How to Make your Own CBD Capsules?

Cannabidiol oil has many health benefits and is a safer alternative to conventional treatment methods and traditional medications. What’s even better with CBD is that this cannabis-based chemical substance can be used or administered in different ways, i.e. injected, inhaled, ingested consumed sublingually or even applied topically. 

No matter how you consume, the cost of production of CBD oil and CBD products is ever-rising. In spite of the innumerous discounts offered by even the best and budget-friendly brands, it may be difficult to keep up with the high expenses on a daily basis. 

So is there any option? Yes, there is. Make it yourself…right on your kitchen countertop!

You may think it is difficult, something that should only be reserved for the professionals. In a way, that is true. The quality of products made by the best brands in the market is definitely high – something that can’t be achieved at home. 

Nevertheless, you can still make a pretty decent quality product – with a bit of initial trial and error and some guidance. 

The latter is what we will provide for you here through this article. 

Why making your own CBD capsules is a great idea

Before we get into the details of the process, let us discuss a bit in detail why you should make your own CBD capsules at home. 

#1) Price

CBD capsules purchased online or from your local store will cost you 3-4 times more than it would if you successfully made it at home. For those who need to regularly stock up on their CBD products to manage or treat some condition or chronic issue, it is not feasible to keep buying. 

Making it at home is the cheaper option. You can simply buy CBD concentrates, as per your requirement, and make it yourself. This would not only reduce your costs by 50% but also give you an added advantage of controlling the exact strength, flavor, spectrum options as well. 

A bottle of CBD capsules of 1000mg strength may cost you more than $60-70 if you were to buy it from a retailer or online. However, the cost will come down to $40, if you made it at home.

#2) Purity

In the absence of proper regulation, it is difficult to be sure if the brands have maintained due control over the quality as per set standards. 

So, you won’t know for certain that the capsules are devoid of chemical additives, solvents, or pesticides, or that the extract is sourced from organically grown hemp. 

This means that the safety and reliability remain key concerns – something that you can control if you made it yourself.  

#3) Potency

If you make it at home you can control the strength of the end product as per your liking or requirement. This helps you dose yourself better than buying it from a CBD store. Besides, this way you don’t have to worry about mislabeling by the brands either. We won’t deny you of the downsides to making them at home either.

#4) Extraction & Manufacturing Process

The extraction process is critical to the quality of the product. While the big brands can afford to use professional extractors on industrial hemp, we can’t do that, especially when we’re making such a small quantity. The professional-grade extraction processes like supercritical CO2 extraction offers the end product a better, purer and extremely potent quality. Besides, the brands can also make good quality full-spectrum CBD capsules, which we can’t when we are making it at home. Homemade CBD caps are usually made from CBD isolates, as it is easier to not only get your hands on them, they’re also easy to handle while making capsules. It is believed that full-spectrum CBD is better than isolates, as it the benefit of the other cannabinoids and terpenes. However, that isn’t possible when you’re making it at home. 


In the case of homemade CBD oil caps, you have to make do with empty caps of other medicines or purchase empty soft gel capsules from the market, which may not always be of good quality. Besides the quality of the caps, there is also the issue of the components with which they are made. Top CBD brands generally provide vegan options. Besides, the overall packaging, that is to say, the bottle containing the capsules and bottle cover will be of professional-grade, complete with the label informing you about the strength, source, optimum dosage, etc. 

How to Make CBD Capsules at Home

There are two ways of making CBD capsules. One is buying your favorite CBD isolates or CBD oil and encapsulating it; the other method is making CBD from the scratch and then filling them up in soft gel capsules.  

1) For the first method, the ingredients you need are

  • Your preferred CBD oil or isolate powder from your local or online store 
  • Vegetarian soft gel capsules available online for around $10 (per 500 caps)
  • A blunt syringe or dropper for CBD oil; alternatively a powder pincer for CBD isolate powder (it is usually 99% pure, so 1 mg of the powder is more or less 1mg of CBD)

Method of making your CBD capsules

This is simply the process of filling the soft gel capsules with the CBD extract, in whichever form it may be. 

Remember, if you’re using CBD oil, you must use an ingestible variant like a tincture, as opposed to vape juices which aren’t safe to consume. 

Take the two ends of a capsule apart and fill the bigger section with your required or desired quantity of CBD oil or isolate powder (keeping the dosage in mind). Make sure you don’t fill it to the brim; you’ll need to put the smaller end back into it to close the capsule. 

To fill it in the right dose, use a dropper with measure markers for CBD oil. Alternatively, weigh the CBD isolate powder before filling it up. Since CBD isolate powders are 99% pure, 1 mg of the powder is approximately 1 mg of CBD.

Once the dosage is correctly filled, seal the capsule by placing the smaller end gently into the bigger end (now filled with the CBD extract). Repeat the process for as many capsules as you wish to store and keep for easy consumption. 

Now that you have all the capsules ready, pour them into an airtight bottle and seal it shut. Store the bottle in a cool and dark place to preserve the CBD capsules for a longer period. 

2) For the second method, these are all you’ll need:

  • Carrier oil, like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, etc. 
  • Hemp flower tops 
  • Baking sheet
  • Double boiler or crockpot
  • Herb grinder 
  • Cheesecloth or a coffee filter to filter the finished oil
  • Glass jar with measure marked dropper to store the end product

To understand the basics of hemp extraction and processing as well as the process of making CBD oil at home.

Best strains of cannabis to use

If you know anything about cannabis cultivation or the composition of the different strains, this list is a helpful guide on how best to select the right strain for your CBD extraction. 

  • Charlotte’s Web: CBD – 15-20%, THC – 5%
  • Harlequin: CBD – 15%, THC – 5%
  • Harle Tsu: CBD – 22%, THC – below 1%
  • Cannatonic: CBD – 15%, THC – 1%
  • Pennywise: CBD – 9%, THC – 9%
  • Haley’s Comet: CBD – 8%, THC – 8%

Wrapping Up: Making CBD Capsules Gist

Remember, your dosing is determined by your body weight, type, and severity of your condition, and the specific chemical composition of your endocannabinoid system. Once you know how much you need, you need to make sure to infuse the exact dose into your CBD oil or capsule. 

The potency of the starting material (the strain of cannabis used), your process of making CBD oil/extract and its success will determine the potency of the finished product. 

Besides, if you have followed the procedure correctly, you should have added the right amount of carrier oil and correctly decarboxylated the cannabis. This will make sure the potency of the final product, and hence the precision of dosage. 

Admittedly, there are quite a few variables. But, you must understand that the brands don’t charge you so highly for anything! 

When you make ingestible CBD capsules at home, it’s more of your effort and time, and less of your money, that you spend. 

So be patient, take your time, and get it right. After all, CBD has many health benefits that you can make the most of if you get the procedure right while making CBD oil capsules at home. 

But before you start the process of making your own CBD capsules at home, get these two things straight: 

  1. Consult a doctor who has experience in treating with CBD
  2. Get your dosage right. Find out how to dose yourself with a CBD Calculator


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