GMO plant extracts and are free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or parabens (preservatives often used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products), not all of their merchandises contain CBD oil. Some simply contain hemp seed oil, among other types of cannabis Sativa extracts, which aren’t the same as CBD oil. 

But, hey! Their goal is to offer clean and effective premium-quality skincare products, not just sell CBD products. 

Their products are also kosher and vegan-friendly, besides being lactose and gluten-free. They do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Their products mostly have a grassy and earthy aroma, except for some natural terpenes for flavored sprays.

About Hemptouch as a Brand

Set up by Silvija Špehar, an enthusiastic biologist and herbalist, and Marko Sladič, who is also the company’s Director, in 2014, Hemptouch’s values are based on transparency and sustainability. They aim is to provide people with premium quality products that help soothe and replenish the skin naturally.

For instance, a lot of their products are made with hemp seed oil and cannabis water, instead of CBD, as these ingredients are good enough to address sensitive skin issues, while not violating its integrity the way parabens do. 

Their other contents generally include natural essential oils, MCT (coconut) oil and olive oil. They use some very powerful herbs and essential oils and absolutely NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS in their products

Although they have been awarded the “Best Clinically Proven Brand” by the CBD World Awards for their clean, ethical and innovative CBD product making, they would have done well to post the proofs of the genuineness (CoAs) of their products online. 

Hemptouch is a fast expanding brand, with its presence in the US, besides other European countries like Germany and Italy, and now the UK.

All their products are dermatologically tested by JS Hamilton labs, without being tested on animals (good news for animal rights activists!). 

The products that contain CBD oil are:

  • CBD Oil Amber (tinctures, available in 4 concentrations – 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) 
  • CBD Sprays (available in 4 different flavors – coconut, orange, peppermint, and chocolate), 
  • Balancing Face Cream (the other variant, Nurturing Face Cream doesn’t have CBD oil, only hemp seed oil)
  • Therapeutic CBD Skin Cream
  • Soothing CBD Skin Cream (a third variant, Gentle Skin Balm contains no CBD) 

Since we mostly review CBD products, we will confine our product reviews to two products that do contain this cannabinoid – CBD Oil Amber (500 mg CBD) and Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm, both containing full-spectrum CBD extract. 

Ingredients of Hemptouch Products

The core ingredients of their products are full-spectrum CBD oil (with less than 0.2% THC), cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and purified hemp flower water (hydrolate). 

The other components of their products include MCT oil (for sprays), olive oil (for CBD tinctures) and different kinds of essential oils and plant extracts, such as chamomile oil, lavender oil, mango extract, calendula oil, beeswax, clove oil, shea butter, lemongrass oil, marigold extract, St. John’s Wort extract, Damask Rose, Geranium oil, Algae Chlorella, Orange blossom hydrolat, cedarwood oil, Chlorellaand extract, Clary Sage extract, Bergamot extract, Omega fatty acids, and other natural terpenes (for flavors and aroma in certain products). 

Their products are sourced from locally grown, organic hemp plants, processed through supercritical CO2 extraction. So, you can trust they are perfectly clean, devoid of any residual solvents. 

Drug Test

Hemptouch’s CBD products do contain THC, but only less than 0.2% (by weight). So, in all likelihood, you won’t test positive on a drug test, as the usual urine test analyzes for psychoactive substances like THC. 

However, you should always be wary of false positives, which do occur. 

Official Company Name

HEMPTOUCH, Cosmetics and Development, Ltd, owns the Hemptouch brand.  

Coupon Codes 


Shipping Policy

Hemptouch offers free shipping in the US (international) for all orders above $100. 

The company does not charge your card until they have successfully cleared your product(s) from its facility. 

The company ensures that your package is shipped out within one working day of placing the order. All domestic orders, i.e. within EU are delivered within 2 – 10 business days. However, in the case of offshore deliveries (like in the US), it takes a while longer (around 14 days). 

Once your package is shipped, you will get a confirmation email with the tracking information enclosed in it. If you don’t receive the tracking details within 2 days of placing the order, you can always contact the company via email (support@hemptouch.com) or telephone (+386 30 227 808).

Return Policy

The company offers its customers a ‘14-day No Questions Asked’ Return Policy. Once they receive a return request from a customer via call or email, they send back a reply, confirming the same, as long as it is within 14 days of the delivery. 

Phone & E-mail

In case of any query, you can directly write to them at info@hemptouch.com. If you need to track your order or get any other information on your order, you can drop an email at support@hemptouch.com or call the support team on +386 30 227 808. 

To voice any grievance, you can also write to them at: 

Hemptouch d.o.o.,
Podbreznik 15,
8000 Novo Mesto,

Their ‘Contact Us’ page also allows you to drop the customer support team a direct message. 

Hemptouch Product Reviews

I loved the fact that Hemptouch has not gone overboard with its CBD products, but kept to its niche – skincare. It has improved upon its already-effective blend of essential oils, terpenes, and a balanced Omega fatty acids combination by adding CBD oil to the mix. 

While I haven’t tried their non-CBD products, their CBD products are quite good – effective and enjoyable. 

Given that they source their products from organic hemp grown locally in Slovenia, a European country that has a centuries-long tradition of cultivating hemp, and are produced with the help of CO2 extraction method, they make one of the most potent, safe, clean and naturally CBD products. And I wasn’t wrong in thinking so too! 

All their other ingredients are also sourced from locally cultivated herbs. Each of their products is made with an effective and potent blend of these herbal extracts and essential oils, which not only make them effective but their experience pleasant too. 

Hemptouch CBD Oil Amber

I used the 500mg CBD strength option for this review, but Hemptouch also offers its CBD Oil Amber Tinctures in three other concentration variants – 300mg, 1,000mg and 1,500mg.

The reason why I have selected this product for this review is that it was the Winner of the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards. 

As this product is a ‘full-spectrum’ hemp oil, complete with all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes naturally occurring in cannabis, such as CBDV, CBDA, CBC, CBG, BCP, it was quite potent. Besides, given that it operates in compliance with the legislation in the European Union, they are dependable. 

Their products can be purchased directly from their e-commerce site or offline stores in different parts of Europe and the US. 

Ways of Consumption

Hemptouch’s CBD oil Amber is a tincture and is must be used sublingually to be most effective, as the sublingual glands under the tongue can quickly absorb the substance into the bloodstream.

Alternatively, you can mix in your favorite smoothie or any other cold beverages to consume it. However, as it has to go through the digestive system in this process, the effects will take longer to set in. 


Each 10 ml bottle of CBD Oil Amber 500mg CBD comes with a dropper that delivers 2.5mg of CBD per drop. This means its basic potency is 5% and to get the recommended dosage of 5mg, you would need to administer two drops of this oil under your tongue. 

You can even go up to 12.5mg for maximum effect. But for first-timers, it is best to start with 5mg, i.e. 2 drops. 


The 500mg CBD variant is available in the US for $33 (excluding taxes). This means this product’s base per mg cost in the US is approximately 0.066.

My Experience

Since I have tried so many CBD oil tinctures, I must say that this Slovenian brand has certainly lived up to my expectations. It can certainly compete with some of the biggies in the industry. 

However, I would have preferred to check their lab test results before using them. But, the company does not make it public on their website. 

Initially, the tincture was not very effective, given that I was off any CBD product for over a week before I started with this product. 

I had to up my dose pretty fast until on the second day I found that I needed at least 12.5mg of it in each dosage for it to be effective. But once I started taking this dosage consistently for 5 days, I found that this product was indeed worth the price. 

While Hemptouch’s CBD Oil Amber is not the cheapest or the most effective CBD oil tincture in the market, what I loved about this brand is that its products are gluten-free and sourced from organically grown hemp. 

Besides, being a ‘full-spectrum’ CBD product, manufactured with supercritical CO2 extraction method, I found it to be quite safe, with no side effects whatsoever. 

I would say this is ideal for first-time users of CBD oil.

Hemptouch Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm

I was a bit skeptical about using this product, as I didn’t find many reviews on this product. 

However, another item from this product line – Soothing CBD Skin Balm was awarded the Editor’s Choice at the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Baby. So, why not try their “strongest CBD oil formulation”? 

The brand claims that it has used the “richest” CBD oil extract in their Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm, alongside Shea and mango butter, and Vitamin E. 

So, I thought it couldn’t hurt to use it. And I’m glad I did too!

The company claims that this product contains full-spectrum hemp oil, complete with more than 85 different cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants. It is supposed to help with cracked, flaky or itchy skin, apart from dermal inflammations. 

Apparently, it is also good for acne-prone skin, or skin affected by eczema or insect bites.

Ways of Consumption

Like any other CBD skin cream, Hemptouch’s Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm has to be used topically on affected areas, i.e. to say directly on the skin which may be dry, itchy or sore.  


The cream has a very rich consistency, so a little is a lot. But, I realized it is not sticky at all. I applied it on my cracked heels after cleansing my feet with soap at night before bedtime. The next morning I noticed a remarkable improvement. 

But you can also use it right after you take a bath anytime during the day. This way, the moisture is locked in, keeping the skin soft and smooth all day long. 

Use a little at a time, but use it consistently for a long-term effect. 

For better effect, the brand recommends using it alongside their award-winning Soothing CBD Skin Balm. But, I didn’t see the point in that. I wanted to find out how effective their “Therapeutic” balm really is. 


A 50ml box of this CBD skin balm costs $36 (excluding taxes). 

However, the brand has not given any information on how much CBD has been infused in their balms. So, the per mg CBD cost cannot be ascertained. 

My Experience

I must say I loved it. I have used quite a few CBD skin balms. This product certainly keeps its promise of offering smooth and soft skin.

Besides, the texture of the cream is soft, not sticky. It melted in my hand into an almost liquid form. It smelled amazing too. 

My cracked heels were healed within a few days of use. Even the shoe-bite marks are gone, although unintended from my end. 

FAQs About HempTouch

Q: Does Hemptouch CBD oil expire? 

A: It certainly does. But you still have a year to utilize the entire bottle of 10ml, which should not take you more than 100 days to exhaust. 

Q: Can the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm be used alongside a pharmaceutical product?

A: Yes. Hemptouch’s Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm can be used on its own or alongside any other pharmaceutical product, with no side effects.

Q: Can the skin balms be used to treat skin rashes in babies?

A: Yes. Hemptouch’s balms are suitable for newborns, children, and young mothers (to remove stretch marks). This formula is specifically created for sensitive skin types as well as for children suffering from skin rashes and eczema.

Q: Is there any risk of people suffering from allergies from using Hemptouch’s products?

A: No, there is no fear of an allergic reaction to any of their products. 

All of their products are made from natural ingredients, whether they are there for therapeutic purposes, for flavor or color. Their products have no artificial coloring or flavoring. 

Besides, all their products are organically grown, which means they are devoid of any harmful chemicals. The CBD extraction process is also done with the help of the cleanest possible method – supercritical CO2 extraction method. So, there’s no chance of the presence of any residual solvents in the finished product. 

The brand has also taken care not to include any of the natural allergy-causing substances in their products. 

Besides, their CBD skin balms are pretty good for the treatment of skin allergies. 

Q: Will their products make a person “high”?

A: No. In compliance with the EU regulations, their products contain less than 0.2% THC. 

Parting Thoughts: Is Hemptouch Legit?

My experience with Hemptouch has been overall good. 

They make premium-quality CBD products that are available in the US too, apart from Germany, Italy and its home country Slovenia. 

Since they have concentrated on providing all-natural skincare products, their market, though a niche, is a happy one. 

Personally, I loved the experience. 

I only wish that the brand had posted the third-party lab test results of their products on their website. That would have surely given me, as well as everyone else looking for CBD products, a sense of reliability and transparency. 


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