Best Feminized Seeds – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to growing marijuana, there is one common problem that all growers face. This problem deals with male plants, as they create buds that are close to useless and don’t give the yields that the female plants give.

Because of this problem, planters around the world looked for the best solution and one was found. Through the mixing of genes, seeds can now be bred so that only the female plant can be produced due to the male chromosomes being eliminated from the gene pool.

What Are the Advantages of Feminized Seeds?

By using feminized seeds, you will be able to gain more yield during the harvesting phase, as you won’t have to account for the male plants when planting and you will have more plants to harvest buds from. When combined with auto-flowering seeds, you will have a set of seeds that will require close to no maintenance, as you won’t have to keep track of the light cycles and you won’t have to worry about identifying the male plants and removing them.

You can also save a lot more money eventually if you use feminized seeds as you will be purchasing seeds that guarantee several buds compared to a set of seeds in which 50 percent will be male and 50 percent will be female. Sometimes, you might get all-male if you are unlucky and purchase a small number of seeds, but that won’t be the case with these types of seeds.

Our Pick of the Best Feminized Seeds

BEGINNER Collection

The BEGINNER Collection by Seedsman is great for beginners (as the name implies) as it will give you three types of the best-selling seeds with 3 seeds coming with each type. We highly recommend that you get this collection if you are just starting out, as you will be able to experience what it is like to grow a plant while not having to worry about males/females.

If you are a beginner, then you may have realized that there are over 100 seeds available that you can choose from, with more being made each day through the mixing of genes to produce different flavors and appearances. Therefore, this collection is great for you, as the best-selling ones are most likely the best performing and highly liked by most people that grow marijuana.

Overall, the price of the seeds is not that expensive either, so we recommend that you try it if you are new, as they will be very easy to grow and won’t require that much maintenance.

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The SATIVA DOMINANT Collection is a group of three different types of seeds that are originated from Central America and South-East Asia. As they are known for a higher yield, but low percentages of THC, we recommend that you get it if you want to produce a plant that can give an enriching and energetic effect.

As these types of marijuana originated from warmer climates, you will be able to see better results when grown outdoors. Typically, these seeds take anywhere from 10-16 weeks to grow, with a higher yield being guaranteed compared to some of the other feminized seeds in this list.

The price of these seeds isn’t that steep as well, allowing you to try these out and see their yield, how they grow, and the effects they have before you go all-in and purchase in bulk to grow.

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FAST Collection

If you are looking for seeds that can grow fast, then the FAST Collection is most likely for you. The FAST Collection offers seeds that can grow within 6-7 weeks because it is an auto-flowering seed combined with a feminized seed.

Although autoflowering seeds are considered not worth due to it producing low yields and low high, there are still some types that have been created to produce decent yields and a pleasant high. As this collection is a group of three different types of seeds that sell well, you can expect them to grow well and give high yields.

However, they are a bit on the expensive side when compared to the others in this list, so you’ll have to dish out a little more if you want faster-growing plants. One advantage with this plant, however, is that you’ll have shorter plants, allowing you to grow everything stealthier, which is important if you aren’t growing in a legal state or don’t want to get caught.

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White Widow FAST Feminized Seeds

If you are looking for fast and hard-hitting effects of marijuana, then you have come to the right place. As it is a FAST – meaning that it is a photoperiod strain – you’ll be able to get your harvest after only 6-7 weeks.

In addition, you’ll get a decent yield of 350-450 gm/m2 yield even though the height is only around 80-120 cm. With a high THC of 15-25%, you’ll feel the powerful and relaxing effects of the plant fast. As this plant was originally bred in northern latitudes, it is recommended to be grown outdoors or in greenhouses for maximum yield.

This seed is also quite expensive, but if you are looking for a classic that many smokers have chosen as their favorite over the course of many years, then this one is the right choice for you, as it will grow fast and hit fast.

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C99 x Blueberry FAST Feminized Seeds

This is another FAST seed, meaning that you can harvest your plants in only 6-7 weeks. As it is a feminized seed, all the plants that you grow during that period will be harvestable. It is indeed an autoflowering seed, so expect to not get huge growth on the plant (until the flowering phase), although the yield is quite surprising at 350-450 gr/m2.

This seed is a photoperiod type and is recommended for harvest in September, so if you are looking for maximum yields from your investment on your seeds, then make sure that you schedule well to make sure everything is as you want it.

The cost of this seed is, again, on the upper side, but if you are looking for fast growth and great yields, then the cost shouldn’t be an issue. It is also important to note that this plant has fewer larger leaves than the average plant, making it easier for you to maintain.

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Fastest feminized seeds available in 2019Original Skunk #1 FAST Feminized Seeds

If you have done some growing before, then you most likely have come across the Skunk seeds. As the Skunk #1 is a classic that many love, you will be able to target a large audience when growing this strain. Since the Skunk #1 is a FAST seed, you will be able to see results in a matter of weeks (6-7) with a decent yield as well.

This seed comes with a taste of skunk and is also sweet as well, so if you’re into this taste, then we recommend that you get this seed. It also has a cerebral and powerful effect, so expect to be on the couch for a while if you are planning to use it.

Overall, we love this strain due to its powerful effects (high THC %), sweet taste, and high yields. The costs of the seed aren’t that expensive as well if you do choose any option over 3 seeds, so you should consider getting at least 3 if you are planning to get this classic seed.

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Power Africa FAST Feminized Seeds

If you are into the acrid taste of marijuana with hints of pine and notes of aniseed, then this seed is most likely a good choice for you. It can grow to around 100 – 140 cm and can produce a high yield of 450-500 gm/m2 which is decent since it is an autoflowering seed after all.

Due to this seed being a FAST seed, it will grow in only 6-7 weeks with high yields, allowing you to get a good supply. This strain has an uplifting and happy effect on the body when used and is famous for having smooth transitions and being comfortable to use.

It is recommended to grow the plant outdoors and greenhouse conditions with harvesting season being around September. If you are looking for a strain with high THC and can produce high yields in a short amount of time, this seed is a good choice for you

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CBD feminized seeds Seedsman CBD Hash Plant Feminized Seeds

If you are looking for medical marijuana that can help treat conditions such as arthritis, inflammation, muscle spasm, nausea, or spasticity, then this strain might be a good choice for you. As it has a quite fast growth rate of 7 weeks till harvest and has a high yield, you will be able to get a decent supply quickly.

This strain has a fruity taste with the effect being sedative and preventing you from moving around much and keeping you on the couch. The reason that this strain is so effective for treating medical conditions is due to its sedative effect that will reduce spasms and random impulses in the brain that cause the conditions listed above.

Overall, this seed is recommended for those that want to build up a quick supply of medical marijuana that can be used when the medical conditions start to worsen, as this can help reduce the symptoms.

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Best Seeds onlinePower Africa x MK Ultra FAST Feminized Seeds

With a high THC content and great yields, the Power Africa x MK seed is often sought out by enthusiasts that love the fruit taste of this strain alongside its fruity aroma. This strain also comes with a large, rock-hard bud which is loved by some.

As it is a feminized seed, you won’t have to worry about the 400-450 gm/m2 yield being disrupted through male plants. Instead, the entire harvest will be able to be used, allowing you to get better returns in the end.

The height of this plant isn’t that tall as it is an auto, but it can still reach up to 120 cm. This is great if you are looking to plant under the hood, as it isn’t that hard to conceal plants that can only reach around a meter or so in height. The price is also fair considering that it can grow in just 6-7 weeks and can produce a fair amount in terms of gm/m2 in return.

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Cristal Paradise Feminized Seeds

Compared to some of the seeds above, this strain is a lot different because of the difference in yield and height that you’ll get with this one. With a staggering maximum height of 2.5 meters and a total yield of 600-800 gr/m2 per plant, you’ll fill up your supply quite quickly with this one.

As it can grow faster and taller outside, it is recommended that you use a greenhouse or plant it outside instead of indoors if you want maximum returns with the seed. It has an orange and hashish smell once it goes into the flowering season and is resistant to mushrooms and plagues as well.

As it has a THC of around 15-18 percent, you can expect a pleasant and strong high from this strain. The best part about this is that it will only take 8-11 weeks to reach 2.5 meters in height and give you this high yield.

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Conclusion: Which is the best Feminized seed?

We have concluded our review of our choice of the best feminized seeds. As each one has its own benefits and cons, we recommend that you choose the one that best fits your needs and your budget. This is because each strain has a different THC % and a different effect on the body, so choosing the one that you like is important for your satisfaction. Also, we will recommend you to check the different seedbanks we have reviewed on our site.

We highly recommend that you get feminized seeds over regular seeds if you are stuck between the two because even though you might get lower yields due to most being FAST or auto-flowering seeds, you will get more in return in the long haul.

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