HempWorx Review: Cost, Ingredients & Legitimacy

The CBD oil market is one of the fastest-growing industries today. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Every year, several new CBD brands add to the number, creating more confusion than clarity.

With so many CBD brands and companies mushrooming all over the world, it has certainly become difficult for consumers to pick and choose the best and the most suitable brand or product for themselves. 

Companies selling CBD products also don’t always educate the people on the industry and the products, per se. All these companies have mainly one goal in mind – to cash in on the high demand! While some push hemp seed oil as CBD oil, others go as far as selling synthetic cannabinoids that are made from harmful chemicals in the name of natural CBD oil. 

While HempWorx definitely isn’t one of them, their products aren’t as effective as they claim. Besides, their products are unjustifiably, exorbitantly priced. One can get much better products in the market at much less from the other brands. 

So why are their products so highly priced? The main reason is its business model. 

About HempWorx as a Brand

Founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil in 2014, HempWorx is one of the pioneers in the CBD industry. With HempWorx being awarded the US Hemp Authority Seal of Approval, it has not only come to be known as one of the trusted and loved CBD companies, but many of its customers have also switched to representing the brand under its affiliate program. 

So far, only 13 out of 22,000 companies who’ve applied for this Seal have been able to match the high standards needed to be eligible for this status. 

The last couple of years have seen a massive expansion in its reach to countries like Canada, EU, UK, and even Ghana, besides being well-known in its home turf America. 

Their products can be considered safe and comparatively potent, as they are not only sourced from organically grown hemp produced locally in Kentucky, but their oil is also CO2-extracted, i.e., the end-product is solvent-free and pure. Apart from being GMO-free, their hemp produce is also free from synthetics and other harmful chemicals. 

Although the brand claims that their products do not contain any fillers, that isn’t entirely true. Their tinctures, like those produced by other CBD brands, contain carrier oils, like hemp seed oil. Others use carrier oils like olive oil, MCT oil or coconut oil, etc. 

Their products do indeed undergo intensive and extensive third-party lab testing that includes Gas Chromatography Tests, Certificates of Analysis, Potency Tests, and Antimicrobial Tests. These tests make sure that every batch of their products is safe, potent and of good quality. Their website also has a page dedicated to only these test results.

Their critical refinement process makes sure that they allow only the solvent-free, pure and potent products that contain no more than the permissible level of THC (0.3% by weight). Additionally, 80% of their products are zero-THC, although they also have some full-spectrum variants too.  

Is Hempworx legit?

However, the key questions most seem to ask about HempWorx are: 

  • Are their products really that effective as they claim they are – or is it just hype? 

Their products are definitely effective but don’t work like magic, as they would have you believe. No brand can claim to have an equally impressive effect on every individual user. Neither can they claim to cure every disease.

That is just plain preposterous. Their branding has, at times, gone overboard with their tall claims. In fact, there are many products on the market that are even better than HempWorx’s and don’t cost so much.

  • Are the affiliates really profiting as much as the company would want them to believe? Or is it just a scam?

Many companies offer an affiliate program for outsiders, in which customers who try out their products and are satisfied can choose to earn money by selling their products to others, personally or at their store. However, HempWorx’s business model is a little different. The Zwagils run an MLM, i.e. multi-level marketing business. 

Although this is commission-based, like any other affiliate program, an MLM program is slightly more complicated. HempWorx’s Affiliate Reward Program seems to promise as much as 85% of the total Business Volume (BV) as commission. Like most MLMs, they promise a “life of your dreams”. 

However, even to join you have to shell out $39 – $599, depending on your choice of product line(s) and packages that you wish to sell. Additionally, there is an activation fee of $20. 

Also, they have a complicated option of Affiliates or Preferred Customers, each coming under different programs, facilities and earning options. 

Then comes the referral program, which requires you to refer three active customers with a promise to ship you a product or package for free.  Additionally, there is also a Retail and Preferred Customer benefits to be availed, with a differing pay-out schedule. 

To top it all, the brand also claims to be “one of the only companies in the world” that offer “a monthly earning potential of $1,000,000! 

So, as you may have understood, there are way too many tall promises, with much less contact with reality. In an overzealous effort by the affiliates and preferred customers to make the cut, they go above and beyond to promise their customers and referrals the world – most of which aren’t backed by the truth. 

And if you were to actually take up their Affiliate Program, you’d realize there are much more complexities to it, with fewer facts to back their claims. This will only leave you disappointed and disheartened.

  • Are their products really worth the high price?

Their products are no doubt genuine and of good quality. There are no issues in that respect. 

However, the prices are extremely high as they have to accommodate for the whole MLM structure and their payoffs. For instance, Hempworx’s 500mg bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil costs $69 plus shipping. This means it is priced at $0.14 per mg of CBD, excluding the shipping cost. Similarly, their 750mg bottle is priced at $89 plus shipping, i.e., $0.12 per mg of CBD. as you can see, it is significantly higher than other reputed CBD brands. 

Due to their high cost, getting customers is difficult, and hence the whole structure fails to provide the affiliates what they expected. Besides, due to the presence of other brands selling as good, if not better, products, at much less price, there is additional pressure on the reps who are trying to earn a commission. This leads to unscrupulous, pushy and ill-mannered representatives meeting customers. Besides, their products aren’t available online. 

  • Dishonest testimonials

Another issue with their products is the unreliable testimonials that customers get to view. These are mostly written by affiliates who are trying to push their products to make their cut. These pushy reps often make false claims of curing all diseases, something that may get the company in trouble with the FDA. 

Don’t fall for stuff like:

  • False ‘Empty-Bottle 60 Day Money Back Guarantee’

All their products featured on their website carry the claim: 

“We are so confident in our [oils or coffee or creamer or cream, etc.] that we give you a 60-day empty bottle refund policy. If you change your mind within 60 days of ordering, send it back and we’ll refund your purchase.” 

Beware! Most customers who have tried to get such a refund have failed! 


All their products contain CBD-rich whole hemp extract. 

Their full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain safe levels of THC (0.3% by weight). Alternatively, they have a zero-THC variant of both their 500mg and 750mg CBD concentrates. Besides the usual blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids, their tinctures contain cold-pressed hemp seed oil as its carrier oil. 

HempWorx’s Hemp-Infused Coffee contains 150mg of CBD/box and Arabica coffee beans. The brand claims their coffee contains no gluten; are vegan-friendly and animal-friendly, besides being sourced from organically grown coffee and industrial-grade hemp plants. Their coffee contains no THC. 

Their CBD “Keto” Coffee Creamers are flavored sticks of CBD (5mg) and cream. Nothing much else is known about its ingredients. This too is a zero-THC product. 

Their other zero-THC products include Renew Anti-Aging Cream and Relief Icy Pain Rub, both of which are topical creams, containing 80mg of CBD.  

HempWorx’s Revive Cream (another topical) contains permissible levels of THC, 80mg CBD, collagen retinol, and some other natural ingredients which are apparently covered under “Proprietary Formulation”. 

Regarding their pet products, nothing much is known about their ingredients, except that they are available in two varieties – 2.5mg (CBD) beef-flavored dog treats and 250mg bacon-flavored CBD Oil and that their treats are soy-free, corn-free, and grain-free.

Drug Test

While there is a fear of testing positive after consuming their full-spectrum CBD tinctures in high enough volume, you can expect to clear a typical drug test if you’re using any of their non-THC products. After all, the usual urine drug tests don’t look for non-psychoactive substances, like CBD.

However, there’s always a chance of getting a false positive on these tests, even if there isn’t enough THC to be detected. 

Official Company Name

The official company name that owns the HempWorx brand is MyDailyChoice. Its official website is www.MyDailyChoice.com. However, the brand has its own site, https://www.hempworx.com

Coupon Codes


Shipping Policy

You must place your order with one of their affiliates. If you tried placing an order from their brand’s “Products” page, you will be redirected to another page, where you have to their “Referring Affiliate” page, where you need to provide the username of your Referring Affiliate. 

Once the order is placed, the company takes 1 – 2 days to process the order and additional 5 to 7 business days to deliver it to you. 

They provide NO FREE SHIPPING, at any cost. Period!

In case of damage to the product during delivery, a customer has 10 days to claim a refund or replacement. 

Return Policy

As we discussed earlier, the company claims to have a 60-day refund policy. In case you’re not satisfied with their products or you wish to return it simply because you have changed your mind about the product, you can send it back (the entire order) within 60 days of placing your order. 

On their “Shipping-Refund Policy’ page, they have clearly stated: “To be eligible for a refund, you must return the entire order. We do not issue partial refunds/returns.” 

Besides, you will only get a refund of the product value, not the shipping costs. 

To request a return or replacement of or refund on a product, a customer must write to support@mydailychoice.com within the stipulated time. 

Phone & E-mail

Their official address is 8840, West Russell, Road Suite 245, Las Vegas, NV 89148. Their customer support team can be contacted by dropping an email on their official support mail: support@MyDailyChoice.com

Alternatively, US customers can call at +1 (888) 877-5436, Canadian customers can call at +1 (705) 995-1601, and UK customer can call at +44-808-164-7974. 

HempWorx Product Reviews

Since I was a bit discouraged by the overall look, system, price, the process of buying, and the dishonest testimonials, I wasn’t sure I should try more than one of their products. 

Although, I did not have any complaints with the one I tried – HempWorx 750 mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil (Cinnamon flavor) that comes in a 30ml bottle – I still stopped at that. Their product, though was good, wasn’t good enough to be worth the price!

So here goes my review of the product…

HempWorx 750 mg Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD oil (Cinnamon Flavor)

Their CBD oil tinctures are available in three flavors – Natural, Cinnamon or Peppermint, and two concentrations of CBD – 500mg and 750mg. Both these strengths are available in both isolate and full-spectrum forms. 

I tried out their 750mg full-spectrum variant, as I wasn’t too optimistic about their product. I chose the cinnamon flavor as this flavor usually never fails me. 

Ways of Consumption

I used it sublingually, i.e. under the tongue, although it can be added to a cold drink or smoothie and consumed. However, the former method is always more effective and faster to take effect. In this method, I dropped my estimated dose of the CBD oil under my tongue and held it for about 60 seconds and gulped it down with water. 


I started with 1ml (15mg CBD, i.e. at least 20 drops), under the tongue. Its effects did kick in, eventually, but only after 4 consecutive doses (2 days, taken twice daily). 

You can find out how much is best for you from our CBD calculator


The 750mg full-spectrum CBD oil is priced at $89. That is to say, its per mg cost is $0.12. 

My Experience

In short, not so great! Yes, it did manage to lower my back pain quite a bit, but only after using it consistently for over a week. 

In contrast, products of most other reputed brands managed to achieve the same effect within a day or two. 

I always start taking a new CBD product after a complete week of NO CBD products. This is to make sure I can gauge the effects of the new product well. 

And I gauged this product well enough. 

  • It was effective but slow on the uptake.
  • It dampened my pain to a certain extent, although not entirely. 
  • It was safe and clean, with no adverse effects or issues with prolonged use.
  • No impurities in its taste; the Cinnamon flavor, as expected, was bang on! No complaints there.

FAQs About HempWorx

Q: Are HempWorx products safe? 

Yes. HempWorx’s products are sourced from organically grown ingredients, including its CBD oil. Hence, there is no chance of pesticides and other chemicals being present in it. Besides, it is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction method. So, you won’t find any residual solvents in the end product. Besides, their products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. 

All their products are also certified by third-party laboratories who run an array of tests to ensure their potency, quality, and safety. 

Q: What kind of tests are HempWorx’s products exposed to? 

Hempworx’s products are exposed to an array of tests, all of which are available on their brand site:

  • Gas Chromatography Tests
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Potency Tests
  • Antimicrobial Tests

Q: Does HempWorx sell real CBD oil? Are their products effective or of poor quality?

Yes, there is no issue with their products. Their products are not only genuine but also of okay quality. They contain natural phytocannabinoids, apart from other natural ingredients. They are effective, though its effects kick it a bit slowly. But, that does not necessarily mean they are of bad quality. 

Q: Why are HempWorx’s products so pricey? 

The prices are high, supposedly, to support their MLM model of business. 

Q: Are HempWorx’s products “The BEST CBD OIL in the market”?

No, that’s just a branding stunt. 

Q: Do HempWorx’s products really contain no fillers? 

They do contain fillers. This too is a branding or publicity stunt. Their tinctures contain carrier oil (hemp seed oil). This oil does not have any additional benefit, except that it is a safe carrier for cannabinoids. 

Q: Is Hempworx a Legit Business or Not? Is it a scam? 

Hempworx and its business model are all legit. There is no scam in that. 

However, their products aren’t worth the price they charge. 

Q: Can you make as much money from selling HempWorx as their site would have you believe? 

Not really. This is also just another strategy to lure in more Affiliates and Preferred Customers. Yes, you can make money by selling their products. But the trouble you need to take to become a member, sell their products and then gather more referrals, is not worth the money you make in the process. 

Other CBD companies have better products and Free affiliate programs. 

Our Takeaway

HempWorx, a brand that has been around for a while and has definitely earned the trust of customers for being a quality and safe product, is still very steeply priced for a mediocre product, at least as the price range is concerned. 

When I paid the amount that I did, I definitely expected the product to be more effective than it was. 

Admittedly, there were no adverse effects. So, I can say it is a safe and clean product. 

But many other products have fared better in our reviews. To get a better understanding, take a look at our reviews of other CBD brands available on the market today. 


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