Horned Kratom Review: Honest Buyer’s Guide

Consuming Kratom is easy; buying the right one…eh not so much!

Aside from being confused by all the different kinds of strains and veins, you might also have to scour through literally unlimited types of fake products in the market.

And when it comes to choosing a strain that is as real as the Horned Kratom, things are not supposed to get easier.

But worry not!

As long as you read this Horned Kratom review by none other than yours truly, I promise you’ll be on the right track.

Hiya everyone, it’s me, Daniel, signing in again to walk you through the uncharted territories of herbal drugs.

So, read along to be to find the best Horned Kratom for your needs.

About Horned Kratom

Horned Kratom is probably the best-kept secret of the Kratom community. I remember the time when I first tried to buy and it took about three months for me to get a strain.

But, let’s face it; growing horned Kratom is hard work. Not only is it found in only one place (most other Kratoms are), it far more rare than many other varieties. These plants have these horns on their leaves, which give them their name.

These come from the thick jungles of Kalimanta in Borneo, and like the jungle itself, it’s shrouded in mystery.

What makes Horned Kratom special?

Horned Kratom is unpredictable. This means that other strains may confuse you a little, but with Horned it’s close to impossible to tell how the high will be.

I know this is not an attractive quality for the beginner. But, consider the possibility that in appropriate dosages, Horned Kratom can be one of the best therapeutic strains you’ll ever find find. How so?

Horned Kratom can act either slow or fast, but either way, it has this knack for treating chronic pain better than any other strains. I’ve heard people complain about how their Horned variety was not doing much in the way of sleep and anxiety, but still somehow managed to keep their pain in check.

Why does this happen?

Remember the alkaloids I talked about? Horned Kratom also excels in that quality. Sure, because it is born in Borneo, it has many of the same properties. But it grows very differently and is more comparable to Maeng Da.

If you face chronic pain or sleeping problems, Horned Kratom might be your answer. It does carry a high concentration of the sleepy alkaloid just like Borneo, but it does NOT knock you out.

In fact, Borneo can be a punch to the gut if you work late nights; Horned cannot!. While Horned will knock you out in higher concentrations (In reality, most Kratom strains would put you to sleep in higher concentrations), at lower levels it acts like the fuel for all your work, and that’s quite incredible, wouldn’t you agree?

So how does Horned do it?

Look, I get it, one of the charges leveled against Horned Kratom is that it’s just a more expensive Borneo copy. But, I want you to consider this: Horned Kratom is the product of a mutation and is far more endemic than the Borneo strains you might be having.

Think of it this way; they say that Horned Kratom is unpredictable, but given the huge diversity in most Borneo strains, it indeed is more reliable too.

Horned has a different alkaloid profile, and like Borneo, works well when it comes to sedative properties. However, that’s not the best part. The best part is literally how it can take you out of a bad day and put you into a good one.

Horned Kratom is my Kratom of choice for night terrors. I even prefer it over Maeng Da to be honest. It works brilliantly, with an overall calm in your body and sleepiness.


  1. Chronic Pain help

When you have friends like Aaron, you become aware of how scary some other people’s lives are. Well, Horned Kratom helps manage a lot of surgery and chronic pain without causing any worry.

  1. Anti-anxiety

One of the funniest things I’ve seen is how my depression medication used to list depression as one of the side effects. Talk about irony dying a slow death! Horned Kratom is different as it helps with both depression and anxiety without putting you under the risk of adverse side effects.

  1. Warm strain

Borneo and Horned Kratom can make you survive the cold waves that are hitting lately. They make you feel warmer and quieter, so people who are not a fan of cold temperature can say goodbye to their winter blues.

  1. Mood enhancement

One of my friends who serves at a pretty big restaurant once told me that Horned strains help him smile throughout the day. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever worked in any service industry, but if a server tells you something like this, you can blindly buy a batch for yourself.

  1. Longer effects

Bali and Borneo are good strains. They help you in a lot of ways. However, Horned for some reason works for a longer period. I’ve taken the powder and felt its effect last for an entire day without facing any kind of worry.

  1. Anti-depressant

I won’t say this is Horned Kratom’s best deal. I mean sure, it works fine when it wants to, but most days it’s kind of a coin flip. However, when it does hit home, it hits homeruns all the way.

  1. Completely natural

If you were wondering about it, yes, all plants contain alkaloids. With Kratom, you’re getting the benefit of something that is entirely natural and has little to no side effects.


  • Wonderful on chronic pain
  • One of the best sedative strains
  • 100% Natural and no side effects
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Some of the rarest strains
  • Unique alkaloid profile


  • More sedation than normal strains
  • The warmth can be annoying in summer months

How I felt after using different strains?

 1. Ultra Enhanced Red Horned Kratom

People compare the Red-Veined Horned Kratom to Maeng Da. Unfortunately, I had never experienced it as such. I always took Horned to be distinct from Maeng Da, and this did not mean that it was bad per se. It was just different, and perhaps a bit weaker.

I took back that opinion after I tried this product. What I did with this was to start with the absolute lowest of 1 gram and increased it to 3 grams to reach my “sweet spot.”

The first thing I noticed about Horned Kratom was how different my mood felt. I had been having a more or less crappy week when I started taking this. And my situation owed to a lot of personal circumstances. My kid’s birthday was coming up and planning a party for someone so little and so popular was no easy task.

In fact, one of the reasons I hate planning occasions is because of how poorly I react to the experience of shopping. One or two trips to the mall to get groceries is okay, long hours spent browsing for gifts gives me a lot of anxiety.

While I settled in on to the 3-gram dosage, I found myself being much calmer and relaxed as I approached the work I had. I could rationalize the steps and do them better. It was like having a day planner implanted into my head, and realizing the goals in real-time.

One of the other things I loved about this product was that the calm went onto my sleep, as I could sleep for long hours without any problems. I dropped my kids to school twice, and that felt amazing too.

Would I recommend?

As a parent, one of my favorite things in when I can participate in my kids’ lives. This let me to do that without any doubts, and that’s why I won’t hesitate recommending it to anxious dads like myself.

2. Red Vein Horned Kratom

Moving on from the earlier strain was difficult. What I focused on this time was how strongly this would affect me alone. After regular use for a week, I was confident enough to know.

Red-veined Horned Kratom is notorious in the Kratom community for its unpredictability. I understood why as for the first week, the Kratom had an overall calming effect.

I was getting back into my life just fine, with a good week at work and dinner planned with the missus. However, on the day of the dinner, this strain really got to my head. I could not work at all and felt constantly sleepy.

I’m not implying it was bad for health; it was different as I felt calm enough to just drift off to sleep. In fact, that’s what Horned Kratom is famous for. It is one of the strains people regularly use for sleeping, and it works as such.

It was maybe because I had such a long, productive week at work that the final day took me by surprise.

However, over the weeks, I could feel how wonderful this strain was. I could afford to miss dosages for a day or two, and I would still be feeling happy and ready-for-work because of how long-lasting it was.

Would I recommend?

I love Horned red strains, but let’s face it, it’s is not for you if you work long hours. However, if you want to deal with depression and anxiety it’s one of the best strains around.

3. White Vein Horned Kratom

You would have more luck finding a unicorn than a dealer who sells this white veined strain of Horned Kratom. White veins as it is are tough to find; put them together with a mutated strain and you’ve gone on the search of the rarest of the rare.

This substance had gained my interest simply because of the strain. In fact, before I began this review, I had already bought the pack and tried it along with my other strains.

However, giving this a chance itself was a completely different experience. In an hour or two, I would feel tingles run down my spine, and I would be ready to run a whole marathon!

One of my favorite things was that throughout the days of use, I never had a depressive episode. I could acknowledge stress, but it did not affect me personally to the level that hampered my decisions.

This, in particular, was a fun side of it all. Something I enjoyed a lot. I found myself humming songs while working, and I took the Missus out for a long due date.

If I would point out a con, it was the fact that it regularly made my throat dry. Drinking loads of water did help, but that was inconvenient at work.

Would I recommend?

Buy from a trusted dealer and you’re pretty much set for a long-long while. This will not only help you deal with depression and anxiety but more outgoing and confident as a person.

Side Effects

Kratom does have some side effects which are totally avoidable if you take a bit of care. Just be mindful of your dosage and keep yourself hydrated throughout. What happens if you don’t?! Well

  • You might be dehydrated
  • You might be nauseous
  • There’s a slight chance of breathing problems
  • You might start feeling itchy all over

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional! However, I do love Kratom and what it does for my body and I would love to share that feeling with you. See a real doctor if you have medical queries about Kratom.


A roller coaster ride might not be your idea of relaxing…

But, Horned Kratom is so much more than unpredictable. I see the bad rep and I feel bad that a lot of people give this a straight-up miss because of that property.

Horned Kratom, at worst, is simply subtle, and at its best is quick relief. Either way, you’re in for a nice feeling that you can count on! So, why not give it a shot?

Be sure you get the original variety though from an online store like Coastline Kratom. Horned is ridiculously difficult to find and you should always be a bit aware anyway.

Here’s Daniel, hoping you have a great day!