HolistaPet CBD Review 

While most CBD companies around the world are vying for attention with their wide range of interesting and, indeed, effective products for humans, with some offerings for pets too, HolistaPet has set off on a very different path. 

It aims to provide a holistic treatment method solely for your pets using natural CBD oil, extracted from GMO-free hemp grown right here in America, along with several other organic plant and herbal extracts. 

Designed to help manage symptoms associated with different diseases that afflict your pets, like joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, or other immunity issues, digestive and heart issues, allergies of the skin or otherwise, seizures, nausea/vomiting, fatty tumors, appetite, stress, anxiety and even phobias (particularly noise), HolistaPet offers CBD-infused superfoods as an alternative for traditional prescription medication for your pets – dogs, cats, and even horses.  

Apart from selling products, specially crafted for animals, they also educate people on why CBD is the best option and how it can be best utilized for the health and comfort of your pet. 

HolistaPet Review as a Brand

Based in Venice, California, HoslitaPet offers CBD products that are safe, effective, and legal across the US. Their products are made from full-spectrum CBD oil, but they don’t get your pets high. 

Their products are sourced from hemp that is organically grown in local Colorado farms. HolistaPet carries out its cultivation operations under the hemp pilot program registered under the Colorado Agriculture Department. 

The brand maintains that it employs “green” extraction methods (CO2 method) to produce CBD oil and posts its third-party laboratory test results (certificate of analysis) on their website. Their products don’t contain any solvents, harsh chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or any other kind of toxins. 

For now, HolistaPet sells CBD products in 3 categories:

  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Treats

Additionally, HolistaPet also provides detailed information on different kinds of pet issues and CBD dosing for them. 


Their full- or rather broad-spectrum CBD products contain a healthy and balanced dose of different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids, which provide a holistic healing potion for our pets, without the psychoactive effects of THC. 

Drawn from 25 years of collective experience of its founders in the organic food industry, the superfoods sold by the brand is the result of 12 years of combined research and experimentation. These superfoods aren’t just about CBD but contain certain special ingredients in their specific formulae to fit your pet’s health condition best.

Their dog treats are vegan, made from natural organic components, like turmeric powder and Boswellia extracts (for joint pain), blueberries and flax seeds (for heart and immune system), and L-Theanine and chamomile (for stress and anxiety), apart from hemp seed powder and pure CBD (5mg/treat) oil and natural flavors. 

Some other organic ingredients used include peanut butter, pumpkin puree, sweet potatoes, oats, applesauce, brown rice flour, molasses, cinnamon, and coconut oil.

Meanwhile, their cat treats contain salmon, chicken, potato starch, peas, brewers dried yeast, citric acid, natural flavors, natural preservatives (mixed tocopherols and Rosemary oil), apart from 2mg of CBD oil. 

Their pet tinctures are composed of broad-spectrum CBD oil (no THC) mixed in hemp seed oil (carrier oil).  

Their pet capsules contain CBD in three different concentrations – 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg. They are mixed with hemp seed powder and wrapped in food-grade gluten caps. 

Their products don’t contain any gluten (wheat), dairy products or other animal byproducts, cornmeal, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. 

Although the tinctures are available in a wide range of concentrations – 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 3000mg, they also have a particularly strong tincture for horses – 7500mg. 

Are HolistaPet’s Products Psychoactive?

Their products don’t contain any THC, although they do have all the goodness of all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components. Hence, your pet won’t get high. However, it is best to follow the dosing directions given on their site for each product. 

Official Company Name

The brand is owned by its namesake company, HolistaPet. 

Coupon Codes 

Shipping Policy

All orders placed from within the US are eligible for free and fast delivery. It takes around 1 – 5 business days from the date of order processing to be delivered. All orders are processed within 1 -2 days. However, orders placed after 1 pm on Fridays will only be shipped out on the following Monday. 

The company also offers a Priority Mail option for an additional $7.50 (as per the USPS norm) that can get you your merchandise delivered within 2 – 3 days. 

Once the order is shipped, the customer receives an email, confirming the shipment, along with a tracking code/number. This can be used on the USPS website to track the order. 

Return Policy

HolistaPet offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product. The only condition is that the product must be at least 70% full, as customers whose pets do not respond well to a product will not require more than 30% to know that. 

For any issues with your package or order, you can get in touch with the customer support team by sending an email to support@holistapet.com

To return a package that has been delivered, all you have to do to return a product is pack the item securely to ensure no leakage takes place, and send it to HolistaPet Returns, 7250 Bandini Blvd #110, Commerce, CA 90040, along with a written request and the Order Number or the original receipt that came with the package.

All shipping costs for returns must be covered by the customer unless he/she requests an exchange or has erroneously received a wrong product.

In case of refunds, it will take at least 2-3 business days for the refund to reflect on your credit card statement. 

Phone & E-mail

To get in touch with the HolistaPet customer support, you can drop an email at support@holistapet.com or call (818) 330-3968. You can also utilize their online live chat option on their website for an instant response on inquiries and complaints during working hours. 

You can also send a snail mail to their official business address, HolistaPet, 7250 Bandini Blvd #110, Commerce, CA 90040, United States. 

HolistaPet Product Reviews (for my Great Dane Cherry)

If I were to describe my experience with HolistaPet products on Cherry, I would say – Simply Awesome!

She took to treats like she has no other doggie treats! While she was on the HolistaPet tincture, she wasn’t fussy at all. I suppose she didn’t mind the taste. In both cases, I have seen visible changes in Cherry’s behavior. She suffers from noise phobia and separation anxiety. 

Ever since she came to us as a puppy, she has always been running around close to my heels, never leaving my side. I feared she won’t be able to endure being apart from me when I go out for hours at a stretch. 

My fears came true when I came home after Day 1 of my new job that I took up after a short sabbatical. Cherry was almost a year-old then. She had relieved herself and vomited all over the house, my sofa and loose papers on the newspaper stack were all torn up. She had never focused her chewing habits on my shoes, carpets, or my furniture – ever. So they were safe. My tablet cabinet was toppled, and my calcium tablets and my personal CBD stash ravaged. The moment I entered my house, she was making sad, crying noises and peed right in front of me, when she knows she isn’t supposed to (I had potty trained my pup well, so I was shocked!)

That’s when I knew something needed to be done. The attack on my CBD stash gave me an idea. I looked up if there are any CBD products for dogs, and sure there was. I found quite a few good reviews on HolistaPet products, and so thought of trying them out. 

I remembered that as a puppy she also shook with fear at the sound of firecrackers. We live in the city, where we can’t always have control over the noise around us. So, I thought this may help with her noise phobia too. 

CBD Dog Treats For Stress & Anxiety Relief

Made from all-natural ingredients and pure CBD extracts, I knew this was going to help Cherry. My fawn-colored sweetheart needed help with her anxiety issues, and I thought this variant of CBD treats can do the trick. 

The reviews and the description of their site indicated that these treats contain L-Theanine and Chamomile, both of which are great for relaxing the nerves of a user and alleviating fear and anxiety. Besides, from my personal experience, I know CBD does these too. 

My canine baby usually does not like the usual doggie treats. But she loves green apples and peanut butter, which are the natural flavors added to these treats. So I felt confident about trying them out. Moreover, the lab test results, posted on the brand website, gave me a positive vibe about these treats. 

Ways of Consumption

These are consumed like any other doggie treats. Just give your canine baby a treat (or as many as you need to get the dose right) to chew on and leave him to his elements. It’s that simple!


The treats come in a sealed pack of 30 tasty treats, each containing 5mg of CBD. You need to calculate the dose as per the condition and body weight. 

The site recommended 0.25 mg CBD for a regular dose or up to 0.5 mg for a stronger dose for every pound of bodyweight of your pet. I knew my dog was acting out of extreme anxiety. Otherwise, she is a very patient and tolerant individual. She is friendly with people and children. 

She never would get agitated at the sight of children on bikes or the sound of them screaming, as long they looked happy. She would willingly go and play with my neighbors’ kids. 

To help her overcome her separation anxiety, I carefully calculated her dose about 30 minutes before I left for work. Cherry is only 10 months old and is already 95 pounds. (Yes, she has no idea how heavy she is; she jumps right into my lap at every chance she gets!)

I knew I needed approximately 47.5mg of CBD to help her ebb over her fears. So, I gave her nine treats and let her chew them all. They are so tasty that she barely took 30- 40 seconds to down them all! 


The price of a pack of 30 treats is $ 24.95. Since each treat contains 5mg of CBD, the total CBD content of the whole packet is 150mg. So, the per-mg (CBD) price of this pack is $0.17 (approx.). 

Experience with Cherry

For one, she just loved them!

For two, I noticed visible changes in her behavior and demeanor. She was no longer scared of being away from me. In fact, the very act of giving her those treats not only became an enjoyable time for her, but she also accepted that I will be gone for a while, but will definitely return. 

She also came to accept that if she was good, she will be awarded the next time I went out. 

On my return, I found everything in place. She also found her way to her “bathroom” every time she needed to relieve herself. No vomiting or anxious looks. She drank her water whenever she needed (for some reason, she would even stop drinking water when I was away). 

Now when I returned home from a tiresome day at work, I would be welcomed by a loving and excited, yet a comparatively calm, happy and content baby! 

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Pets – 600mg Pet Tinctures

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats is a highly concentrated CBD tincture that has been made from pure CO2-extracted, full-spectrum CBD oil, mixed in hemp seed oil. Its ingredients are all 100% GMO-free and vegan. The third-party testing has ensured they are both safe and potent. 

HolistaPet’s tinctures are available in 5 different concentrations to ensure you can dose your pet the right way, as per her condition and weight. 

Ways of Consumption

You can place a few drops of the CBD tincture directly into your pet’s mouth. HolistaPet’s tinctures can also be mixed in your pet’s food, snack or water. However, taking it directly ensures quick absorption into your pet’s bloodstream.


A 30ml tincture bottle contains a total of 600mg of CBD. A single drop from the dropper (comes with the bottle) administers 1mg, while a full dropper holds 10mg CBD. 

As per my pet’s need, I administered 50 drops of the tincture into my pet’s water bowl, along with little water, and left it in its place 10 minutes before leaving. This, I did after not giving him water for 2 hours, to make sure she drinks it up as much as possible. I made sure the bowl wasn’t full; only as much as she can drink at one go. 

Her basic requirement for overcoming her anxiety is 47.5mg of CBD. Although administering it directly is more effective, I mixed it in her water, so she will take her time and not freak out on me, while I am getting ready for the long train journey ahead. 


A bottle of 600mg CBD tincture for pets is priced at $58.95, i.e., its per-mg price is $0.10.

Experience with Cherry

I tried this tincture after stopping her “treat” treatment for almost a week. This had brought back her anxiety a little bit. Not only did tincture’s effects wear off, but her usual cue also stopped, making her anxious. 

I had taken leave from work for those days. However, I did go out to the nearby supermarket for an hour to give her the time to cope with her issues by herself. 

Initially, she did ok. She did not kick up a ruckus inside the house. But, she was visibly depressed and crying when I entered through the door. When I was unlocking my door, I could hear her whimpering and scratching the bottom part of the door, like she is trying to dig her way out. 

With 2-3 days of no CBD, she gradually got more agitated. She even peed near my feet as I entered the house.  

With her first dose of this tincture, she did not seem all that happy when I returned; maybe a bit clingy. However, there were no scratches on the door or any whimpering. 

The next day, I noticed she had focused all her attention to her chew toys, although no relieving in the wrong places, no tearing up the place, no vomiting. 

By the fourth day, I saw a happy and talkative dog, standing by the window next to the door, with a chew toy on the window sill and another in her mouth. As I entered through the door, she came running, all happy and excited to see me. No glumness or whimpering at all. 

No signs of depression or lethargy, which was often caused by her tensed nerves. My house is intact and my darling Cherry is happy – what more could I ask for? 

FAQs About Holistapet

Q: Is CBD safe for cats and dogs? 

A: It sure is. HolistaPet’s products don’t contain any THC. Besides, the products are carefully extracted with the help of CO2 method from organically grown hemp and other plants. The third-party laboratories have also vouched for their genuineness, efficacy, and safety. 

Q: Can dogs overdose on HolistaPet’s CBD products?

A: No. There are no toxic or intoxicating substances in HolistaPet’s products. No possibility of psychoactive effects or toxicity on animals from the use of their CBD products.

Q: How long does it take for CBD to take effect on dogs?

A: Around 30- 40 minutes. However, consistent use is needed to overcome deep-seated health concerns. To ensure the overall well-being of your pet, give it 2 – 3 weeks. 

Q: How long do CBD’s effects last on pets?

A: The immediate effects of a single serving last for around 4 – 8 hours. Each animal is different from the other. Even if the breed is the same, having exactly the same bodyweight, two individual dogs will react differently to its effects. This is due to their differences in their endocannabinoid system.

Give it a few days to gauge the exact extent of its effects, and then decide on the dose you should continue with, in the days to come. 

Q: Do HolistaPet’s products interact adversely with usual pet medications?

A: Not likely. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors to take action. It follows an entirely different pathway than your usual pet medications. So, there is no chance for any kind of interaction. Besides, the components of HolistaPet’s products are derived from natural organically grown sources, with no toxins or chemicals entering the end products. Hence, there is nothing in these treats, tinctures or capsules that can react with your normal pet medications. 

Q: Are HolistaPet’s products safe for dogs and cats with foods allergies?

A: HolistaPet’s products are made from non-GMO, natural ingredients that don’t contain any preservatives, wheat, refined sugars, or dairy products, leaving out all possible allergens. In case, your pet does seem to have an allergic reaction to any of their products, you can get a full refund by returning the product.

Q: How long will HolistaPet’s products last, if stored? 

A: CBD products must be kept in cool, dark and dry storage spaces. 

If kept sealed, bags of CBD treats can last for up to 4 months in a cool and dark place, for up to 1 year in your fridge, and even up to 2 years if frozen. 

If you have already opened the seal, the shelf life of the CBD treats kept in a cool, dark space is up to 2 weeks. The corresponding period for refrigerated treats is up to 4 weeks, while they will last for 2 years if frozen.

Both the tinctures and capsules, if kept in a cool, dark place, will last for 1 year, and 2 years if refrigerated. 

Parting Thoughts

Apart from being awesome products, HolistaPet’s products are also available in cost-effective bundles. Their products, especially their pet tinctures, are comparatively cheap, even while being effective. Their bundles are available on all products. 

Although the company does not provide shipping outside the US, it delivers everywhere across America. 

This is how I summed up HolistaPet’s CBD products: 

  • Their products are safe for animals – GMO-free, THC-free, toxin-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. 
  • Their products have been tested by third-party labs, the proof of which is right there on their website for people to view before deciding to buy.
  • They are quite potent – works pretty fast and stays effective for a long time. 
  • They do not have any side effects and do not interact or interfere with other pet medications.
  • The company provides attractive discount coupons and bundled products, making their already affordable products cheaper for everyone to buy for their precious pets.  
  • Efficient and friendly customer support. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 

All in all, HoilstaPet’s products have proved to be excellent for both Cherry and me.

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