Best Seed Banks That Ship To USA: Online with Reviews

Growing weed has always existed in a very grey area, legally. However, it’s 2020 now, and many states have made it legal to grow your own cannabis.

There’s no doubt that the number of people using cannabis recreationally and even growing their own plants is at an all-time high. But even so, buying your own seeds online carries a significant amount of risk as you don’t know who to trust.

I’ve been the victim of quite a few online frauds and I know how easy it is to get tangled up in a mess if you’re not careful.

However, in my experience, there are also plenty of trustworthy and reliable seed banks out there whom you can depend on. So, I’ve compiled this article on the best online seed banks that ship to the US.

The seed banks listed here deliver right to your doorstep, have high quality and practice utmost privacy and confidentiality in all their transactions.

So, let’s check em’ out!

​Best Online Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

#1 ​I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

​ILGM is one of the pioneers and one of the best seed banks worldwide. Founded by Robert Bergman way back in 1993, this premier company is based out of the Netherlands.

Robert Bergman is a veteran of the industry and has been in the business for more than 25 years now.

I Love Growing Marijuana


They have more than 80 different strains available, which guarantee you’ll find one to suit your taste. The prices are affordable, and the quality is top-notch, as testified by thousands of satisfied customers.

In fact, they are so sure of their quality, that if the seeds don’t germinate, they will send you a replacement pack, no questions asked! How about that?

They even provide marijuana value and starter packs. These packs have everything you need in them to start growing your own plants immediately. Apart from this, they also have separate packages for beginners and professionals.

Although they have a large variety of seeds, they could expand their offerings. Some of the other companies on my list have an absolutely staggering amount of variety, from the most obscure to the most popular. So if there’s one particular rare form of weed, you intend to grow, you might not find it here.

​Shipping: ​They ship their products around the world, and the best part is, they ship to the US, Canada, and other European countries absolutely free of cost!

It takes on average, 10 to 15 days for the product to reach your doorstep. They are absolutely discrete with their shipping and try to provide as much security as humanly possible. If for some reason, the product does not reach you, they will send over a new pack as well.

Payment Methods: ​They have a wide variety of payment options available which include: bitcoin, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or even cash as payment options. There are discounts available on specific payment options as well.

However, they usually don’t have discounts on their products, nor do they have loyalty points or freebies, which is kind of a bummer! This might seem unfavorable to a few returning customers.

​Customer Service: ​They offer top-notch customer services as evident by their product replacement policies mentioned above. They also have several helpful guides on their website along with a youtube channel on how to grow your own cannabis plants.

Their website is also very well designed and multilingual so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All in all, I Love Growing Marijuana is a long-time veteran in the seed-selling business and is sure to provide you a great experience.

#2 ​Seedsman

​Another great online seed bank that ships to the US is Seedsman, Established in 2003. Based out of Spain, Barcelona, they have a significant presence in England as well.

seedsman logo best seed banks review

​Variety Of Strains:

​They have one of the largest online seed repositories with over 4000 different strains. The prices are also some of the cheapest I’ve ever seen.

Not only do they make their own seeds, but they also have tie-ups with several prominent online seed banks. If you can’t find what you want here, you won’t find it anywhere. And I don’t mean that lightly.

Just remember that if you want a guarantee of the best quality, buy the seeds made by Seedsman themselves and not the other companies they are tied up with. All the different products are well sorted out according to categories. You could go through them, or you could just choose some of the best selling ones.


​Their shipping techniques are entirely confidential. They do not put the name of the company on the parcels nor do they make any mention of cannabis or related terms.

They even have an ultra-stealth option, where the seeds are sent with an additional non-suspicious product to guarantee even more safety. The delivery guarantee ensures your seeds get delivered to you no matter what comes to pass. If the package gets seized, they will replace it without asking any questions.

Payment Options Available:

​​There is no shortage of payment options as you can credit cards, debit cards, cash, bitcoin, bank wires, cheques, postal orders, money orders, etc. They also offer huge discounts on their products, which you’ll get to learn about as soon as you open up their website.

On top of that, you can earn loyalty points with every purchase which you can redeem for cashback later on. In short, Seedsman is one of the biggest selling online seed banks in the market today. They are reliable, trustworthy and know what they’re doing. Order from them and you can set your mind at ease that nothing will go wrong.

​Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL)

​MSNL is another Cannabis seed bank based out of the Netherlands, which has been a major player since 1999. As a result, they have a lot of experience when it comes to preparing the best strains.

Variety:​ ​​

MSNL has won a considerable number of awards for its innovation and dedication in Marijuana genetics. The quality of the seeds is amazing and is raved about in many marijuana communities, including mine. The seeds go through a thorough checking process by expert inspectors.

The seeds have a very high germination rate of 90%. So you never have to worry about damaged seeds. They offer flower, regular and feminized seeds. They also have a host of low-cost value packs that let you try out multiple strains without burning a big, gaping hole in your pocket.

The only drawback is that they don’t have a large variety of strains and the ones they do have are quite expensive. This is mostly because of the rigorous quality control that they practice.

Shipping: ​​

Their shipping process is just as discrete and cautious as the two seed banks reviewed above. They also have a guaranteed stealth shipping option, which hides the seeds behind a non-suspicious, harmless product.

They keep track of every package sent out by unique tracking codes. Highly popular worldwide, they ship marijuana strains all over the globe. It takes a maximum of 25 days for the seeds to reach the US, but some people have stated that their seeds arrived within 12 or 13 days.

They also make sure to include some free seeds with every purchase. This is their way of ensuring their customers stay loyal to them.

​Payment Options Available: ​​​

All the usual payment options are valid here – like a credit card, debit card, cash, cheque, bank wire, and money orders. The only payment option missing here is Bitcoin, which might seem like a loss for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

It doesn’t bother me though. In my view, although the prices are slightly on the Higher side, the quality of the seeds makes it well worth it.

The shipping is as stealthy as it can get. I know you don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to quality and neither does MSNL.

​Crop King Seeds

​​This one is another excellent choice of online seed bank that ships to the US. You might know them as the first company to ever air a cannabis commercial on TV.

Since then, they have set up more than a hundred physical stores in Canada and now do online shipping as well.

​Variety: ​ ​​​

They have all the usual variants – Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains. They sell feminized and auto-flowering seeds as well. In total, they have about 30 different strains. Although it’s not as much as Seedsman, they have a very impressive germination rate of 80%.


​​​This is where Crop King Seeds really makes its mark. United States Customs usually don’t pay much heed to parcels originating from Canada; not nearly as much as those originating from countries outside North America. Even so, Crop King Seeds prides itself on its stealthy delivery and very often, you’ll find harmless, non-suspicious items like flashlights or pens.

You can even get guaranteed delivery for a certain fee. They make sure to replace every product that doesn’t reach its recipients. Although, this is only about 5% percent of their total orders. Because the products are coming from our northern neighbor, it’s highly unlikely that any serious problems should arise.

​Payment Options Available: ​​​​

Payment options include Cash, credit card (Mastercard & Visa), and Bitcoins. Another great feature of this company is their customer service. Agents are available round-the-clock to answer your queries and solve your problems. You can reach them via chat, emails or the phone.

In conclusion, Crop King Seeds might not have the variety of Seedsman, but they are good at what they do. The quality of their products is stellar, and their delivery methods are as safe as it gets. In our view, this is the safest company to order your seeds from.

​Sensi Seed Bank (Doesn’t ship to the US)

​Sensi seeds, based out of Amsterdam is one of the most popular online seed banks in Amsterdam and all of the European Union. The company was started out in 1985 and just recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary. This makes it the oldest and most well-established seed bank in Amsterdam. The company was started out by Ben Dronkers who is also famous for founding the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum in the red light district of Amsterdam in 1975.


​Ben Dronkers traveled the world through the 80s and 90s and got to learn about the best seeds and variants the world over. He compiled all that knowledge and founded his company with superior knowledge of cannabis growing genetics, including plant genealogy and interrelations.

They offer regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds and they are constantly researching and innovating new strains. This keeps them on the cutting edge of the marijuana growing industry. Rest assured you’ll find exactly the kind of strain you’re searching for on their website.

You can easily sort through their products by using the filters available on their product page. Apart from weed seeds, they also sell vaporizers, CBD oil, and other branded cannabis-related merchandise.

​Shipping: ​​​​

The Most significant problem with Sensi Seed Bank is that they do not ship overseas to the US or Canada. They only ship within the European Union. They don’t ship overseas because of the laws and regulations in place in those countries and they don’t want their customers to keep waiting for a product that does not reach them (because of customs or US authorities).

Payment Options Available: ​​​​​

Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and cash. Regrettably, Sensi Seed does not accept checks, Bitcoins, PayPal, or international money orders.

Credit card payments are processed the fastest and cash payments the slowest. All in all, Sensi Seed Bank is a great online seed bank. It is well established in the European Union and is one of the oldest seed banks in all of Europe.

Their quality control is top-notch and the strains they sell have a very high germination rate. Our only regret is that they do not ship to the US. So if you’re a US citizen, there’s no point in ordering from them.

How did I rank the Cannabis Seed Banks?

1) The reputation of the Company – are they reliable?

When buying any product, what matters most is the reputation of the company. If they’ve been in the business for more than ten years, that means their products have sold well, and they are now a name to be reckoned within the industry.

Moreover, if they’ve been around for a long time, it means they have consistently churned out good quality products. Companies with inferior quality generally don’t last too long.

And the longer a company has been around, the more capital it accumulates, and it provides a much better experience all over. Because by then, they have a reputation to live up to. The companies which have been around the longest are usually the most trustworthy, in my experience.

2) Shipping Policies And Practices

Next comes the shipping policies of these seed banks. When you are dealing with such a sensitive item as cannabis seeds, you need to take every precaution that it doesn’t get seized by the authorities.

As a result, choosing companies with stealthy delivery tactics who know how to conceal the product are a must. All of the companies above have exceptionally high delivery success rates (above 90%).

Another thing to look for is that, if for some unforeseen reason, the delivery is unsuccessful, the company should have a replacement policy, where they send another package in place of the one which didn’t get to its recipient.

Then there’s the time required in shipping. Nobody likes sitting around for too long waiting for their products to be delivered. The companies reviewed above do a great job of sending their deliveries as fast as possible, even if they are based, far away in Europe.

3) Strain Selection And Quality

There are a massive number of strains available today – it isn’t just Sativa or Indica anymore. Because you’re going to be growing your own cannabis, there should be several options like regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

Not only that, but they should also have several options depending on the purpose your cannabis will be used, i.e., they should have separate strains for medical marijuana, better sleep, anxiety reduction.

The website should have clear and detailed information about all the strains and their effects on the body. There are also different strains available depending on the climate you’ll be growing them in. The website should be well informed with all these details and even customer reviews of every product.

4) Payment Options

The payment procedure should be simultaneously fast, effortless and completely secure. Whether you’re paying by credit card or wire transfers, your personal details should be completely confidential and protected from theft.

Companies that offer payment by cryptocurrencies have an added level of security as it leaves no paper trail at all. All the seed banks reviewed above have very safe payment gateways.

5) Discounts And Freebies

Most companies usually try to set them apart from the crowd by promising either discounts or cashback options. Loyalty points are also a great idea. After all, who doesn’t like a good discount?

Some companies on the other hand, just give away free seeds with every order. This is again, a lovely perk and something everyone will enjoy.

6) Customer Service

Most of these companies give a lot of priority to customer service. There’s bound to be some amount of anxiety when you’re dealing with sensitive products like cannabis seeds, and it helps to have someone else on the other end of the phone.

Company agents should be available round the clock over phone, text, and email and they should respond promptly. Also, if there are tracking codes with every product, it helps to know exactly where your product is on its way to get delivered.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in the US?

Buying cannabis seeds in the USA is still in a very murky area legally; all manners of litigation related to it are highly complicated.

If you live in a state where growing cannabis is legal like California, you technically shouldn’t face any problems. However, even if it’s legal in your state, the sale of cannabis seeds is prohibited under federal law.

That being said, if the state you’re living in has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, you can rest assured, that in a court of law, you’ll never face any problems.

The worst that can happen is that your seeds will get confiscated by US customs. But that does not mean, you will be put on any “list.” They will merely discard the seeds and send you an official letter, saying they were confiscated.

Just make sure to show that letter to the seed bank you ordered from, and they’ll be happy to send you another package, this time with greater security.

Why there are no mentions of a US seed bank in this article?

Although a consumer himself will never get into any real trouble for purchasing cannabis seeds online, the story is entirely different for a company.

As of the moment, cannabis businesses in the US can sell fully grown weed, but not the seeds. Even if they can, it will be hard for a seed bank inside the US to send seeds to a different state, because laws might vary in that state.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, there are no well-established seed banks in the USA. If you do come across one, they are likely very unreliable, and you definitely should not do business with them.

Are you growing weed for the first time?

Don’t worry. It’s pretty simple actually. Firstly, get a strain that is easy to grow. Many websites will have them listen under an “easy-to-grow” category.

One such strain is northern lights. It is a very popular strain that is also highly resilient to common issues that plague the cultivation of cannabis.

Choose a strain which grows short leaves and doesn’t emit strong odors, in case you’re worried about safety.

It’s best to do your research online and learn about the various process involved in growing a cannabis plant. Some of the most important things to keep in mind here are:

  1. Your Method Of Germination – Some of the best methods include: the pre-soak process, the direct soil technique, and the paper towel method of germination.
  2. Where To Store The Seeds – It’s best to plant them as soon as you get them, but if you can’t, you should store them in a place away from direct sunlight, heat or moisture. It’s best to keep them refrigerated.
  3. The environment – You need to pay close attention to the soil, the hydroponics, the growing medium, the amount of light you need on the plants. It’s not necessary to have a greenhouse, but there are several details to take care of while growing your plants.

To know more about how to grow your own cannabis plants, just check out some of the other informative articles we have on our website. These detailed guides will teach you everything you need to know to get started with your cannabis seeds.

Conclusion: Choosing the best seed bank is easy!

I understand buying cannabis seeds can seem a little frightening initially, but if you make your purchases from a reputable, stable company like the ones reviewed above, it should all be smooth sailing.

Well, that’s it for today. Until next time!

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