Best Ways to Keep Weed Fresh for a long time

Cannabis has been known as an illegal substance in most countries. However, countries like the United States are slowly embracing the medical benefits of this substance. Though not all states have legalized its use, the continued debate of marijuana’s necessity over dangers is still unresolved.

Regardless, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been revolutionizing marijuana manufacturing in anticipation of a worldwide acceptance in the coming future. But, users of marijuana will agree that the hardest challenge for pharmaceutical companies in the packaging of marijuana.

Since time immemorial, packaging has always been a challenge. Pharmacists of the 1800s used airtight tin cans to preserve the marijuana’s potency. In the 1900s, they used ceramic jars. But nowadays, how does one store weed?

Factors Affecting Marijuana Freshness

Storing marijuana takes a lot of different considerations. It’s asking questions like “what container to use” or “where to keep.” But, aside from these questions, the biggest problem must behow to keep weed fresh?”

Certain factors are affecting the freshness of weed. There are three main factors: Humidity, Temperature, and Light. These factors create an interplay on the level of freshness of cannabis.

#1 Humidity

In storing weed, humidity is the hardest enemy to defeat. Humidity can either maintain the freshness of weed or destroy its purpose. Too much moisture will spoil the weed due to molds and mildew. Too little humidity will dry the trichome resin and the cannabinoids. Effect? The medicinal attributes of marijuana will diminish completely. It is recommended to maintain relative humidity at 59 to 63 percent to preserve marijuana’s qualities. Having the right humidity will affect weed freshness.

#2 Temperature

The air temperature is another headache to consider. Humidity and air temperature play a give-and-take role. One cannot exist without another. When it’s too hot, moisture increases which would encourage molds and mildew to spoil it. Also, marijuana will lose its euphoric effect. So, the common mistake is to freeze it in the freezer. Logical as it may sound, but chemistry doesn’t purely operate on logic. Freezing marijuana will affect its smoking potential. What’s the ideal? Store in a cool The magic word is “cool” and not “cold.”

#3 Light

exposure to light is not harmful provided that it’s artificial light. The light factor here refers to ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays significantly affect the properties of the leaf, and it can create the smoking experience of the user. However, this factor is the easiest to defeat. Just store in a dark place or in a container that can block light.

Storing Marijuana: Balancing the Factors

Now that the factors were presented in the previous paragraph maintaining the right balance of the three can make stored marijuana as fresh as possible. Below are different ways to keep the weed fresh with proper storage.

1. Store in a dark, airtight, glass container.

This technique is a classic. Moreover, this is for beginners. It is weed storage 101 on how to keep weed fresh. It is accessible and easily obtained. Beware of glass containers that aren’t airtight. Make sure that it is airtight because little air might dry the weed inside. It is recommended to use jars intended for preservation (e.g., fruit preserves). Also, don’t forget to store it in a cool and dry place. There are weed containers which can also be used.

2. Cannabis Humidor

This storing technique is for those who want to level up their game. If storing in glass containers aren’t effective, the cannabis humidor is a wooden container made of mahogany. Mahogany can balance the humidity. Beware of tobacco humidors. Those are made of cedarwood and not recommended for marijuana.

3.Boveda Packs

If the cannabis humidor is not enough, boveda packs are somehow similar to minor upgrades. Boveda Packs are salts and water-absorbing beads that help in maintaining the humidity of the container. These packs are the best compliments for the cannabis humidor. It can help maintain the desired freshness of stored marijuana.

Considering External Factors

Even if you have religiously followed the right temperature, humidity, and light requirements for storing weed, there are other factors. Below are reminders to keep in mind when storing weed:

  • Plastic containers are not recommended
  • Fruit peels to add flavor can affect the moisture of container which could lead to the growth of molds or mildew
  • Never store marijuana beside objects with strong aroma (e.g., perfumes, cologne, makeup, etc.)
  • Keep marijuana storage containers in a controlled location. Do not leave it on the kitchen table or the medicine cabinet.
  • Refrain from storing containers beside electronics, especially those that emit heat for it could decrease the potency of the weed.

Now that you know how the basic of weed storage, the question on “how to keep weed fresh” has been answered. Storing weed may be tricky at first, but with continued practice and experience, one can perfect the art of storing marijuana and the science of maintaining its freshness.

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