Do LED Grow Lights Work: Everything You Need to Know

Do LED grow lights work? The answer is yes, but how do these lights work on cannabis plants?

Before you go checking the latest LED grow lights in the internet or hardware store, read this guideline first and know if they’re worth buying.

The Science Behind LED Grow Lights

Sunlight is not the primary source of plants anymore. Some plants thrive with the use of grow lights. With the advancement of technology, the possibilities become limitless. Agriculturist can now produce crops even with winter and blizzard wreaking havoc in the surroundings. Greenhouse becomes more efficient than ever.

Nowadays, LED grow lights are getting popular to crops producers. These lights contain positive energy (holes) and negative energy (electrons). Through the proper use of voltage, these two energies collide creating energy called photons. This process results in energy that plants can use to create photosynthesis.

Colors and Brightness

The old LED grow lights are often blue or red. However, with research and development, experts discover other ways to use the spectrum of colors in the lights. According to some researchers, the color of the lights can affect the plant differently. Nowadays, you can choose the appropriate color and brightness that’ll make your plant grow healthier than before. These results prove that the answer is affirmative after being asked if do LED grow lights, work.

Full-spectrum LED grow lights mimic the sunlight, and provide more efficient ways to ensure the proper growth of the greenhouse plants. They have more than two colors and the appropriate level of brightness to ensure healthy foliage, flowers, and roots development.

Plants You’re Growing

Some plants require brighter lights than other plants. A 32-watt LED grow lights may be enough for other plants such as tomatoes but might be too much for lettuce. So, make sure you know which plants thrive more on sunlight and which plants don’t require too much sunlight. You can use this basis to buy the grow lights with appropriate brightness. Since cannabis is a leafy type of plants, low light is enough to grow them.

Planting Area

The planting area is also crucial in what type of LED grow lights to buy. According to experts, a 32-watt grow light is enough to heat and light a square foot planting area. Still, you have to consider the type of plants, growth rate, and other factors that are plant-related.

Plants and their needs vary, so it’s still a trial and error to some extent. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

  • LED grow lights saves energy compared to traditional grow lights
  • You harvest healthier plants because you can adjust the wavelength of the LED lights
  • You can hasten and shorten the crop cycles
  • LED grow lights are more durable than traditional grow lights

Disadvantages of Using LED Grow Lights

  • These lights cost more than traditional ones.
  • You’ll need to set-up LED compatible fixtures.

Tips to Maximize the Use of Your LED Grow Lights

Follow an Appropriate Lighting Schedule

Set up an alarm, so you know when to switch on or off the lights. Inconsistent lighting schedule can affect your plants. So, if you’re growing cannabis, make sure your plants get at least 18 hours of light during a growing stage and 12 hours during the flowering stage. A slight difference in the schedule even for once can make a negative impact on your cannabis.

Adjust the Lights Properly

Monitor the growth of your cannabis plant because you need to adjust the lights. If the lights are close enough to the foliage, the heat might burn the leaves. It may cause overheating, too, which will harm your plants. So, make sure that the LED lights fixtures have enough room for adjustment during the growth stage.

Protect Your LED Grow Lights

Does LED grow lights work for a long time? Yes, if it’s properly maintained. LED grow lights are low maintenance despite the costly investment. However, you need to protect the lights from harsh elements. Even if you’re using the grow lights indoors, dust, moisture, wayward insects or even foliage can ruin your investment. Another enemy of LED grow lights is a power surge.

Thus, ensure that your grow lights have stabilizers to regulate the voltage coming in. One power surge may not affect the performance, but regular and inconsistent power surge will damage your grow lights.

Set up the Lights at a Proper Distance

Again, the proper distance of the grow lights matters. Too near can cause overheating and too far means insufficient light to your cannabis lights. The general rule is to place the lights at least 12 inches away from the plants.

Does LED grow lights work? It’s a yes because these lights emit heat and light that is crucial in the photosynthesis of plants. LED grow lights are expensive, but they’re worth your investment. These lights help you save on energy, and you can use that savings on more important expenses. However, maintenance measures are essential to ensure that your LED lights last longer than traditional grow lights.



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