Borneo Kratom Review: Myth’s Busted!

There is perhaps no Kratom strain that’s so popular yet shrouded in mystery like Borneo.

This strain has changed its reputation in leaps and bounds, from being considered a knockoff of Bali Kratom to becoming one of the most sought after herbal drug.

Legends say that the mystics of Southeast Asia used this strain to cure impossible to treat diseases like depression, anxiety, and night terrors.

You may or may not believe it, but I’ve seen the results firsthand.

Want to try out for yourself? Then you might want to settle down and read what I have to say.

Hi everyone, it’s Daniel here, and today in this Borneo Kratom review, I’ll be giving you all the details you need to know to buy this strain with confidence.

About Borneo Kratom

Back in the old days, Borneo was known as the poor cousin of Bali. People would sell Borneo strains categorizing them as Bali just to make a few quick bucks.

You need not be concerned though; those days have long passed. Borneo is different from Bali, sure, but it’s also one of the best strains you can get yourself. I mean, Borneo is this massive island with different kinds of weather, and that means your strains come up as super diverse.

What makes Borneo Kratom special?

My first batch of Borneo was a loan from a friend. He swore that it was magical and I being restricted to other strains was not good enough.

Guess what? He was right!

A strong dose of the Borneo strain and I was getting back into my normal sleeping patterns and healthy lifestyle.

Another reason I love Borneo is that of how clean my energy feels. I mean sure, Bali will hit you with feelings of happiness, but with Borneo, I feel totally at peace. There’s a reason for that too! Unlike Bali, which is not high on sedation, Borneo prides itself on being one of the most sedating strains.

Guess what a depressed person with nightmares wants? Not beautiful women, not the biggest of mansion, or even a Ferrari (though, I’d probably get one if I ever get a chance) but sleep! Using Borneo was the first time in years that I slept for the complete 8 hours!

So, how does Borneo do it?

Third largest island in the world, diverse habitats and wonderful plantations, Borneo seems like the perfect vacation place. While I’ve not been there myself, I know that the Borneo strains get their strength from diversity.

For example: If you can plant a Kratom in Texas, and another in good old San Francisco, they would probably turn out to be a lot different from one another. Borneo, with its significant amount of land has some of the strongest strains.

I mean sure, if you’re a truck driver working through back pain, you would rather go with Bali. But, for me, I love Borneo strains. It works perfectly and helps me feel all fresh when I get myself to work.

What works?

So, how Kratom is general works is that it takes a few plant stuff called alkaloids and hooks your brain up to give you happy feelings and thoughts. It acts on the same receptors that endocannabinoids act on, so the euphoria you feel is pretty much natural.

Borneo carries around the highest amount of the sedative alkaloid. So, if you miss sleeping like a kid and have been getting nightmares, Borneo just might take you back to your younger years when sleep came naturally as play.

Pretty much everything else of Borneo strain works the same way as other strains. Imagine the cleanest petrol in your car: that’s what Kratom is. It hits the right spots in your brain, makes you confident and calm enough to go hit the road.



  1. Effective against anxiety

Imagine Benzos, but with no side effects. This works like your drug shop medicine, and does stuff in your brain too. However, since it’s not synthetic and is considered a natural substance, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any legal issues.

  1. Good, clean energy

This is difficult to explain really. Look at it this way: when you take the Borneo strain, it makes you blissful and ready to take on the world. It’s not a “high” per se, but an overall sensation of enthusiasm and confidence that overcomes your mind.

  1. Great for chronic pain

We take sedatives whenever we have pain-related issues. Except Kratom is not just a sedative. As Aaron puts it, Kratom helps him by not only easing out his back pain but, also giving him the energy to work.

  1. 100% Natural

What you get here are just crushed leaves of a plant, so no need to worry about those pesky side effects that come from the usual synthetic drugs.

  1. Guarantees from several nations

Sure, Kratom hit the States pretty late, but it has been used as a supplement by the Asian natives for centuries. So, when most of the orient swears by it’s holistic properties, why shouldn’t you give it a try?

  1. Diversity

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world! This means your strains will come in different varieties and qualities of every kind. No matter what you are suffering from, there’s probably a Borneo strain out there for it.

  1. Helps with opiate withdrawals

One of the charges leveled against Kratom is that it is addictive. But let’s be fair, the reason kratom was banned in Malaysia was because people started realizing it’s potential to ease withdrawal symptoms.

What standard symptoms of withdrawals? The usual hypertension, nausea, anxiety, etc. That’s what these strains fight well.

  1. Makes you feel warm

This might not be the most attractive property in the summer, but through the winter months, I love how Kratom keeps me warm and cozy. Borneo with its high amount of alkaloids hits right at home and makes me able to work through the winter months  without worry.

  1. A high amount of sedation

Every vital property of Kratom comes from the potency of its alkaloids. And as luck would have it, Borneo has the most sedating feature out of all of them due to its high alkaloid concentration. So, if you’re having night terrors or not sleeping enough, Kratom could be your friend in need.

  1. No false-positives

Unless your local authority is designing a test specifically to catch Kratom, you won’t be getting any false-positives on the drug tests.


  • Works well for chronic pain
  • Helpful in anxiety and depression
  • Lots of strains to choose from
  • Different amount of alkaloids
  • Closest to Bali strains in quality


  • Can get addictive and builds a tolerance fast
  • Not the most potent of strains

How I felt after using different strains


  1. Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo Kratom

Here’s a handy guide to knowing whether the strain from a particular place is good for you or not. Try the red one. I tried the red-veined Borneo Kratom much earlier than this, but I fell out with it because it made me feel drowsy for more hours than I wanted it to. This time, however, I was switching up from a daily dose of 4 grams of Bali Red-veined strain to this one.

I get anxiety attacks rarely, but when it does happen, it gets frightening. Like really frightening! I lose sight of where I am at, feel scared and out of place, and I even start shaking. This is what was happening to me as I began to try this particular strain.

I love white Bali as it packs a lot of energy and works pretty well when you have depression as I do. However, white veined plants being generally weaker in the calming section meant after the work-week I had, I was pretty much spiraling.

The first time I took this product, I started feeling calm after about an hour or so. My anxiety subsided, and I could start making solutions for almost all my problems. Now, usually for people who are normal, picking solutions is like a walk in the park. But for us, it is no less than a hurdle race.

Yet, with continuous use of this supplement, I could get rid of the day’s stress whenever I came back home. As I said, Borneo is one of the most calming strains you’ll find in the Kratom market, and I’m not mincing any words!

What they have done here is boiled down the Kratom resin and added a lot of alkaloids into the mix. So, not only was I feeling the effects of the plant but, also of the added good stuff they were giving me.

Would I recommend it?

I mean, I keep about 100 grams at my office and my home at all times. There’s no reason I shouldn’t. However, should you decide to buy out the stocks because of how good this is, please save some for me.

  1. Red Vein Borneo Kratom

Switching from the Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo to this was a slow process. Mostly, I wanted to give this a chance, but I figured that this won’t be as potent well ahead of time. So, what I did here is, I started mixing the two to get the desired effect.

In about two weeks, I was taking only this strain and nothing else.

So, how did it fare?

Surprisingly well!  I was taking 3 grams of the other strain before this one, and the only mark up I did to match the tolerance was to take 4 grams of this one.

Unlike the other strain though, the calm in this case, was much more subtle. I could return to work but despite keeping the feeling of being slightly anxious. I know, anxiety is terrible, but a little bit of it is normal, and may even help one complete tasks faster.

It keeps you alert enough to avoid making any mistakes, and calm enough to do the work in peace. Basically, keeps your mind performing how it should.

What I liked about this product is how it helped me with my pain issues. Look, long hours of standing do not resonate with my body, but I have to do exactly that on some work days. With this Kratom, I felt much more relieved while walking and standing.

I won’t say it was sedating the pain; it was making tolerating easier. In fact, even when I went on a Kratom break after this to reduce tolerance, my pain was manageable for a good two weeks.

Would I recommend?

Do you like being on your toes for work and not suffer from too much pain? Then this product would be right for you!

  1. Green Vein Borneo Kratom

Here’s a rule of thumb for you new beginners with Kratom. If you start building up a tolerance with the strong strains, take a break. Since I had tried two strong Borneo strains before this, I started with taking the good green stuff after whole month’s break from Kratom.

By the time my period of abstinence was over and tolerance had worn down, I was feeling pretty terrible. Work stress had been piling up for a while, and the return of recurring bad dreams only added to the anguish.

Also, I was having some trouble on the personal front as depression was effectively stopping me from being with my kids. I’ll be honest, one of the worst feelings in the world is when you’re alienated from your own kids just because you lack the energy to be with them.

Green veins are usually subtle, so when I started with 2 grams of this strain I did not expect much of a difference. However, I did notice myself becoming happier and calmer over a couple of hours.

With regular use, I could get back and finish all my pending work at the office too.

What sold me on this?

The idea wasn’t appealing at first. Office work needed completing after all, and I would’ve found a way to do it sooner or later. Plus, as someone who had used 4 grams of the Red-veined Borneo to feel normal, the fact that a lesser dosage of the green vein was acting that good was suspicious for me.

This ended when I found myself playing with the kids again. By the third day of use, I was back playing around with the kids and being happier than I generally am. In about a week, my nightmare situation had also improved.

While this Kratom is not as calming as the other Borneo strains available, I could see myself getting fuller hours of sleep without any hassle.

Would I recommend?

Yes! I am still in disbelief over how potent this strain is to be very honest, so I’d tell you guys to give it a try too! If it works the same way for you, just give me a virtual Hi-5, alright?

Side Effects

Look, I ain’t a liar, Kratom does have some side effects. But, they can be easily avoided with proper use. Always keep water with you, always be aware of the tolerance you are building and be safe.

Here are side effects you may face:

  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Itching
  • Loss of appetite

Just keep your dose in mind and you will be in the clear from all the side effects!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, but I love what Kratom does for me, and I would love for you to experience the same too.


Guys, I have news for you…

Borneo is no longer the poor cousin of Bali!

We all need some Borneo sometimes in our life. The sedating property and the clean energy is enough to make it a great buy!

I recommend keeping some of this for occasional use even if you use heavier strains in your daily life. We all need some peace and quiet sometimes. And with Borneo, you get just that.

Sure, you might move on eventually, and have the time of your life with another beau. But, what I am saying is, if I gotta marry a Kratom strain, I would rather say “I do” to Borneo strains than any other.

And the best place to buy? Coastline Kratom, of course! So, go ahead and try this stuff out.