Best Bud Trimmer Machines – Reviews & Buying Guide

So you’ve harvested your marijuana plants after months and months of taking care of them? Great! If it is a small batch or low-yielding seeds you’ve planted, you could probably trim them by hand to smaller buds, that you can grind in your weed grinder and finally enjoy. However, if you’re running a cannabis business, or just have a lot of buds that needs to be trimmed this can be a very time-consuming task. This is where the bud trimmer steps in.

With a bud trimmer machine you can easily chop up the buds into smaller pieces, to be able to fit it in a grinder, and thus being able to smoke it. We’ve done hours and hours of research on bud trimming machines as we understood that as we grew our garden, this would eat up most of our time and we couldn’t focus our energy on the other important parts of growing weed.

First off, we’ll present the best bud trimmer machines on the market to this date. At the top, you’ll find the best bud trimmer machine, but all the machines on this list are great and we would highly recommend all of them

Bud Trimming Machine Reviews

1. iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-Inch Bud Bowl Trimmer

This bud trimmer is a manual bud trimmer with a crank, so that you can, with precision, trim your buds. Enjoy the power of 30 scissors in one machine, and be able to effectively trim the buds to perfect sized buds for you, or your customers. The sharp blades make sure that the buds don’t get damaged while making sure that the cleanup process can be done with ease.

This bud trimmer is perfect for personal growers as well as small-medium business growers due to its size. At 16″ diameter, you can fit this thing on the countertop in your kitchen, or in your greenhouse without having to rearrange anything. The fact that it is a bud trimmer with a crank makes it not so suitable if you are growing lots and lots of plants, and thus we would recommend large-scale growers to look for another model. But for small-scale growers that want to save time by having a bud trimmer, this will be absolutely perfect.

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2. Trimpro Unplugged

This Trimpro is a great bud trimmer if you need to have a quiet trimmer that won’t make more noise than necessary. For example, it will be for good use if you want to trim your buds in your apartment or other situations where you need to be discreet, where powerful electric bud trimmers just won’t do.

It is power-free, and has a crank, which means that you won’t have to deal with huge electricity bills when trimming your buds. If you are growing weed for personal use, and not making a profit from it, then keeping the costs low is something you should strive to do. Trimpro Unplugged is light, yet sturdy enough to make sure you can trim your buds without having a wiggly bud trimmer.

This bud trimmer is also 16″ in diameter and suitable for someone with limited space (dorm room, apartment or a small greenhouse). The adjustable blade height and hand-controlled speed make the results totally controllable by you.

We recommend this bud trimming machine for personal growers as well as small-medium commercial growers. It’s not big enough to handle large-scale operations, but big enough for a small-scale growers intent.

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3. CenturionPro Mini

Now we are leveling up big time in terms of the cost as well as efficiency-level. Next on our list of the best bud trimmers is the CenturionPro Mini. This electric bud trimmer is a must-need if you’re doing large-scale growing and need to handle big harvests. It can handle over 6 to 8 pounds of buds every hour while remaining very small (25″ length, 10″ width, 35″ height).

This bud trimming machine can handle what a normal 15-person bud trimming staff can do, all by itself. When you take that into consideration, the price isn’t really that big. It can handle both wet and dry weed, which is great if you ask us, who likes to trim our buds before putting them to dry.

It has a built-in dust collection system which makes it very easy clean after it has been used. Simply pull it apart and clean the machine, once it’s clean, put it together and you can use it again. The most compact yet powerful automatic bud trimmer we’ve ever seen, you won’t be disappointed with this one – that’s for sure. CenturionPro also offers a 3-year warranty for the machine, which shows that they are confident about their own product.

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4. The Triminator – Industrial Trimmer System

This is not just a bud trimmer, it is an industrial trimmer system. The Triminator is where the makers of The Terminator found their inspiration from. Jokes aside, this bud trimming system is a power-house and is a one-of-a-kind bud trimmer, which is displayed both in the pricing as well as in the efficiency.

This is not a bud trimmer for those of you who run a small or medium garden, this is a bud trimmer for those who do massive harvests and run large-scale operations. Their patent-pending self-cleaning system keeps the drum clean and you will not have to clean up after using it since the machine handles it. Once it is time to clean the whole machine, you do not have to tear it apart like other machines ask you to do. You can pressure wash this machine without having to worry about degrading the equipment, which saves a whole lot of time.

The worlds largest drum makes this bud trimmer 2.5X faster than any other trimmer on the market. Some get chocked when they see the price but do not consider what it actually provides to their business. If you could increase the efficiency of your bud trimming staff, by 2,5X, for a one-time fee, would you do it?

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5. The Magic Trimmer – Electric Automatic Handheld Bud Trimmer

If you’re not interested in having a bowl trimmer and do not need a big industrial bud trimmer, then this handheld bud trimmer might be for you. It’s electric, which makes it easier to trim using this one rather than a scissor. It’ll get messy when you use this bud trimmer, but that’s totally worth it as it is a beast when it comes to handling big buds.

It weighs around 2 pounds and is easy to maneuver. Once you’ve used it you can easily wash it off and put it in the drawer so that nobody will see it and get suspicious. Since it is a handheld bud trimmer you have 100% precision and can make sure to get the buds exactly as big as you like them. We recommend the Magic Trimmer for anyone interested in having full control over your buds, whilst removing the need of shears.

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What to consider when buying a bud trimmer machine

How many plants?

Are you simply growing for personal use with just 1 or 2 plants? Then scissors will do the job just great (we recommend these scissors if that’s the case). However, if you run a large-scale commercial grow, or grow a lot for yourself, then a bud trimming machine is to recommend. After that, you need to figure out roughly how many buds you will produce so that you can decide if you should get a manual bud trimmer or an electric bud trimmer to do the job for you.

The electric, automatic bud trimmers cost quite a bit more, but in the long-run, it might be worth it if you can automate an otherwise quite time-consuming task such as trimming buds.


What is your budget? Do you have a large enough budget to buy an automatic machine, or do you simply want a crank bud trimmer for just a few hundred dollars? If you’re running a commercial, large-scale growth you need to invest more money since it will make you more money than what it actually costs. Let’s take the CenturionPro Mini, for example, it costs a few thousand up front, but in the long-run, it operates as a 15-person (!) bud trimming staff. A few thousand as a one-time investment for replacement of 15 people’s salary and time is literally nothing!


This goes hand-in-hand with how many buds you want to trim, and how large your operation is, but it’s also necessary to make sure that you actually have space for the bud trimming machine. If you do not have a lot of space, then getting a manual bud trimmer, such as the iPower bud trimmer, is a good choice. If you have your eyes on a bigger bud trimmer then you should for sure watch the specifications to make sure you actually have room for it.

Best bud trimming practices

Wet or dry?

The on-going discussion about whether to trim your buds wet, or dry, is one where there is a split opinion. While trimming wet buds usually give you more a pleasant result in terms of how it looks, it can get quite messy while doing so by hand. Using a bud trimming machine that can handle wet buds is the better choice.

To let your buds dry before trimming them is a choice many of those who live in a place with low humidity and where it’s usually dry. Some say that if you trim your buds before drying them, they will dry too quickly and the results aren’t as good. We’ve not experienced that, but we suggest people test what they prefer before just deciding which method is the best.

Most, unless mentioned, bud trimmers in this best bud trimmers article can handle both wet and dry buds with ease, so when choosing bud trimmer this isn’t something you need to take into consideration (at least if you pick a product from this list of the best bud trimming machines).


There is more equipment we would recommend you get when you trim buds, one of them are gloves. Of course, this is something to you know you should have if you’re trimming your buds manually, but even when using an electric machine it is recommended. This is to not damage the buds and to keep the resin off your skin.

If you’re interested in drying your bud before trimming them you need to dry it somehow. Some people us clothesline, or a drying rack, or non-stick cookie sheets. Whatever you pick of these, we’re sure you’ll get the same result.

The leftovers that you get when picking up the buds with your gloves, or trimming them with your shears, can be used for edibles or for smoking it. Therefore, never throw away any leftovers and make sure to use everything that comes from the holy plant.


We hope that our article has helped you decide which the best bud trimmer is for you personally, or for your bu(d)siness. We can nothing but recommend you to get a bud trimmer as it is one of the great ways to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Good luck!

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