Best COB LED Grow Lights

Generated electrically, LED grow lights are a means to supply artificial light. These grow lights turn out a spectrum of light that is similar to a spectrum of light provided by the sun. Thus, the light produced, being almost identical to sunlight, aids in the proper growth of plants. This is especially helpful in places where or times when there is no natural daylight available – grow lights are a boon when you need some extra, supplement light. 

In countries where the days are short and so is the number of available hours of daylight, grow lights help in creating artificial, but conducive conditions for healthy plants to grow in by producing supplement light that can extend available hours of light. 

In today’s increased demand for grow lights and indoor planting, a popular type of grow light among the regular fluorescents and high-intensity discharge lights are LED Grow Lights. They are composed of multiple light-emitting diodes, built-in fans, and heat sinks. When the narrow range of color of an individual LED is combined in an arrangement of multiple LEDs, they emit a light spectrum that is balanced in color ratios and that is optimal for plant growth. 

Chips on Board or COB is a modern LED technology where multiple diodes are packaged together to create a single light panel or module. They are energy efficient and economical, which contributes to their popularity.

LED grow lights can be used to help boost the growth of almost any indoor plants even, or especially, the cannabis plant. They have become a popular element in the production process of cannabis recently because of their affordability, energy efficiency, and good heat dissipation systems, while also producing high-quality and high-yielding cannabis. When considering the indoor growing of marijuana plants, LED grow lights are one of the most viable, efficient, economical and accessible options.

Top 5 COB LED Grow Lights

1)     AGLEX 1200W COB LED Grow Light

The AGLEX 1200W COB LED Grow Light provides full-spectrum light and its COB technology and accurately placed reflectors at 90-degree ensure that the plants receive 98 percent of the light. This, along with the high PAR value and high PPFD makes sure that the light is concentrated in a precise and balanced manner so that most of the light isn’t reflected off and the plants get sufficient light to grow healthily. When the plant is growing and transitioning from one growth stage to another, the grow light provides the option of a double switch mode. 

The VEG button consisting of blue LEDs is to be used for early vegetative growth, while the BLOOM button with white and red LEDs is to be strictly used during the flowering stages only. It is recommended to turn on both VEG and BLOOM during flowering and fruition phases. 

High-speed fans and a big aluminum heat sink ensure a good heat-dissipating mechanism and cooling system. The ideal coverage area is 3 feet x 4 inches. The actual power draw is 210W which results in saving of energy and no energy wastage, which thereby also leads to a low operating cost in the long-term. 

The LEDs are arranged in a balanced ratio with 46 reds, 8 blues, and 2 COBs. It also includes 2 UV and 2 IR reflectors, which are essential for proper cell building and root development in plants.


  • Optimal full spectrum
  • Includes IR and UV reflectors
  • Allows for daisy-chaining
  • Includes a double switch option that aids in creating optimal conditions for better plant growth
  • Advanced technology
  • Good cooling system
  • Ensures high yield with strong light supply
  • Comes with power cord and kit for hook hanging
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • The customer support is good
  • Balanced LED ratio
  • Prevents wastage of energy
  • Low operation cost
  • High Lumen
  • High PAR value
  • Good coverage area
  • Powerful, strong light


  • Not waterproof


2)     Phlizon Cree COB Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light

The Phlizon Cree COB Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light promises increased brightness, the intensity of light, lesser thermal resistance and a long lifespan. It provides a full spectrum of light with 4 COB pieces, 10 pieces of 470 nanometers, 68 pieces of 630 to 660 nanometres, 4 pieces of 3000K, 6 pieces of 6500k, 4 pieces of IR and 4 pieces of UV. 

The actual power draw is 451W making it incredibly energy efficient with a high PAR output and different PPFD values for different spectrum wavelengths, but still affordable. Coverage area at 24 inches is an excellent 4.1 x 4.1 feet. It has an extraordinarily high PPFD value at 18 inches height of 2161 mole/m²s. It has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. 

The company guarantees a 30-day refund if there are any complaints with the product or in the case of a faulty product, and even a 2-year warranty.


  • The design includes CREE COB
  • Provides optimal full spectrum
  • Energy efficient with minimal energy wastage
  • High actual power draw
  • Effective system for cooling
  • Affordable and cost-effective in the long-run
  • Extensive testing of the product by R and D team before it is made available in the market
  • Adjustable rope
  • Long lifespan
  • Incredibly high PPFD
  • No middlemen involved so ensures the direct customer relationship with the company
  • Good customer support servicing and warranty
  • Controls and monitors thermometer and humidity
  • Excellent core area coverage



  • It isn’t waterproof
  • No daisy-chaining function
  • Light can be bright to look at directly so safety glasses are recommended.

When comparing cost-effective COB LED grow lights that function efficiently and provide great results, we consider the Phlizon Cree COB Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light to be one of the best in the high performance-low cost segment. 

3)     HIPARGERO 800W COB LED Grow Light

The HIPARGERO 800W COB LED Grow Light refuses to compromise in quality while guaranteeing a full spectrum of light ranging between 380nm to 730nm that is bound to boost plant growth. It uses only the high-quality Osram (16 pieces of 3W Osram LEDs) and Epiled LEDs (4 pieces of 3000K Epiled LEDs) which consume lesser power, last longer and historically have extremely low rates of burn-out. 

It includes UV and IR chips, which are extremely important in helping plants photosynthesize and grow well. For vegetative coverage, the ideal area at 24 inches is 3 feet x 3 feet and for a flowering coverage, it is 2 feet x 2 feet at 18 inches. Not only does the grow lights’ cooling system include a built-in high-speed fan and aluminum sink, but also an iron shell that is heat-conducting and aircraft-grade. This helps transmit excess heat to the outside from the inside and keeps the light cool, preventing burnouts and extending its lifespan as well. 

It can last up to 50000 hours and comes with an adjustable rope and kit for mounting the lamp. It consumes merely 240W unlike other traditional COB LEDs and thus ensures minimal energy wastage. It comes with a guarantee of dedicated customer service even after the sale is done, a 2-year warranty and a money-back guarantee within 30 days.


  • It provides full-spectrum light that is optimal and balanced
  • Has high PAR value
  • It is energy-efficient and consumes minimal energy
  • Saves application cost
  • Easy to use
  • Does not produce noise when operating
  • Advanced cooling system and heat dissipation mechanisms
  • Assured quality warranty service
  • Decent coverage area
  • It has a long lifespan
  • It is made of fireproof material
  • Has UV protection
  • High-quality LEDs have been used
  • Includes IR
  • High PPFD value


  • Not waterproof
  • Light is extremely bright. It is not recommended to look directly into it

4)     VIVOSUN 1200W Cree COB Led Grow Light

The VIVOSUN 1200W Cree COB Led Grow Light has unique engineering and design, made using polycarbonate and aluminum material. It includes 94 LEDs and 6 Cree COBs and 3W LED pieces, providing ideal spectral wavelengths between 410 and 730 nm for good and healthy plant growth. 

It promises 90 percent of light absorption by the plant cover while still ensuring saving of 80 percent of energy. It has a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The coverage area is a good 4 feet x 4 feet. 

The casing is made of fire-proof and UV-protected material. It comes with a UL Certified power cord which gives an assurance of safety to the product and mark of credibility to the company. It includes a built-in fan and not one, but two aluminum sinks, that ensure quick and efficient heat dissipation and long-term functioning of the grow light. It comes with a 30-day refund guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

 It has a double switch mode function that is ideal for the different stages of growth of indoor plants. The VEG switch is for the vegetative stage of the plant cycle, and the BLOOM switch is for the fruition or flowering stage of the growth cycle of the plant.


  • Optimal and balanced light spectrum
  • Includes convex optical lens
  • Takes care of plant needs throughout the life cycle of the plant
  • Good ratio of color
  • Has high PAR value
  • Comes with a hanger
  • Saves energy and is efficient
  • Comes with double switch mode option
  • Low operating cost
  • Noise-free when operating
  • Professional cooling system
  • Good warranty and guarantee services
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent core coverage area
  • It has a long lifespan
  • High PPFD value


  • Not waterproof 

5)     NIELLO COB LED Grow Light

The Niello COB LED grow light comes equipped with 3 COB LEDs of 3000K each, with the arrangement providing in total a full and balanced spectrum of light ranging between 380 to 780nm. It is beneficial when growing all types of indoor plants at all the different growth stages of the plant, be it vegetative, fruiting, or flowering. It is designed uniquely and engineered in such a manner that loss of light and PAR value is minimal. This ensures a high lux value and very high PAR value so that the absorption and use of light by the plant is almost 98 percent. 

The grow lights are efficient and affordable with modern COB technology and glass lenses that cut application cost by about 30 percent and ensure its longevity.  It comes with a 6-foot long power cord and a top-notch cooling system. There’s not one, but three cooling fans at a high-speed, large cooling window for airflow and an aluminum sink built-in. It is almost completely noise-pollution free and the sophisticated heat dissipation mechanisms keep the lamp cool and long-lasting. 

The lights also go through rigorous testing before being made available for sale and all the lights pass the US authoritative ETL certification. They guarantee a 60-day money refund, 100 percent refund, and provide a warranty for two years. This customer service is unparalleled.  


  • It provides the latest technology to give optimal full spectrum light
  • Has high PAR value
  • It is energy efficient and helps save energy
  • Reduces operational and application cost
  • No noise when operating
  • Modern heat dissipation mechanisms and cooling system
  • It is easy to use
  • Good and hassle-free warranty service
  • Excellent coverage area
  • It has a long lifespan
  • High PPFD value


  • Not waterproof
  • Might need to use safety glasses because the light is extremely bright 

Who Should Choose COB LED Grow lights?

All individuals who have an interest in planting flowers, vegetables, plants and so on, or even complete beginners in this field of planting should at the very least consider purchasing one of the COB LED grow lights that have been mentioned above in the list. The process of growing plants, especially indoors where they are cut off and distanced from natural sunlight, can be daunting and intimidating. Not being able to provide the right help to your plant in growing healthily and having to watch it wither away can be frustrating. 

The COB LED grow lights are a boon to anyone looking to grow indoor plants. They ensure the plant gets a sufficient amount of light throughout the day, with minimal effort on your part. A bonus is that they also result in quality plant growth. Thus, to a beginner in growing indoor plants, grow lights are an essential aid and he or she will find the plant-growing process to be much easier, while a seasoned plant grower will observe that he or she is getting higher quality results more quickly. 

Individuals desiring to grow cannabis plants indoor will find these LED COB lights to be especially helpful in growing healthy buds. People living in regions that have cold temperatures, short days, or insufficient availability of natural light, will require these LEDs to grow lights when attempting to grow plants.

How We Created This List of Top COB LED Grow Lights

This list has been created after extensive and careful research. The most important thing to us is benefitting the customer and ensuring their convenience, and trust in us. We read over 100 reviews written by real customers of the products for over 10 COB LED grow lights. After this exhaustive research and analyzing these real reviews written by actual customers, thoroughly, we laid out the facts, objectively compared the products and made unbiased inferences and conclusions.  Finally, we curated the list with our goal being to allow our readers to make informed decisions and choose the best COB LED grow light – one that is best suited to all of his or her requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)    What Are The Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights?

The good quality LED grow lights are long-lasting, incredibly energy-efficient, have advanced built-in cooling systems, are easy-to-use with reduced application costs. They allow for flexibility, specifications, and adjustments when it comes to indoor planting. The ratio of colors in the spectrum they emit is almost always balanced and can be adjusted to suit the specific plant or plant growth stage. They are affordable in terms of the long-run since most last up to a minimum of 50000 hours, and during this period they can help boost your plant growth astronomically.

2)    What Is PPFD And How Is It Significant To My Plant’s Growth?

PPFD refers to the photosynthetic photon flux density. It is a total of photons in the range of 400 to 700nm of the light spectrum visible to us that land on a particular square meter of the area in a single second. A higher PPFD figure is always good. It shows that the amount of light your plant is getting and absorbing is sufficient for its healthy and proper growth. A high wattage doesn’t necessarily indicate high PPFD when it comes to LED grow lights. Low efficiency, long gaps between LEDs, a big difference in the plant to light height, and so on could result in low PPFD values.


The COB LED grow lights are an excellent long-term investment where the returns in terms of healthy plant growth are greater than the effort and money you have to put in. The above-listed ones especially are what we consider to be, after exhaustive research, the crème de la crème of COB LED Grow Lights. They are efficient, affordable and provide incredible results.

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