Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Every grower needs several different types of equipment for growing weed. They all work together to provide your plant with nutrients and environmental factors, such as light, to help your plant with what it will need to grow into a healthy plant that can provide you with a bountiful harvest of buds.

One of these pieces of equipment is full-spectrum grow lights. Lights are essential to a setup because it provides a source of nutrients for photosynthesis. Since indoor growers don’t have a way to channel sunlight to their plants, a grow light is necessary.

However, not every light is suitable for growing as some lights heat up too easily and some lights cannot stay on 24/7 to feed your plants with the light it needs. Regular lights are also not reliable when it comes to growing which is why you need specialized lights to help assist you in your growing journey.

What are Full Spectrum LED Lights?

One of the best options that you can choose from when it comes to types of lights are full-spectrum LED grow lights. This is because full spectrum lights are considered the closest to the sun when it comes to giving off energy and waves that plants feed off.

Using full spectrum lights will give you yields that are mostly seen with plants that are grown outside. So, although these lights are a bit more expensive, you will save more money eventually because you will get plants that will grow a few inches bigger when using these lights compared to other lights such as fluorescent lights.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Reviews

1. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

If you don’t want to read all the reviews to see which one would fit you the best and want to choose the one we recommend, then we highly recommend this product. This is because this light comes with everything you’ll need for growing your plant, with features that will allow you to switch between the two phases of growth (vegetative and flowering) and lower power consumption. Yes, the price tag on this product is a bit on the higher end of the scale, but this can all be made up through its lower wattage and the effects it will have your plant. This product can be used for around 100,000 hours and comes with a hanging kit so that you won’t have to go out and purchase one yourself which may not even be the same size. This will reduce the headaches that you’ll get from having to pick out the right hanging kit for your light. Its average power draw is only 524 watts compared to other lights that emit the same amount of light while consuming 1000 watts.

It can grow in a 4×4’ area and can even cover up to 5×5’ if you need to. One of the best things about this light is that it is engineered to balance PAR/Lumen output and coverage which is important if you want your plant to think that the light it is getting from the LED is coming from the sun. This will increase the yields you will receive from your plant by a great amount. The fans that come with this product are an improvement over similar products as well because it is an astonishing 4.72” and the aluminum cooling heatsinks are great for dissipating heat as well. Overall, this product is great if you can afford it and if you can appreciate the variety of features that it comes with to make your cannabis grow in the healthiest way possible.


2. BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This light comes at a bit of a more affordable price when compared to the product above, its wattage usage is lower while it produces light that compares to a product that consumes 1400 watts. If you’re more interested in power consumption than price and features, then this one is most likely worth looking closer into. It comes with several features such as its dual-chip LED, PAR/Lumen output, and cooling system. Its dual-chip LED will allow your light to become even brighter and help your plant grow even taller and produce even more yields.

Its PAR/Lumen output is also one of the highest compared to other brands which will help your plants grow as if it were consuming real sunlight. We consider this output to be one of the essential factors when it comes to full spectrum grow lights and this one excels in that, so keep an eye out for this one. Lastly, we have the cooling system that will cool your light in a silent manner. Since lights can get hot, since it is on 24/7, the cooling system is also very important. Holes on the side of the panel will channel heat out of the LED light, allowing this product to be 50-60 F lower than other products while active. It can last for a bewildering 100,000 hours and only consumes 390 watts, so if you are looking for value/price than this one comes near the top in that category as well. Overall, we recommend this light if you are looking for a grow light that can provide light for all stages of growth and can last a very long time to give your plants all the light they need to grow and provide you the yields you are looking for.


3. Roleadro 300w LED Grow Light Galaxyhydro Series Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Plants Veg and Flower, Added Daisy Chain Function, and Larger Size Plant Light

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly full spectrum light, then this one might be worth considering. With an affordable price and just as many features as other high-priced lights, this one isn’t worth scoffing at. Yes, cheaper lights aren’t as reliable and don’t produce light that is anywhere close to the light that comes out of a premium grow light. However, this one is an exception as it produces light that provides growers with insane yields and growth along with utilizing a unique cooling method that involves three cooling fans. This light can penetrate through multiple layers of canopy (150%) to reach the roots and stems that are hidden underneath the surface.

This LED light has a PAR output that is higher than the average HPS design and can balance between PAR/Lumen very well. It cools in a way that you will barely hear anything and won’t generate enough heat inside to damage anything or affect your plants. It is also Daisy chain compatible, so if you are using this design, this light will be compatible with that to help you reduce the number of cords in your setup. It only consumes 140 watts even though it produces light equal to lights that use 250/400 watts. So, if you are worried about this light consuming too much energy, think again, as this is one of the lowest wattages that you’ll be able to find in this price range. One downside to this product is that you won’t be able to use it with a growing area that is larger than 2×2’. If you love it though, you can purchase a few of them for your larger growing area, but this product is mostly recommended to those who have a smaller growing area and are looking for an affordable light for their first setup. If so, this is the perfect product that comes at an affordable price, packed with features, and can provide your plants with all the lights they’ll need to grow and provide amazing yields.


4. BWL 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Upgraded Plant Light Full Spectrum for Garden Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic Grow

If you are looking to spend a bit more than the average joe who is looking for a budget-friendly full spectrum light, then this one it. It is a bit more expensive than the product above and comes with a few different features to make up the difference in price. It comes with heat dissipation that will make sure minimal heat is built up and saves more energy than the average growing light. As there are 2 cooling fans alongside 12 vents, any heat that is generated from inside the light will be pushed outwards to make sure that the temperature of the light stays under the recommended amount. It also saves more energy as hydroponic LED lights for growing marijuana use less energy than fluorescent lights which are more widely used.

The size that this light can handle is the same as the product above, so if you have a large growing area that exceeds this by a fair amount, then we recommend that you either get multiple instances of this product or look up for different options that can support your growing area. This is because if you use a light that supports a small area but you use it for a large area, the plants on the outside won’t be able to get enough nutrients to sustain itself and will either die off or not produce the yields you are looking for. Although the lifetime hours of this product are only half of the product above, it can still run even if one of the LED lights break. So, in the end, you can use this light for longer than 50,000 hours if you keep it running even after a LED light breaks. Overall, if you want to increase your yields by 20-50% and have a small growing area that fits this product, then we recommend that you consider getting this product.


5. HollandStar LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 1000 Watt/1200W for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (1200W)

If you are looking for a product that can support a bit of larger growing area than the product above but is a similar price, then this one is it. It can cover 4×5.6 sq. ft. and comes with full-spectrum lights. It uses only 250 Watts and can be used in a Daisy chain connection to reduce the cables in your setup. It can last for around 50,000 hours and can change between the vegetative phase and the flowering phase for your plant.

Overall, this product is very similar to the BWL light above but is a bit more expensive but comes with the ability to support a larger area. This will ensure that plants on the outside get enough light to sustain itself which is important if you want all your plants to provide you the yields you are looking for.



Lights are essential to every grower’s setup as your plants won’t be able to get the light for photosynthesis to create food itself in any other way. Lights are just as important as water, so make sure that you get the right one and not any type of light, as basic lights won’t be able to provide your plants with what it needs. Full-spectrum lights will get the job done, as they will imitate the light that the sun gives off, giving your plant all it will need to grow, flower, and produce yields that will satisfy you.