Best Cannabis Seed Banks 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are an experienced weed grower or a beginner, you will know that seeds are essential if you want to start your own farm of marijuana. However, if you start to grow out of your initial grow room and expand, you’ll need increasingly more seeds. Individual seed sellers usually only have a certain amount in stock since they don’t grow a lot themselves either and getting seeds takes time and effort.

Therefore, you will need to find a dedicated, quality seed bank that will be able to provide you with the best seeds available. Whether you need autoflowering seeds, or Kush, you will be able to find a farm that grows the type of seeds you need, as long as it isn’t too obscure or unpopular. Remember that these farms are looking for a profit as well, so if you are currently growing seeds that are popular and well-known, then you shouldn’t have a problem with finding the best weed seed bank!

Best Marijuana Seed Banks of 2019

It may be hard to find the best marijuana seed banks because they are usually obscure and aren’t easily found. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best below, so that you can check them out and see which one fits your needs the most. As these banks have tons of seeds, we can’t list all the seeds that they have in stock, so make sure to check out their supply if you are interested in what they have to offer. Our recommendations are from Seedsman as we consider them as one of the best places to buy marijuana seeds online in a safe and fast manner.

1. Barney’s Farm

From the late 1980s, the group of breeders that make up Barney’s Farm today has researched and cross-bred many different types of strains to find the one that would provide the best yields, grow tall, and be able to provide a pleasant high. This isn’t able to occur through simple cross-breeding but requires many years of breeding and the team at Barney’s was able to do just that.

If you are looking for something other than feminized seeds, then you might have to look elsewhere because Barney’s Farm doesn’t offer anything else other than feminized seeds. This shouldn’t be a problem because the only difference is that you won’t have to account for male plants ruining your total yield.

The prices of Barney’s aren’t that bad as well as most seeds are around average price and what you would expect from an average farm. However, some are a bit expensive than the others, so you might have to see how much your seeds cost and see if it would be cheaper at this farm compared to the others listed here.

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2. Royal Queen Seeds

Known as one of the most well-known cannabis seed banks in Europe, this is probably your best bet if the type of seed you need is in this store. With their founder having knowledge in this field from multiple years of experience and Royal Queen Seeds breeding their own seeds from genes they know can provide quality, you will get only the best from this farm.

Royal Queen Seeds can provide you with around 58 cannabis strains and it is also important to note that all seeds in this farm are feminized. This shouldn’t be a problem because even though they are all feminized, this farm has still proved they are the one to choose since they won several awards due to it having great potency and a good balance of THC: CBD.

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3. Dinafem Seeds

If you want to ensure that your seeds come in the safest way possible, then ordering from Dinafem Seeds may be the best choice for you. Compared to the packaging of other farms that may be a plastic container or a white envelope, this farm has developed its own packaging that will be essential to keeping your seeds safe. By using a vial and enclosing it in a metal container, this will ensure that your seeds stay safe while being transported to you.

Dinafem Seeds are well known for their Sativa and Indica seeds as they grow and breed them themselves to provide the best quality for you. They are also well known for their Moby Dick CBD, so if you are currently growing this, then you most likely have received them from a grower that uses this farm as their supplier.

This farm’s Kush strain is also popular as well because of its potency and intense flavor when used. There are currently around 62 cannabis strains with all of them being feminized, so make sure that the type of seed you are using is being sold by this farm.

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4. Greenhouse Seeds

Known for having insane quality genetics and receiving a countless number of awards over the years for having quality seeds, Greenhouse Seeds is one that you shouldn’t ignore. They provide a wide variety of both autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds with custom-made seeds from their own gene pool that they have created over the years.

This farm has a specialized group of “hunters” that go out to different locations such as Africa, Asia, and South America to find the best types of cannabis available to use in breeding to create more viable seeds for you to use.

For the last 30 years, this farm has gained a lot of reputation, so if you are looking for a reliable, high-quality farm, then Greenhouse Seeds is a good choice. With 53 strains available and many awards under its belt, you shouldn’t have a problem with this farm

5. Dutch Passion

If you are looking for the original founder of feminized seeds, then this farm is it. With its founder starting to cross-breed in the 1970’s, you know you can trust the quality just from his experience in this field. While other farms are simply using existing seeds and placing a new name on them, Dutch Passion creates their own genes and creates seeds using them.

This farm was also named the best seed breeders in 2014 and was recognized for their ability to preserve quality and presenting many different types of varieties. If you are concerned about the quality of your farm, then going for Dutch Passion makes sense since they provide over 64 cannabis strains and are located in The Netherlands, where quality is known to always be on point.

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6. Sweet Seeds


If you want a farm that puts its users and customers first, listens and applies suggestions, then this farm is a great choice. As they listen to the cultivators, they are able to combine different kinds of seeds to make a seed that many people are requesting, allowing you to choose from a catalog that many farmers favor.

Sweet Seeds are known to specialize in feminized cannabis seeds and are known to have one of the highest % of female plants at 99.9%. There are a few seeds that are well-known that are bred by this farm such as their Blow Mind Auto, which is known for its medical properties, and Cream Caramel Auto which is a favorite of many.

With this farm’s ability to win over many customers from other farms, you should definitely check out what this farm has to offer with its wide variety of 56 cannabis strains that will allow you to choose and pick whichever one you prefer to grow.

7. Sensi Seeds

Winner of the most awards for cannabis, Sensi Seeds is the way to go if you would prefer to work with a farm that is popular for its unrivaled quality. With its legendary status, you will be able to find seeds that have a high yield and a wide variety of effects, so that you can choose a seed with a specific type of effect you may be looking for.

Banks aren’t known for just their seeds, but they are also known for how they contribute to the world of marijuana and the dent they make. With Sensi Seeds, you will be able to work with a supplier that has already made many dents in this part of the world with its high-quality feminized seeds (a few are regular), that have genes that are considered a gold standard.

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8. DNA Genetics

By being the winner of all the available awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup, you can expect quality, a variety of cannabis, and a variety of effects. Although this bank started in California in the 1980s, it moved to Amsterdam to provide the Californian strains to Amsterdam.

DNA Genetics has more than 35 strains available but has a variety of genes that are seen in no other places. As you can tell by the name, “DNA Genetics,” this bank specializes in creating cannabis seeds that are crossbred to create the best types that you can find. This means more yield, faster growing times, and better quality overall in your seeds.

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9. Pyramid Seeds

If you are just starting out or don’t have much experience with growing, then we recomm

end this bank as they offer strains that are easy to grow and has great yields. The reason that the seeds from Pyramid Seeds are easier to grow compared to other banks is that of the fact that the strains grow in a manner that is easy to maintain due to the seeds being feminized seeds as you won’t have to weed out the male plants from the female plants.

Also, the goal of this bank is breeding seeds that can produce one of the strongest buds around, so that you can experience an effect that is strong and effective. This is one reason many people prefer Pyramid Seeds over some of the other banks and the reason they were able to win multiple awards at the Spannabis Cup.

By offering a unique variety of seeds through cross-breeding that has stayed the same since back when the company first started, the effects and genes of the seeds will stay consistent, meaning that you will be able to get a reliable supply of seeds that will give you the effects and yields you can expect. Once you experience the seeds of this bank, you will no longer want to go anywhere else!

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10. Serious Seeds

The man behind Serious Seeds was actually a breeder that helped breed seeds that are being sold in Sensi Seeds that we recommended in this guide. But because of Simon, the founder of Serious Seeds, had his own dreams of opening up his own bank, he left and began Serious Seeds with the goal of creating strains that are well-known and high quality.

The unique feature of this bank is that they number each and every seed packet they sell, so that if you purchase seeds that were made from Serious Seeds, you can file every single complaint you have to them and they will be able to track down what happened and help you out, offering the best customer service around.

We highly recommend that you purchase from this bank if you are looking for a quality seed bank that is able to stand behind their seeds and offer you a quality that you won’t see in many other places.

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Above, we have recommended several banks, but now it is up to you to see what kind of seeds you need and choose the best cannabis seed bank that meets your needs. As each bank offers a unique feature of their own, such as IDing each seed packet and cross-breeding different genes, every single one of them is recommended for their strengths.