Can CBD Oil make you Sick?

Are you feeling queasy or sick to your stomach, or even getting allergies after taking a Cannabidiol (CBD) product? It is not unheard of, but quite rare. But, it isn’t really due to CBD

Cannabidiol, a natural cannabinoid derived from cannabis plants, doesn’t have any such effects on the body. In fact, CBD has some very beneficial properties, including those that can treat various stomach problems. 

But that can only be possible if you address the actual reason for those stomach cramps, diarrhea or allergies. 

Like every medicine, the carrier or solvent that you mix or infuse the cannabinoid in to administer it into your bloodstream impacts the overall effect of the CBD. 

Besides, there may be several other factors for such adverse reactions, like poor quality substance, use of fake or synthetic cannabinoids or presence of harmful solvents being left over from the extraction process, etc. If you can negate these factors, CBD can’t even cure stomach problems. 

Why we may fall sick from CBD consumption

CBD oil, a component of cannabis, has many health benefits, from calming seizures in epilepsy patients to relieving period cramps, from helping fight anxiety to relaxing the nerves and inducing sleep. 

Unfortunately, like every other product you consume, with CBD oil too, you need to ensure that its specific composition is safe for your system, that it is of good quality and also that you’re buying it from reliable sources. Often seemingly healthy food items can be filled with harmful substances. 

Recently, some unscrupulous manufacturers have started using fake synthetic compounds, passing them off as natural CBD oil, putting the health of the consumers at risk.

Stomach issues

The sick feeling in your stomach soon after CBD consumption may be caused by several reasons: 

Even then, the risk of reaction to chemical residue like alcoholic solvents still remains. That’s why it is best to use only the best quality CBD oil sold by trusted brands

There may be other reasons for an apparent adverse reaction from the use of CBD oil – effects that aren’t included in the usual side effects of CBD, like dryness of mouth or sleepiness (sometimes though that is a good thing). 

Other apparent issues you may face & why

Many CBD products, extracted with the help of carrier oils, contain coconut oil. This increases the bioavailability of CBD products, making them more effective. However, it is possible that you are allergic to coconut oil or other coconut products. Such products can give you a bad tummy ache and even diarrhea. So check the label for its ingredients before you go ahead and consume it.

If you are not allergic to any food item or haven’t changed your diet recently, there is still the possibility that your current course of medication is interfering with CBD’s metabolism or vice versa. Both pharmaceutical drugs and cannabinoids require the same liver enzyme to break down. As a result, your system is set off-balance, making it react in unpredictable ways, causing allergic reactions. 

If you have experienced a headache soon after consuming CBD for relieving pain elsewhere in your body, it is possibly a natural response of your body to a new agent, or simply because the headache was coming on anyway and it got triggered moments after your CBD use. If you were taking it for a headache (which generally works pretty well) and it still intensifies, it is possibly because your dosage wasn’t high enough to manage the pain. The headache simply got more severe all on its own. There may be other reasons for increasing headaches after taking CBD, like illicit substances, fake or poor quality products, too high dosage, etc. 

Our Takeaway

CBD on its own has no severe or lethal effects. In fact, it doesn’t even have any intoxicating effects usually associated with marijuana. It is usually harmless and almost always has some very beneficial properties. But just in case you do have some adverse effect to CBD, rush to your doctor to address the issue immediately. 

Certain things you should keep in mind before trying out a new CBD product or trying out CBD for the first time:

Although CBD doesn’t have any adverse side effects, you should always get all the facts straight before you try something new. Like we always say, it is always better to be safe than sorry.