CBDPure Review

Is CBDPure in the same league as the other top brands in the industry?

I’ve wondered that for quite some time myself after a colleague told me about the company and was all praises.

And if you’re here, reading this guide, you’ve probably heard of the name too and thinking what products might be worth the money.

As you probably know, CBD is a billion dollar industry now. It is also an industry rife with scammers who just want to dupe you of your money.

I’m writing this CBDPure review for two reasons:

1) to tell you about my experience using their products for shoulder pain and anxiety

2) to educate and inform if this brand will be the right choice for your needs.

Who am I? I’m just someone who managed to escape the clutches of crippling depression, anxiety, and shoulder pain using CBD products. Now, I try to help people do the same.

Opinion of CBDPure As A Brand

Much like other top CBD brands based in the US, CBDPure also manufactures its products from high-quality hemp grown in Colorado.

The industrial hemp they use is not only known for its high CBD content but is also grown organically without the use of any pesticides.

Their products are manufactured by following stringent measures and guidelines. And while I may not be able to verify any of their claims, I can certainly vouch for their quality.

In fact, after reviewing multiple CBD brands, I must say, their hemp oils are one of the most effective ones; right up there with the very best.

It’s Ingredients

Both the hemp oil and capsules are made from full-spectrum CBD. Hence, along with CBD, they also contain many other useful cannabinoids and other compounds of the hemp plant. And so, you can expect the usual trace amount of THC in their products.   

Drug Test

Although CBDPure doesn’t explicitly mention it, their CBD products do contain permissible limits of THC. In other words, trace amounts of it. And so, if your employer is conducting a drug test for THC, there’s a chance you might end up with a positive result. This can happen with any brand you buy. 

Official Company Name

The official name is Nutra Pure, LLC. Their shipping is discrete, so you can rest assured that your credit card summary won’t have anything that might put you in trouble.  

Coupon codes: 

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Shipping Policy

CBDPure only sells its products in the US. However, it isn’t available in all states. Unfortunately, people from Arkansas, Kansas, and Louisiana can’t get the products shipped to them. The current minimum shipping charges are $ 13.75.

Return Policy

While their shipping policy may not be anything to write home about, CBDPure surely has the best return policy.

The company offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the product. Needless to say, the refund doesn’t include the shipping costs.

Phone and Email: +1 800-240-9884; support@cbdpure.com

Experience with CBDpure Products

CBD Hemp Oil

How to consume?

As you might already know, the most effective way to consume CBD oil is through the sublingual method. All you need to do is put a few drops of oil underneath your tongue and wait for it to get absorbed.

The process usually takes about two minutes, and the effect should last you for 4 to 6 hours.

If you find the taste of the CBD oil overwhelming, you can just sprinkle a few drops on your food or drink and consume it orally.

Now, it usually takes about 45 minutes to act, but, the effect should last you just as long.

My Experience

Since this was my first time trying out any product from the CBDPure brand, I was naturally quite excited. The company sells its CBD oils in three concentrations – 100 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. And as you might have guessed it, I went for the highest concentration.

For this review, I followed my usual routine and stopped taking any CBD medications for about a week.

By that time, my shoulder pain and social anxiety problems became almost unbearable. In fact, it kept me from going to the office, and I was forced to work from home. After taking the first dose of the CBD oil, I felt significantly better.

Now, I’ve tested quite a few tinctures from other top brands, and compared to that, I would say CBDPure’s oil was surely one of the most effective products. In fact, my shoulder pain was almost wiped out, and my social anxiety problems became a little more bearable.

The second dose of the oil improved my conditions further. My shoulder was back to normal.

However, my social anxiety problem reduced a fair bit, but, it was still bad enough to keep me from going about my usual chores.

Thankfully, the third dose removed all signs of my troublesome conditions, and I was completely back to my normal self. Honestly, when it comes to quality, their CBD oil is one of the best I’ve experienced.

However, I want to see more variety from the brand in the future. All the top CBD companies nowadays sell high concentration products. And I am certain that people like me who suffer from serious conditions would appreciate it greatly.

Price Per Mg

The lowest concentration of hemp oil offers a price ratio of 0.3 dollars per mg. On the other hand, the 600 mg product has a much better price ratio of 0.13 dollars per mg. The price ratio further improves if you opt for the six-month supply (it includes six bottles).


Now, I have a simple formula for figuring out the minimum dosage, especially if you suffer from serious conditions as I do.

CBD Softgels

How to consume?

There is only one way to consume CBD Softgels, and that is by swallowing, just as you would with a normal capsule.

And like in the case of consuming CBD oil orally, it takes about 45 minutes to act, and the effect stays for 4 to 6 hours.

My Experience

After my positive experience with the hemp oil, I was quite intrigued to try out the CBD capsules. Now, capsules or softgels may not be my primary choice for consuming CBD, but, when I’m on a busy business tour, it’s far more convenient. And I believe those who don’t like the overwhelming taste of the natural CBD oil, will also find this preferable.

Once again, for this review, I followed the same protocol as before. I stopped taking my existing CBD medications until my social anxiety issues, and shoulder pain became quite the burden. And like last time, I couldn’t go to my office, nor could I head outside my home to perform simple chores.

After the first dose of the CBD capsules, I felt much better. My shoulder pain reduced significantly, while my social anxiety issues also improved.

Now, I still had to work from home, but, I could at least take out the trash without suffering a nervous breakdown.

The second dose made things even better. In fact, there were no traces of my shoulder pain.

And even though my social anxiety wasn’t cured entirely, I felt good enough to head back to work.

Finally, after the third dose, I was back to my best. Now, choosing between the CBD oil and capsules based on quality is like splitting hairs. Both are processed from high-quality hemp. And so, it all comes down to your preference and Bioavailability you want.

In my opinion, if you don’t mind the taste of the natural CBD oil, then go for it without a second thought. On the flip side, if you don’t care for the natural flavor and prefer convenience, softgels are the way to go.

Price per Mg

CBDPure’s Softgels are only available in one type of bottle – 30 capsules, with each capsule having 25 mg of CBD. The price ratio is almost identical to that of the highest concentration CBD oil. In other words, you get 1 mg of CBD for every 0.13 dollars.

However, if you opt for the six-month supply (comes with 6 bottles), you will get a price ratio of 0.09 dollars per mg.


For the minimum dosage, I’d recommend following the same formula I mentioned earlier. However, it can get a little tricky with capsules. Refer the dosage guide & Calculator to get your minimum dosage.

FAQs about CBDPure

Are CBDPure products third-party tested?

Yes, their products are tested by a third-party lab. However, CBDPure hasn’t made the results public. Another negative point, in my opinion.

Can I use the CBD tinctures for vaping?

No, CBDPure’s tinctures can’t be used for vaping. They are only meant for oral consumption.  

Will CBDPure’s products get me high?

Both the CBD oil and softgels are made from full-spectrum CBD. And so, they contain trace amounts of THC. However, the amount is negligible and won’t get you high.  

What’s the source of hemp?

Like other top CBD brands based in the US, CBDPure’s products are manufactured from high-quality hemp grown in Colorado.

The Hemp is grown under 100% organic conditions and no pesticides are used.

How long does it usually take to receive my shipment?

The usual shipping time is 3 to 5 business days.

CBDPure Reviews by Their Users and Reddit: 


Concluding this CBDpure Review:

When it comes to the quality of the CBD, CBDPure is right up there with the top dogs. On top of that, their 90 Day Money Back Guarantee is surely something that will grasp the attention of new buyers.

But, that doesn’t mean the brand is perfect. Their biggest flaw, in my opinion, is the lack of ultra-high concentration oils. Apart from that, I believe they should introduce new products to cater to different types of customers.

Well, that brings us to an end. Have any of you tried out CBDPure’s products before? If you have, do share your experiences down in the comments section.

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