Best e-Nails for Dabs

E-nails are heating elements used to vape wax concentrates and oils. E-nails, also known as e-rigs for dabs have become quite common now because dabbing is the new technology used to vaporize concentrates such as wax and oils. In the past, one would require a torch which would help in heating up the nail but gone are those days thanks to this new technology of dabbing. The traditional method required much more manual knowledge hence it was a hazard if used by an amateur but the new age method is easy enough for even starters to use.

Another key challenge with the traditional method of dabbing was uneven regulation of heat. Sometimes the nail will get too hot while other times the nail is not hot enough to vaporize the concentrates. The new way of dabbing ensures that the heat is just enough to get the job done. Electric dab rings also reduce the chances of causing harm to your lungs because the smoke produced is much smoother. A quality e-nail has temperature regulation sensors and a heating element to ensure the perfect balance.

You can also manually input the temperature you are most comfortable with thus helping make your vaping experience nothing short of great. There are two types of e-nails for dabs. These are;

Desktop e-nails

These types of e-nails as the title suggests are for your desktop uses at home or at a static location where you can plug in a switch cable. You cannot carry them around to use on the go. The main components of this type of e-nails are a box with an LCD screen, an XLR cable, a nail, a water pipe and a heating element which could be a coil. Coils come in different sizes. These are 20mm, 16mm, and 10mm.

Portable e-nails

This type is ideal for traveling or carrying on the go. It is the simplified version of the desktop e-rig. Most of them used battery power to operate while others use other internal power methods. They have a heating element and a temperature regulating sensor as well but the coils are much smaller than those in a desktop e-rig.

Using a dab nail is easy. You only need to pug in the machine to the power switch. Then proceed to set your desired temperature. Afterwards, dab the concentrate on the nail. Start with a small amount first then inhale from the pipe and get ready to take the hit.

Here is a list of the best e-rigs for dabs.

Our Top Picks for Best e-Nails for Dabs 2018:

1. Kandypens Icon e-nail

This is one of the best e-nail vape pens for THC wax & extract. It is a great unit that comes with a complete kit or you have the option of purchasing only the 510 attachment, the nails, and glass components. Getting the entire kit plus the mod is advisable though. The manufacturer has included three nails. A ceramic one, a titanium one, and the quartz nail. This gives you a variety to choose from based on your preferences. You can set your own temperature on the gadget depending on the Mod you are using. The battery life is also relatively good. They promise about 4-6 sessions of vaping until you need new batteries again. The unit also has a water filtration system that ensures that all impurities are filtered out hence you only get the purest of smoke. It also helps deliver a smooth hit. The Kandypens Icon e-rig unit is one of the best home e-rig units.


  • Comes with three nails
  • Has a filter system


  • Most settings depend on the mod you have.


2. Atmos Studio rig E-rig

This is a must herb for all constant users of weed. The price point is just right but at the same time, the manufacturers do not compromise on quality either. This e-rig is able to vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herbs hence they provide both a titanium and ceramic nail for these purposes. The Atmos Studio Rig comes from a line of vaping products by Atmos RX company which is a reputable brand. This e-nail is considered one of the best portable dabber in the market. It comes in highly rated from users as well. For someone who is looking for good value for money and superb portable e-nail, then this is your go to. The gadget also comes with a user manual but the unit is very easy to assemble. It also has a water filtration feature that helps to regulate and cool the hot vapor is produced from the nail.


  • Easy to maintain
  • It is portable
  • Is compatible with dry herbs and wax concentrates


  • It heats up quickly


3. Dr. Dabber boost e-Nail

The brand is one of the most trusted in the industry. This machine offers a smooth vaping experience. No one wants a gadget that is too big or heavy. This unit is compact it will not take up a lot of your storage space. It happens to be among the smallest sized e-rigs available which are a good thing for anyone who values portability. The Dr. Dabber e-rig unit is also very easy to use. Any amateur will be able to figure it out just after two to three uses. The e-rig is powered using batteries.

The popular brand also ensured that this portable design comes with a glass attachment to make the vaping process easier for you. The glass used is high quality medical standard good. The e-rig has a ceramic nail which is considered as one of the best materials for great flavor. It is replaceable though, in case you want to use a titanium nail or quartz nail. It all boils down to what you prefer. The ceramic nail takes longer to heat up but you can rest assured that every hit will be packed with flavor.  The Dr. Dabber brand also has an array of other dabbing pens that would pass for the category of best dab pen.


  • Has a one year warranty
  • It is compact
  • Easy to use


  • Ceramic nail is not easy to clean
  • Ceramic nail heat up slowly
  • Does not have a temperature control feature


4. La Queef Migvapor e-Nail

The La Queef e-nail dabbing machine is convenient and easy to use. The gadget is small and easy to carry around. This is one of the best portable vaping gadgets available. It comes with a dry herb coil, a dab coil, a user manual and spare parts in case you damage the original contents of the gadget. It comes with all parts included which make it the go to if you do not want to keep buying things in parts. It is safe to say that this is an all in one type of machine.

The user manual explains everything in detail, hence assembling the e-rig should not be much of a problem. The coil is just big enough to provide a great vaping experience. Another great fact about this product is that you can use both herb or wax concentrates on it. It comes with two separate coils, one for herbs and the other for waxes. It uses 510 connection for power. This is a superb option for anyone who is looking for a portable e-rig.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Compatible with either wax or herb concentrates
  • Made of high-quality material


  • It is fragile


5. Cloud V Electro mini

The Cloud V Electro mini e-nail is made with high-quality materials. Borosilicate glass is used together with medical standard metal making it safe for use. This type of e-nail can only be used for wax concentrates. It does not accommodate herbs. The gadget uses batteries to power and a set of batteries can last you anywhere between 3-8 sessions of usage. You will also get a quartz nail and a titanium nail included in this package. One of the best features of the Cloud V Electro Mini e-Nail is that it has a precise temperature control feature that enables one customize the temperature settings to their liking. This unit also stores up battery power really well. The battery life is commendable. This kit comes complete hence for someone looking for an entry level e-rig, this is a good choice to go by. The unit also comes with a water bubbler which helps cool down the hot vapor. This combination, therefore, delivers consistent flavorful vapor.


  • Good battery life
  • Comes with both titanium and quartz nail
  • Precise temperature control


  • Only vapes waxes


6. Source e-nail Premium kit

This is a complete e-rig kit with many accessories. First off, you get three different nails to choose from with this unit, a titanium nail and get this; you can customize the unit as you please. This customizable feature sets this unit apart from other worthy opponents in this category. The Source e-nail premium kit is made of grade two titanium and high-quality glass material. It also has three different heat settings to choose from depending on your preference. Variety also provides an opportunity to sample and experiment. The battery is 1950mAH. Most users said that the ceramic nail delivers a packed flavor punch while the titanium nail gave the strongest of hits. This is a great buy for anyone who is on a budget and is looking for a portable e-rig. This e-nail kit also comes with a water pipe which makes the vapor smoother and finer. The glass attachments and smoking pipe at the top also make it easier to use.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with 3 nails


  • The glass attachments are fragile


7. The Pelican E-nail Kit

The Pelican E-nail kit is one of a kind when it comes to temperature control. The unit has the great heating element with a great control system to go along. This unit provides optimal temperature without taking too long to heat up. It is easy to use because all you need to do is to assemble it and plug in then you can enjoy smooth hits. You can also vape both wax cannabis concentrates or oil concentrates. While using the Pelican E-nail Kit, you can also be able to customize the temperature settings to suit your desired preferences. The product comes with a titanium nail which is considered to give the strongest of hits. The unit is also compatible with a quartz nail if you wish to use one. The Pelican e-rig is easy to maintain and does not take up much of your space because of its compact design.


  • Easy to use
  • Great temperature control settings


  • Comes with only one nail


8. The Professional E-nail Electronic Nail

The Professional E-nail kit’s star feature is the superb temperature control. Once you set your desired temperature, the machine automatically saves the setting so that the next time you want to use the e-nail unit, you do not have to set it again. Even so, you can always alter the settings if you need a change. The manufacturers have used only top notch material for this unit hence the sturdy make. They use pure titanium for the nail. The downside of this unit is that you can only use it with the titanium nail as it is not compatible with the other types of nails. None the less, it is one of the best electric dabbers. This kit heats up quickly so you do not have to wait around for long until usage. The whole package is compact and it does not take up too much of your space.


  • Has a superior temperature control feature
  • Comes with high-quality titanium nail


  • Is not compatible with other universal nails other than titanium


9. The Honey Habit Professional E-nail Kit

This is a highly rated desktop e-rig. The unit offers superior temperature control systems that allow for customizable settings. The design of the e-nail kit is great and easy to use. The kit comes with a user manual which comes in handy once you start assembling the unit. The Honey Habit Professional E-nail kit comes with a grade 2 titanium nail. You can, however, use a different material nail if you prefer ceramic or quartz material over titanium. This kit comes with everything you need. The temperature ranges from zero to a thousand Fahrenheit. This kit is custom made for oil vaporization. On purchasing this kit, you get two free silicone bowls. Although there are some slight fitting challenges with the coil and the nail, once you get it right, you are guaranteed a great vaping experience.


  • Customizable temperature control feature
  • Comes with 2 free silicone bowls


  • The coil and the nail is not compatible


10. 710 life Electronic E-Nail kit

This is a great unit for anyone looking to cross over from torch dabbing to digital dabbing. The unit is built to the last judging from the high-quality material it is made from. It comes with a titanium nail which can be replaced and fitted with other types of nails. The temperature can be customized to fit your preference in the digital box. This unit is highly customizable as you can have multiple attachments fitted if you are in the mood to experiment. Most users of this product rate it highly because of the ease of use offered by the manufacturers. The design is carefully thought out to ensure that even an entry-level user can be able to operate the device. It comes with a carb carp and a dabbing tool as well to ensure convenience in use. This is one of the most highly rated units in the market presently.


  • Great temperature control system to prevent burning
  • Easy to use
  • Does not take up too much space


  • Only comes with one nail.


Final Thoughts

When choosing a great e-nail, it is important to consider a few key features. The temperature control system needs to work well to avoid instances of overheating or worse still, burning. The balance of heat needs to be optimal to ensure that the vapor is packed with flavor but still not underbaked. Getting a digital temperature control feature on an e-nail is a bonus. You also want to consider whether you need an e-nail for home use or one that is portable. Desktop e-rigs are slightly bulkier than the portable ones hence it is important to consider one that fits your priority needs. It will make it easier for you to set the temperature control. Another key feature to look out for is the battery storage ability if you want to get a portable e-rig unit. You want to ensure that the power can last a considerable duration of time.

Another feature that is important when it comes to choosing an e-rig is customization. Sometimes you will want to add attachments to the e-rig so you have to look for an e-nail that is compatible. Some e-nails allow for multiple uses of nails while others only allow just one type. The final thing you will need to look at is the durability of the unit. Look at the materials used to construct the unit and ensure that they are of high quality. Needless to say, if not, the unit may not serve you for long.

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