Best Bongs Under $100

Not everyone looking to spend cash on bongs has hundreds of dollars. It is for this reason that we have prepared a list of bongs that everyone can afford. This is the perfect blog to get you that bong for less than $100. It is said that you always get what you pay for. This is a fact. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Just because a bong is affordable does not mean that it lacks in quality. All the bongs we have listed on this piece are of high quality and can match $150 or $200 bongs if not beat them in quality. That said, regardless of the amount you spend on a bong, you should ensure it gets the job done right.

Our Top 6 Picks Best Bongs under $100:

1. Glasscity Straight Cylinder Ice Bong

We have fallen in love with the way in which this bong is designed. It features several subtle touches of black on the overall clean design. The contrast is without a doubt eye-catching and gives the unit a great and beautiful depth. More to this, most have fallen in love with the curved neck design.

The quality of this unit is undeniable and the smaller parts in the middle are protected from breaking. The only downside to this glass bong is that the little tubes could prove to be difficult to clean. But with the correct tools, cleaning this unit should not be a problem. Indeed, this is a uniquely designed and styled bong costing below $100.  It certainly impresses many.

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2. REANICE Recycler 14.5mm Joint Set

There are very few pieces in the bong industry that can boast of the kind of design and elegance that the REANICE Recycler features. It has everyone, well not exactly everyone but most people, eating from the ‘palm of its hands.’ The small intertwining tubes are the final nail in the intricate and beautiful design of this unit.

This gorgeous bong has been designed from a high borosilicate glass. This provides the intricate design with added strength to withstand sudden external pressures. As such, it does not break as easy as other glass bongs on the market.

In addition to this, you will be pleased to note that the bong set features an ash catcher along with a quartz banger, a dry bowl piece, concentrate containers and a dabber. REANICE truly goes the whole nine yards in providing you with a great weed experience.

When you consider its size, this dab ring is best used as a dab ring. And given the fact that it features an ash catcher, it proves to be very easy to clean out the gunk. Very little gunk if any gains entry into the inside of the unit.

This bong is truly, without a doubt, an interesting piece that will give a heavenly experience to both newbies and beginners.

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3. Boost Hells Fury Glass Beaker Bong

This is yet another unique bong with an excellent shape and with a crystal clear glass. The unit is slightly under 12-inches (11.8-inches to be exact). Overall, it is a beautiful pipe that is bound to stand out in your collection. The open circle at its core adds to the overall beauty of the unit.  It also is great to touch. The green accents at the base of the unit add to the beauty of the bong.

The shape of the bong is purposeful and functional. It helps in keeping away debris and ash from gaining entry into the unit. The bent neck mouthpiece is thus well protected and so is your tongue.

Or less than $100, you can get your hands on this special piece of a bong. Dabbing with this unit is bound to be super fun.

It should, however, be pointed out that courtesy of its glass construction, it is a fragile bong. As such, if any damage comes to the unit during shipment, you should get in touch with the company soonest.

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4. Black Leaf 4-arm Perc Bong with Ash Catcher

If you are one looking for a simple design, then this is the best cheap bong to purchase. The bong comes with the basics and gets the job done effectively. It is made from clear glass.

It sells for a meager and affordable price. Its low price, however, does not mean that it is of low quality. If anything, its basic and simple design allows every part to be designed up to standard performing its function flawlessly.

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5. Glass Water Bubbler 5.5” Inch

There are very few bongs that can with great ease exude the level of character and beauty that this unit features. This unit is simply a work of art. The round bottom base is not colored while mouthpiece has a soft blue color. Additionally, they feature bumps along its length which add to its overall beauty and design.

The bubbler measures 5.5 inches and is designed from top quality glass.

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6. 15-Inch Straight Water Rig Medium Bong

We have fallen in love with this 15-inch straight tube bong. Its classic blue and clear design are beautiful. The bong comes with a percolator (four-arm). But aside from this, the overall design is simply a straight tube that maximizes the flavor. The unit comes with a downstem, a bowl piece as well as a small one-hitter.

Truth be told, there is nothing uncommon or fancy about the design of this bong. However, considering quality and price, it is one of the best bongs on the market. If you are in the market for a classic bong, one that confidently displays your personality without a high risk of breaking, then this straight and clear blog is perfect for you.

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Sure Working with a $100 budget may seem to limit. But once you dive head first in the market, you will soon realize that there are lots of best cheap bongs to choose from.  Hopefully, with the list above you manage to narrow down to a piece that matches your personality and preference.

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