Sensi Seeds Review

How do you identify the best Seed banks?

There’s a formula that I use before I decide on a seed brand. I look at the testimonials, I see the person at the helm, and I make sure that they have great customer service.

Sensi Seeds caught my notice because they were fulfilling no matter where I looked at these hallmarks.

As a person who loves experimenting with their products, they became one of the brands that I wanted to try out pretty fast.

Hey guys, I am Matt, and today we are talking about Sensi Seeds and their CBD products.

About Sensi Seeds

Ben Dronkers is as close to a CBD mogul as you can get. He has not only found the Sensi Seed bank but, also HempFlax and the Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum.

He’s earned awards from all over the world for his seeds and learned the ropes at what is the heart of the marijuana industry, the countries of Southeast Asia.

So, what he brings to Sensi Seeds is a wealth of knowledge and some of the best seeds in the business.

The brand provides very fast delivery, third-party lab testing, and discreet shipping. Not only that, they provide a guide that will be very useful for any beginner starting on CBD about their products, and have very concerned customer care providers.

Adding to all that, their products are also enhanced with extra terpenes and flavonoids, so, you can expect the very best from them.

The Sensi Seeds CBD Products you should try: 

3% CBD Oil

CBD Oils are some of my favorite products. So, I was straight-up excited to try out the CBD Oil from Sensi Seeds. Their products are full-spectrum and promise the “Entourage effect” that we all rave about.

They have two volumes of CBD Oil available, one is 10 mL and 30mL, with the 30mL containing a total of 900 mg of CBD. So, without blinking twice, I chose the larger bottle for my purpose since I wanted to review the product for three weeks.

So, I took a break of two weeks from all CBD products before trying this out.

Product Features

  • Extra phytocannabinoids and terpenes added to the bottle
  • 900 mg in each bottle
  • Completely natural
  • Tested at every step of the way
  • Also, there are amino acids, sugars and aldehydes are also added to the product

Dosage Info

Whenever you start out, I recommend taking about 15 mg of CBD for one day. This means adding about ½ ml of this product under your tongue for maximum bioavailability.

How was my experience?

In the two weeks of my CBD break, my depression came back. I was always battling with fatigue, and that made work difficult.

In about an hour after using this product I felt my depression go down, my mood became a lot more stable, and I could work again.

In the three weeks of use, I ended up with more time with my family than I had in months, and that felt good.


This is a sure-shot recommendation from me!

CBD Capsules

Capsules are a great way to get around the bitter taste of CBD oil. If you ‘re stuck working long hours and have no time to measure out the oil, capsules are the way to go.

Sensi Seeds Oil Capsules have a specific advantage over the others though. They’re specially manufactured so that the coating does not wear off in your stomach acid and is instead absorbed completely by the body.

What other features was I excited by? Let’s see.

Product Features

  • 15 mg of CBD in each capsule
  • Full-spectrum CBD in each capsule
  • Flavorless and easy-to-use
  • Doesn’t dissolve in stomach acid, and the CBD is absorbed in the body
  • Made from EU-approved industrial Hemp
  • Lab-tested and THC-free

Dosage Info

Just pop one pill every morning before going to work, and you will be set. The 15 mg of CBD should be enough, but, if you need it, increase the amount.

How was the experience?

I took a two-week break from CBD for this too. However, this time, I ended up having a really bad attack. I ended up spending two days in bed because I could not bring myself to go to work.

I was having a lot of problems sleeping too, so, I was constantly irritated.

Once, I took the capsules, in about 3 hours my mood was breezy. I felt the fatigue disappear and my mind became clear enough to work through the problems.

In two weeks, I was back doing my work, and I had made up my missing days with overtime, which for me was pretty impressive.


This is the one capsule you should keep with you at all time. Easy-to-use and full spectrum to boot, this is one thing that I am not letting go of any time soon.

Coconut Hemp Oil Natural

MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil is one of those supplements that give you a straight-up energy boost. It has also been proven to have neuroprotective properties just like CBD does.

With these two things going on for Sensi Seeds Coconut Hemp Oil became one of those things I had to try. MCT oil as a carrier for CBD works as a great energizer when you use it in the mornings.

So, what sold me on this product completely? Let’s take a look.

Product Features

  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Only flowers and seeds of hemp plants are used for the CBD
  • Each five mL bottle contains 10 mg of CBD
  • No pesticide, herbicides and other things added
  • Safe for Vegans
  • Only the EU-approved industrial hemp plants are used for CBD production

Dosage Info

Add this oil to your regular food in the morning or have 5 mL of this oil in the early morning and you will be ready for an entire day

How was my experience?

I was feeling a bit down because of the weather around my neighborhood, and I began to avoid cleaning around the house. This resulted in a situation where I was bickering with my wife and was tired all the time.

However, in about two hours after trying this product, I felt much more energized. Also, my fatigue and my mental health improved in the span of the day. I spent a lot of the day cleaning and over the next week I worked throughout.

At the end of three weeks, I had managed to play with my kids for almost, and as a working man, it was something I enjoyed.


This is a food supplement that you wouldn’t get tired of anytime soon. So, you should be looking forward to trying it with more of my food choices

Other Products Worth Trying Out

Sensi Seeds puts out wonderful seeds. So, if you are a grower yourself or want to try your hand at it, go ahead and try their auto-flowering seeds. They also have wonderful vaping liquid with only CBD that you can try out.

Where to buy this product?

Go over to the Sensi Seeds website and click on the CBD products link to find these wonderful products at your fingertips. What’s more, their products can be bought with Cash, Cards or even bank transfers.

Disclaimer: Matt and I run this blog out of our passion for Marijuana. However, we are not medical professionals and can’t make medical claims. We have benefitted from using Cannabis products, and that is something we want to give to all of you people.


Sensi Seeds is this amazing brand with their entire focus being on personalized medicine, and that impresses me quite a bit! With Ben’s expertise at the helm and all the testing that goes into each of the CBD products, this is one of those brands I will keep coming back to. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either.

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