CBD Essence Review

How do you choose your CBD?

Do you walk into a store and buy whatever there is?

Or do you prefer to try read reviews and learn about the company before giving it a shot?

Whatever your preference might be, CBD Essence must have under your radar once or twice.

The brand is famous, sure, but being well-known doesn’t entirely mean that their products will be good for you.

I remember trying out a brand in the old days which was available almost everywhere, and finding out that their CBD didn’t do anything for me, no matter how much I took.

CBD Essence, on the other hand, has never disappointed me before, so I was eager to give them another run.

Hi folks, I’m Matt and I was a jock throughout high school, but an accident put me out of the game for life. So, I went into anxiety and depression.

CBD helped me get out of the terrible predicament, and with this CBD Essence Review, I wish to help you do the same.

A Review of CBD Essence as a Brand

CBD Essence ensures that all their products come from the US and EU certified grade Industrial Hemp, so, you only get the best in the market. They provide high-quality products at a price that’s to die for, and that’s their USP.

Overall, they never try to sell themselves as the best thing on the market, because of that you can expect them to put customers first.

Their Ingredients

They source their products from international grade organically grown industrial hemp that contains minimum THC (<0.3% which, is legal in all 50 states)

The brand’s products cover a wide range from topicals to vape oils to straight-up edibles. Each one of which you can take a pick of.

However, since, some of their products do contain some THC, it’s better to be careful when approaching drug tests, since, traces of it might be found in your system. However, the product will not get you high.

Drug Test

Most of CBD Essence’s products will not show up on your drug tests; however, if you go for their full-spectrum oils or capsules, there’s a chance the <0.3% THC might show up. However, if you’re careful, it would be alright.


If you’re not satisfied with your products, CBD Essence refunds you for the entirety of price (minus the shipping), so, you don’t have to worry at all. There are some terms and conditions which you might to read before getting it.

Phone and Email –

1-800-280-2347, sales@cbdessence.net

Coupon Code

ALLCBD10 to get 10% Off, Check other CBD Essence Coupons.

CBD Essence Product Reviews

CBD Edible Hemp Oil TIncture

How to consume?

Tinctures are easy-to-use. You need to take the required amount under your tongue and let it absorb. Under the tongue is the place where you get the most CBD absorbed into your body.

My Experience

CBD Essence provides their edible hemp oil in 300 mg and 600 mg concentrations. While the concentrations are very low, they’re good enough for beginners. For this review, I went ahead with the 600 mg variant.

My shoulder injury has given me a shoulder pain which won’t go away, and my anxiety and depression keep causing me mood swings.

This is one of the problems why relationships were very hard for me growing up after high school. I had gone from one of the most popular kids with a bright future to someone who was constantly in debt and had to struggle to do regular activities.

When I stumbled over CBD, I became an enthusiast over several years, and I haven’t looked back since.

Since I took a two-week break to test this product, I remembered my days of struggle a lot. I kept slipping in and out of depression and staying away from work on most days. It felt like a struggle to wake up in the morning and get myself to the gym too.

In about two hours after taking the CBD oil, I felt like myself again. For one, my mood swings became much more stable. While, I still getting anxious now and then, my mind was not in a place where it’d crash if something were out of place.

Over the next few weeks, I felt much more confident about my shoulder pain too, but the overall result wasn’t as good as it was for my mental issues. Overall, I’d say this CBD Oil is a winner for me.

Price per Mg

With 0.14$ for 1 Mg of CBD, this is a very good deal for beginners. This is cheap and effective CBD which hasn’t lost any of its essences.


I follow a simple formula for finding out the amount of CBD Oil to take in a day. I take my weight and halve it; that’s the amount of CBD I take in a day. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should take 100 mg of CBD per day.

However, I have a severe condition of chronic pain. For anyone using CBD for anxiety and depression, my advice is to experiment. Start out with 20 mg of CBD per day, and increase the dosage according to your needs.

CBD Medicinal Oil Capsules

How to consume?

Capsules should be your go-to CBD product if you are a busy person. Just pop one pill and go about your daily work and you’ll be okay.

My Experience

The capsules of CBD Essence come in a lot of varieties. Ranging from 30 to 120 capsules. Their product carries 35 mg per capsule which makes them a powerhouse.

Taking two pills a day is a far cry from who I used to be a few years ago. I was taking about 20 pills a day to deal with my various conditions, and I was so dependent on painkillers, I’d often take 10 in one go to feel less pain.

Now, at most it’s two pills of CBD Oil and some multivitamins that I get from the gym. Getting back from addiction, going cold turkey, and learning to retake my medicines has been a long process.

Now, when I take CBD capsules, I don’t feel the need to keep taking more and more, which is a huge deal for me. When I took this medicinal oil, for example, I didn’t feel like immediately taking another until it started acting entirely.

It took about three hours to start acting correctly but, soon enough my mind was bright enough to approach the task at hand. I did my work and met my girlfriend two times over the next few days. Since I had been avoiding her because of the problems in my mental health, it came as a happy relief.

One of the best times of the week was when I sang to her, because, I’m usually very anxious about doing these things.

Price per Mg

At 0.057 $ for each mg of CBD, this is one of the cheapest CBD capsules I’ve ever found in the market. This might be one of the best capsules on the market hands down.


I usually take two capsules a day. For most people that would be the best dosage to take with this CBD. However, I recommend starting from one capsule and increasing the dosage as you prefer.

This way you’ll know when you hit a sweet spot.

CBD Oil Edible White Taffy Candy

How to consume?

You can take the candy and put it in your mouth. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better tasting medicine anywhere else.

My Experience

CBD treats get me fascinated. I never had them when I was starting on CBD, and I didn’t like the taste of natural CBD at all. It was not until I came across a bunch of CBD gummy bears that I completely fell in love with cannabidiol and what it could be.

You’ve to understand that when I was ailing, I kept away from any sorts of treats for years. I was assured again and again that after one more surgery, I would be able to go back into the field and play baseball again. I kept away from sugar to keep my body in shape.

It was only after I got out of that place that I started doing normal things again. Eating the treats that I would’ve eaten throughout adulthood.

CBD Essence’s products were delicious to start with. Once, I took them, I went back to work and waited for them to work. In about three hours, my mind became clearer, and I could approach and solve more problems than I usually did.

Over the next few hours, I felt my pain become less too. This is unusual for treats because of the low concentrations they contain. Since these candies were acting for my pain too, I decided to try it out without any other CBD in my system.

The days I went without any other kind of CBD supplement except for these candies were a breeze too. I could go on dates and play with my dog Jenny without anything pulling me back.

I was delighted.

Price per Mg

At 0.12$ for 1 mg of CBD, CBD Essence’s candies are something that you must try not only because they’re delicious, but also because they’re one of the very few value-for-money CBD treats in the market.


Determining a dosage for CBD treats is difficult. I usually start with 1 and go upwards as per my needs. With the 10 mg of CBD in each of these candies, I was in a good place with only three a day. However, you might need less or more.

CBD Active LifeStyle All Purpose Lotion

How to use

Just take a pea-sized amount and apply it to areas of your body which needs care.

My Experience

Topicals are necessary for anyone dealing with chronic pain problems. I don’t remember, but I had to apply at least three different combinations of topicals before I started on CBD to get through the night.

Sleepless nights are a problem for anyone who has a condition like I do. You go for days without sleep and then you just black out in the middle of work or something important. It’s one of the things I’ve dealt with for the majority of my recent life, and it is worrying.

So, when I’m not taking CBD regularly, like when I’m reviewing these products, I get sleepless nights. Which means that they’d often find me asleep on my desks or during dates because I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

The CBD Topical started working in about half an hour, and I could feel a cool and calming effect spread through my limbs. My pain went back to manageable levels, and I found myself working much more efficiently.

However, the best part was my sleep. The peaceful sleep that I got was the best that I’ve had in months, and that made me feel better about myself in the morning. Every date I went on during this time was memorable, and my girlfriend even complimented me on the fact that I was much more attentive throughout the period.

Price per Mg

With 0.062$ for 1 mg of CBD, this is the best deal I’ve seen around the space for any CBD topical. So, if you’re going for this topical, you’ve made a great choice.


A pea-sized amount is enough for your chronic pain. However, you might use a greater amount if you want. Plus, I’ve found that this works well as a moisturizer, so, you might give that a go as well).

FAQs about CBD Essence

  1. Are CBD Essence’s products third-party tested?

All of CBD Essence’s products are tested during every step of the process. Every single one of the products is up to international standards.  

  1. Will CBD Essence’s products get you high?

Not at all, with all the products having THC below the legal limit, you won’t be high at all. CBD counteracts THC’s high and helps you feel rejuvenated. So, with a high CBD: THC ratio (like in all CBD Essence products, you won’t get high at all)

  1. What’s the source of hemp?

All the hemp in CBD Essence products comes from either US or EU approved agricultural, industrial hemp. So, you get the best out of it.

Verdict: Will i recommend CBD Essence?

CBD Essence is a brand that earned my respect in a very small window of time. So, they are going up on my list of “Top CBD Brands.” If there’s one thing that I’ll point out, its the fact that some of the products are available in small varieties.

Sometimes selling more varieties is the way to get new customers into the door, and that’s something to keep a look out for. The thing that they provide is quality in the small varieties is what matters to me the most.

So, if you’re looking for a brand to try out in the next few weeks, CBD Essence should top your list.

This is Matt signing off.

Author Details
Senior Editor & Researcher , Greenthevoteok
Matt Hansel is a Medical Practitioner, who has been writing and researching about cannabis since 2014.  His popular quotes which we like are: \"Don\'t use CBD oil for a cure, use it as a precaution\"  \"CBD should be considered as any other vitamin supplement and your body needs it!\"