15 to 30% Off CBDistillery Coupon Code for 2023

25% Off

Get 25% Discount on CBDistillery Products if you buy products worth $150+

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15% Off

Get 15% Discount on CBDistillery products [Site wide]

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Doesn't expire

You can get 25% discount using this coupon code: ALLCBD25 Over $125

We add 100% working CBDistillery coupon codes on this page. We usually update the page to give you the maximum discounts. Bookmark this page for later use!

CBDistillery Coupon Code for Tuesday, May 28th 2024

The current CBDistillery coupon code for Tuesday, May 28th 2024 is GT15 for 15% off & ALLCBD25 for 25% Off over $150 and even better 30Down to get 30% Off on your orders.

CBDistillery Coupon

How to use the CBDistillery Coupon Code?

  1. Go to theCbdistillery.com (Click to go)
  2. Select the products you want to buy and add them to your Cart
  3. Open your Cart page, and use the Cbdistillery Promo code
  4. Type ALLCBD25 in the blank field and Apply the Coupon
  5. You can now proceed to the checkout and pay.
  6. If you were not looking for CBDistillery coupon then you can visit CBD Oil Coupons to get coupons for other brands as well.

Will these CBDistillery Coupons work?

The CBDistillery promo codes are tried and tested every day on most of the CBD products available on the CBDistillery website. Most of these offer free shipping & are applicable to CBD oil & tinctures. Most coupons get you 15 to 25% discount and you can reach out to us for better promo codes as well.

Where do we get these CBDistillery Coupon Codes from?

We negotiate with thecbdistillery.com directly to get these coupon codes for you, who love CBDistillery as I do. You can bookmark this page as we keep updating the new and unique codes we get from CBDistillery. We will update different types of deals for you. Example:

  • Free shipping
  • $ value deduction from your cart
  • Percentage deduction from your cart

You can get up to 40% discount codes depending on the deals CBDistillery wants to do through us. Don’t worry though, we will keep negotiating with them to make CBD cheaper for you.

Are there any restrictions on using these CBDistillery Coupons?

There aren’t any restrictions on using this coupon code, except:

  1. One can only use this CBDistillery coupon code while buying products on https://www.thecbdistillery.com.
  2. Customers can’t use this coupon along with any other discount codes offered on https://www.thecbdistillery.com or any other coupons offered on other websites for buying CBDistillery products. You won’t need it as it’s the maximum discount on CBDistillery you can find online.

Is this CBDistillery Coupon sitewide? If not, which products are excluded?

GT15 will fetch the customers a discount of 15% on all CBD products purchased on CBDistillery.com. No matter which products customers decide to purchase, the discount coupon is applied to all products included in the cart at one time. Whereas, if you use our other CBDistillery offers which get you 25% off, You will get free shipping over $125.

No products are excluded, you can use this CBDistillery discount code to buy anything on the website and it will be valid forever.

Is there a limit on these CBDistillery Promo Codes?

You can only use 1 promo code at a time, so using GT15 or ALLCBD25 can’t be clubbed but the good news is that you can use these CBDistillery coupons again on your next order.

So you can use these to buy CBD products that are listed on CBDistillery. You can order CBD oil, CBD gummies or whatever you which on their site.

Do These CBDistillery Coupons Expire?

One of the coupon codes is for lifetime usage, which is GT15. There are CBDistillery coupons that expire in 1 month or so. There are other CBDistillery promo codes like ALLCBD25 which will get you a 25% discount but will expire in a month. (05/01/2020)

Are These CBDistillery Coupons applicable to all the products?

Yes, These codes work on every product that is available on CBDistillery but to get free shipping you have to spend more than $75 with them.

Does CBDistillery Offer Free Shipping?

CBDistillert offers free shipping over $75. The delivery charges include loading, equipment, and labor costs involved in delivering the product to the customer.

However, regular customers can avail of free shipping for orders worth, $75 or more, when they apply the GT15 coupon code, or their sale price is applied. If you apply ALLCBD25 discount code, you will get free shipping.

Moreover, the customer should be able to accept the package within 3 days of the company’s intimation that it has been delivered to the customer’s address.

In case, a customer fails to do so, the product will be returned to the nearest company facility, from where collecting it or getting it delivered becomes the buyer’s sole responsibility, including storage and insurance costs.

Other Saving Tips except for these CBDistillery Promo Codes?

As a ‘Thank You For Your Service’ gesture, they offer a special 10% discount for veterans, military personnel, as well as certain groups of service officials. (But with GT15 they can get 15% OFF)

CBDistillery offers free shipping to the Customers, who belong to the following categories, can reach out to them at sales@thecbdistillery.com to avail the benefit:

  • Veterans
  • Active military members
  • Fire Fighters
  • Police Officers
  • EMTs

If any customer belongs to any of these categories or knows someone who does, they can email the valid ID or paperwork along with an email ID (to be linked to that account) to avail of this special discount.

What to do if CBDistillery Coupon doesn’t work?

It can happen that sometimes CBDistillery codes don’t work, we will recommend to reach out ivan@greenthevoteok.com and we will try to get you the maximum coupon code which you can use to buy any CBD product on CBDistillery and with free shipping as well.

Is there a Sign-Up Bonus with CBDistillery?

CBDIstillery offers an additional 5% OFF on a customer’s first purchase when they subscribe. But, We will recommend you to use GT15 for 15% Discount instead as you will get 15% Off instead of 5% (You will save 10% more)

Being a “Subscriber” also means they can get exclusive discounts from time to time, a FREE copy of the Ultimate CBD User Guide, and some valuable news and information on the industry.

All a customer needs to do is to fill the slot for his/her E-mail ID when the website https://www.thecbdistillery.com/ opens and hit SIGN UP. That’s it! The site visitor is all set to avail of all special subscriber benefits.

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Learn About CBDistillery

Well aware of the CBD market being plagued with inferior products or overly expensive ones, it was established with the sole aim at providing the common masses easy access to quality hemp-based CBD products and important information and news relating to the industry.

Their #CBDMOVEMENT™ is also meant to keep the customers abreast of all recent research on the benefits and pitfalls of CBD use.

Company’s Background

Founded in Colorado in 2016 by a small group of locals – Chuck McKenney, Chase Terwilliger, Lincoln Sorenson, and Andy Papilion – this brand has been able to reach out to everyone in the country with its high-quality, budget-friendly, US-grown, hemp-based CBD products.

Today, CBDistillery™ is one of the biggest and the fastest-growing brands offering some of the most affordable, high-quality CBD products in the market. The brand was recently awarded Best CBD Brand on Gtvok.

Apart from quality, transparency is one of the cornerstones of their company. CBDistillery provides detailed information on the CBD content and other ingredients on their product labels, besides including a QR code linked to their third-party lab test results for each batch of product.


Working in strict compliance with the FDA-approved industry norms and US Hemp Authority guidelines, CBDistillery has set a fine example for others to follow in the CBD marketplace.

The ‘ISO 9001’ seal on each of their products stands proof of their dedication to quality – natural farming practices, third-party laboratory-testing for potency and purity, as well as certification by the US Hemp Authority.


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