ILoveGrowingMarijuana Review and Coupon

Think you’ve found the only seed bank you’ll ever need?

Well, think again.

Quality seed banks don’t come along very often and when they do, I make a point to tell everyone about them.

Now, you may call me “finicky,” “hard to please,” or just plain unreasonable. But when you’ve dabbled in marijuana seeds as much as I have, it’s hard to go and settle for mediocrity.

Just when you think you found a brand with quality seeds, their customer support turns out to be the worst. Or when you think a company has all the strains you’ll ever want, they go ahead and mess up with the shipping.

Today, I’m gonna talk about a brand named I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM). It’s a company for people who… well… love growing marijuana. And want nothing but the best.

More specifically, I’ll tell you about the company origin, my experience with them, and most importantly if YOU should give their products a try.

So, settle down and read along.

ILGM Review

A quick look at the About Us page tells us this company was founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman. From growing in small home-based setups in and around Amsterdam to trying out his hand at industrial-sized plantations, he’s done it all!

He has been passionate about growing MJ for over 25 years and decided to blog about his experiences to enrich the lives of other fellow enthusiasts and newbies.

The ILGM blog became so popular that Bergman decided to turn it into a seed bank by partnering up with some of the top breeders in the country.

Their mission is simple: to help make growing the good stuff as easy as possible. For everyone!

So, when I read about all this stuff on the site, the veteran grower within me could instantly relate. But in the back of my mind, I also knew that making bold claims is nothing new.

So, I decided to put my skeptic hat on and try out new products to get the first-hand experience.

My experience with ILGM seeds

I’ve ordered a lot of seeds from ILGM to the US and the overall experience has been nothing short of eye-opening. And not necessarily in a bad way.

Since it’s impossible to predict how your experience will be, I’ll be rating the different aspects of the seeds and the company in general based on mine.

Quality of seeds [10/10]

When it comes to quality of seeds, very few brands can match up to this one. Simply because the care that goes into selecting them. It is said that Bergman himself selects the seeds to ensure that the quality never falters.

With 25 years of experience, he guarantees that anyone will be able to grow using their seeds. And if the seeds fail to germinate, you’re entitled to get your money back. No questions asked!

Even though this may sound too good to be true, I can guarantee that they’re not making empty promises. And based on my experience and other user reviews, ILGM takes their promises very seriously!

Information of the seeds available online [8/10]

While the company markets to both veteran and amateur growers, the availability of seed info on their site leave something to be desired.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that there is a lack of content, just that they could have gone more in-depth about the seed properties.

This shortcoming can be easily overlooked given how great the company is in other aspects.

Strains availability [6/10]

People who are looking for a large variety of strains will be disappointed. And this is by far my biggest complaint about I Love Growing Marijuana.

If you want to have a positive impression, don’t go about comparing their selection of strains to that of companies like Seedsman.

For most growers, however, the selection of 70 to 80 different types of strains should be enough. And you’ll find all the popular types such as Autoflowering, Feminized, Fast Flowering, and Regular.

If those are not enough, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Customer support [10/10]

Customer service is where ILGM gets everything spot on! And I say that after testing out customer support of many equally known brands.

I’d say the commitment of the staff that goes towards pleasing the customers is the company’s biggest strength. I’ve contacted them numerous times, asking questions about seeds and strains and they’ve always been courteous and helpful.

If you’re a beginner, this aspect will particularly come in handy. Their support is available 24/7 and you can even join their forum discussions to chat with other users and staff.

I would give ILGM’s customer support a perfect 10/10!

Shipping and reliability [10/10]

One of the biggest issues, when it comes buying marijuana seeds online, is shipping. Since laws regarding growing and use of marijuana vary from state to state, it’s not uncommon for shipments to get confiscated.

However, you don’t have to worry about a thing when you’re buying from this company as they take care of it all. ILGM’s shipping procedure is one of the best in business and is guaranteed to reach your home.

In case your order doesn’t make it for any reason, you’ll get another one absolutely free. Right now, the company ships to the US, Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Shipping is free if you reside in Europe or the US, and also free in New Zealand and Australia if you place an order over $ 150. Otherwise, you have to pay $ 25 as shipping charges.

And if tracking the shipment is important to you, an additional fee of $ 25 will take care of it.

Discretion [10/10]

Full discretion is one of the many strengths of I Love Growing Marijuana that has made possible for the company to grow so large. Want to pay without leaving any trail behind? You can do that by using Bitcoins.

And even if you decide to pay using a credit card, know that your bank statement will not mention anything that might indicate marijuana. And the best part is their stealth packaging that ensures that nothing related to marijuana seeds are labeled on the package.

So, ask grandma to accept the order on your behalf. You ain’t gotta worry bout a thing!

Payment methods [10/10]

The company has made it very easy to do transactions with a step-by-step guide for each payment type. Available options are payment by credit card, bank deposit, check, cash, or Bitcoin. For those who want to stay completely anonymous, Bitcoin is the best choice.

And you’ll also get 10% off on every order paid through Bitcoin. Isn’t that amazing? I haven’t tried out cash payment yet, but so far, I’ve never experienced any trouble using a credit card and Bitcoin.

I’d still advise you to evaluate all options before making a choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about ILGM

#1 Where does ILGM ship from?

All ILGM shipments come from Europe and are guaranteed to be of quality.

#2 Is ILGM legit?

Of course, it is! You can go check out their website and read dozens of other reviews before making a purchase. I have always received whatever I have ordered in 10-15 days. 

#3 Where does the company get their seeds from?

Robert Bergman works with handpicked breeders to grow their own strains and brings you the highest quality products.

#4 Is it true that ILGM sends a free shipment if your previous order got confiscated or lost in transition?

The company is committed to giving you only the best experience possible. You never have to worry about losing money. Have seen some reviews on Reddit that some people got free seeds as their orders were confiscated by the customs. 

#5 How is customer support?

Best in my opinion and available 24/7. Better than other seed banks that I have ordered from for sure.

ILGM Coupon code?

You can get a discount on seeds by using the coupon codes.

Will I buy from ILGM again?

Unless you skipped the whole article and came right to the end, you’d know the answer. Yes, I will definitely buy from I Love Growing Marijuana again and will recommend you guys to check them out as well. The company is dedicated to changing the ways how we perceive, grow, and benefit from marijuana.

And I’m sure, you’ll find their seeds to be as good as I think they are if not more.

That’s all for today. Till next time!

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    • Purchased five seeds and Pot In A Pot. Followed all instructions (though I’ve been a grower for well over twenty years back in the day) and got nada. Requested replacement seeds. Wet towel method all seeds germinated. Again into the Pot and after a week only two seeds have sprouted. Not pleased with this vendor. The only TWO out of ten that actually sprouted are under grow lights. We’ll see where this goes. I’m not holding my breath. IMHO, a complete and utter failure, waste of money, lots of hype. No more. I’ll stick with purchasing it instead. Surprisingly it’s cheaper that way.

  1. I’m a first time grower and decided, after much reading, to purchase my seeds from ILGM. I bought them on a Sunday evening, 11 Aug. My order was in my hands on 15 Aug. It seems to have shipped out of California and is discretely packaged. So far, I’m a very happy customer. I’m germinating my first seeds now.

  2. My orders have been coming through Cali too it seams the quality has declined . I feel there getting the best for themselves and shipping out seconds

  3. So back in May I bought seeds from I love growing marijuana and after reading so much about how good he is and how good is crew is and they’re great experience and how you should buy your seeds from them so I ended up buying however he had my shit seeds shipped from California they weren’t from where he’s from and how they brag about it might take up to two weeks they were here in three days they were so scrawny and little out of 10 seeds I got three plants and I swear to God that they gave me autoflowers because they never grew over 4 ft tall I hardly got anything out of them and I had to argue with these people to get my money back they told me they didn’t know how to get it or if they could and I told him that they had better because everything that he said about his company and the way they treated me was totally false I would never ever do business with them again especially when they’re going to ship from California or Boston why go to Amsterdam or whatever the hell they’re at because chances are it’s not going to come from there and it’s a lot of BS personally I will never do business with them again I was so disappointed never got anything for a crop and lost money dealing with these people


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