Best Grow Tent for Growing Cannabis 2018

If you’re looking to grow at a bigger scale than what you’re currently growing at, then getting a grow tent is a great idea. Although it isn’t as beginner-friendly as a grow box, it is the best option if you have the equipment ready and just need a controlled environment to grow your cannabis.

The main difference between a grow tent and a grow box is that the box comes with pots, sometimes soil, and instructions to help you get started, with the tent coming with just the tent to grow your plants under. Although this may seem like a deal breaker, the advantage to using a tent is that they are generally cheaper and give you more space to work with. One box may equal the price of two tents with the tents being two to three times more spacious than the box.

If you have all the equipment and is experienced with growing, then going with a grow tent is the better idea. We recommend that you read our reviews of the best grow tents so that you can see the options available and see which one fits your needs the most because both of the types serve great as grow rooms.


Best Grow Tents

1.) Galaxy Grow Tents: Superior Quality (2×4, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, & 4×8 Foot)

If you don’t want to read our other reviews and want to go with the best, then we highly recommend you choose this tent. As it is extremely heavy-duty and can withstand any amount of pressure you put on it, it is the best choice for those that care about build quality. Close to everything about this tent is heavy duty including its zippers, pouch, poles, and corners. These all contribute to giving you a tent that will last you a long time, making the money you spent worth it.

Alongside its quality, this tent also comes with a few other features to make your experience with it even better. It comes with a spill tray that will collect anything that may spill and make a mess. This tray can easily be cleaned and replaced so that your tent can stay clean. In addition, this tent comes with ducting ports so that you can lead ducts in and out of the tent and by using the double liner, you can make sure that nothing can affect the controls inside the tent.

One feature that we loved about this tent is that it comes with reflective material. This material is great for growing tents because it allows your tent to evenly spread out light to prevent any hot spots from forming. These hot spots can change the growth and yields of your plant, which is why this is such an important feature. The price of this tent is affordable when taking its quality and features into consideration. As constructing it is very easy and as you’ll be able to use this product for a long time, we highly recommend you get it.


2.) Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

This one is a bit different than the one above as it is a lot pricier. However, this is because this tent is more like a box in that it comes with things that you’ll need for your setup, such as pots, etc. This will allow even the most clueless to learn how to grow their own marijuana without having to resort to other resources. With this kit, however, you’ll need to get your own seeds as it doesn’t come with any.

One feature that we like about this tent is that you can choose between two setups. One setup is for 20 small plants and one setup is for 6 larger plants. So, if you decide to grow larger plants, then you can choose to go with the 6-plant option so that you can have the pots to accommodate your setup. This is a great advantage over other products because some may not even support larger plants while this one offers you two setups that are well-suited for both.

In addition, this tent comes with a 600w lighting system alongside a ballast. These are essential to all growing setups and as it comes with this tent, you won’t have to worry about researching and having to find one yourself. This tent also comes with internal fans for circulation alongside a timer to help you grow your plants a lot easier.

As we said above, the price for this tent is a lot higher than what you would expect from a tent. However, it comes with a value that far exceeds the price which is why we recommend this tent to those looking for an all-in-one system.


3.) Oasis 2’x4’x6.5′ – 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Tent System

This tent is another kit that comes with everything you’ll need for growing marijuana. It is one of the best indoor grow tents as the things it comes in the kit are all materials that we would recommend if you were to get them yourself. These materials include CoCo Coir Bale, Hydro stones, and pots. The CoCo bale is great because it is an alternative to peat moss and when mixed with water, it can expand to save you time and energy. The hydro stones that come with this kit are exceptional because they have 67 percent better water retention and work well when used with the CoCo Bale.

This tent is extremely sturdy as it comes with heavy duty everything. It has heavy-duty zippers, pouches, corners, and even poles. Although you may not realize it, having heavy duty things make up most of your tent will allow you to use the tent a lot longer as it is more reliable. In addition, this tent comes with Mars Grow lights that are also heavy-duty as it is guaranteed to work for 50,000 hours. Overall, the price for this tent is justified by the features and additions that this tent comes with, so if you are on the lookout for an affordable all-in-one tent, then this one is the right choice for you.


4.) Grow Buddy – 16 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

Although a bit pricier, we have yet another all-in-one tent kit. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to start your farm including lights, reflectors, timers, filters, fans, and more. One thing we absolutely loved about this tent was the light that it came with. It is a 400-watt HPS bulb, meaning that it won’t use as much energy compared to the average wattage an average grow light uses. Paired with the reflectors and ballast that this tent comes with, you won’t have a problem giving your plant the light it needs to grow in a heavy fashion.

The timer and circulation fan this product comes with will assist in keeping the controls that affect plant growth from not changing as much as possible. This is so that plants grow in its desired temperature without any other variables affecting it. You’ll also get a hydroponics grow system along with a nutrient so that you won’t have to go out and get them yourself. The nutrient is a popular brand called Technaflora that is known to provide more than enough nutrients to support your plants. The hydroponics system will allow you to grow 16 plants with ease.

Overall, if you are willing to pay a little bit more for a much more refined system, then this kit might be the better choice for you. As it is a bit different than some of the tents in this list, due to it being hydroponic, keep an eye on it if the things it comes with interests you. However, you do have to note that it is a bit expensive, so keep that into consideration when deciding whether to go with this one or a more affordable one.


5.) Oasis 4’x4’x6.5′ – 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Tent System

This Oasis grow tent system is in the same line of products as #2 on this list. However, the difference between the two is that this one is a bit more expensive and is a lot bigger. This means that in exchange for paying a bit more for this tent, you’ll be able to grow larger plants and therefore, get more yields in a shorter amount of time. Just like the other tent, this one comes with heavy duty zippers, pouches, poles, etc., so that you can use this tent for as long as you want if maintained well. You may not realize this, but having heavy duty zippers is essential if you want to go in and out of your tent frequently. Remember the time your jacket’s zipper kept getting stuck? By having a heavy-duty zipper, you will never have this problem, which is why we highly recommend it.

This tent comes with Mars 192 LED grow light which is one of the best lights to use if you want to save money and use it for a long time (guaranteed to work for 50,000 hours). In addition to the light, it comes with a reflector to maximize coverage area and to use energy more efficiently. Overall, if you are willing to spend a bit more to be able to grow larger plants, then this system may be for you as you get all the advantages and features of the Oasis system, but simply get more space to work with.


6.) Gorilla Grow Tent – 5 x 5 Foot

Unlike the few products we reviewed above, this tent isn’t an all-in-one system. However, we consider this to be one of the best as the durability of this tent is phenomenal. This may be because the main point of purchasing this tent is for its durability (“Gorilla” tent), but you get features as well that help justify its “more than average” price. As it is incredibly thick and dense, you won’t have to worry about any outside variables affecting your plants. To get a sense of how dense it is, imagine the average grow tent and increase the density of it by 3 to 9 times!

This tent comes with ducts in convenient locations to make it easier for you to direct ducts through your tent. It also has windows to allow you to view inside the tent without having to enter it yourself. This will let you see if your plants need any maintenance without having to waste time and go inside to check. As we explained above, having heavy duty zippers is an amazing advantage and will simplify your growing experience. Thankfully, this applies to this tent as well as it comes with one of the strongest zippers that you can find alongside velcro seals on some parts of the tent that is strong and durable. Lastly, this tent comes with the ability to be increased in size, so that if you are growing plants that are taller than average, you can choose to extend your tent to accommodate that size. Although the price is a bit higher than average when compared to standalone tents, this one is a lot tougher making it a good contender if you are into durable tents.


7.) Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 26 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

If you are ready to invest quite a bit into a setup that can get you a breathtaking 24 pounds of marijuana per year, then this one is one to focus on. As it can store a lot more than its competitors and comes with unique features, it can give you a lot more in terms of yield, making it a great choice if your budget can support it. The great thing about this product is that it comes with the gorilla tent alongside its own system which allows you to have the combined effect of an extremely durable tent with an effective growing system. Yes, this one is an all-in-one tent which means that it will come with pots, fans, lighting, and ducts. However, the Mortgage Lifter is unique because its setup formula allows plants to grow faster than any other system out there.

This setup is all explained in the instructional DVD and instructions that come with the product.

This tent comes with dual 600 wattage lights. Although dual lights may seem like going overboard, it is required because of the huge number of plants this tent can support. As it comes with a pH testing kit and a thermometer, you’ll be able to keep track of all the variables that may affect your plant’s growth. This tent can work with both a 12-large tree system or a 26-small plant system. This means that if you choose to grow larger plants, you can go with the smaller quantity system with the 26-system allowing you to grow more at once, but plants not being able to grow as big. Overall, this tent is expensive, but it will provide you with a lot more yields than any other tent available.


8.) Oasis 4’x8’x6.5′ – 8 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Tent System

This is one of the biggest Oasis models that you can get today, as it can cover an astonishing 4’x8’x6.5’. This is enough to have a large harvest and potential for an insane yield. However, it does come at a cost as it is a lot more expensive than what you would expect from an Oasis system. On the other hand, it does come with double what normally comes with this system including more bale, hydro stones, and better quality. It comes with two Mars 192 LED lights which allows you to grow your plants more efficiently and cheaper with the guarantee of working for 50,000 hours.

This tent is very heavy duty, as it comes with heavy duty everything. It comes with poles, zippers, pouches, and even windows that are durable and can provide you with anything you’ll need without breaking down for years to come. There are also features to make your life a lot easier, such as spill trays, light guard flaps for windows that come with this tent, alongside ducting ports that are placed in positions where ducts are most often placed through. Overall, this tent is quite on the expensive side considering it doesn’t have that many unique aspects and as it is just a bigger version of the Oasis tent system that we reviewed a few times in this guide.


9.) Gorilla Grow Tent – 2 x 2.5 Foot

The Gorilla Grow Tent is a smaller version of the other Gorilla tent that we reviewed above. As it is smaller, it is more affordable and of course, comes at a smaller size of 2 x 2.5’. However, you can still get an extension kit to make the height of this tent higher to allow you to grow plants that grow to be quite tall in size. In addition to this, it has one of the thickest materials which prevents outside variables from affecting the temperature or ambient environment inside of the tent. This will help your plants stay in a consistent environment without things like cold weather or heaters inside your home changing the temperature of your tent.

This tent is highly recommended for beginners and even experts because of how simple it is to set up. It also has a very durable zipper that will allow you to exit in and out of the tent with ease, as the zipper will slide up and down easily without any resistance. The velcro seals will also help with simplicity and accessibility. Overall, if you need a smaller tent and are looking for the best grow tent for the money, then this one is one that you should consider.


10.) Mega Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 52 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

The ultimate best grow tent setup, the Mega Mortgage Lifter is the most expensive, yet best tent on this list. As it can grow an unimaginable amount of 48 pounds of cannabis per year, you’ll be sure that you’ll get your money worth out of this tent in a short time. Alongside its massive size, you get a system that works very efficiently to get you the best possible yields possible in the shortest amount of time.

You can choose to grow either 24 large trees or smaller 52 plants, with the 52 being recommended due to the higher yields you can get with this system with smaller trees. You also get access to four grow lights with this tent alongside two fans that will help keep the air inside the tent circulated. Overall, this tent is the best choice if you don’t take price into consideration. However, even when you take price into consideration, this tent has the best value as the yields you’ll be able to get with this tent will make up for its price by a huge margin.



A grow tent is essential if you want to move out of your beginner growing area and start growing in a more regulated environment to grow more plants and to get better yields. Although it may be a bit more expensive than you might be used to, it’ll be worth it in the end when you see the result of your hard work and see the reaping of the harvest laid out in front of you. We highly recommend that you take the leap and choose one of the tents above and start your growing journey today.