ViparSpectra Reflector 300W Review [2020 Update]

Indoor growing is fast becoming a popular way of producing cannabis. It has higher yields and even better saves on energy and subsequently your money. But while the practice is catching on fast, there is one challenge the industry is facing – providing the right light and at the right times. Since when you are growing cannabis you are taking matters into your own hands, you need to properly control and provide the right light.

Most of the grow lights available on the market either compromise on the quality of spectrum they avail, the focus of light and its intensity or in worst-case scenarios, both. With this, indoor growing becomes a difficult venture.

But before you throw in the towel, there is still hope with the ViparSpectra Reflector LED Grow Lights. This grow light features lots of advantages. It is safe and most importantly effective. The grow light is available in different sizes varying from 300 watts to 1200 watts but in this review, we focus our sights on the 300-watt model.

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ViparSpectra Reflector 300W Review

ViparSpectra Reflector 300W LED Grow Light Review 2019

Full Spectrum

Cannabis requires different natural light for growth. In addition, every stage of its growth requires varying light intensities. The ViparSpectra Reflector 300W provides a full spectrum grow light that can adequately cater to the varying cannabis plant needs at different stages of growth. The light from this unit is even. As such, it is devoid of hotspots unlike other grow lights available on the market.

As a matter of fact, the ViparSpectra Reflector Series has been designed as well as engineered to provide a perfect balance. The mirror reflectors added around the diodes provide the perfect spread out density and cover. The diodes in the panel are grouped evenly.

Light intensity and quality

The 5 watts LED chips work perfectly. They work complementary with the 300-watt reflector to provide light which can be compared to natural light. Needless to say, this light is way too bright to stare at. And although they are not the latest piece of technology in the market, they do seem to work their magic by providing usable light in plenty.

Low energy consumption

LED grow lights are generally designed to consume far less energy than the HPS grow lights. This 300W ViparSpectra Reflector Series panel, for instance, consumes 136 watts. Comparing this wattage to other traditional lighting types is almost half.

With the reduced wattage, you get to save on energy bill costs. In addition, it helps to prolong the life of the LED panel and makes cooling the panel an easier feat.

Heat Sink and Self-Cooling Fans

The design of conventional lighting causes them to heat up fast. With high temperatures comes a reduced efficiency. It is for this reason that LED panels are the preferred choice by most indoor cannabis farmers. For LED panels, the reduced heat allows for quality light delivery as well as a significantly easy to cool.

ViparSpectra Reflector Series sports several 4.72-inch fans. Each of these fans come with their individual heat sinks designed to efficiently dissipate heat without any problems. When the LED panel is turned on, the fans come on automatically.  This setup helps to create ideal conditions for better efficiency and higher cannabis yields.

When you are using the ViparSpectra Reflector Series, you will not need to have exterior cooling fans in your grow room. Especially if your growing cannabis on a small scale the indoor fans will get the job done.


Seeing that this is a 300-watt panel, it is best for beginner and hobby-grade cannabis growers. Professionals might just have to get the 900 and 1200 watt panels. The 300-watt panel provides coverage of 24×24 inches.

Quality Guarantee

Viparspectra provides the Reflector Series with a 3-year warranty. For a grow light panel this is a considerable amount of time for the unit to work without a hitch. This length of time should provide you with confidence that the grow light panel will work as advertised.


The ViparSpectra Reflector Series costs far less than most popular panels. This grow panel is designed to provide a decent blend of quality and affordability. Its low wattage means that it will not burn the cannabis even when switched to full light intensity. This particular ViparSpectra Reflector Series is perfect for beginners though, with time, and as the plants expand and the light needs increases, they can always upgrade to the higher watt versions.

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