Best Inline Fan for Growing Weed

The ventilation of a grow room is very important. That said, in this article, we shall have a look at just how the right components will work to improve the airflow in your grow room and ultimately increase your cannabis yield.

The ventilation is considered to be one of the main pillars of indoor cannabis growing. As such, if you do not pay attention to the quality of ventilation, your cannabis yield will, to say the least, be disappointing.

The whole idea of having proper ventilation is to get rid of the carbon dioxide in the grow room’s air as well as maintain consistent humidity levels. Without these, it becomes almost impossible to grow quality cannabis and the results are downright disappointing. However, if you have a world-class quality inline fan for your indoor grow room, you can change the tides to your advantage. With a quality inline fan, you can maximize your cannabis yield.

The opposite is also true. Getting a low-quality inline fan will cause stunted growth to your cannabis. Indoor fans are perfect for grown rooms and indoor gardening as a whole. They are a necessity if you wish to produce marijuana.

Now, just like any other component of a grow room, the inline fan needs attention. It has the ability to add to your growing seasons as well as produce an even greater range of plants without necessarily concerning yourself with the hurdles you are bound to encounter.

Tip to Choosing the Best Inline Fan in 2019

So what criteria doe one use to choose the very best inline fan for indoor cannabis growth?

Well, it is quite simple. And the criterion is short and straightforward. With inline fans, size is everything. If you choose the wrong size, the inline fan you buy, despite it being the very best on the market, will disappoint you big time.

You need enough power to generate ample airflow in the room and to keep the air moving otherwise the heat will build up, overwhelm and suffocate your cannabis. If you intend to play it safe, choosing a larger inline fan is better than a smaller inline fan. After all, you can always lower the power from the fan settings.

To choose the best size for your grow room, you should consider the size of the grow tent. What is the grow area size? Whatever your room size is, you should get an inline fan that is between 10 and 20% more than the expected performance or room it services.

That said, let us dig deep into the reviews of some of the best inline fans for cannabis grow rooms.

Top 10 Inline Fans:

1. Active Air 760-CFM In-Line Fan

Active air is a popular and loved brand for online fans. This incline fan is a 10: fan and has the ability to service a 760 CFM room. In addition to this, this inline fan also features the 4”, 6” and 8” fan sizes. These sizes services 154 CFM, 400 CFM, 720CFM rooms respectively.

The unit is built to be durable and simple. It comes in an excellent and beautiful design that attracts all who lay their eyes on it.

Working with this unit, you will not have to worry about it rusting over time or experiencing rust related degradation. Why? Well, the unit features a ceramic coating on all the metallic parts. Additionally, the AC monitor has been shielded for extra protection from debris and works to keep the unit from overheating.

When the unit is running, you will hardly notice it is in operation. The fans are really quiet. Last but not least, the setup is super easy and fast.

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2. Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFM

This inline fan is unique as it comes in not only 3 sizes but 5. The sizes of the fans are designed to vary from 4” to 12”. The different fan sizes can service different rooms as follow: 121 CFM, 435 CFM, 745 CFM, 780 CFM, and 1060 CFM. This particular Hurricane Inline fan features a 12” fan size. This fan is large and is able to cater to the needs of an extra-large and professional grade grow room needing lots of ventilation.

The Hurricane Inline fan is made from steel. This speaks volume of its strength and durability. However adding to this, the stainless steel is finished with a durable powder coating. The coating is attractive and also works to keep the fan parts and housing from rusting due to humidity in the grow room. In addition to this, it is also important to note that the unit comes with an 8-foot power cord with a 120-volt rating.

It is important to note that the unit also comes with a variable speed controller and can work with a charcoal carbon filter (this is, however, bought separately).

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3. Vortex Powerfans VTX1000

Vortex Powerfan is one of the best solutions to superior ventilation needs. While it is large and powerful, Vortex still manages to maintain a sleek and beautiful design. One of the most appealing features of the unit is its steel casing. Courtesy of the steel build, the unit is strong and durable. Steel is rust proof so despite being exposed to humidity it shall not degrade as a result. Complementing the rustproof design is a hammertone powder coat finish.

Compared to some of the other inline fans on the market, this Vortex is one of the quietest there is.

That said, the unit comes with 5 models you can choose from. These include 12”, 10”, 8”, 6” and 4” fan sizes. The variation in size allows them to serve different sized rooms.

The Vortex VTX1000 has been designed with an extended collar and lip. These make it easy to hook up to the duct. Also making it easy to install are mounting brackets it comes with. Additionally, the powerful motor comes with a permanently lubricated motor. This ensures that the unit is efficient and also last for a long time.

From the factor, the unit comes installed with a 120V power cord and has 100% speed controllability.

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4. iPower 12 Inch 1060 CFM Duct Inline Fan

Ipower is yet another well-known brand in the inline fan industry. The brand has been around for quite some time and over the years has dedicated itself to providing one of the best fans for grow tent on the market. It is a superior quality product and the features it comes with is a testament to this.

This iPower fan has been designed to be many things. One of which is to be a low maintenance unit. It has permanently lubricated bearings which add to its efficiency and longevity. Adding to this, the fan has been made to reduce vibrations and noise as well.

As a whole, the inline fan produces less than 61dB of noise. This is lower than what other inline fans on the market provide. How does it achieve such low noise levels? Well, the unit features composite fan blades as well as a central hub. Also, the solid design and quality UL components contribute to the quiet operation.

With this unit, you will never experience rusting. The solid and strong casing features a durable ceramic coating which protects the metallic parts from humidity.

From the factory, the unit comes pre-wired with a 5-foot power cord and has a 110/120V rating. You should note that the perfect ambient temperature rating for this unit is 80 degrees Celsius.

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5. Apollo Horticulture Inline Fan

The Apollo Horticulture inline fan is made to be of high quality and is easily the best inline fan. However, despite their high qualities and features, they also are designed to be budget friendly. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a realistic inline fan that will fit perfectly in your budget, this inline fan is the best for you.

The unit is made of steel. This makes it strong and durable. In addition to this, the fan casing and parts are all covered in powder paint to protect it from humidity and keep it from rusting. Needless to say, these were designed to last. However, the brand does not offer a lot of options as other fans on the list with regards to fan size.

The fan sizes available are the 4”, 6” and 8”. This particular review is of the 4” fan size. The fan can move air 190 CFM. The fan rotates at 2730 RPM and operates at 68 W. It is also important to note that the inline vent fan comes with a built-in speed controller. Additionally, it comes with a noise rating of 69dB.

Last but not least, to make the inline fan easy to install, it features a mounting bracket as well as an instructional pamphlet.

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6. Rule 240 In-Line Fan

While this fan might be small, it actually comes packing a punch. It is one of the best inline fans on the market. The unit comes with a high and highly efficient air flow. In addition to this, the unit operates quietly which is perfect. It draws a low amp which makes it perfect for small outlets and inlet connections.

As though this is not enough for a feature, the unit also comes with a sealed motor shaft. This works to protect the fan from moisture. The strong casing is nickel plated which protects the unit from corrosion.

Courtesy of its small size, the fan is compact and easy to install into any flat surface. Despite its 4” fan size, the unit still provides a whopping 235 CFM of airflow. The fact that it is one of the least expensive units on the list makes it a perfect solution if you are just starting out with a small space.

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7. VenTech VT Inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filters

The VenTech fan has been designed with a superior aerodynamic frame. This frame design helps to improve the efficiency and stability of the inline fan. The fan comes with a steel casing which is powder coated with black paint to reinforce its rust protection. To give you an idea of its professional design and use, some users have been reported to use this inline fan in hospitals as well.

This particular model has a 6” fan and has an airflow of 440 CFM. Truth be told, its capabilities are on the lower end compared to other 6” models from other brands. It does, however, come with the advantage of a Virgin Charcoal Carbon Filter which gives you value for your money. This carbon filter helps to get rid of any odors as well. It is by far one of the best carbon filters for grow tent.

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8. Can Fan Max Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Though small and lightweight, this unit is one of the most efficient fans in the market. This inline fan is perfect in helping to keep the electricity bills low hence saving you hundreds of dollars in the process. In the long run, it is a cheaper product to purchase.

This fan measures 6” and has an airflow of 334 CFM. The motor runs at a speed of 3,305 RPM. With this airflow, it is the perfect solution for a midsized area that is not overcrowded. The Can-Fan Max also comes with an airtight housing that saves space.

It has a 5-year warranty under its belt which allows you to have confidence in its strength, quality, and longevity. If you are an intermediate grower, this fan is a perfect solution.

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9. Can Fan Pro Series

Can Fan inline fans are strong and efficient. They have proven this time and time again. But despite this, the Pros series takes things to another different level altogether. The Can Fan Pro series is efficient and is quieter than the Can Fan Max fans. In addition, the pro series features a durable housing courtesy of the fiberglass. The fiberglass is also reinforced with plastic compounds that meet the CSA and UL standards.

This unit comes with varied sizes including 6”, 8” and 16”. These have an airflow of 420 CFM, 863 CFM, and 2343 CFM. Each model comes with varied speed settings.

That said, you should note that the unit is quite expensive. This is courtesy of its speed variability and efficiency. Nonetheless, the unit will save you lots of cash in the long run.

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10. Yescom Ho

If you are not looking to make a huge investment, this is a perfect investment. The unit features a backward curved impeller and has a vibration free operation. The fan is super quiet. Adding to this, the motor is permanently lubricated which adds to its zero maintenance, longevity, and improved efficiency.

The inline fan features 4”. 6” and 8” fan sizes each with varying airflows as follows 175, 353 and 720 CFM respectively. Additionally, the unit comes with a horizontal and vertical mounting set. Impressively enough, it features extended collar and lip which allows for easy and fast setup. All the components are UL certified.

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If you are growing cannabis indoors, it is very important that you have an inline fan. And not just any inline fan, but the best inline fans for cannabis grow tent. With the right choice, you will without a doubt experience higher and quality yields from your grow room.

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