Best CBD Vape Pens

Vaping or inhalation is not only one of the most effective and quickest ways to use CBD, but it’s also a great way to kick the butt (we mean smoking, of course)! 

CBD not only helps curb but also stop, tobacco smoking and other smoking-related addictions (including illicit drugs). Vaping pure and high-quality CBD helps reduce dependence on other addictive substances, including other vaping substances, including all illegal vaping liquids (like THC) and vaping substances acquired from illicit sources (unregulated sources). 

A Fair Warning: We recommend “Vaping” CBD for smokers only, as we understand how kicking the butt can be difficult for most habitual smokers. For non-smokers, there are many easier ways of using CBD – edibles/ingestible CBD, orally/sublingually, topically, injections, suppositories, etc and we recommend you to get your CBD oil here.

While this article is mostly directed to smokers, others who are keen on trying it out should only do so with full knowledge of the risks involved, despite the advantage of fast absorption, and only after consulting a physician. 

When it comes to vaping CBD, there are quite a few options to choose from – different brands, different kinds of vaping devices, and different kinds of vaping juices. 

In this article, we will give you a glimpse into one of the most popular and best-liked vaping devices – the vape pen. A vape pen is not only compact and easy to use but also discreet, enabling a user to vape whenever and wherever needed. 

However, keep in mind that it is illegal to vape or smoke in public in some states of America, like New York. Look up the laws of the land while traveling (considering you already know the prevalent rules in your state of residence).

Besides, you should also understand that vaping isn’t completely safe for everyone. Vaping, in general, does carry some risks. 

However, it may be interesting to note, especially for CBD vaping fans, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently lowered the number of cases of vaping-related lung illness from 450 to 380 in 36 states. Nonetheless, even the corrected number is alarming enough. 

However, there is no specific proof of CBD or terpenes being responsible for these issues, particularly given that these substances have already been scientifically proven to be not only safe but also therapeutic for human health. There is, however, the possibility that the other ingredients in CBD vape juices, like certain oils or thinning agents, or the method or frequency of use are responsible for the recent rise in vaping-linked lung infections and inflammations in the US. 

Investigation in this regard is still on.  

Why choose a CBD vape pen?

If you are a regular smoker of tobacco or other substances, illicit or otherwise, vaping CBD is a great choice to overcome your addictions or habits. 

Besides, CBD-rich cannabis extracts are known to assist in treatment for many health issues. 

If you’re considering buying a CBD vape pen, these are reasons that may in support of your decision: 

  • High bioavailability of CBD 
  • Fast absorption rate
  • No wastage of dose (Let’s face it, CBD is expensive)
  • Fast-acting
  • (Usually) No smoke, only vapor, so doesn’t draw attention 
  • (Usually) Doesn’t give off any unpleasant smell
  • Doesn’t make you high or disrupt your daily activity
  • Less likely to interact with other medications as it does not enter your digestive system and bind with liver enzymes. However, it may still interact with medications already in the bloodstream. 
  • For smokers: Easier to use, feels just like smoking but with a nice flavor (if you like), helps curb tobacco craving, and finally quit

Is Using a Vape Pen Safe?

CBD is safe, has many health benefits, and is least likely to have any adverse effects. CBD is generally considered to be a well-tolerated substance. 

But vaping has been seen to come with certain health risks. The act of allowing any substance directly into your lungs, especially something that has fatty acids, fatty oils, or thinning agents isn’t entirely safe. This also doesn’t necessarily mean you will suffer from cancer. 

Many people who have smoked tobacco all their lives have never suffered from cancer. But then, it doesn’t mean no one does. One can never be sure. A lot of these probabilities depend on your genetic configuration – not only for cancer or effects of smoking but for every condition and ailment. 

For instance, some people with a poor lifestyle may not suffer from diabetes, while a health-conscious person who had exercised all their lives may still do. Unless we can break our individual genetic code, we can’t know for certain what our bodies are predisposed to experience. 

Generally speaking, the possible risks from vaping include: 

  • Lung (like COPD) and heart disorders (people with issues relating to these should stay away from vaping)
  • Cancer 
  • Birth defects, if mothers vape during pregnancy
  • Other harmful effects on the reproductive system 
  • Risks relating to brain development and behavioral changes (mostly owing to access to black market vaping liquids) 
  • May form another habit if one doesn’t use it sparingly; anything can turn into a bad habit if abused.

Keep in mind, if you have to vape CBD, buy only from a reliable source, one whose brand is reputed and openly declares its lab test results.

In any case, vaping through a vape pen is as safe or unsafe as any other vaping device. It all depends on the cartridge contents, the strength of its contents, and the frequency of use, besides the manufacturer’s intent and commitment and that of the user’s sense of responsibility. 

Types of CBD vape pens

There are different types of vaping devices, like e-cigarettes, vape mods, pod mods, vaping tanks, and vape pens. 

Vape pens are one of the most compact and easy-to-use vaping device that comes with its own battery & USB port for charging (in the case of reusables), heating coil & atomizer, one-button power switch, LCD indicator, a container that holds the vaping fluid, and the vaping chamber with a mouthpiece for vaping. Most vape pens these days also have a 10-second auto-shutoff safety feature. Many have an airflow control as well. 

While some vape pens come with an in-built cartridge, others require the vaping juice to be filled up or the cartridge replaced. This way, vape pens can be of two types – disposables and reusables. While the disposables are sleek, compact and portable for hassle-free use with no time or effort needed on cleaning or maintaining it, the reusables require replacing the cartridges, cleaning the device and maintenance from time to time. 

Let’s look at the differences between these two types of vape pens in more details, so that the next time you want to buy a vape pen, you know exactly what to look for…

DisposableBest for first-timersMore expensive in the long run
Use-and-throwIncreases wastage, and hence adds to non-biodegradable elements in nature; not ecofriendly
No need to clean or maintain the coil, oil chamber, vaping chamber, etc. No need to charge batteriesCartridges come fixed with it; in case of any issues, you can’t remove it and replace it with another cartridge
No need to change/replace cartridgesOnce it’s finished you have to buy a new one; nothing in it is replaceable or reusable
No need to charge batteriesThe overall experience has a drawback as it usually offers weak draws, requiring you to make more draws for effective use
Don’t have to worry about cartridge or vaping juice material compatibility In case, the brand has used device parts (in-built) that are not compatible with the material of vaping juice provided, you are going to face a lot of problems, including safety issues
ReusablesMore affordable than disposablesBatteries need to be charged or replaced regularly
Can replace cartridges whenever requiredCartridges need to be changed on regular intervals
Safer for the environment Needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained properly to optimal use
More strong punch at every puffCostlier upfront, a reusable vape pen is of no use if you don’t buy separate cartridges along with it
Good for people accustomed to vapingInconvenient for new users

While a disposable vape pen will last for 3 – 5 days, a reusable one can last up to a year (at least they usually have a guarantee of 1 year, it may last less or more than that). 

How to choose a high-quality vape pen?

While choosing a vape pen, you can look at different aspects or features 0f vape pens, and see what suits you best. Here are a few of those considerations that we’ve looked into to gauge if the ones in the market are good enough to be on our list. 

The first section is general, and depends completely on the user, and aren’t necessarily grounds for being a good or bad vape pen – they’re just some features that may matter in the way or how you like to vape. 

The second section qualifies a good vape pen – aspects that should be there if you are looking for value for money products. 

Features to choose from… 

  • Battery type

Reusable vape pens sometimes have replaceable batteries, while others come with built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a micro-USB cord. Usually, high-quality vape pens are rechargeable. The cheaper ones use low-quality lithium batteries which may contain impurities that may give you poor vaping experience and even pose a risk to your safety.

  • Airflow facility

Proper airflow is essential for a pleasant vaping experience. If you like the hit of the vaping juice (along with its flavors), less airflow is good, as none of it escapes as vapor and offers a throat hit quite like smoking a cigarette. However, if you like looking at the vapors coming out more than the flavor, more airflow needed. As in the latter case, the vapor first accumulates in the mouth it is good for the throat too. You can benefit from CBD without worrying about possible throat infection. 

  • Heating chamber size 

Vape pens with larger heating chamber obviously hold more vaping content. Of course, it also means you’d need a larger cartridge. This is good for those who like longer vaping sessions. But with CBD, this is unlikely, as you would need to take a designated dose.

  • Vape pen value

A pricey vape pen is not always an indication of its quality. However, high-quality vaping products will definitely be expensive. Always look at their lab test results and user reviews before buying a certain model of a certain brand. In any case, you must only buy from reputable brands that give you guarantees on their quality and durability, including warranties.

Qualities of good vape pens

A good vape pen should be durable, of high quality, and easy to use, or else it is just a waste of money. To make you haven’t been duped, look out for these parameters of vape pens:

  • Buying from reputable brand equals to safety

Quite a few unscrupulous dealers are selling fake vaping products. This is especially true to CBD vape pens. One can easily duplicate original branded products to look like legit vape pens and sell them for the same price as the legitimate ones. Beware. Such fake pens can not only give you a poor experience but can also be quite dangerous. It’s safe to buy only from reputable brands directly from their company outlets or brand websites. Besides, buying from American brands gives you an added advantage of their adherence to established regulations and ensures warranty and efficient customer support on products bought.

  • Compatibility with vaping juice

If you’re buying a reusable variant of vaping pen, make sure you buy one that is compatible with your vaping material – oil-based or thinning agent-based. If you are going for disposable ones, you don’t need to worry about this factor. Do your research to find out on the brands, the kind of devices they’ve put on sale, their features, the materials used in the cartridges (or how compatible the devices are to the types of CBD vaping juices in the market). 

  • Research on performance & heating method 

While cheaper vape pens will be functional most of the time, using them carries certain risks. They can easily break, catch fire, give off a burnt smell and taste due to overheated coil, or even be slow on the uptake. On the other hand, good quality pens perform seamlessly and offer a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. The reason is the technology used in these products. Those using convection methods of heating will not give off any burnt smell as the vaping juice does not come in direct contact with the heating chamber/material, as is the case with conduction-style vape pens. It simply vaporizes the juices by blowing hot air over it. However, convection-style vape pens are more expensive and a little slow on the heating process. Do your research about the technology used, and see what the previous users have had to say about these aspects of the product before you decide to buy it. 

  • Heating Chambers

Heating chambers that contain the metal heating coil is usually covered with steel or ceramic. The covered ones are better as they don’t let the vaping material come in contact with the vaping juice. Those covered with ceramic are even better, as they offer pure flavor and much less vapor. Look at these aspects too.

  • Battery life

Smaller and more compact vape pens also come with smaller battery life. They have to be charged frequently. If you want longer battery life, you will have to go for bigger vape pens, which can be quite cumbersome to handle and carry around. As far as rechargeable ones are concerned, go for the vape pens that use micro-USB, instead of adapters for easy charging on-the-go. 

  • Warranty

Look for brands that offer extended warranties. This means they are better than the others. But this is quite rare and comes at a very high price. Imported, counterfeit products usually don’t have any guarantees – an indication of shady practices and possible risks. 

  • Appearance

Vape pens are available in different colors, shapes, and designs –simple pen-style vaping devices to more elegant, stylish ones. While this aspect doesn’t affect the performance, it may be a matter or experience. How? Well, it is about matching it with your clothes, class, and standard of your lifestyle, personal taste in the finer things in life! Of course, the size matters at times too, especially when you’re using it in public. In public places, you would want to be more discreet. But when you’re with friends, you can always flaunt your style.

Choosing The Best CBD Vape Pens: How we did it!

With over 500 brands of vape pens and combination devices (devices that look and work a bit like vape pens and a bit like e-cigarettes or vape mods), it was definitely hard to differentiate a genuine, good quality vape pen from the duplicates. 

Nevertheless, I had some help – over 10,000 of our email subscribers, over 20,000 more product online reviews and of course my friends, family members and quite a few of my social media contacts who are CBD vapers – and after over 200 hours later I finally had a list of the “Best 5 Vape Pens” that at least 5,000 vouched for!

While some of our readers may not agree with this list on absolute terms, they would agree with most of them, i.e. if they’ve tried out these products. 

Disclaimer: This aim of this list is to only inform our readers about what’s best out there in the market, and not to promote any brand or product. 

To create this list we looked into quite a few aspects and features of vape pens sold by over 500 brands in the market. Finally, we focused on around 15 brands, and we narrowed down on these aspects to help you make a well-informed decision. 

Aspects/Features Considered Deciding On The Final List…

  • Battery type
  • Airflow facility
  • Heating chamber size 
  • Vape pen value
  • Safety
  • Compatibility with vaping juice (for reusable)
  • Research on performance & heating method 
  • Heating Chambers
  • Battery life
  • Warranty
  • Design

After careful consideration of all 15 brands, we selected 5 vape pens that you will find is most likely to give you both pleasurable and beneficial results. 

5 Best CBD Vape Pens

#1: FabCBD

[250mg, Disposable, Active & Calm]: Top Rated CBD Vape Pen

Key Determinants

  • Type of pen: Disposable, comes with built-in battery & vaping juice.
  • Flavor variants: Two – Calm (sweet floral aroma, with notes of lavender and rose) and Active (vibrant citrus notes to help you feel revitalized and alert, with a touch of mint for a refreshing feel).
  • Potency: 250mg of CBD 
  • Serving size: 2mg/draw; approx. 125 servings per unit
  • Dosage: 2 – 3 times a day or as per estimated dose. 
  • Ingredients: Industrial hemp oil, MCT oil, and terpenes (linalool & nerol in Calm variant, and limonene & valencene in Active variant). Zero thinning agents (PG/VG). 
  • Design: Stylish and compact design. Discreet, almost doesn’t look like a vape pen. Light indicators away from the mouthpiece on the opposite end of the pen. The light stays solid during the 5 seconds of the draw, and blinks 5 times to signal the heating element has turned off, as intended. The color of the pen depends on the flavor. 
  • Hemp sourced from: Colorado, USA
  • Safety: Very safe
  • Battery type: Non-chargeable, non-replaceable. It is a disposable vape pen. The battery lasts as long as it needs to for you to finish the vaping juice. 
  • Price: $39, i.e. $0.16/mg


One of my smoothest vaping experiences in CBD was with FabCBD’s vape pens. Both its active and calm flavors are awesome. Started in 2017, this brand has given me some of the best CBD products I’ve ever had. Its vaping pens are sleek, effective, and affordable. 

All its vaping pens come with 125 servings, each draw/puff delivering approximately 2mg of CBD. I took 2 draws of Active in the morning and 2 draws of the Calm in the evening. 

I got an almost instantaneous effect. My back and shoulder pain, along with the morning-time cramps, subsided minutes after I took 2 puffs of FabCBD’s Active. Later in the evening, when I took 2 puffs of the Calm, I felt the burden of my stressful day slowly vanish. 

By the second day, my body reacted more encouragingly, as I felt more relaxed, calm and more focused on my work. My feelings of anxiety and depression were no longer there. 

I knew this is one product I can depend on to cure myself of all the things that come with the daily grind of today’s tough and competitive lifestyle. 

Pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety – things that have troubled me throughout my career life were things of the past. I realized that this product was worth every bit of the money spent, and definitely deserved to be on this list. 

#2: CBDistillery

[200mg, Disposable, Grand Daddy Purp]: Most Affordable High-Quality CBD Vape Pen

Key Determinants

  • Type of pen: Disposable, comes with built-in battery & vaping juice. 
  • Flavor variants: Apart from Grand Daddy Purp that has a berry & grape flavor, CBDistillery also sells disposable vape pens in Strawberry Lemonade, Grape, Lavender Vanilla, and GG#4 flavors. Cartridges of these flavors are also available to be used with their stylus vape pen that comes with a charger.
  • Potency: 200mg of CBD 
  • Serving size: 2mg/draw approx.; 100 servings per unit
  • Dosage: 2 – 3 times a day or as per estimated dose. 
  • Ingredients: Triethyl Citrate, Cannabidiol (CBD) from non-GMO hemp extract (aerial parts), TEC temper oil, natural flavorings, natural botanical terpenes. Zero PG, VG, or MCT oil.  
  • Design: No indicator lights. Stylish design with a sleek body and a rounded mouthpiece.
  • Hemp sourced from: Colorado, USA
  • Safety: Very safe
  • Battery type: Non-chargeable, non-replaceable. It is a disposable vape pen. The battery lasts as long as it needs to for you to finish the vaping juice. 
  • Price: $28, i.e., $0.14/mg (discounted value)


It smells and tastes excellent. And works quite well too! No chemical odor, simply a bit herbal and fruity. It tastes a bit hempy with a mild, yet a distinct hint of berry and grape. 

The effects were pretty quick and remarkable. After a week of not using any CBD product, I could very distinctly feel its effects kick in. 

However, my back pain and anxiety did not go away immediately. They started to, sort of, numb a bit. After the second dose later in the evening, I felt my pain gradually start to fade. I got a little better sleep than in the past week. 

From the second evening (that is 2 days of using 2 doses a day), I felt quite comfortable in my body. I could move around freely, felt a bit more jubilant, and was able to concentrate better on my work. 

This is also when I could effectively sense my anxiety issues slowly start to diminish and found myself more in control of my emotions. 

By the third day, I felt quite good. I woke up in the morning fresh, rejuvenated, and confident to take on any hardship the day had in store for me! 

All in all, this vape pen was an excellent and potent product. I loved both the experience of vaping it and the effect-after. Since this product is lab tested for potency and purity, it made me feel more confident about using it. 

Did I mention that this was my first time with this product? I had used the brand’s CBD tincture, but it was my absolute first with their vape pens. I can confidently say it was worth it! It is one of the best quality CBD products in the market.

#3: Joy Organics

[500mg, Reusable, Rechargeable, CBD Vape Pen + Cartridge]: Best Reusable, All-in-One-Package CBD Vape Product

Key Determinants

  • Type of pen: Reusable, Rechargeable, comes complete with an in-built rechargeable battery and in-package vape juice cartridge. Replaceable cartridges are available for purchase on their website. 
  • Flavor variants: Only one – Citrus
  • Potency: 500mg of CBD 
  • Serving size: 2mg/draw approx.; approximately 200–300 puffs or servings per unit; cartridge contains 1 ml of broad-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD juice.
  • Dosage: 1 – 2 times a day or as per estimated dose. 
  • Ingredients: CBD-rich hemp extract, organic MCT Oil and natural terpenes. No thinning agents present in the product.  
  • Design: Lights up during charging and use. No power button. It is simply draw-activated. The mouthpiece is rounded. The body is white, with no logo. Sleek and compact, like a small stylish pen. 
  • Hemp sourced from: Colorado, USA
  • Safety: Very safe
  • Battery type: 510 threaded rechargeable battery. It is a reusable vape pen with cartridges available on their site. 
  • Price: Vape Pen + CBD cartridge (complete package) $99.95; replaceable vape cartridge $79.95, i.e. $0.16/mg. In effect the vape pen alone costs $20.   


Although Joy Organics’ vape juice comes in only one flavor, its citrus flavor is quite nice. If you’re a fan of smoke that some vape pens produce, then this product is meant for you. 

My experience with Joy Organics’ vaporizer was one of my best. It is easy-to-use and elegant to look at. Although, I did not like the fact that it produces so much visible vapor. This makes it difficult to vape in public. 

The effects are pretty instantaneous. I felt quite at ease from my first use – totally relaxed. It is best used after a long and tiring day at work. I did not have to use it twice daily. One-time dosing, with 3 puffs was good enough for me. 

My pain vanished after the third use (the third night before bedtime). Slept like a baby! I felt no pain and did not wake up in the middle of the night. Woke up fresh in the morning and went about my daily grind with ease from the fourth day. 

The product is excellent. This brand’s vape atomizer breaks down the hemp extract into very small particles with the help of their proprietary special nano-emulsion technique. As a result, the vape juice is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, without staying too long in the lungs, leaving no residual fluid in them. 

Joy Organics’ broad-spectrum CBD vape juice contains all the good cannabinoids and terpenes, but no THC. The product is tested by third-party labs to verify its potency and purity. 

Its lightweight design is quite tough. No amount of dropping it on the floor or accidental sitting on it can break it. It doesn’t get hot when used. The battery lasts quite long too!

#4: CBDfx

CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade Vape Pen [30mg, Disposable, CBD Vape Pen]: Highly Potent CBD Vape Pen & Excellent for First-Timers 

Key Determinants 

  • Type of pen: Disposable, no need to charge or refill; use-and-throw. The vape pen will run out of vape juice before the battery dies. They also have two vape kits that are far less discreet and empty fillable cartridges to go with them. 
  • Flavor variants: This is a fruity and tangy flavored one (strawberry and lemonade) that makes you feel energetic. The brand has almost too many flavors to count – Honeydew Ice, Melon Cooler, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Gelato, Pineapple Express, Platinum Rose, Fresh Mint, Tropic Breeze, Blue Raspberry. [These flavors are also available in a bottled form to fill the tank of cartridges for vape kits that the brand sells] 
  • Potency: 30mg of CBD 
  • Serving size: 2mg/draw approx. (10 seconds draw); approximately 90-110 puffs per pen 
  • Dosage: 2 – 3 times a day or as per estimated dose. 
  • Ingredients: Proprietary blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and natural flavors. No MCT oil.  
  • Design: Simple yet very elegant design, with a brushed-metal gold appearance and solidly built. No buttons; draw-activated vape pen. 
  • Hemp sourced from: Kentucky, USA
  • Safety: Very safe
  • Battery type: In-built, no charging required, no charging possible. 
  • Price: $14.99, i.e. $0.5/mg  


To describe CBDfx vape pen in a few words, it is a little on the costly end but it’s highly potent for its low concentration. However, its bundles are cheaper and it is surprisingly comfortable for new vape pen users. 

Besides, its flavor is amazing, and you also have so many flavors to choose from and change whenever you want. They have other CBD strength variants too! 

This product is a 30mg product that is strangely very potent for its low strength. Comfortable to use, classy to look at, disposable and low concentration – it’s everything that a first-timer would want. 

High on CBD and very low THC content (0.60mg per 30mg of CBD), this is an excellent vape product for almost all users. As far as the quality of experience, it is pretty good.  Lab-tested and of high quality, this product was one of my no-brainer choices. 

My experience with this product was also quite good. I have used quite a few CBD vape pens, and after using this, I felt this was certainly one of the best and most comfortable – made me wish I had tried it earlier when I first started vaping CBD. 

Although it finishes quite fast, the effects were almost instantaneous and long-lasting. I used it in the morning to feel energized and in the evening to ease the cramps and strain of the daily grind. 

It gave no heady feeling, only a fresh feeling. It took effect almost immediately. However, it was only when I woke up on the second day that I realized that my pain and anxiety issues had faded! With my third dose in the morning that day, I felt rejuvenated and confident to take on another day at work. 

#5: Vape Bright

[250mg, Reusable CBD Vape Pen]: Classic CBD Vape Pack – Best for Heavy Users

Key Determinants [to do]

  • Type of pen: Reusable, rechargeable, comes with Vape Bright battery, charger, case, and a 250mg-Thrive Beyond CBD vape cartridge. 
  • Flavor variants: Flavorless 
  • Potency: 250mg of CBD 
  • Serving size: 10 mg of CBD/serving approx. Around 20 servings
  • Dosage: 10 to 12 puffs of 2-3 second durations or as per estimated dose. 
  • Ingredients: Organic CBD-rich hemp oil (seeds and stalks), MCT oil, and a small amount of terpenes. No PG/VG (thinning agents). 
  • Design: Classic design with a metallic mouthpiece, no buttons, draw-activated. No light indicators. 
  • Hemp sourced from: Scandinavia (better practices) 
  • Safety: Very safe
  • Battery type: Long battery life (510 thread battery), offering over 100 inhalations on a full charge, fast and easy re-charging with any USB port for 30 minutes, 3.2-volt setting suitable for heavy users 
  • Price: Full starter pack costs $65, the 250 mg cartridge separately costs $55, i.e. $0.22/mg


Using this product was almost nostalgic. I couldn’t resist adding this product to my list as I will always have a soft corner for the classic design and form. 

Since I require a heavy dose of CBD every day, this is a good fit for me. Given that flavors are just for fun (usually), this is a good product for serious CBD vapers. 

Made from the finest organically produced hemp oil, Vape Bright’s vape juice is pure with no contaminants.  

Their dedication to helping people and producing innovative products is incomparable. My experience was absolutely spotless. 

As it is highly potent, with a high concentration of CBD, I didn’t experience any delayed effect. With the very first use, my pain subsided and with the second my anxiety issues were suppressed quite a bit. From the second day onwards, I was my usual self again! 

Personally, I feel it is an overall excellent product. 

However, with so many disposable and more easy-to-use options, it may not be such a great option for many. New users would find themselves at a loss having to deal with every individual component. It can be cumbersome for many people.  People who love flavored CBD may not enjoy it so much either. 

How to use a CBD vape pen? 

Vape pens are easy to use, especially for vapers and smokers – just press the power button, let it heat up, and inhale. Alternatively, simply draw from the mouthpiece and it starts working. Most brands provide Directions of Use on their label. In any case, the little differences between one brand and another are only some safety guards and additional features to enhance your experience. 

To give you a general idea on how a vape pen works, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Charge the vape pen battery before use. If it does not have any charging port, it means it is fully charged and probably would never need charging – it must be a disposable one. 
  2. Powering it on is simple. Some devices come with a Power button, others are draw-activated. In the former, you need to press the button, once or as many times directed by the brand, and it is on. The latter type needs no powering up; inhaling from the mouthpiece automatically switches it on. There are a few pens with a 10-second auto-off safety feature that shuts it down after 10 seconds of not using it. 
  3. Some come with adjustable heating and airflow controls too. Adjust these controls as per your liking. We have already discussed how these factors influence your CBD vaping experience. 
  4. Once you’ve had your dose of CBD, shut it off (or let it shut itself off as the case may be) and put it away. Store it in a cool and dark place, just like any other CBD product, to keep your device and vaping juice fresh for a longer time. 

In case you are using a chargeable vaping pen, look for the directions for charging on the label. It is not advisable to use a wall socket to charge, as it may damage the battery. Instead, use a USB cable to connect it to your computer or car charging port. 

How to clean your vape pen?

In case you have bought a reusable vape pen, you would need to clean it regularly to keep it usable for a longer time – at least prolong its use to a certain extent. Your warranty only includes technical faults. It does not extend to damage to the pen due to misuse or lack of maintenance. 

  • If you’re using CBD vaping juice, your vape pen would have an atomizer. Remove it from the pen before cleaning the pen to avoid contact with moisture. 
  • Soak the mouthpiece, airflow control ring, base, and tank glass (make sure there is no juice in it before you do to avoid wastage) in a bowl of warm water and rubbing alcohol for several hours.
  • After it has soaked for at least 4 – 5 hours, clean them properly with a Q-tip to ensure there are no stains or stickiness left.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe away any excess water and let them dry.

Your reusable vape pen is now ready to be reused! Fill the tank/juice chamber with fresh CBD vape juice (which has been kept in cool storage space).

Parting Thoughts

While we earnestly hope that the information we’ve provided on the proper use, maintenance and selection of a good vape pen would help you make a more decisive selection, we recommend consulting a doctor before buying a CBD vaping pen.

Although CBD has many health benefits, vaping isn’t always a safe option. Besides, CBD too may not suit everyone. If you’re looking for ways to quit smoking or abstain from illicit drugs, this may be a good option. 

Nonetheless, we stick to our standing advice to all our readers: 

  • Take your doctor’s advice before you put a new substance into your body.
  • Control your dosage: Start low, go slow. Make adjustments as and when needed.
  • Don’t expect to experience the same results from vaping CBD as your friends or acquaintances. Everyone is unique!

Remember, nothing’s more important than your health! 


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Senior Editor & Researcher , Greenthevoteok
Matt Hansel is a Medical Practitioner, who has been writing and researching about cannabis since 2014.  His popular quotes which we like are: \"Don\'t use CBD oil for a cure, use it as a precaution\"  \"CBD should be considered as any other vitamin supplement and your body needs it!\"