CBDFX Review | Products, Dosage & Lab Tests

CBDFX climbed to where they are by offering full-spectrum oil at a price to die for.

And doing it with no fillers at all, unlike some shady companies. So, I was psyched when I decided it was time to give their products a try.

I am Matt, and I use CBD for a variety of reasons. You see, when I was in high-school and eyeing a professional baseball career, I got into an accident. Not only did it end up giving me chronic pain, but it also took away any chances I had of going to the field again.

Dealing with the anxiety and depression from not being able to play again, and taking every pill on the market for dealing with chronic pain, I went under and fast! CBD pulled me out of that.

But can this brand pull you out of such a similar mess? We’ll find out in this CBDFX Review.

CBDFX Review:

CBDFX didn’t have humble beginnings, and it shows. They have expanded their range and provided only the best for their customers from their California lab.

One of the reasons the brand works is because it goes above and beyond to cater to different subsets of people.

Their ingredients

CBDFX makes all of their products with 100% organic produce and puts them through rigorous testing. The oils are also full-spectrum, so you not only get CBD but other terpenes and chemicals that are naturally available in the hemp plant.

The reason that full-spectrum is important is because of the “Entourage Effect.” This is an effect that takes place when you have the entire hemp plant in your supplement, and they work together to make you work.

CBDFX has a wide repertoire of products, and they cater to all of your CBD needs.

Drug Test

All of CBDFX’s products are drug tested so that they don’t contain more than the legal limit of THC, so you won’t ever be in danger. However, a trace amount of THC might show up.

Lab Tests

All the products are lab tested and the results are uploaded on the website for everyone to see.

Shipping Policy

All of CBDFX’s orders are shipped using either USPS or FedEx. However, they do not take responsibility for the loss of product during transit, if you’re ordering from USPS shipping.

Return Policy

Not only does CBDFX has a kick-ass 30-day money back guarantee, but they also have a massive 1-year return policy if your product arrived in bad condition. Their return policies are spot on and an excellent opportunity for someone new to CBD to try out a new variety of products.

Coupon codes

You can find the latest CBDFX Coupon to get 10% OFF.

Phone & Email

1 888-991-7471 / Info@CBDfx.com

FAQs about CBDFX

  1. Are CBDFX products third-party tested?

Of course, each one of CBDFX products is tested by independent labs through HPLC, and the test results can be found on their website. They also ensure that only the best of the best leave their California labs.

  1. Will CBDFX Products get me high?

No! While THC and CBD are both cannabinoids, they have very different effects. Since the THC in all CBDFX products is either low or none, so, you won’t get the usual high associated with it. In fact, with the high amount of CBD, it would act more along the lines of an antipsychotic that suppresses THC.

  1. What’s the source of Hemp?

Locally grown organic industrial hemp plants that follow the regulations set by the US governments as the only source of hemp the people over at CBDFX use.

CBDFX Product Reviews:

#1 CBD Oil Tincture

How to consume?

Take the appropriate amount of CBD Oil and put it under your tongue for the optimal effect. Putting CBD tinctures under your tongue provides you with more CBD for each drop, and gives you a faster absorption and boost.

My Experience

I used to hate CBD Oils. Their taste wouldn’t sit straight with me no matter how much I tried. However, a few months into using CBD, I started loving it. I was not concentrating on the taste anymore, but, the after-effects, which were astonishing.

CBDFX offers their tinctures in three concentrations, that of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg. With such high concentrations on offers, I simply had to go for the 1500 mg variant. As usual, I took a two-hour break from using all CBD to try this one out.

I suffer from chronic pain, and it’s something that makes my life miserable every day. I can’t work for more than 4 hours at a stretch in fear of burning myself out. It gets worse sometimes; I can’t work for more than 30 minutes, so, I try and get out of it soon.

With this CBD Oil, however, I found that I would be able to work for long hours just in a couple of hours of taking the CBD Oil. I could even pull out the 9 to 5 work shift effortlessly.

Over the few weeks that I was with this product alone, I pulled in a good amount of overtime and went on regular walks with my girl.

Since my depression often affects my relationship, the few weeks were valuable for me. I believe that with their high concentration full-spectrum tinctures, CBDFX has hit on a winner.

Price per Mg

With 0.11$ for 1 mg of CBD, you would be hitting the jackpot every time you buy this product. If you buy the 2-pack, you get the offer at 0.10$ per mg of CBD, which is one of the best deals in the market.


Full-spectrum oils are my favorite variant of tinctures. If you’re going for a way to deal with chronic pain, take your weight in pounds and half that amount to reach to the milligrams of CBD you should be taking each day.

For depression and stress, I recommend starting from a lower dosage. Say you start from 20 mg and increase by 5 mg until you reach a proper sweet spot.

#2 CBD Capsules

How to consume?

CBD capsules are super easy-to-use. Just take a capsule and pop it in your mouth, take it in with some water, and you’re set.

My Experience

Pills make me jittery. I used to on about 30 pills a day when I was pulled out of life so much that I felt like being an addict. I felt terrible all day whenever I thought of it.

Now, when I take CBD capsules, I’m extra careful about the consumption. I try to keep away from taking one after the other before the feeling hits. However, as anyone who dealt with addiction will tell you, it’s difficult.

One of the reasons, I could get out of the addiction was because of my girl. However, I don’t think I make it up to her enough. I can’t get out of my anxiety and depression enough to go out with her every day.

This is something I desperately want to change about myself. Within four hours of taking this pill, I had to take my girl out for dinner, and it was surprisingly well. The product kept me up and confident throughout the dinner, and I also had more of an appetite than I usually do.

Over the next few weeks, things became much better. I was not looking over my shoulders trying to determine if I’d made a mistake for most parts, and I was very confident in approaching new things with vigor.

I felt much more energetic than usual and kept a bunch of capsules ready for whenever I need the most.

Price per Mg

With 0.08$ for 1 mg of CBD, this is as good a deal as you can get on capsules of CBD. Plus, this is full-spectrum CBD oil, so, you will get the best of the best in one go.


For me, two of the capsules of 30 mg worked magic. However, some people might need lesser or more of the CBD. Start out with one capsule at first and then work up the order as you get ahead, you’ll be good. Remember you can’t overdose on CBD, so, a slightly higher dosage is not wrong.

#3 CBD Gummy Bears

How to consume?

Like any gummy bear, you can pop them in your mouth, and you’re good to go.

My Experience

The gummy bears being low in CBD works to their advantage. Now, I can have four a day without a chance of missing my sweet spot by a mile. Also, they provide a delight that every person should have.

Since I was dropped in the field from an early age, I always kept a strict diet. It was only when I got to know that I can’t continue playing that I started taking treats. That was one of my addictions besides the usual addiction to pills.

Now, I don’t hate gummy bears, but I keep them to a minimum. My chronic pain prevents me from doing much exercise, and dieting is the only way to keep me healthy.

However, since, these promised to vegan and less guilty than my other treats, I loved having them. I also faced much less pain than I was suffering from before. They were like little kicks to my system; whenever I would take one, and I’d feel energetic for hours afterward.

In fact, in these few weeks, I got my first proper sleep in months. It felt like a real achievement to boot.

Price per Mg

At 0.19$ for 1 Mg of CBD, these might be some of the priciest gummies you’ll ever taste but, the good news is in the CBD treat’s case, it’s very cheap.


I used to use four gummy bears a day. However, for new users, I suggest starting with one gummy bear and increasing by one until you reach the sweet spot. But it’s okay if you just want to eat the gummy bears for fun as well.

#4 Disposable CBD Vape Pen

How to use?

Just use a vaporizer with your CBD Pen, and you’re good to go. Each of these CBD pens offers 30 mg each and are easy-to-use

My Experience

CBD Vape Pens win me over. CBDFX’s Vape Pens come in mint and strawberry flavor, and I chose mint because I genuinely like the taste. One thing that I decided to go for was buying three at the same time so that I could use the vape pens for a longer period.

Vaping is the quickest way for you to get your CBD. So, I love vaping in my daily life. For me, it adds to the entire existence of mine and helps me become better.

One of the things that you struggle with when with chronic pain is overtime. Chronic pain can strike at odd hours of the day, and it can be terrifying. For that purpose, you almost never do more work than you’re given.

While my employer is aware of my condition and gives me breaks whenever I ask for it, I keep feeling like I’m taking advantage of the fella. Thankfully, after vaping one whole pen, I felt ready enough to work for 4-5 hours straight.

Not only did I pull off a normal working shift, because I felt energetic for almost all day, I could also do some overtime. The flavor was also a huge plus, I didn’t have to wait for it to settle down, and could go to the smoking room, use the pen and get back to work, without any problems.

Price per Mg

At 0.5$ for 1 mg, this is the only thing in the entire CBDFX catalog that’s a little expensive. However, as far as vapes go, this works, since, vapes are usually priced much higher.


A pen a day keeps the doctor away in this case. However, you might want to slow it down if you’re a beginner. Take the amount of CBD you’re comfortable with and let it rest.

Concluding the CBDfx Review:

CBDFX has become popular in recent times, and rightly so! The company goes above and beyond to serve and takes proper care of its customers. If there’s one advice I could give the company, its to keep their eyes open and to keep innovating. We have reviewed a lot of CBD Brands on this website, but I would say CBDfx is one of the best CBD oil

Their products and the capsules are something I’d use daily from now on. Also, the fact that CBDFX has pulled off the impossible by giving me one quality product after another, they’ve earned my loyalty.

Give them a shot; maybe they’ll earn yours too.

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