Bongs and Waterpipes

Bongs and water pipes. When you are really looking to smoke some they never seem to be there and you need to use the budget-approach – i.e. smoking from an apple, joint (this one is good and budget-friendly!), soda can or tinfoil – to name a few.

But we think you are actually looking in putting some money into a bong or a water pipe now, and that’s what this section is all about. We’ve reviewed all the different types of bongs as well as concluded which the best ones overall are so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Click on any of the articles below to enter the world of bongs and waterpipes!

Best Acrylic Bongs 2019- Reviews & Guide

Over the years, weed lovers have come up with interesting and creative ways to consume weed. Currently, the most popular ...
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6 Best Honeycomb Bongs 2018

Honeycomb bongs are a perfect way to get a super smooth and clean drag. The tiny holes designed to look ...
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Top 7 Best Percolator Bongs 2019- Guide & Reviews

1. The Black Leaf – 3-arm  2. Weed Star – Smellchecker Stemless Glass 3. Black Leaf - Elite Beaker Base Tube See the ...
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Best Bongs Under $100 – 2019 Edition

Not everyone looking to spend cash on bongs has hundreds of dollars. It is for this reason that we have ...
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Best Bongs 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

There are very few if any weed pieces that holds glory and majesty and commands respect like the weed bong ...
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