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Can CBD oil help treat Tendonitis? 

What Tendonitis or tendinitis is an irritation, pain, or discomfort of a tendon caused by its inflammation. The human body …
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What is ‘water-soluble’ CBD? Difference Between Water-Soluble CBD & Oil-Soluble CBD

An average adult body is around 50–60% water. So, it’s natural that anything that’s water-soluble will be easily absorbed by …
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Guide on How to Read CBD oil Labels

CBD oil has been proven both scientifically and by users to be one of the safest and most potent health …
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What Determines CBD Oil’s Color & How They Vary

Why do different CBD oils vary in color?  This is a question many have wondered.  CBD oil color not only …
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CBD Oil Not Working on You? 9 Reasons why that may be

Here’s how we imagine you landed on this page:  You’ve read quite a few reports on CBD’s therapeutic effects [1] …
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How to Make CBD Gummies at Home

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is fast becoming a favorite go-to option for people looking for fast relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, …
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Top 5 CBD Dog Treats in the Market [2020]

Many pet owners, looking for natural remedies to treat their furry companions, often wonder if CBD could have similar effects …
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Can I give my Dog Human CBD Oil?

Are you a regular CBD user who wants to try out CBD on your pet dog before you buy a …
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How Much CBD oil Should I give my Dog? Answered!

CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, i.e., it won’t make your dog high or cause any serious damage to his or …
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Is CBD safe for Dogs? Are there any Side Effects?

With the legalization of CBD, a lot of people were glad that they could now tap into the vast treasure …
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Cannabis for Canines: Is THC Bad for Dogs?

Humans find intoxication quite pleasurable, enticing even! But, like chocolates and almonds, marijuana is an absolute NO-NO for dogs.  While …
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Latest CBD Reviews

Fab CBD Review: Find out why it’s my favorite!!

FAB CBD in 2020 Our Ratings  4.6/5 Quality 100% Potency 90% Price 85% Customer Service 100% Refund Policy 90% …
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Nuleaf Naturals Review: Genuine or Hype?

Nuleaf Naturals in 2020 Our Ratings  4.5/5 Quality 100% Potency 95% Price 80% Customer Service 90% Refund Policy 80% …
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MedTerra CBD review: Is it Worth it?

While most reputed brands concentrated on full-spectrum CBD products, MedTerra CBD chose to make GMO-free hemp as their source material …
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Ananda Hemp Review

With hemp cultivation becoming legal across the US, several CBD oil brands that source their extracts from industrially grown hemp …
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Joy Organics Review: My Experience has been Great!

Due to a large number of CBD brands suddenly appearing on the market, GreenTheVoteOK aims to assist you in selecting …
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CBDMD Review

cbdMD Review

Buying CBD in the current times isn’t how it used to be before. You’ve never faced a dilemma as tough …
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CBDistillery Review

CBDistillery : Is It Awesome? In this CBDistillery review, we will be going through most of the products and the …
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Hemp Bombs review

Hemp Bombs Review [Updated 2020]

CBD does work, but only when you know how to pick right! I could count on my two hands the …
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CBDfx Review

CBDFX Review | Products, Dosage & Lab Tests

CBDFX climbed to where they are by offering full-spectrum oil at a price to die for. And doing it with …
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CBDpure review

CBDPure Review

Is CBDPure in the same league as the other top brands in the industry? I’ve wondered that for quite some …
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Latest CBD Coupons

Medterra CBD Coupon for 15% Discount

Medterra CBD Coupon Code: </p> <h2><h2><strong>How to use Medterra Promo Code</strong></h2></h2> <p> Medterra offers tons of monthly discounts, by promoting CBD …
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Ananda Hemp Coupon to get 15% Discount

We add Exclusive Deals for our readers. Ananda hemp is offering 15% off these days to our readers. So do …
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15 to 30% Off CBDistillery Coupon Code for 2020

You can get 25% discount using this coupon code: ALLCBD25 Over $125 We add 100% working CBDistillery coupon codes on …
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[Exclusive] 20% Off cbdMD Coupon, Discount codes 2020

You might know that we love this CBD oil brand. So we have asked the company to give our reader …
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20% OFF Joy Organics Coupon, Promo Codes [2020 Update]

We have added a few 100% Working Joy Organics Coupon Codes. 20% Coupon expired last week, you can get the …
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Nuleaf Naturals Coupon Code to get 20% Off

We have only added 100% working Nuleaf naturals coupon codes on this page. We usually update the page to give …
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15% Plus CBD Oil Coupon, Promo Codes

We have added 100% Working Coupons only. Latest Plus CBD Oil Coupon code to get 15% Discount: STEPS TO USE …
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Hemp bombs Coupon, Promo Codes

We have only added 100% working HempBombs coupon codes on this page. We usually update the page to give you …
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15% Off CBDfx Coupon, Promo codes

We Have added 100% Working CBDfx coupon codes. Tested 1 hour ago! Save 15% with this CBDfx Coupon Code: Steps …
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20% Off Fab CBD Coupon & Promo Codes

Here’s a 20% off fab cbd coupon: GT20 to save you a lot of money Here’s the Latest Fab CBD …
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Important Buying Guides

There are a few important guides which you should bookmark, We crafted our Best CBD oils guide in about 130 hours(we have included video reviews too). 

Other guide which we are proud of is Buying CBD Oil Locally and it has the pitfalls of buying locally and you can educated yourself on how to buy CBD oil without getting scammed. 

We also have a lot of reviews & coupon codes of various CBD Brands which can help you decide what is the best product for you! 

Our Process

You might see a lot of reviews, “Best of” Articles, Information filled with data and Coupons. You might be wondering how we get the knowledge and data to write these articles?

Here’s our process:

We usually buy the product we want to review. If the product is expensive, we usually interview the person who has the product.

The “best of” lists are usually made by getting the vote on various Facebook groups, Email Subscribers.

The data comes from the other articles which we refer. These sites are usually big sites like wikipedia, Nytimes and other professional sites.

About us

We are 3 people: Matt, Kate & Ivan. We write articles, do videos and curate useful data.

We are doing this so that our readers can choose CBDVaporizersSmoking Growing products without getting scammed.

We write our articles in such a way that it helps you to make an educated decision.

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