Sol CBD Review

Who to trust during a CBD boom?

Sol CBD seems to have taken it upon themselves to be the company that almost everyone turns to for their needs.

And why not? In the time they’ve been on the scene, they’ve earned themselves a status to reckon with.

Back when chronic pain and anxiety had started, I was so used to popping pills that it became a reflex action. And when all treatments failed, I had no option but to try to take a natural route.

Over the next few years, I became comfortable with the idea of experimenting with CBD products. And Sol CBD was one of the companies that I experimented with.

Now, Sol didn’t offer CBD at low prices that some other brands did, but it certainly gave the desired results, which prompted me to check out their other offerings.

But will this brand be able to offer you the same results?

An opinion of Sol CBD as a brand

The couple who are the owners of Sol CBD were health enthusiasts from the start. They’ve run multiple health blogs in their life and tirelessly worked to get the business started. The mission statement of the brand is to go on a holistic health journey together.

The spirit of working together with the consumer is what makes the Sol CBD brand so unique in its perspective. It works to give people the best in the business by listening to their needs.

Their Ingredients

Sol CBD gets all their industrial hemp from Northern Europe, and their products are processed through cold press CO2 extraction only. This means that you get the best ingredients right at your doorstep/

Drug Test

Since Sol CBD checks all their products so that they contain no traces of THC. They’re perfect for use, and you’ll most probably not fail a drug test. 

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Shipping Policy

To keep the delivery discreet and efficient, Sol CBD only uses USPS and USPS fast delivery to get you the deliveries of their products. The products are shipped on the same day, and you generally receive it within a fortnight of placing the order.

However, because of a large amount of seizing of CBD at customs in international markets, they don’t ship internationally at this point

Money Back Guarantee

Keeping with the philosophy of working with your consumers, Sol CBD ensures that if you’re not satisfied with their products you can get the money back anytime during the 60 day period.

Phone No. and email: 1-800-413-5420 and

SOl CBD Product Reviews

  1. 3600 mg High CBD Tincture

How to consume?

Just take the required amount of the oil and put it under your tongue until it is absorbed. Why under the tongue? It increases the amount of CBD you get per drop of the product and makes it a more rewarding experience.

If the taste of the CBD oil won’t fly with you, go ahead and drizzle it on your food and take it with liquids, you will get the same benefits.

My Experience

Sol CBD sells their CBD Oil in two concentrations, one of 300 mg in a 30 mL bottle and 3600 mg in a 120 mL bottle. Since I use my CBD for treating chronic pain, I often prefer more concentrated bottles, so I went for the 3600 mg variant.

Like, with all other reviews here, I went for a two-week break from all my CBD products to let this work its magic individually.

When I was younger, I used to take every pain on the chin. I realised that it was a bad practice only when I broke my shoulder bone. After that I became this person who couldn’t play baseball at all. I was devastated, and every single plan for the future fell apart in a matter of months. That’s when I turned to CBD really, as a last resort.

Even now, when I take extended breaks, my anxiety gets bad enough that I can’t bring myself to the work desk no matter how hard I try. Some days it’s not even the pain I’m worried about, it’s the constant state of fear that everything will fall apart. This was what was happening when I took the break.

The first dose started its effect in about 2 hours. My mind became much less clouded, and I could think clearly, and moreover, I became more free-er, since, my shoulder pain was down to manageable levels.

Over the next few days, my body became much more open to the changes, and I felt better about how I was carrying myself around. My shoulder pain was manageable throughout, and anxiety didn’t bother me at all.

Price per mg

In the 3600 mg bottles, you pay only 0.090 $ for each mg of CBD. In the smaller bottles, you pay 0.23$ per mg of CBD. My advice goes for the many bottle package deal when you need only the smaller bottles.

The large bottles are pretty value for money so, there’s nothing to worry about there.


Everyone has different needs but, a simple rule of thumb is pretty handy. If you weigh something around 200 lbs, you take about 100 mg of CBD.

However, the dosage changes on the basis of how severe or not severe your condition in. Another good rule of thumb is to start yourself off with 15-20 mg dosage at first and increase it according to your needs.

Be sure to do this test for every brand you try because it differs from one brand to another.

  1. CBD Capsules

How to consume?

One of the easiest things to consume in any CBD repertoire. You take a capsule and wash it down with water.

My Experience

Sol CBD capsules have 15 mg of CBD in each of their capsules. So, before I went on the standard CBD hiatus for the purpose of doing reviews, I had decided to start out with two pills a day.

The thing that happens with my anxiety is that when the first signs appear I only lose some of the touch with society. By the second or third attack, I’m unable to interact with people at all, and feeling completely trapped, and if it goes on longer, I’m basically a sitting duck.

I try to overcome this daily. I try meditation, fight with my traditional actions of sticking only to my corner, and I go out to work daily. However, as I said, earlier, I used to do this entirely on meds. CBD helped me conquer that, and when its not there, I still get the urge to get back to that phase.

I usually use other capsules in the morning for my use, so, I only went for a 30 capsule programme with this. The first capsule took effect in about 4 hours, and my mind became much more clear.

The thing about anxiety is, it’s very hard to concentrate on anything when it weighs you down, and with that gone I could concentrate on other things.

Over the next few days, my shoulder pain also reduced to manageable levels, and it became easy for me to work with it. The temporary tingling down the spine happened exactly once, during the end of the first week, and that was something that I hadn’t experienced with a CBD product for months.

Price per mg

Each mg of CBD when you buy a 30 capsule bottle comes at about 0.15$. While it’s not exactly a steal, it’s a pretty nifty deal to have. If you’re planning to go for a routine buy, go for the multiple bottle offer which gives you one mg of CBD at $0.13.


The minimum dosage you can have of capsules is that one capsule a day. However, unless you’re a teenager or a severely underweight individual, I’d advise you to start off with a dosage of two capsules a day.

Increase or decrease the dosage according to your needs.

  1. Sol CBD Pet Tincture

How to consume?

Just take the needed amount and put it in the food of your pet. That’s the easiest way I can think of.

My Experience

Jenny, our dog, has been with us more than a decade, and in that time she has successfully changed all of our lives for the better. She been a constant source of joy throughout the years. However, as all pet owners know, pets get old. Jenny has hip problems and can’t move comfortably anymore.

We tried everything, multiple vets, lots of painkillers and everything, but, she was way past the age of the surgery that she needed. After her first dose, she became cheerful enough to roam around the house. She even wanted to go ahead to walk a little bit too.

Over the next week or so, she became active enough to go round the place. She became very active and got over the pain that she experienced without any problems.

Price per mg

With 0.31$ for each mg of CBD, is a very good deal for any CBD for pets.


Take your pet’s weight in lbs and multiply it by 0.023 to get the amount of CBD you must give each day. You might increase the dosage according to how your dog or cat reacts to it.

For an average dosage multiply their weight with 0.068 and for a strong dosage go for 0.136.

Remember, not all brands need the same dosage for your pet, so, increase or decrease according to how they feel.

  1. CBD Vape Oil

How to consume

Take the oil from the refill and put it into your vaporizer to vape the oil. This is one of the best ways to take CBD because it makes most of the CBD available for you.

My Experience

Vaping is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your bloodstream, so whenever I’m feeling particularly exhausted, I go for this. The instant boost is something you can go for. Sol CBD offers their CBD vape oil in the 600 mg variant in a fresh grape/mint flavor.

I took a break of two weeks again for this, and I was ready to go ahead and try it. As it happens, for any long duration that I’m away from CBD, my anxiety gets gradually worse. When I’m away from 2 weeks at a stretch, it becomes really hard to continue down the path.

You have to understand that my anxiety fights me along with my pain, and that means that I rarely, if ever, get some time of the day when I can be alone with myself and not be afraid constantly.

The moment I took this CBD, in about 30 minutes my mind was back to the anxiety-less, clear state. Over the next week of vaping, my shoulder pain reduced a lot, and it made the work very easy.

The deal with vaping is that you can use vapes in much lesser quantity and that makes them easy things to carry around when you have an anxiety problem.

Price per mg

At 0.13$ for 1 mg of CBD oil, this is a pretty sweet deal for a chance at vaping. Remember that you would need much less CBD for each time when you vape.


About 15 mg of CBD in one session should be enough for beginners. However, for people who’re older, and have more serious complications, my advice is to go up by increments of 5 mg and settle on a sweet spot.

  1. Maximum Strength Soothing Herbal CBD Balm

How to use?

Take a small dab of the topical in your hand gently massage it to the problematic areas for instant relief

My Experience

I use topicals once in a while to get rid of the pain in my muscles. When you live with chronic pain, you kind of get used to carrying around instant painkillers. Now, from a very young age, I was on these painkillers. Not only did they build a dependence, they also wrecked my liver.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the trip to the ICU in my 20s because of a damaged liver, I’d probably not be here. CBD Topicals are my way to fight that. In this case, when I took a break from CBD for two weeks, I felt my chronic pain increase a lot. It became hard to communicate and talk with people around the house.

In about 5 minutes from using the medicine my pain went down noticeably, and it became manageable. Over the time I could bring myself to do some strenuous activities too.

CBD is one of the only pain medications that helps you exercise. This means that the physiotherapist appointments and exercise sessions become a breeze.

The pain would go down quickly with this topical and make me feel better. This meant that I was working while still avoiding putting toxic painkillers into my body. And trust me, that’s all I have ever wanted from a CBD topical.

Price per mg

With 0.37$ per mg of CBD, this might not be the cheapest topical you’d buy, however, its a steal deal still considering how quick and effective it is


The recommended dosage is of one pea-sized amount whenever you’re afflicted. You might increase the amount if your pain is more diffuse, or you’re suffering from sharp chronic pains, however, up the dosage slowly.

FAQs about Sol CBD

  1. Are their product Third-party tested?

All of Sol CBD’s products are tested through HPLC in independent labs, and the test results are uploaded on the website so you can be sure about what you’re buying.

  1. What’s the source of hemp?

Sol CBD sources their hemp from Northern Europe which is one of the best places to get hemp plants from.

  1. Will taking CBD get me high?

No. The psychoactive effects of marijuana are because of CBD’s cousin THC, and not CBD itself. In fact, CBD is known to reduce the high you feel when you use THC.

Sol CBD Reviews by their Users and Reddit


Sol CBD has been a phenomenon in the industry for long, and they deserve that title more attention than a lot of other competitors. While, I might not use their products regularly anymore, but it is one of the brands you should try on your CBD journey.

This is Matt signing off, and I hope to see you guys soon.

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