Charlotte’s Web CBD Review: Also called CWHemp

Due to a large number of brands suddenly appearing on the market, We aim to assist you in selecting the best products and offers for your particular circumstances.

The 2018 Farm Bill has provided a gigantic boost to the CBD industry since it rendered the growth of industrial hemp federally legal in the United States. By legal definition, industrial hemp includes all cannabis strains with a THC content of less than 0.3%.

This article continues our series of CBD oil brand reviews and focuses on Charlotte’s Web or CWHemp. Founded by the Stanley brothers, CWHemp is a popular brand associated with the industrial hemp grown on family farms in Colorado.

Charlotte’s Web has been receiving significant exposure owing to its low-THC and high-CBD hemp-derived oil with excellent medical potency for seizures and a range of other conditions.

CWHemp’s background and motivation

Even by the standards of the marijuana-related industry, Charlotte’s Web has had a controversial history. Nowadays, it is marketed as a natural dietary supplement in the United States. High in CBD and low in THC, its hemp-derived oil is fully legal in the United States following the 2018 Farm Bill.

Furthermore, industrial hemp-based products are also legal in many countries around the world. On the contrary, products that contain CBD extracted from high-THC marijuana strains still remain mostly illegal worldwide.

The background story behind the company is inspirational and the company’s name and motivation are derived from its preliminary goal. In particular, CWHemp’s industrial hemp was specifically cultivated by the Stanley brothers for the people in need. This alone portrays the company’s extremely altruistic and humble beginnings.

In particular, two years ago CNN published an article on the results of a large-scale randomized CBD trial presented in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The age group of the patients involved was from two to eighteen years old and the median frequency of convulsive seizures decreased from 12.4 to 5.9 per month for the patients that were administered CBD as compared to a decrease from 14.9 to 14.1 for the patients that received a placebo.

As is generally the case with CBD, the main adverse effect that was observed was drowsiness and no serious side effects were noticeable.

An introduction to Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web products stem from a Cannabis strain which is classified as industrial hemp since it contains less than 0.3% THC. Interestingly, the initial formula developed by the Stanley brothers employed a 30:1 CBD: THC ratio, but the latest versions deliver higher medicinal potency up to a 48:1 CBD: THC ratio which is even more beneficial.

Charlotte’s Web is a hemp-derived product with little to no psychoactive effects – the only potential side effect that has been observed is dizziness in some patients that are not accustomed to CBD oil.

Please note that you should always consult with your professional healthcare provider prior to supplementing with CBD products. Generally, CBD intake is not recommended during pregnancy.

CWHemp’s range of CBD products

This section covers the CWHemp’s range of CBD products including CBD oil, hemp CBD capsules, hemp infused creams and balms and paws CBD oil for dogs. In particular, the focus is placed on oil and capsules since these are by far the bestselling products.

While I have not personally tested every single one of these products, I regularly use the mint chocolate flavor of the Extra Strength CBD oil tincture for my fitness regime and post-workout recovery.

This particular product contains 25 mg of hemp extract per 1 mL serving, equivalent to 16.65 mg of CBD per serving. Two servings per day are recommended for adults, but this is subject to trial and error and your personal circumstances. In my own case, I discovered that a single serving after a workout delivers the best recovery results. You can also try our 

Considering the generosity of the Stanley brothers, you might be able to obtain the products at a substantial discount if you are located in Colorado and have a child with epilepsy – definitely worth a try!

CBD oil

If you are ordering online you can obtain hemp oil of varying strengths as specified below:

  • Full strength CBD oil – price ranging from $39.99 (30 mL) to $99.99 (100 mL) with 10 mg of hemp extract per 1 mL serving (6.65 mg CBD)
  • Extra strength CBD oil – price ranging from $74.99 (30 mL) to $188.99 (100 mL) with 25 mg of hemp extract per 1 mL serving (16.65 mg CBD)
  • Original formula CBD oil – price ranging from $149.99 (30 mL) to $274.99 (100 mL) with 43 mg of hemp extract per 0.5 mL serving (50 mg CBD per 1 mL)
  • Maximum strength CBD oil – unavailable online, only in retail; 120 mg of hemp extract per 1 mL serving (60 mg CBD)

As you may have noticed, the price increases rapidly with increasing strength, but ordering in bulk can be economical.

CBD oil can be consumed with food or drink as a dietary supplement and most of the CWHemp oils contain olive oil which has a similar consistency to cooking oil. Additionally, Charlotte Web’s oil is not characterized by a strong smell of regular cannabis-based oils, rather it offers a pleasant smell and taste of olive oil while being easily digestible and lacking the unpleasant aftertaste.

Hemp CBD capsules

These capsules come only in full strength and extra strength varieties.

Full strength capsules are available in bottles of 30 ($34.99) and 60 ($59.99) edibles. Each full strength capsule contains 8 mg of CBD.

Similarly, extra strength capsules are also available in bottles of 30 ($69.99) and 60 ($119.99) edibles. Each extra strength capsule contains 18 mg of CBD.

However, you should remember that capsules are generally characterized by a lower bioavailability and my recommendation is to opt for the oil.

Real consumer reviews

For authentic user experiences and reviews of CBD oil products from Charlotte’s Web please refer to the platform provided by

By searching through these user-generated reviews you may be able to discover further useful details that have not been covered in this overall review.

The general consensus by the consumers is extremely positive with a few cons popping up in the reviews:

  • The products are quite expensive
  • Lack of availability at large chain stores for easy access
  • Slow shipping up to a few weeks (but no shipping charge within the US for orders over $74.99)
  • CWHemp takes up to two weeks just to fill your order
  • Dropper has no visible marks which make it more difficult to estimate dosage, the bottle is also very dark which does not help
  • One user mentioned poor to non-existent customer service (although, in general, customer service is rarely needed for CBD products and I personally never needed it)

Personal experience with CWHemp

In recent months, I have opted for a combination of CWHemp and Joy Organics CBD oil since the latter is THC-free with the former containing a trace amount of THC. I mostly use these products to speed up my post-workout recovery after intense weight lifting sessions.

My experience has been based on trial and error and has thus far shown that my body recovers at the fastest rate when a minuscule amount of THC is added into my CBD supplementation regime.

As previously mentioned, the amount of THC incorporated in CWHemp’s products is far less than the dosage required to trigger the notorious psychoactive effects. I highly recommend the mint chocolate flavor over the bland olive oil CBD mix unless you are a big fan of olive oil!

Concluding remarks: Will I buy Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Again?

Charlotte’s Web demonstrates altruistic intentions and is primarily dedicated to helping children with epileptic seizures and adults dealing with anxiety, depression, inflammation, aches, and pains.

GreenTheVoteOK confidently recommends Charlotte’s Web as one of the top brands on the market currently. While their CBD products are slightly more expensive than the average when it comes to everyday use, the pricing is well-warranted due to the excellent CBD oil quality provided and a brilliant track record in treating epileptic conditions.

As with all things CBD, ongoing scientific research will further elucidate the medicinal effects of Charlotte Web’s CBD oil and alike, but the general sentiment and user reviews for this brand have been extremely encouraging.

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