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1. The Black Leaf – 3-arm 2. Weed Star – Smellchecker Stemless Glass3. Black Leaf – Elite Beaker Base Tube
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Percolator bongs are of late a must-have device for any weed enthusiast. The number one reason why these types of bongs have sky-rocketed in popularity over the past few years is courtesy of the pure bliss they afford their users.

Every draw from this bong is like magic with smoke from the weed penetrating into every cell in your body. The design of this bong type is in such a way that you are guaranteed of getting a great hit every fill.

Percolators are equipped with diffusers and filters that work to extract the best components of the weed and simultaneously get rid of unwanted carcinogens.

With all these benefits and advantages, one has to wonder, which is the best percolator bong?

In all honesty, this is a rather difficult question to answer.


Well, because the best percolator bong is subjective to several factors including personal preferences.

To choose the best percolator bong for you, you will have to consider the levels of diffusion you are comfortable with and the amount of caustic, nasty components you are okay with inhaling.

If you do not mind smoking the nasty substances, then a percolator with no filter will work correctly. If you are, however, a sophisticated stoner with precise requirements for your smoke, needing a smoother and delicious smoke, you need one with high-end filtration.

In this unit, we seek to explain the basics of percolator bongs, how they work and go through reviews of some of the best percolator bongs on the market.

How a Percolator Bong Works

Percolator bongs work by making use of pressure. They force different pressures through different outlets.  The user then inhales causing a suction force that forces the smoke down into the water below and through a filtration system before it gains entry into the lungs.

The process the smoke goes through help to ensure the smoke is delicious and cool and lacking nasty tastes. It is the nasty smells that irritates the throat and causes one to cough like a newbie.

During the described process, there is also a pressure exchange between the cool waters and the hot smoke. This pressure difference allows for increased efficiency with regards to cooling.

In addition to this, the process also leads to the trapping of toxins thus ensuring that you receive one of the purest smokes there is.

Percolators come in a variety of types.

These include the tree percolator, the dome percolators The Dewar, Coil percolator, Pinwheel percolators, honeycomb percolators, and inline percolators. All these have their fair share of pros and cons.

Now that we have gotten the basics out of the way let us get into the thick of things – reviews of some of the best percolator bongs on the market.

So without further delay, here is the comprehensive list.

Our Picks of Best Percolator Bongs of 2019:

Best Perc Bongs in 2019 1. The Black Leaf – 3-arm Tube With Ash Catcher

This is a one of a kind bong. It smokes perfectly and is perfect for both pros and beginners in the industry. It is a 3-arm slitted percolator which works to diffuse the smoke with great ease and excellently. The unit in addition to this features notches through which you can add some ice and cause the smoke to be super cool. The excellently diffused smoke cools down faster.

It is also important to note that this unit rips hard and the bowl is of a perfect size. The ash catcher on this unit makes it a breeze to clean. Very little gunk, if any makes it through into the unit. This leaves you with little to remove or clean.

The percolator is constructed from high-quality glass. Though generally glass is fragile, this particular unit appears sturdy and stronger than most. The glass is well decorated, and the blue hue adds to the contrast and beauty of the unit.

This bong has gained popularity and is ranked as a top seller for a reason. All the above-mentioned features including its great design, great smoke, ease of cleaning and being an all-around percolator make it a perfect addition to any herb enthusiast’s collection.

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Perc Bongs on greenthevoteok2. Weed Star – Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube With Inline Percolator

Weed star is a brand that has made a name for itself in the past years. It has over the years produced high-quality bongs to its consumers. Also, the bongs are highly functional, and every smoker wants to have it for themselves. This still holds true for this stemless glass tube.

The unit is designed from a high-quality borosilicate glass and features an inbuilt precooler. The borosilicate glass provides the unit with great strength and sturdiness. Overall, this bong will provide you with milky and smooth hits that will carry you to the clouds.

The unit sports a mini 6-slit inline percolator. This works perfectly to provide minimal drag and only works to improve the smoothness of the pull.

Some individuals have gone on record to complain of the ice notches. They state that these inbuilt ice notches are too small and that the ice keeps falling through. In response to this, Weed Star has improved on this by making bigger notches. This is therefore no longer an issue.

Overall, the unit is easy to clean, well built and provides great value for money.

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Different types of Percolator Bongs 3. Black Leaf – Elite Beaker Base Percolator Tube

Compared to the bong reviewed above from Black Leaf, we can consider this as an upgrade. The unit instead of 3-arms is a 6-arm percolator. Black Leaf upped its game in this regard. There are however some other differences which include;

The base of this unit is smaller than one would expect. But regardless of its small size, it is sturdy and holds a considerable amount of water. This percolator is categorized under tree percolators. It is a true beauty. All you need to do is light it up and enjoy watching the smoke rise and fill it up. The smoke produced in this unit is smooth. There are no other words that can adequately describe the quality of this smoke better than ‘smooth.’

As for the bowl, it is surprisingly large. It is so big that it can fit a large number of herbs in it. This is a great thing. But be it as it may, it is recommended that one uses a screen to keep the buds from falling through into the bong.

It is also worth noting that this unit features a splash guard. Splash guards are functional accessories that help keep water from reaching your mouth while you are toking. With this unit, you can rip as hard as you please. And after it all, all you will get are coughing fits.

This unit proves to be very easy to clean. The cleaning process entails adding your cleaner and shaking it thoroughly then rinsing.

It truly is a great buy. It comes highly recommended for both pros and newbies. It is beautiful, and there aren’t any major downsides to this bong.

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Ice perc bong 4. Weed Star – Messias Illusion Single Percolator

This bong from Weed Star features a beaker design. It sports a bi-stable joint as well as a single chambered 3-arm percolator. The bong in addition to this comes with a glass bubbling with add to the beauty of the unit. The bubbles are great additions and cause the bong to have a more than ordinary look. They also add to the grip of the bong. With the enhanced grip, you can hold it in one hand without the fear of it slipping.

The glass used to construct the unit is sturdy and nice. The base is strong and sturdy as well. Overall, the bong features minimal drag. The joints on this unit are airtight and are solid. Truly, some thought and creativity went into the making of this bong.

When you maintain the cleanliness of this bong, you can be sure it will hit hard soar you to the heavens for prolonged periods. Luckily, it is easy to clean the unit. The bowl might be smaller compared to other units, but it provides the option of upgrading if you please.

The only downside is the percolator tends to accumulate gunk and dirt fast with prolonged use. As such, keeping it clean is almost a full-time job. But with its ease of cleaning this should not be an issue.

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Honeycomb Percolator Stemless Glass Tube With UFO Percolator5. Black Leaf – Honeycomb Percolator Stemless Glass Tube With UFO Percolator

Landing the very best percolator in this time and age can be a tedious process. This much we can agree on. However, you are in luck. With this, bong, your long search is made shorter. This bong features two percolators in one.

The first percolator diffuses the smoke when it is pulled and rises from the bow. This particular percolator is the honeycomb kind. It is small and contained in the bong bowl. As the smoke rises from the bowl, through the chamber, and into the tube, it goes through yet another honeycomb percolator and then lastly through a UFO percolator.

Adding ice to the unit will cool the smoke passing over it adding a soothing, cool and smooth effect to the smoke. There is also the option of adding a precooler and an ash catcher to the unit to make it an all-rounded piece meeting your every need.

The glass used to build this unit is sturdy. However, the base could be much wider. As it is, it is slightly small for its size.

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Double Spiral Perc Bong 6. Clear Glass Beaker Base With Double Spiral Percolator

Those who have used this unit in the past compare its hits to that of a train. Also, they are constantly raving about the great filtration as well as the drag which seems to be just perfect. The glass of this unit is clear, decorated and thick. It gives the bong a sturdy feel which means you need not worry about accidentally knocking it over.

The bowl is medium-sized and can hold a significant amount of water. The bong provides a smooth and creamy hit. The stem and the base are designed separately as such; it proves easier to clean.

When taking a hit, the smoke rising through the percolator is beautiful. The spiral makes it all the more eye-catching and adds a little oomph to the unit.

Overall, the bong is quiet and is perfect for individuals looking to smoke discretely. It is perfect for first-timers who are experimenting with percolators and trying to learn whether they will love the experience or not.

Individuals who have been smoking for quite some time may not particularly prefer this bong. Nonetheless, it proves perfect for beginners. All in all, check it out. You never know, it just might be the one for you.

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Flaming Skull Percolator Bong7. Flaming Skull Percolator Bong

This is an extremely simple beaker designed complete with a functional ash catcher. It has been made from a thick 5mm glass. However, this glass is not as thick around the base. It is therefore imperative that you exercise caution. The other parts do, however, feature the 5mm thickness.

The dome percolator provides ample diffusion and works to cool the smoke with great effectiveness. Additionally, it provides reduced drag than normal.

When combined with ice, the bong will provide a smooth and cool hit. We should point out that the unit comes with a carb hole as well as a stopper. You as such do not have to use the carb hole if it is not your style. It can be cleaned. However, the cleaning process may prove to be difficult. But nonetheless, once it is done, it provides quality hits.

Overall, this is a great bong for beginners. It goes for a cheap and affordable price range. If you are on a budget but still want a unit that will deliver quality hits, then this is the percolator for you. Give it some consideration.

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Conclusion: Which one is the Best Percolator Bong?

You might have realized that this list features lots of bongs by Black Leaf. But this is courtesy of the unit’s quality bongs.

Additionally, the bongs produced fetch an affordable price…

But aside from that, we hope the review list has shed some light on the best percolator bong, and your decision-making process has been made easier.

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