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Buying CBD in the current times isn’t how it used to be before. You’ve never faced a dilemma as tough as having nineteen brands battle it out to get your order for CBD. However, with the sudden boom of the industry, it has become a common occurrence.

We’ve so many CBD brands catering to every need that it becomes hard to go forward with just one. One of the reasons I write reviews is to give you guys a perspective on the brands you’ve probably never heard of, and CBDMD is next on that list. CBDMD claims to be the #1 American CBD Oil, and that’s a tall claim to make for any company.

Plus, they claim to get all their products tested from a facility that specializes in getting you the best quality industrial hemp. But all these features don’t mean anything if the products themselves don’t yield the desired results. So, is this brand worth a shot? Read about my experiences to know everything!

Is CBDMD a legit Brand?

With some of the best price to CBD ratios, I’ve seen. This Kentucky company fares well when you compare it to the other companies on the market. Not only that, they’re dedicated to bringing you the best of full-spectrum oils at a low price which is as noble an effort as any.

Their Ingredients

The brand sources their CBD from Kentucky-farmed river nourished industrial hemp and nourished their products with additional phytocannabinoids and terpenes to give you a full-spectrum product. Their products are completely free of THC, and there’s no way that it’ll show up on your drug tests either.

Drug Test

The third-party lab-tested products are chosen so that they do not have the THC that’ll trigger a drug test result. So, you can safely consume their products without worrying about any problem at work.

Shipping Policy

Keeping to their motto of keeping CBD cheap and accessible to all, they provide shipping that is free no matter the number of things you buy. They ask for 2-4 business days to ship your product and it reaches you safely.

Return Policy

They allow returns on their products if you’re not satisfied. Just write to them, and they’ll get back to you with a full monetary refund. 

CBDMD Product Reviews



CBDMD Full Spectrum

#1 CBD Oil Tinctures

How to Consume

Take the amount of CBD oil you need and put it under your tongue. Once, it’s absorbed you’ll get the most CBD out of the oil drops. Under the tongue is the place where CBD dissolves and absorbs best. 

cbdistillery best cbd

My Experience

Oil tinctures went off my list when I started CBD. I couldn’t bear the bitter taste in my mouth. However, few months in, CBD Oil was the only thing that I’d try regularly. Overall my love for CBD Oil comes from the fact that it’s easy-to-use and it’s a great yardstick to judge any new brand by.

The first thing I noticed about CBDMD was that they provided their oil in a huge variety of concentrations, starting from a small 300 mg bottle and going up to 5000 mg.

As a person who suffers from chronic pain, I constantly need more CBD, and higher concentration options are great for me. My chronic pain puts a wrench in my relationship often. While my girlfriend has been with me for a long time and understood when I cancel or anything, I feel terrible for doing that to her every single time.

The first dose of this oil got me through one of our longer dates. You see me and my girl love old school movies. However, given my shoulder pain, it’s not very practical for me to sit straight for several hours straight.

Not only does it get me down, but, it makes me unable to do anything for the next few hours. However, after taking the regular dose of the CBD oil, I could kick back my chronic pain within a couple of hours and was able to sit through a long-awaited movie marathon. One thing did irk me though. While the oil worked spectacularly, it wasn’t consistent. While it might have been my diet and the work I was doing. My pain did show some spikes through the weeks that followed.

Spikes in chronic pain are common for anyone who goes through the conditions. They’re painful things and usually are the first things to pull you back into a high concentration of medication. While the CBD oil did keep my pain at bay enough for me to work. It was only barely. Otherwise though, throughout the weeks of use of this full-spectrum product, I did everything right.

Price Per Mg

At 0.04$ for 1 mg of CBD, this is one of the cheapest full-spectrum oils you’ll ever find. Given the quality-checking and all the work that goes into this, this is one of the best investments you’ll make. 


FInding out your dose for CBD oil is easy. Take your weight and halve it, and that’s the amount you should be taking each day. However, this isn’t right for everybody. If you use CBD oil for depression and anxiety, you should start with something like 20 mg a day, and increase in increments of 5 mg until you reach the proper sweet spot.

Remember, CBD is personalized medicine, so if you require less or more CBD than the person next to you, that’s completely alright.

#2 CBD Oil Capsules

How to Consume

Take the capsules and take them with some water. Capsules are the easiest things to have CBD in, and they’re a significant investment if you’re someone who has a busy schedule.

My Experience

My idea of CBD capsules came from my friends. They passed me some capsules when I was at a low point in my life. I took it along with the several other pills that I was on at the same time. However, in a few months, I was only using CBD capsules and nothing else.

One of the problems with CBD capsules is that you might end up getting much less CBD than you signed up for because of the lack of protective covering. You see stomach acid isn’t the best place for CBD (or any molecules for that matter).

However, with a massive 50 mg in each capsule, I was convinced about my choice of getting two capsules a day. The first dose in and I was immediately in the airstrip of my mind. It took about 3 hours for the full effect to come over but, as soon as it came about my mind went clear and I could work again.

The thing is though; my work ethics didn’t improve much. While the capsules did their work to the best of their capabilities, I felt quite constricted around my shoulders instead of feeling that my shoulder pain was manageable.

One bright spark was that my mind became much clearer. This meant that even though I was hurting, I was in a mental space where I could work on myself. It was not the most stellar capsule I’d had but, it performed well enough to be on my radar when I go for my next buy.

Price Per Mg

At just over 0.04$ for 1 mg of CBD, this is a steal deal that you won’t get easily in any store. The fact that this works so brilliantly with anxiety and depression is another reason you should try out this brand. 


The easy way to measure out the number of capsules you’ll take each day is by starting with one capsule and increasing your intake until you reach a sweet spot which works for you.

Some people do prefer to start with two capsules per day though. However, with a massive 50 mg of CBD in each capsule, I would advice starting out with only one. I found that three capsules a day kept my shoulder pain in check, so, that’s a good dose for people suffering from chronic pain to try out.

#3 CBD Vape Oil

How to Consume

Just add the required amount of vape oil to your cartridge and vape it. Vaping might not be the most glorious thing in the world, but it provides you with the most amount of CBD each time you take it. 

My Experience

CBDMD offers their vape oils in a large variety of concentrations too. With their highs being as high as 3000 mg in a 60 mL bottle, I went with that without sparing a second glance. Vaping was something that I couldn’t approve of as a kid. I come from a family of smokers, and I’ve lost many friends to cancer.

The thing about professional baseball is that the stress gets to you. Some days you want to let go and have a smoke.

However, smoking is dangerous. It can cause a variety of diseases, and I avoided smoking from a young age because of that reason.

I only started vaping because it is not as harmful as tobacco, and it’s pretty much the only way to get instant relief from CBD use. So, now, I use vaping to return to life, and to get the best out of my CBD products. One of the best things for me is how wonderful the first dose was, within two minutes my mind went into the mode where I was calculating and measuring out my future steps.

My concentration helps me through hard shifts at work. I’m unable to pull through long hours so, whatever I do must be correct in one go. Throughout the time that I worked while, using this particular vaping liquid I had no problem at all at work. Honestly speaking, this was hands down my favorite product from this brand’s arsenal, and I enjoyed using it using this a lot.

Price Per Mg

In the 3000 mg package, their product offers 1 mg of CBD for a small amount of $0.04, and that is a steal no matter how you see it.

I believe this is one of the cheapest vape oils I’ve ever seen in my life, and that certainly works in their favor.


I suggest buying a whole bottle and going for taking your weight and halving it to get the amount of CBD you take each day.

For other people who don’t have chronic pain, the best option is to start with 20 mg a day and increasing/decreasing the dosage as you see fit. The key to taking personal medicine like this is to experiment as much as you can till you reach the point which makes you comfortable. 

#4 CBD Topicals

How to Consume

Take a pea-sized amount and rub it into problematic areas and you’ll be okay. This is also one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your system, so a very good option for people who deal with pain on a daily basis. 

My Experience

The brand offers their topicals in three forms. One is a roller, one is an inflammation rub, and one is a moisturizing cream. Since I primarily use it for pain, I went for the CBD Freeze variant with 1500 mg. With the roller, it was super easy to fit into my daily routine, and it helped me deal with a lot of problems.

One of the problems with chronic pain is that walking becomes a huge pain. Now, my dog Jenny has grown old and can’t walk far either.

However, her vet has advised me to take her on walks once a day at the very least, and this is something I fail to do often when I have a bad chronic pain episode.

With CBD Topicals I could work through the pain and focus on taking care of Jenny.

You see with chronic pain; it’s a common occurrence that your closest people go away from you because they cease being the priority anymore. With 1500 mg of CBD in this roller, I could see a noticeable change in my pain patterns and once, my pain got down into manageable levels, I could focus on the important things.

Price Per Mg

$0.05 for 1 mg of CBD is as low as I’ve seen topicals go. This is a steal deal and one of the highest concentration of topical you’ll find. So, it comes highly recommended for anyone who deals with pain on a daily basis/


The easy way to go about this is to take the roller and put CBD over your problematic areas.

Topicals never have a proper dosage instruction as such. But, it’s recommended that you use a small amount and gently massage it into your skin. Roller application stops you from consuming too much CBD in one go and is a great way of massaging your problem areas too.

FAQs about CBDMD

Yes, all their lab results are available, and their products are periodically tested so that you only get the best out of the CBD you consume. 

Not at all. The high we associate with marijuana comes from THC. In a product that boasts of no THC and a high CBD content, you’re not at any danger of being high. This is also why these products are legal across all the 50 states of U.S 

The brand farms their hemp at Kentucky farms, and waters from two rivers nourish their industrial hemp. The farms provide you with the best of the best cannabidiol and they keep experimenting with the kind of CBD that’s the best for you.