Vape Bright Product Review: My Favorite Vape Pen CBD Oil

Staying at the top isn’t easy!

Especially if you’re in a business as competitive as CBD. However, starting from a small company, Vape Bright has got only more famous as time has gone on.

Part of the entire deal is their simplicity. They don’t have a huge array of products. They don’t deal with tinctures or balms. They sell vaping juices and vapes and do a great job at it!

Vaping is one of the most efficient ways for you to take CBD. At any point in time, this is the fastest way to get some CBD into your system, so the service Vape Bright provides is commendable.

Hey, I’m Matt. and I used to be a rising baseball player back in school, but one accident put me on the bench for life.

Throughout the past years, I’ve been trying to battle the fact that I can’t ever go back to the field and have to live with chronic pain forever.

So, why do I review brands like this? Because it gives me a chance to make you guys feel better. And possibly, possibly tell you that it isn’t over yet.

Vape Bright as a Brand:

Vape Bright is a brand that sources their hemp out of Scandinavian farms. Scandinavia has a thriving CBD culture and is supposed to have some of the best hemp.

They check their products at each step and makes sure they have only the best when it comes to the consumers buying their products.

Their ingredients

As I already said, they get all their hemp sourced from industrial hemp plantations in Scandinavia.

Usually, I’m all for U.S based hemp sources, however, for a place like Scandinavia and a brand like Vape Bright, I’m ready to make an exception.

Vape Bright pays special attention to its consumers and makes sure that you only get the best out of your money.

All the Vape Bright products are full-spectrum and use the seeds and stalks from hemp plants. This means that you get other terpenes and other things that help make your oil more full-bodied and gets you a better effect.

Drug Test

Vape Bright has less than 0.3% THC in all their products. Sadly, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never test positive in a drug test. However, it does give you a good chance that you won’t be tested positive.

However, I recommend you be careful and skip taking CBD products for some time if you’re about to take a test in the near future.

Shipping Policy

Their products are shipped within 2-4 business days (unless it’s an international package). They’re closed on the weekends.

Phone :

(800) 805-0256

FAQs about Vape Bright

  1. Where can I find the lab results?
    You can find all the third-party tests of Vape Bright here. Their products are tested at the Cannalysis Labs in California with special attention to fulfilling the promise of CBD concentration they make.
  2. How many puffs?
    It’s best to pace yourself out while taking puffs. However, no hard and fast rule helps you get the optimum number of puffs per minute, so experiment as you will. Each puff gives you about 10 mg, and you can measure out your intake with that.
  3. Will the products get me high?
    Not at all!

Your products are optimized so that the CBD: THC ratio is much higher than average. This high ratio allows you to have the antipsychotic properties of CBD acting to suppress the effects of THC actively.

Could holding the vapor in help?

I can’t hold in smoke but, I’ve heard a lot of people found that it helps them. So, it not necessary, but you can give it a shot if you so prefer.

However, the idea that you’ll get the most CBD out of this is somewhat of an illusion.

Vapebright Product reviews:

Thrive Beyond CBD Vape Cartridge

How to use?

Use the cartridge to refill your vaping instrument of choice and go ahead and take the CBD in. It’s easy, convenient, and gives you the maximum bioavailability at the same time.

My Experience

250 mg is not exactly the highest amount of CBD you’ll see in a vape liquid. However, coming from the stables of Vape Bright, it still promised to be exciting.

Another reason to be looking forward to it was the fact that I was trying out the Vape Bright brand after years.

Vaping is something that I stayed away from when I started on CBD. I was the kid who avoided smoking growing up because my family had been torn apart by it.

My dad used to smoke, and I had seen a lot of baseball players falling apart because of it.

So, it took some time for me to get used to the entire experience. To be honest, I wouldn’t have even started if I didn’t think that it was something I could enjoy, and something that would help me.

One thing that keeps happening without CBD is that I feel like I’m trapped in my own home. I get claustrophobic because of my anxiety. It also makes me depressed so that I can’t go outside and enjoy myself.

So, when I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I can’t do anything, I usually revert to being a couch potato. I switch off my phone, I don’t interact, and become a terrible person.

However, after my first tryst with this particular vaping oil, I felt refreshed in moments. I was ready to tackle any challenge that was going to be thrown at me.

Over the next few weeks, I took everything in stride and did a lot of things people don’t usually expect me to do. One thing I did enjoy doing was the regular walks with my girlfriend.

I made it through the weeks with relative ease, and I was amazed that Vape Bright had kept its promise.

Price per Mg

0.22$ for 1 mg of CBD is a steep price compared to some other brands. However, I’ll vouch for the fact that Vape Bright works well, and maybe that’s all you need.


I follow a simple rule to find out my CBD vaping dosage. I take my weight and halve it to find out the amount of CBD I should consume each day. However, weight isn’t everything, and people who only deal with anxiety and depression might find it better to start with a smaller dose of 20 mg.

Over time, I think everyone should experiment with their dosages so, that they reach a consensus.


Vape Bright has been at the top of their game for very long and for a good reason. Their product continues to be stunners, and they still take care of their customers as if they were family.

The care and love go a long way. However, if there’s one thing Vape Bright needs to step up, it’s their variety game.

Even vaping has come a long way and sticking to their guns can only help. So, care to try vaping for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Matt Hansel is a Medical Practitioner, who has been writing and researching about cannabis since 2014.  His popular quotes which we like are: \"Don\'t use CBD oil for a cure, use it as a precaution\"  \"CBD should be considered as any other vitamin supplement and your body needs it!\"