Kind K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light Review

LED grow lights are relatively new in the cannabis growing scene. However, they are fast becoming popular among indoor cannabis growers courtesy of their ability to increase yields while managing to remain cool and using minimal electricity.

The LED grow lights in the industry today are better than they were when the technology was introduced. So much so that when you ask any grower which LED grow light is better, you will get 100 different answers and opinions.

But the truth is, there can only be one best grow light for your cannabis. Several makes and models have been tested and there is one LED grow light that stands out from the rest – the Kind K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light.

The Kind K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light is like no other unit available on the market. It has a great design and lots of features other panels can only dream of having. Here is a review of the Kind K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light.

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Overview of the Kind K5 XL

Light Spectrum

The Kind K5 XL 1000 panels have 3 channels of LED diodes. These include blue, white and red. In addition to this, each LED diode comes with an adjustable intensity from 1% to 100%. This as such provides you with an unlimited number of adjustments for perfect growth of your cannabis. It is also worth noting that the panel sports 12 bands of light that provide a full light spectrum for your cannabis.

Sunset and Sunrise Function

This is technology at its best. This feature is designed to mimic the rising and setting of the sun. The sunrise function gently intensifies the light as the day passes. The light intensity reaches a maximum at noon and then the sunset feature is activated. This now dims the light intensity throughout the day until the light finally goes off. Think of the rising and setting of the sun.

Courtesy of this function, the panel goes through a total of 8 stages. This gives your cannabis garden an awakening in the morning and gently gives way to the darkness when the day comes to an end.

Pulse Width Modulation

The Kind K5 XL LED Grow Light uses the Pulse Width Modulation technology which only allows the diodes to consume just the right amount of power it needs at the different brightness settings. This technology thus sees to it that every watt drawn will be at its minimal but still provide optimal light.

Needless to say, the Kind K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light will save you money in the long run as you venture into the business of indoor cannabis growing.

Secondary Optical Lens

This secondary optical lens is used to focus as well as intensify the output. Also, it magnifies the Photosynthetic Active Radiation and increases the canopy penetration up to about 200%. The result is the ability of the light to reach the stems thus providing you with thicker cannabis plants and increased flower area. In the long run, you will maximize the yield.

Remote Control

The Kind K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light features a remote control that can be used to adjust and customize the spectrum settings, the timer, and well as turn the lights on and off. This keeps you from having to disturb the cannabis every time you need to make a change in the settings. As a matter of fact, with developed cannabis, you may have a challenge reaching into the canopy and making the adjustments.

Power Consumption

The Kind K5 XL 1000 panel uses 650 watts when it is at full intensity. Using this wattage, it still manages to provide a light intensity equivalent to that of a 1000 watt HPS bulb. This means that the Kind XL 1000 saves 35% energy while providing the same output.

Cooling Fans

With this unit, you will not have to buy additional cooling fans. It comes with 8 inbuilt fans that rotate at high speeds to draw air from the sides and blow over the aluminum heat sinks.


The panel is designed to provide coverage to a 5x5ft indoor garden. This is the same coverage a 1000 watt HPS bulb provides. However, as pointed out above, this LED grow light bulb has the benefit of drawing only 650 watts.

You should, however, be warned, do not place the LED panel close to your cannabis as the intense light may burn the leaves.


The fact that it features a customizable spectrum provides you with complete control over your indoor cannabis garden during both the flowering and vegetative stages. It also loved by most for its energy saving abilities. So it is not only efficient but will save you money as well.

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