CBDistillery Review

(Note: The branding has changed since this review, we will review the products again and add new product pictures)

CBD has worked wonders for countless souls, but, it comes at a price.

Some products from premium brands can get so costly that it’s just not viable for most to use them on a regular basis.

And that’s exactly what led me to search for products which were not only high-quality but also relatively light on the pocket.

Hey everyone, it’s Matt here. 5 years ago, I dislocated my shoulder while playing baseball. And ever since then, I’ve suffered from chronic pain in my shoulder joint.

But, that’s not the worst part. My social anxiety problems also got worse since that accident. And now, I can’t even respond to an unknown caller.

Thankfully, CBD has helped me a great deal to lead a normal life. But, as I said earlier, it can get quite costly. So, after a great deal of research, I’ve decided to test out some products from CBDistillery.

Opinion about CBDistillery as a Brand:

CBD oil Review

The company was founded by a group of Colorado natives, who share their love for CBD. They believe in delivering high-quality CBD products at a very competitive price. And I can easily vouch for that. They are surely one of the best when it comes to the price ratio.

Their Ingredients:

Being a Colorado company, CBDistillery sources their products from high-quality Colorado Industrial Hemp.

The brand’s vast range of products can be categorized into two distinct types – isolate and full-spectrum. While the isolate products contain 99% pure CBD, the full-spectrum ones contain a broad range of cannabinoids, among other healthy nutrients.

One thing to keep in mind though is that CBDistillery’s full spectrum products contain trace amounts of THC (0.3%). The good thing is that the company tests all their CBD batches at Proverdge Labs, and they have made the product test results public.

Drug Test:

Their isolate products and vaping pens or cartridges won’t show up in the drug test. However, the full-spectrum products, which have THC content of about 0.3%, might affect your drug test if taken in large quantity.

Lab Test: 

Their Lab Tests are uploaded on the site, Check the pictures on each product.


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Shipping Time & Policy:

CBDistillery’s products are available in all 50 states of the US. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to other countries.

For US consumers, the Standard USPS Shipping Fees apply if you’re buying products worth less than $75. For purchases above $75, shipping is free.

Return Policy

CBDistillery offers its customers a 7-day return period if they want a full refund. The product needs to be returned unopened. And if for some reason, the consumer didn’t like that particular product, they can get it replaced within 30 days.

Phone and Email:

+1 855-223-7766; sales@TheCBDistillery.com

Experience with CBdistillery’s Products [Reviews]:

Now, let’s find out my experience with the brand, shall we?

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (CBDistillery 1000mg review)

Cbsdistillery review tincture

How to Consume

The fastest and most effective way to consume CBD tinctures is sublingually. All you need to do is put a few drops of the oil under your tongue and hold it for about 2 minutes.

Apart from the sublingual method, you can also mix the tincture with your food or drink and consume it.

My Experience

CBDistillery sells its oil tinctures in various concentrations, ranging from 250 mg and going all the way up to 5000 mg! And for this review, I settled for their middle of the range offering – the 1000 mg 15 ml bottle.

Now, before reviewing any CBD product, I always make it a point to take a break from my existing CBD medications. And so, I took a week-long hiatus until my conditions crept back into my life.  

I started off with a standard dose of the 1000 mg tincture. And after the first dose itself, I felt much better. My shoulder pain was almost gone. However, although my anxiety reduced, it was still bad enough to affect my daily work.

The second dose removed all signs of my shoulder pain. And my anxiety issues improved further. In fact, at that point, only traces of my anxiety remained. Finally, the third dose brought me back to my usual self.

Price Per Mg

The price per mg depends greatly on the concentration you choose. If you go for the smallest offering (250 mg), it’ll be 0.08 dollars per mg. On the other hand, the 5000 mg bottle offers 1 mg of CBD for 0.048 dollars.


If you have conditions as severe as mine, I suggest you follow a simple formula to understand the optimal dosage. Just divide your weight (in Lbs.) by 2, and that should be the minimum dose amount (in mg). So, if you weigh 170 Lbs., your minimum dosage should be 85 mg.

However, you must keep in mind that everyone is different, and the correct dose amount doesn’t only depend on weight. So, it’s best if you start with the minimum amount and if it doesn’t turn out to be effective, slowly increase the dose till you’re satisfied with the results.

99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder

How to Consume

You can consume isolate powder in the same way you’d consume CBD tinctures. So, if you want the fastest and most effective method, go for the sublingual method. On the other hand, if you prefer convenience, you can mix it with your food or drink.

My Experience

The company sells various forms of their isolates, which includes not only multiple concentrations of the pure isolates in powder and crystal forms but also terpsolates.

If you’re wondering what ‘terpsolates’ are, they are just isolates infused with terpenes. The terpenes help in enhancing the taste as well as add some minor health benefits.

For this review, I chose 3.5g of pure CBD isolate in powder form, mainly because I like consuming CBD sublingually.

I followed the same protocol as before and went off my existing CBD medications until my conditions returned with a vengeance. This time around, however, it was much worse. In fact, my social anxiety shot up to a degree where I couldn’t even leave the house. Nor could I sleep or do anything useful for that matter.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t push myself that far just for the sake of a review, but, I really wanted to test whether the isolate works better than the full spectrum CBD oil.

After taking the first dose, I noticed a significant improvement in my conditions. My shoulder pain was almost gone. But, my anxiety still kept me in lockdown mode. The good news, however, was that I was able to catch some sleep.

Like the CBD tincture, it took me 3 doses to return to my normal self. And since my conditions were far worse this time around, I believe the isolate was more effective than the tincture.  

Price Per Mg

The isolate powder ranges from 0.03 dollar per mg for the lower concentration products to 0.027 dollars per mg for the highest concentration offering.


As I mentioned before, for treating serious conditions, the minimum dosage amount in mg should be numerically equal to half your body weight. However, the ideal dosage depends on other factors. And so, I suggest starting with the minimum amount and gradually increasing it till you feel the effects.

30mg Full Spectrum CBD Infused Softgels

How to Consume

This is possibly the easiest way to consume CBD. All you need to do is pop the capsule in your mouth and gulp it in with some water.

My Experience

Like the previous products, CBDistillery sells quite a few variants of their CBD capsules. You can get it in two concentrations – 25mg and 30mg; and, as a full spectrum capsule or an isolate one.  Apart from that, you also get a choice for quantity.

For this review, I went for the bottle with 60 capsules. CBDistillery also offers their capsules in a 30-count bottle. Since I was on a long work-related trip; I thought the higher count would make more sense.

Now, this time around, I didn’t have to take a week-long break before my anxiety became unbearable. The new environment accelerated the process ten folds. And like last time, it was quite bad. However, my shoulder pain didn’t resurface in a short period.  

Thankfully, the first dose of capsules reduced my anxiety problems significantly. Although I still wasn’t fit to go back to work the next day, I felt much calmer about living in a new place without my wife and kids.    

The second dose improved my conditions even further, and I was able to summon up the courage to head over to work. And the best part was that my boss and colleagues, who are always sympathetic, made things easier for me.

After four doses, I was finally back to my normal self. In fact, I was no longer bothered about living in a completely new environment without my family.

Price Per Mg

The 30-count bottles offer 0.067 dollars per mg, while the 60-count bottles offer a marginally better price ratio of 0.064 dollars per mg.


Once again, the dosage formula remains the same. However, with capsules, finding the ideal dosage is tricky. For instance, if you weigh 150 Lbs., the minimum dosage should be 75 mg. But, with 30 mg capsules, the nearest amount is either 60 mg or 90 mg.

In that case, I’d recommend starting with the lower amount. If it doesn’t work, you can increase the intake.

1000mg CBD E-Liquid (Grand Daddy Purp Flavor)

How to Consume

CBD e-liquids can only be consumed by vaping. They aren’t meant for sublingual intake. Also, before you load the vape oil in the cartridge, give it a good shake.

My Experience

CBDistillery offers many choices for their vaping products. Apart from selling a large variety of vape pens and cartridges, they also have CBD e-liquid bottles, which are available in 4 flavors.

For this review, I went for the Grand Daddy Purp, which is essentially a mixture of berries and grape. CBDistillery also offers their vape juice in flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grape and GG#4 (earthy flavor).  

Now, I must say, although I use CBD tinctures on a daily basis, I love vaping as well. In fact, on many stressful work days, I take my vape pen to the office. However, vaping alone has never done the trick for me.

So, this time around, I didn’t take a long break from my existing CBD medications. After my 2-day hiatus, traces of my conditions resurfaced. Though, it wasn’t anything remotely serious.

Anyhow, it was at this point, I tried out the Grand Daddy Purp e-liquid. And the first thing that stood out to me was the taste. Honestly, I really liked it.  

As for the effect, I felt better within minutes. I was much calmer, and my shoulder felt almost as good as it has ever been.

Sure, my conditions weren’t as severe as before, but, I still felt this vape oil did a rather fine job.

Price Per Mg

CBDistillery’s e-liquid bottles are only available in one concentration – 1000 mg. And all of them have a price ratio of 0.05 dollar per mg of CBD.


I wouldn’t recommend vaping as the only method of consumption if you suffer from serious conditions as I do. It isn’t as effective as other oral methods of consumption. Moreover, it’s costlier than the other methods.

So, keep the dosage amount to a minimum. However, if you’re still adamant about vaping, you can follow my minimum dosage formula.

150mg/15ml CBDistillery Pets Tincture

How to Consume

The simplest way to give your pet CBD tincture is by adding a few drops to his/her food or drink.   

My Experience

Before I begin to explain this product in detail, let me introduce you to the star of this review – Jenny. Now, Jenny’s been in our family for over 10 years, ever since she was a puppy.

She’s watched all my kids grow up and has been a fantastic companion to every member of our family. But, she’s no longer as nimble or energetic as before. Moreover, her recent hip problem even stopped her from going on walks.

It’s hard watching your baby in pain. And so, I decided to put her on CBD medication. I must say, I haven’t tried any other brands before. This was Jenny’s very first experience with CBD, and honestly, I was quite excited for her.

After her very first dose, I noticed an improvement in Jenny’s behavior. She was more energetic and playful than usual. But, despite the positive effects, I didn’t want to move too fast. And so, I decided to observe her conditions for a week before taking her out for a walk.

To my surprise, Jenny’s condition improved significantly within a week. In fact, she was even running around the yard! And needless to say, she’s never missed a walk with me ever since her conditions improved. I’m just grateful that my baby is living life to the fullest now.   

Price Per Mg

CBDistillery’s 150 mg pet tincture offers a price ratio of 0.13 dollar per mg.


You can’t follow the formula I mentioned earlier for pets. Instead, I have a different formula. So, for the minimum dosage for your pet, you need to multiply his/her weight in Lbs. by 0.023; that should be your dosage amount in mg.

For an average dosage, the multiplier will increase to 0.068, while for a strong dosage, it’ll be 0.136. I suggest you start with the minimum dosage amount and slowly increase it after monitoring the effects closely.

CBDistillery Dosage can be estimated by watching the below video:

FAQs about CBDistillery

Are CBDistillery products third-party tested?

As I mentioned earlier, CBDistillery’s products are tested at Proverdge Labs. And you can find the detailed test results in the Product Photos section.

Can I use the CBD tinctures for vaping?

No, the CBD tinctures aren’t designed for vaping. The company sells e-liquids or vape juices, which should be ideal for vaping.

Will CBDistillery’s products get me high?

No. While the isolate products have no THC; the full-spectrum ones do come with trace amounts (0.3%). However, it’s not nearly high enough to produce a psychoactive effect.

What’s the source of hemp?

CBDistillery’s products are made from high-quality hemp grown in Colorado. The Hemp is Non-GMO, pesticide-free and industrial in nature. It’s grown outdoors under natural sunlight. However, their practices haven’t been certified by the USDA.  

CBDistillery Reviews by users on Reddit and other platforms:

Terry savoy said:

I’ve been studying and exploring CBD oil now for a few years the oil only in the past 2 months or so I’m 69 years old and my son is 50 he was so impressed with the Improvement of my generalized health that he found this Distillery and ordered his first bottle. He took his first dose and he and his wife like they usually do went in teak shopping in Houston and he was so excited about how well his day had gone after only one dose that he called me and he thanked me profusely you know most of the time my kids think I’m a Nut I used to work in the prison seven years in Texas and I worked as a hospice nurse… Not to mention due to my age I was blessed to grow up in the sixties I was never a heavy marijuana user whatsoever we were in the United States Air Force but I was open to it and really had no fear I also work two and a half years at a methadone program and there’s where my education got serious that was the best degree I ever received. I’m placing my order with you and will probably place the rest of my orders with you…. I am using a CBD cream that has been amazing as to the relief of pain I have a autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s and it really affects your connective tissue as well as your joints I cannot remember of time that I have been so pain free and feel so good between the cream and the topical application in the oral tinctures I feel like I’m ready to live another 25 years…..

Sierra said:

I have been using the 1000 mg CBD tincture for about a month now. I was suffering from inflammation in my chest, and pretty severe anxiety. The first night I tried it I could feel it helping my inflammation! My anxiety has been almost nonexistent now, and I don’t suffer from insomnia like I was before. This has been such a God send, I recommend this product to everyone! Thank you

Conclusion: How would I rate CBDistillery?

I’ve wanted to try out CBDistillery’s products for a while now, and I must say, I’m really glad that I did. I may not switch all my existing CBD medication with their products, but, I’m quite sure that I’ll continue using their vape juices and pet tincture!

So, have you tried out any of their products before? If so, hit me up in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you.


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