How To Read CBD Lab Reports: Why Are They Important 

Many suppliers and brands of CBD do supply lab tested products. It is necessary to know how to read lab reports so that customers get to know what they are purchasing and consuming.

The lab reports are also called as Certificate Of Analysis (COA). CBD lab reports are necessary to check all the ingredients and products present in the product, especially if the product is related to medication, food and cosmetics as they might have dangers for the customers.

There are still many illegal products available in the market, which contains harmful doses of cannabinoids. Poor quality products are launched in the market in order to make money. 

The Importance And Need of CBD Lab Reports: 

Many pharmaceutical products are approved and sold every year. But when it comes to CBD products there is no control and the products might prove to be harmful for the customers.

Moreover, the CBD industry has an increased growth in the recent years. With the increased growth, many new products with the name of CBD have come up in the market.

Under the name of CBD, many low quality products are sold which are dangerous for the customers. In such a case, the customers need to be very careful with the products which they purchase and consume.

The major importance of the CBD lab report is listed below:

  • There are many CBD products available in the market under different brand names. In order to check the quantity of CBD, lab reports are required.
  • With thousands of new brands coming up in the market, it is necessary to decide the right brand which is safe to use and consume. This decision can be made by CBD lab reports 
  • The safety of the consumers is always given the first priority. Through CBD lab reports, we can get to know whether the product contains any harmful substances. 
  •  It is very important to distinguish between low quality products and high quality products.
  • A detailed information about the ingredients used in order to manufacture the product is also obtained.
  • The quantity of each ingredient used is known
  • The quality of each ingredient is verified 
  • It helps the consumers to purchase safely products with no harmful side effects. 

All CBD companies do not indulge in such practices. There are companies and brands which provide all the relevant and required details to the consumers. The consumers can freely contact them for any assistance or queries.

The companies do reveal all the details about the ingredients used to manufacture the product and all the manufacturing techniques they follow to manufacture the final product. 

Reading CBD Lab Reports

Every pharmaceutical product in the market is made up of some cannabis ingredient. The ingredient is either of the two types.

  • CBD extract: It is a thick, liquid type, oil like substance which contains compounds like terpenes, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, etc. This substance is available naturally. 
  • CBD isolate: It is a crystal like solid substance and is not obtained naturally. It is generally obtained by processing the CBD extract. After processing, 95 percent pure CBD is obtained.

All the CBD products generally contain any one of the above mentioned forms of CBD. It is important to know the amount of ingredients used in order to manufacture the product as consuming or using CBD might be dangerous. The consumers can get all this information through CBD lab reports.

If you get the products tested, the lab reports can tell you about the quality and quantity of the ingredients used. You can also check whether the product is free of harmful ingredients and is made using high quality ingredients.

When a product is tested in the lab, the CBD reports are obtained. A number of screenings are conducted on each sample which give the quality and quantity of the CBD extract used.

The harmful substances used in manufacturing the product are also detected. The various screenings conducted are listed below:

  • Cannabinoid Screening: This screening gives the amount of Cannabinoid content in the product by means of spectrums. If it is a full spectrum, then the product contains all the cannabinoids. If it is a broad spectrum, then the product excludes some cannabinoids. If it is an isolated spectrum, then the product contains only CBD.
  • Terpene Screening: It displays the amount of terpene contained in the product. The terpene is measured in Parts Per Million (PPM).
  • Heavy Metal Screening: This screening checks whether any heavy metals are contained in the product 
  • Microbiology Screening: This screening checks whether the product contains any kind of microbes
  • Mycotoxin Screening: This screening checks whether the product contains any kind of toxic substances like Mycotoxin. 
  • Pesticide Screening: This screening checks whether the product is free of pesticides. 
  • Solvent residue screening: The cannabinoid extracts are sometimes produced using chemical solvents. This screening helps to check whether the product is free of chemical solvents.

The above mentioned substances for which the different types of screenings are conducted can be present in any type of CBD product.

The above given compounds are present in the CBD extract or CBD isolate which is used to manufacture the product. In addition to the above mentioned substances, many other harmful substances can also be present in the CBD products. These substances might prove to be harmful if present beyond the limited quantity.

This is the reason why different kinds of screenings are conducted so that each part or each ingredient of the CBD product can be closely examined. As consumers, you must be familiar with all the screenings and other terms so that you can check the lab reports before purchasing the product. 

The above points should be kept in mind when reading a lab report. Every customer should always check the lab report before purchasing CBD products in order to check whether the product is safe to use or consume.

It is necessary to know if you are purchasing the right product or not. The consumers should always check the Certificate Of Analysis COA before purchasing any CBD product for quality assurance.  

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