MarsHydro LED Grow Light Review

By now you probably have seen the Mars Hydro brand name all over the internet; in forums and other social platforms. The reason most people have responded well to this LED grow light brand is simple. The MarsHydro grow lights sell at an inexpensive rate. As a matter of fact, they cost far less than equivalent HID systems on the market. As such, the LED grow light will save you money in the form of energy bills.

Now, you probably are thinking of the saying that you always get what you pay for. While this saying is true, the MarsHydro grow light is an exception to the rule. Despite its low costs, the unit delivers high-quality results. When compared to its competitors in the industry, it trumps them with great ease.

It is perfect for those cannabis growers who are looking to cut costs yet end up with a highly effective way to grow your cannabis.

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Overview of the MarsHydro LED Grow Light

Once you order the LED grow light, you will notice that it is fairly heavy. For most heavy items means reduced portability. However, the weight of this unit still allows it to be portable. As a matter of fact, its heavy nature is translated by many to mean the use of durable material for its construction.

When you purchase the MarsHydro Reflector LED Grow Light, the company provides you with just about everything that you may need for your indoor garden. This is, of course, less the cannabis plants. While the LED grow light panel does not feature an instruction manual, it is fairly simple to setup and use.

All you will need to do is plug it into an electrical socket and install the hangers. You will absolutely love the practically and design of hangers much like other customers did.

But if you read some of the reviews, you will notice that some people have noticed the positioning of the power cord tends to create some issues. If you do not attach it on the top, then it may get in the way. But generally, the power cord is meant to be on top so this should not be a major problem.

Another problem that seems to concern users is the flower light option. This setting has been reported to single plants. However, this should not be a reason why you should not proceed to make the purchase. You can avoid this by paying slightly more attention to the indoor garden. However, if you are a beginner and have no instruction manual to guide you, you might have to do some bit of research.


The MarsHydro only consumes about 150 watts of power. It helps you save about 50% in power costs while producing far more light.

As for coverage area, the unit is designed to service a 3.5x2ft veg area and a 3×1.5ft bloom area. Given its size, it is perfect for a small grow tent.

The MarsHydro features red, white and blue diodes. It provides a full spectrum light which works for all stages of cannabis growth. In addition to this, the unit comes with Epistar LED chips. They are powerful enough to penetrate the canopy deeper than the 3watt chips most LED panels feature.

As for the weight, as mentioned above, the unit weighs 8.8 pounds which is bearable.


Considering the price of the grow light, it is no shock to see new cannabis growers purchasing it. it is a great product for indoor cannabis farming and will provide you with higher yields and help you save some cash in the progress. Provided you have the basic installation of an LED grow light, you should be covered.

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