Creative Ideas on How to Use Kief and How to Extract It

Have you heard about the word kief on the streets? You might have heard this word several times. You probably need to read this thoroughly.

Now, what is Kief? Let’s begin with its origin. Kief might sound strange to you because it’s not an American word; it’s originally an Arabic word that’s borrowed that means “pleasure” or “intoxication.” Biologically speaking, kief is commonly found on the tip of a trichome.

It is the resin gland wherein terpenes, and cannabinoids can be found. Now, in case you didn’t know what a trichome is, it is a hair-like structure that can be seen all over cannabis’ bud. Some plants do have trichomes. However, the cannabis plant is the only trichome that makes you shoot up the sky and fly high.

Okay, so to be fair with those of you who are just starting to puff some weed, then let’s define what a terpene and Cannabinoid are:

Terpenes – terpenes or terpenoids are organic hydrocarbons that can be seen in plants and even insects. But since we’re talking about marijuana, Cannabis Sativa L. is also rich with terpenes. It is also considered as a defense mechanism of a particular plant to prevent them from predator attacks. Because they have slightly olfactory factor disabilities.

Cannabinoids – Cannabinoids are chemical substances that can be produced by Cannabis Sativa L. or what we call on the streets as Weed, pot, or Marijuana. This chemical substance gives a psychedelic effect on the users of Marijuana.

What Makes Kief, Special?

Many cannabis-enthusiast are blown away by how kief can give them a strong kick. You might be wondering how on Earth this happens? Kief is very potent, Cannabinoid which can be found inside a kief is the one responsible for making you “high” and terpenes can make a difference through its taste.

So, how can you enjoy kief? Because kief is highly potent, these are sold in the market expensively, making it hard for those who are financially unstable to purchase it. In addition to that, even the extraction tool that is being sold in the market are marked up totally.

However, you can enjoy it without splurging your money. As you go along with this article, you will learn a lot of processes, so you better get yourself ready to be equipped with these techniques.

Extracting Kief from Cannabis Plant

Why buy, when you can extract your kief, you will only need a four-chamber grinder. Yes, that simple.

Here are further instructions on how to extract a kief:

  1. Prepare the grinding chamber – A crushing chamber should have at least four to five chambers, depending on how fine you want your kief to be extracted.
  2. Fill the grinding chamber with dried and cured Weed – Make sure that the chunks of Weed that will enter the chamber will fit thoroughly.
  3. Close the lid – It is important to close it properly, you don’t want to waste a weed, right?
  4. Screw it appropriately – This where the magic begins, the moment you screw the big chunks of Weed, every debris will go to the bottom part. The only thing that will be there is the kief itself.

As these weeds are being ground, the kief is immediately extracted from the cannabis plant.  And voila, you can enjoy your ganja-party.

9 Unique Ways to use the Kief you Extract:

However, if you want to spice up your Kief experience, you should know how to use this rock star in so many ways.

  • Edible Kief – Yes, of course, kief is edible. This is the simplest way of experiencing kief. With its potency, you can sprinkle any desired amounts to any food you may have. Get ready to get the party started.
  • Joint and Blunt – Well, this is the commonly known usage cannabis. However, you may go ahead and use kief with it. But, remember how potent kief is so that you may start with a small amount first.
  • Make some hash – Well, this is old. You probably know that a mixture is an ancient form of pure cannabis. The goal of making a hash is to make it tightly packed by putting more pressure on it. This can be sprinkled over your favorite food, and you may also smoke it.
  • Moonrocks – You’ll enjoy moonrocks. It’s easy to make, by simply rolling a nug into an oil, and sprinkle it with your desired amount of kief. Because of its high potency, you would love using this all over again.
  • Vape Juice – Grab a vape now and give your vaping a kick. But first, you’ll be needing these ingredients: A coffee filter, vegetable oil, propylene glycol, double boiler, and don’t forget the kief. Get a 1:1 ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable oil as well as your desired amount of kief. Put them in the boiler, and melt it until it smoothens. Of course, use a coffee filter to strain it.
  • Coffee in kief, why not? – Yes, all the coffee lovers and cannabis lovers, you may celebrate now. You can add kief into your favorite latte. Add it like adding sugar, and drink it. Enjoy!
  • Thai Stick – Small and puff like a boss using a Thai stick. Seedless buds make a Thai stick of Marijuana, damped in a marijuana oil and put some kief around it. Lastly, don’t forget the marijuana leaf, cover the mixture entirely, and experience to be higher than high.
  • Bong – Upgrade a low-quality bong by merely adding a kief in it and enjoy the mysteries of the bong.
  • Press Rosin – You want your rosin to be more potent? Add a kief to it despite being famous in the ganja world, because of its different kind of less solvent extraction.

These are just some ways and processes to use kief and enjoy it. Be sure to use your cannabis with a touch of kief. Its potency can bring you to places. You’ll surely have a party when you and your friends do this session together. You were surely surprised as to how it can be extracted smoothly without even spending that much money.

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