Mighty Vaporizer Review – Everything you need to know!

Coming to vaporizers, there have been a lot of badass named vaporizers such as the ‘Volcano’, the ‘Firefly’, etc. but nothing comes close to matching the swag of the ‘Mighty’. The name only is enough to attract people towards it. But the Mighty is not all about its name only but is all about its performance as well. Being a German product is a testimony in itself to its quality, durability, and all other aspects that one looks for in a vaporizer. 

Overall, the Mighty is a portable convection vaporizer with a ton of features packed underneath it. Size could be an issue for a lot of users, but, at the end of the day, if it is power and performance that you desire, the Mighty should and has to be your next and final stop.


The safety aspects of the Mighty are a little variable if that’s the right word for it. The Mighty comes in 2 different models- first is the standard or the normal model if you please, that just goes by the name of ‘Mighty Vaporizer’ and the second one is a comparatively new model that goes by the name of the ‘Mighty Medic’. The difference between the two is pretty obvious in the name of the second model- it has something to do with being medicinal much like its brother- the Volcano Medic. 

The ‘Medic’ title is the indication that it has been government tested and certified to be perfectly safe from a medical point of view and thus can be used as a medical device. The standard model of the same is in that regards not a medically certified product, but still puts a lot of its competitors to shame as long as I am discussing safety.

Putting medical aspects aside, the reason why the Mighty is a great choice and a loved product amongst its users is that you don’t need to constantly keep checking if your vaporizer is charged or not. An inbuilt vibration alarm goes off when the vaporizer is heated enough and is ready for use. The same alarm comes with an auto-cutoff feature that turns on if the temperature of the device goes too high as a precautionary measure. These safety features implemented properly bring up the safety rating of the Mighty to levels where one does need not think much and straightaway go with the Mighty as their next partner in vaping.

As another safety precaution, I would advise all of you interested in the Mighty vaporizer to not purchase the water bubbler attachment that comes with it because it has the potential to crack the plastic of the body of your vaporizer. The water bubbler attachment gives you an option to increment the temperature of the vaporizer that is beyond the scope of the vaporizer itself. 

Doing so would only be a fool’s errand because no herb of yours (except for cannabis) is going to need a temperature beyond 200o C (which is well within the scope of the Mighty) and the water bubbler is only going to unnecessarily raise the temperature of the body inevitably and could potentially damage the vaporizer.  


Design-wise, the Mighty puts itself to shame. In the vaporizer world, the Mighty is nothing less than a piece of brick- bulky and ugly. But what it lacks in design, it makes up for the same in its build quality. It boasts a plastic body that gives off an extremely rugged look to it. It is also pretty bulky and is a true testament to the fact that ‘plastic isn’t always cheap’. 

Even with an ugly plastic body, the Mighty gives away a really sturdy look and also lives up to its expectations, but it certainly does not live up to the definition of a ‘beautiful’ design such as a sleek body, a sophisticated look, or something else. Even though it’s a hybrid convection vaporizer but it looks more like a home vaporizer whose cord has been cut off. At the end of the day, however, the Mighty is all about power and if you are a user, you should proudly boast this beast in the public.

The Mighty stands pretty firm at 230 grams and measures 3.2” x 1.2” x 5.5” making it a pretty bulky vaporizer. It is in fact so bulky that you cannot carry it in your pockets (you can but then you won’t be comfortable in any manner) like other sleek vaporizers or even conceal it in your hands making its portability a problem for many. It is not discreet anyhow. However, if there’s a backpack or a bag of some sort, then portability is out of the question and then there’s nothing better than the Mighty.

Heating element & Temperature Flexibility 

  • I stated earlier that the Mighty is a hybrid vaporizer. So naturally, the question arises that what this term hybrid means. It means that the Mighty makes use of 2 different scientific processes in its heating element viz. conduction and convection. This not only allows the Mighty to heat up really fast, but it is also the factor that ensures the quality and the dense vapors that the Mighty is capable of producing. The heating element has been made out of Aluminum which is another factor for the fast heating of the Mighty as well adds to the safety of the vaporizer as a whole.
  • The temperature options of the Mighty are also pretty good. In fact, one can go out on a leg and say that it is even excellent. The body comprises of easy to use buttons on the side that act as the temperature regulators of the vaporizer. The temperature range of the Mighty is just too wide thus giving one the option to vape their way through different types of herbs, through different effects, etc. With a range of 105-410 degrees Fahrenheit, the Mighty offers you really precise control over your stuff that subsequently allows you to have a good session be it alone or be it in the company of friends. 


The chamber size or the amount of herb that the Mighty can store in its core chamber is quite variable and is dependent on the grind style of the herb. Thinner the grind, more the capacity of the chamber and vice versa is the concept that is applied over here. To quote numbers and figures, the Mighty can store almost 0.25 grams of your herb if it is just dry and in the normal powdered form that it comes. 

However, if you crush and grind the herb to superfine levels, the capacity of the chamber takes a considerate amount of leap and jumps to almost 0.35 grams of holding capacity, which is an almost 40% increase in capacity thus providing you the chance to smoke your flavor to the depths of its taste.

As far as being efficient goes, the Mighty is not as mighty as one would think it to be. The hybrid concept of including both conduction and convection systems might shoot its vapor quality to unprecedented levels, but the same system hinders with the Mighty to not perform at the same levels as that of a full convection vaporizer. Measuring efficiency in terms of convection/conduction ratio, the Mighty falls quite behind its competitors, primarily due to the conduction effect which may allow you to draw the vapors from the first breath, it but at the same time, it also pulls down the overall efficiency of your session.


This is the place where the Mighty earns its money. No one can doubt or question the quality of the vapor that the Mighty produces which is all thanks to the hybrid design of its heating element that makes use of both conduction as convection to heat the vaporizer where in contrast convection is the standard and the more preferred mechanism for heating vaporizers. By making use of both processes simultaneously, the Mighty makes sure that it constantly comes up with potent vapors all the time. 

It is a true and complete powerhouse in all senses capable of giving away the best quality vapors that one would have ever witnessed in a portable vaporizer. To quote the manufacturers Storz and Bickel, “It is the conduction that ensures that vapor is drawn from the very first breath itself” and this is the reason why the Mighty is such a big success. One does not need to suck in anything for any amount of time and enjoy only the finest quality smoke for as long as the experience allows.

The hitting capability of the Mighty is also beyond the charts which is all thanks to the next level quality smoke produced by it and the biggest thing is that it does so consistently regardless of what is used in it or how it is used. It is one of the most powerful and consistent vaporizers out there in the market matched and bested only by small brother- the CRAFTY (only as long as portable vaporizers are in the picture). Only the premium quality desktop vaporizers are what beat the Mighty into the dust but that is only because they make use of a constant eclectic supply that keeps the smoke heated up at all times, unlike portable vaporizers.

Smell & Taste

In terms of taste and flavor delivery, the Mighty is not really what one would have expected from a vaporizer of its caliber. The taste delivery is not too bad, but not too good either; it is just above average. The taste of the flavor delivered is pretty pure and smooth, but can become really harsh once the temperature starts to rise especially at temperatures above 390 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The plastic passage for air is the biggest culprit towards the Mighty not achieving what it possibly could have. At high temperatures, it is recommended that one makes use of some sort of water filtration to prevent the flavor particles from passing directly into the airway and subsequently into the mouths and subsequently god forbid not, into the body (which is harmful in the long term in its own ways).

The one positive result of the Mighty in terms of the taste deliverance is that it is extremely consistent in delivering a great taste apart from the potent vapors throughout the vaping session, where in contrast, a lot of other vaporizers are not able to deliver a consistent taste of the flavor throughout the session since they start to deteriorate and fade out by the end of the session and one unknowingly keeps sucking plain and bland smoke which is again injurious to health.
As smell is directly proportional to taste when it comes to vaporizers, it is fairly straightforward that the smell given away by the Mighty too is consistent just like its taste. The smell of your flavor is given away in the best manner possible as per the capabilities of the Mighty. 

Battery Life, Charging options & Charge time 

  • This is yet another field where the Mighty earns its money. Its battery life is probably its biggest selling point. That large, sturdy, and ugly body is not just there like that. There’s a reason for the same and that is to house the big 18650 batteries that give the Mighty a battery life of well over 90 minutes. The number may not seem like much in itself, but in practical scenarios, the very same number is capable for you to enjoy anywhere between 8-12 sessions of vaping (depending of course on your usage). This humongous power is enough to last you for an evening hangout session with friends or even last you for the weekend.
  • The charging options for the Mighty are limited to a power plug. Unlike its brother- the Crafty, the Mighty cannot be plugged in through a USB. But what it lacks for here, the Mighty makes up for the same by taking advantage of pass-through charging, which means that you do not have to necessarily wait till it’s charged enough to continue or start your weeping session. You can very well use it while it is plugged in and enjoy your vaping even if the battery has been completely drained out.
  • The charging time of the Mighty is almost 2 hours for charging it from a completely dead state to its full capacity. The same, however, goes up if you decide to carry extra batteries (for not ruining your fun) otherwise a couple of hours is all it takes to get the Mighty up and running.

How to Use & Tricks to get the best performance

Using the Mighty is as extremely easy. You just press the power button, set the temperature using the control buttons on the body and the vaporizer starts to heat your herb automatically. Once it’s heated up, you are ready to roll. While in use, the Mighty displays your set temperature, the battery remaining, and the default temperature on the body itself to give you an idea of how much more to heat or cool your herb to extract the best flavor and also give you an idea of how long you can continue at the same time.

Everything has some tricks around it which allows you to push its experience up by a notch. With the Mighty, you can make use of the following tricks to push the performance of the Mighty (even if just by a notch)-

  1. Instead of using dry and default herb, go for a super fine powdered herb for the best flavor experience.
  2. Drawing quick and hustled breaths often tend to increase the temperature of the herb chamber, thus interfering with its flavor extraction. To enjoy a consistent experience, draw your vapors in a slow and controlled manner.
  3. All sorts of herb react differently to the temperature at which they are heated:
    • For light herb meant for mental medication, don’t wander beyond 180 degrees Celsius (356o F).
    • For medications that need a stronger hit and effect on the body, find the best temperature for you between 180o C – 200o C (356-392o F).
    • Only for extreme levels of medication that have a really high impact on the body should you wander beyond 200o C (392o F).

The Mighty is more than capable and equipped to draw the best levels of flavor from your herb, but with a simple hack, you can extract another level of flavor from the same. After almost 10 draws from the vaporizer, just stir the herb in the bow. This allows the herb to move a little and allow for the remaining herb to heat up and give away more taste.

How to Maintain & Clean

The Mighty may be a powerhouse, but it takes minimal effort to keep it performing at optimal levels. At the end of a session, the best-recommended advice would be to clear out the screen at the bottom side of the bowl as well as the bowl itself to ensure that the airway for the vaporizer does not get blocked due to impurities staying behind. The same can be done with running water or better yet with some alcohol (goes by the name of Iso (Isopropyl) alcohol in shops and markets).

Normal cleaning is not an issue with the Mighty but deep cleaning is quite time consuming though. Thorough cleansing of the vaporizer is recommended after almost 20 sessions during which the screen should be replaced instead of cleaning it again and using it. 

Reputation, Reliability & Warranty Information 

Talking of reputation first- the manufacturer of the Mighty as stated multiple times is Storz and Bickel. For those of you not acquainted with the name, it should be enough for you that they are German which means there should be very little doubts and concerns about the quality. They are in fact the manufacturers of one of the most reliable vaporizers of the modern world- the Volcano for which monstrosity is the only word that can be used to describe it which means that the reputation of the company can be trusted with closed eyes.

As far as reliability goes, the Mighty is going to stand the test of time and be there with you in the long run. The reason for the same is twofold- first that it comes out from the assembly line of a reputed brand such as Storz and Bickel. The second reason is its design- the sturdy plastic body ensures that the vaporizer won’t be cracking up or giving up or anything and would retain its shape for a considerable amount of time.

Lastly, let’s talk warranty- although one would most likely not need it but just in case and for the safe side, Storz and Bickel offer a 2-year warranty on the Mighty which covers the replacement of faulty and subpar units.

What’s in the BOX? 

The Mighty comes included with the following things by default-

  • 1x vaporizer unit
  • 1x power adapter of 110V
  • 1 set of spare seal rings
  • 3 pieces of spare screens
  • 1x drip pad
  • 1x filling aid
  • 1x herb mill
  • 1x dosing capsule
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 2 piece plastic grinder
  • 1x filling funnel contraception

Conclusive Pro & Cons



  • Really long battery life
  • The build quality is excellent and has been made to last till kingdom come
  • The ease of use and the ergonomics of the Mighty are just worth a commendation
  • The performance of the Mighty in terms of the vapor quality, vapor quantity, flavor extraction is just top of the line
  • Pass-through charging to allow usage even whilst charging
  • The temperature control is also worth cringing over
  • Quick and easy to reload




  • It may fall under the category of portable vaporizers, but it is not as portable as one would want it to be owing to its extremely large body structure
  • No USB charging



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